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Waxoyl Professional Car Care products are designed to make every job quick and easy, yielding amazing results that last. Waxoyl Professional provides a complete range of car care products to clean, properly prepare, and protect your cars interior, exterior, and engine compartment Waxoyl Professional 120-4, the cavity treatment, is clear and makes little mess and cleans up easily. Hardwax is black and if applied carelessly is potentially messy. To cut down on over-spray we recommend when ever possible spraying in towards the center of the vehicle, instead of standing under the vehicle spraying out towards the surroundings

As the industry trailblazer for over 60 years, Ziebart's genuine Rust Protection services protect your vehicle from the rusting process With over 15 centers across the UK including Scotland we have a location with 1 hours travel time of 70% of the UK population. Our experience started with the use of Waxoyl but has spread to include the use of the majority of Europes leading products like Mercasol

Car Rust Treatment and Protection Centers We have numerous specialist rust treatment, protection and application centers across the UK including Scotland where we can apply various specialist rust treatment, protection and corrosion products to your cars and other vehicles Underbody rust proofing service for cars. For improved vehicle longevity reducing future expenses A.K.A Waxoyl treatment. For those of us who love our cars and want to preserve them or reduce the need for costly future repairs caused by rust, a good chassis / underbody rust protection coating service is an essential must have

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Randall's Auto Body is the most experienced Waxoyl rustproofing specialist in Long Island, New York. Our service technicians are specially trained to apply Waxoyl products. We will remove any loose scale and old factory wax, and then power wash and dry the undercarriage of your car Not everybody wants, or can afford, a high-cost treatment.   So my treatment options are tailored to suit your needs. My price starts from £125+vat for underside only. Vehicles are best left with me for one full working day, and then overnight, to allow the waxoyl treatment to harden, and the smell to disperse Every surface must be covered (with just the right amount of product) in order to provide protection. Poorly applied cavity wax or a half-hearted job can leave a car more prone to rust than it was before! Our equipment injects the waxoyl at high pressure producing a fine mist that enables it to reach every last crevice Preserve your vehicle with Waxoyl! Since 1988 we have been cleaning, refurbishing and protecting vehicles which are vulnerable to corrosion. Land Rovers, Jeeps, 4X4s, vans, pickups, motorhomes and most classic cars can all be treated and we are happy to inspect, clean, repair, treat and apply Waxoyl rust prevention treatments to any vehicle that might be susceptible to corrosion We use Tetrosyl Schutz Underseal, but we can apply Waxoyl Underseal or other products if you prefer. Treatment options are tailored to suit your needs, Call 0161 973 1015 WINTER / HOLIDAY CHEC

Pro-tect are one of the most advanced vehicle undersealing and rust-proofing centres in the UK. Located near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire with easy access from Oxford and Northampton. Fully trained in Dinitrol equipment and using Dinitrol rust proofing products. Call 01280 84727 Please note: DINITROL® does NOT operate or endorse any treatment centres or providers in the UK. Due to this reason we have provided a Checklist with questions we recommend you ask your preferred treatment provider prior to proceeding with any applications. Please click here to read the information containing useful questions that you should ask the treatment provider The prices shown above are for treatments using Waxoyl. For quotes using other products such as Dinitrol, Dynax etc, please contact us. Please note - there is a £30 cleaning surcharge for vehicles that are exceptionally muddy Car Rust Proofing. Protect your vehicle from corrosion with a DINITROL® car rust proofing coating. Our professional OEM approved car underbody coatings provide the perfect car underseal solution by forming a tough 'rubbery' film resistant layer against stone-chips, gravel, road debris, road surface rain water and water ingress during harsh weather conditions Aftermarket solutions for cars Dynamat & Silent Coat Soundproofing, Rustproofing with Waxoyl, Window Tinting and Raptor Spraybed pickup Bedliners. Window Tinting, Detailing, Rust Proofing, Sound Proofing, Paint Protection. Window Tinting, Detailing, Rust Proofing, Sound Proofing, Paint Protection

Under Body Treatment. Book Your Mechanic Now Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Vehicle 07943185471. At Fastlane Autocare, we are dedicated to keeping your vehicle on the road. Whatever the type of vehicle you drive, you will find that road conditions, as well as rain, snow and other adverse conditions such as gritted roads, will all have an. Stock 4x4 are an affiliated Dinitrol treatment centre. We can offer rust-proofing treatments to protect your Land Rover from the elements. First, we will give your chassis a clean and inspect for any damage. If our inspection does unveil any significant damage, we are able to provide a welding and repair service if required (additional cost) This, in my opinion, is why Waxoyl works better than Dinitrol, particularly on rust. Greases: These use oil as the carrier. Dinitrol is a grease type. Dinitrol is expensive and by the time you have bought or hired a gun and compressor and quite a few canisters of Dinitrol, you may be approaching the cost of a proper Before 'n' After treatment Professional Rust Proofing/Wax Injection Gun for Underseal & Waxoyl etc WS1. 4.3 out of 5 stars 84. $138.12 $ 138. 12. FREE Shipping. WAXOYL Do It Yourself #3 Large Permanent Corrosion Prevention Aerosol Kit. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. WAXOYL Hardwax 16.9oz Permanent aerosol undercar Treatment. $275.88 $ 275. 88. FREE Shipping. Only 12 left in.

We're Wiltshire's only approved Dinitrol Treatment centre and one of the UK's leading centres. Dinitrol provide customers with a Treatment Provider Checklist so we have taken this as an opportunity to address each point on the list for your piece of mind. Click here to read about the Dinitrol Treatment Provider Checklis CR and Before 'n' After improved Land rover waxoyl treatment.(Since 1987) In Rugby (ex Newbury) Also Motor Homes and 4 x 4's. Only genuine UK specialist. Why go local and be disappointed. Stay in a local Premier Inn for £15 or even free! See how

I find that about 5Ltrs should do a full car. Also be wary of where you park in hot weather for the first few times after treatment, I've come back to my previous cars to find melted waxoyl beneath it. I waxed inside the panels on a previous car but I wouldn't do this again - that car still smells 4 years later. Never had it wash off yet Find Treatment Center Near Me. Search a wide range of information from across the web with quicklyanswers.co RUST, Waxoyl Products & Application, Fluid Film Products & Application, Vehicle rust-proofing, undercoating, Rust Protection, Corrosion Protection, salt protection, Automobile Rust proofing, Truck Rust Proofing, Fleet Rust Proofing, and rust protection for auto cars, trucks, vans, and rust control specialists

Fluid Film. Corrosion Preventive, Lubricant and Rust Inhibitor. Call Us Today! 888-387-3522. Menu. Home; Products Menu. Fluid Film® Aerosol & Non-Aerosol / Bul Search for Locations Near: OK Tire, Hammonds Plains Service Centre Ltd. Hammonds Plains 2074 Hammonds Plains Road Nova Scotia, B4B 1P3. 902-835-7691. View Dealer Website Get Directions Book Now. J & L Superline Ltd. Oliver 2200 Hwy #246 Nova Scotia, B0K 1V0. 902-657-3787. Undercoating - Underbody Protection The road can pose a number of threats to your vehicle's well-being. Ziebart's undercoating services are designed to keep its underbody safe and provide you with peace of mind for years to come Over 250 locations in Canada, the USA and Europe. Find a dealer nearest you here

Waxoyl treatment centres Scotland. Dinitrol Approved Applicators. Rust protection and Car Underseal specialists. Vehicle treatment centres. RUST nightmare RustBuster are experts in rust removal we offer a range of high quality products including rustproofing stoppers, removers & paint protection for new or classic cars When your car receives undersealing treatment, you also receive a treatment warranty. As a general rule, such warranty is subject to certain conditions. It might, e.g., be a condition that the treatment - as mentioned earlier - is to be repeated after a certain number of years

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  1. Thanks for that advice slatept, my only problem is !'m 6'3 and nearly 18 stone with no facility for ramping the car up! I think if I got underneath, I wouldn't come out again! However, its something I could suggest to my local classic car garage and get a price from them, especially if you recommend Waxoyl, which gives me something to go on
  2. Many years ago I had a gallon tin of waxoyl rust through from the inside. More recently a friend had a regularly waxoyled Griff chassis rot through, seemed to trap the water below the wax
  3. Get your vehicle prepared with our Full Under body Protection Treatment: The UK's roads are gritted with salt and everyone knows that the formula for rust is salt + water + bare metal. Regardless of how carefully you maintain your car stone chips and the odd scrape from speed humps are bound to have exposed some bare metal on the underside of.
  4. gton Spa, United Kingdom. 384 likes. Waxoyl Treatment provides a rust treatment service for new and used vehicles www.waxoyltreatment.co.uk. From £380 Bring us your car 15..
  5. I recently found a place near me that rents out either 2 or 4 post lifts, including toold and airlines etc for £10 an hour. Bored last weekend I thought I'd have a look, see what it was all about.
  6. Dinitrol listed rust prevention centre in MK. Pro-tect have the expertise and equipment to fully underseal, wax oil and rust proof most vehicles. From Land Rovers to Lamborghinis. Offering undersealing for brand new sportscars to corrosion and rust repairs on older classic cars

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Wanted to see if there was an Waxoyl outlet near by. Hi AnniHilat0R, Even i was looking out for a waxoyl treatment ,but going down all the way to pune never worked out for me .Dug out these details for Opulent from my previous communication i had with them.Hope this helps Rust is a natural process that happens when iron meets oxygen in the presence of water. You don't need to be a scientist to see the impact rust can have on metal if it's left untreated

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Rustmaster Waxoyl application centre Well it seems there is another company that does just rustproofing! Rustmaster have an application centre in Hertfordshire just off junction 10 of the M1. Rustmaster use Waxoyl which is a company much trusted by Clean Image as we have been using their products for many, many years 4. Cavity wax treatment A penetrating cavity wax is injected into doors, bonnet and vehicle body frame via small insertion holes using a specialist lance extension. 5. Applying underbody coating A thin layer of penetrating cavity wax is applied to provide an under-carriage pre-treatment before the final protective underbody coating is applied Garej Arwyn are an authorised Dinitrol treatment centre. Protect your vehicle from corrosion with a DINITROL® car rust proofing coating. Our professional OEM approved car underbody coatings provide the perfect car underseal solution by forming a tough 'rubbery' film resistant layer against stone-chips, gravel, road debris, road surface rain water and water ingress during harsh weather.

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  1. Please take and look at out sister sites below one which focuses on Waxoyl specifically www.WaxoylTreatment.co.uk. The other which focuses on other leading european rust prevention solutions including but not limited to Mercasol, Noxudol CarRustTreatment.co.uk
  2. LAST UPDATED ON 03/15/2021. As updates on the impact of the coronavirus continue to be released, we want to take a moment to inform you of the heightened preventative measures we have put in place at Kent Comprehensive Treatment Center to keep our patients, their families, and our employees safe. All efforts are guided by and in adherence to the recommendations distributed by the CDC
  3. We therefore offer waxoyl services to protect and prolong the life of your vehicle by applying a weatherproof sealant. It is never too early to consider a waxoyl treatment as prevention is the best answer. Alternatively if you have a vehicle which has already succumbed to the dreaded rust we can undertake any necessary repairs before waxoyling.
  4. We had the Dinitrol treatment done professionally. The Dinitrol UK site has a list of approved application centres. My days of crawling about underneath cars/vans are more or less over so I decided to get it done at one of the approved treatment centres. Not particularly cheap, but saved me a lot of time and effort and the job was well done

Call 'Opulent' for Waxoyl Underbody treatment and get the nearest dealer's contact information. Waxoyl is good and you can read about it in these forums from people who have got it done. It is not in the Rs. 5000/= area, I think about Rs. 3500/= more likely. Genuine stuff done by professionals And I'd agree re: Waxoyl treatment would no doubt help considerably. The problem is that it won't help with any depreciation stemming from rusting issues in the future. You'd need to buy an MG ev, Waxoyl it thoroughly, then keep/run it until the warranty expires to get your money's worth I think Outriggers are perfectly solid as is the centre crossmember, in fact the internal Waxoyl is clearly visible at this point and the notorious moisture traps on the top of the chassis are perfectly solid. Some rust had formed behind the rear shock mountings but this cleans off and just needed re-painting Joined Aug 25, 2006 Messages 26,296 Reaction score 15,712 Location Midlands / Charente-Maritime Your Mercedes '93 500SL-32, '01 W210 Estate E240, 02 R230 SL500 (Malcolm Spec), 04 Smart Roadster Coup

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Hi Muenster, I recall in the 1970's and 80's we used to have Ziebart rust proofing centres in the UK, they would carry out the treatment you describe, but they seemed to start disappearing in the 80's, probably because manufacturers started to improve the rust proofing at the build stage and offer corrosion warranties on new vehicles Order online at Screwfix.com. Heavy duty protection for underbody, wheel arches and other high impact areas. Powerful rust inhibitors based on the Waxoyl system displace moisture and seal the surface against further corrosion. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes Land Rovers, Jeeps, 4X4s, pick-ups, vans, motorhomes and classic cars can all be treated with our WaxOyl treatment. With over 28 years of experience servicing and maintaining Land Rovers and Range Rovers you can be assured of the best possible service. Your manufacturer's warranty is unaffected and we offer a complete Service,. The treatment is applied via compressor to ensure an even and thorough coating. We will require your car from 9am-3pm. Dinitrol ML, 1000 and 4951 - £560 Mercasol 1, 2 and 3 - £495 Waxoyl - £480 So, any thoughts on the most effective treatment, also does this seem a bit steep for 6 hours max work I do all my cars with waxoyl yes its old hat but i add liq rust preventer to it, i have my own comp and a paraffin gun which works well, I remove all door panels and carpets/trim to get in all box sections, my last car went 22 years before holing the sills

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  1. I have been an advocate of Waxoyl for years and used it on my 1982 Golf GTi (which admittedly still looks good) but in essence its a much more simple contraction and easier to get to box sections/behind panels (plus my wife reckons she still get the odd whiff of Waxoyl from me despite showering everyday and that was 20 years ago LOL
  2. Micro Caravans, Teardrop Trailers, Tear Pod Trailers, Sleeper And Other Inventive Builds. Check out what's available in the micro sector with small caravans and trailers gaining new interest in the UK
  3. Dintrol list treatment centres on their website - worth a look Keep away from underseal - it is awful stuff - and will rot good metal in front of your eyes . You're stuck between a rock and hard place if you can't do it yourself - you might find a local indie with a brain to do the job for you, but you need to make sure any rot has been dealt.

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  1. CLEAR Hammerite Schutz Waxoyl Car Rust Proofing Under Seal Wax Oil 1 Litre X 1 4.5 out of 5 stars (53) 53 product ratings - CLEAR Hammerite Schutz Waxoyl Car Rust Proofing Under Seal Wax Oil 1 Litre X
  2. I contacted a local classic car restorer who did a full Waxoyl job using high-pressure wands in the sills, doors, chassis sections and the entire underside for £75. Two years of all-weather, year-round use later, the waxoyl was still in place on exposed sections underneath the car, and of course once it's in box sections etc it stays there
  3. Proper underseal contained asbestos , this more or less ceased to be available abt. very early 1980's Then the in name Ziebart appeared , franchise treatment centres ISTR for full warranty the car had to be under 3 years old
  4. He was a Council MOT station tester but in the days when you stood along side the guy who pointed out everything - if you looked interested as I did.Use new oil he said not old . He passe the van but I used a better substance , not Waxoyl, made up near Liverpool. ( Supertrol) Worked well as that van is still on the road , not with me though
  5. s to keep you looking good and feeling great. Garnier Nutrisse 2 for £

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Six owners before me, two being husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. G. from Egham who purchased new in August 1976. There are three folders of history. One contains the original purchase invoice which states that £35.00 extra was paid to have the bodywork protected with Cadulac which I understand was a type of Waxoyl treatment I was thinking about Wax oyl but there are no application centers near me and I've never applied anything like it myself. Seeing all the rust on the frame/suspension of my previous truck after only 3 winters made me sick WAXOYL CLEAR 5 LTS. (4) REFILL at the lowest UK prices from Euro Car Parts UK's No.1 for Car Accessories, Car Styling & Car Care. Buy today Online, In store or by Phone + Branches Nationwide - Next Day UK Free Delivery (Kidding). Buffalo probably though uses more rock salt than many northeastern cities due to severe winters. Had my Accord done back in 1995 and it ran me $199.95. Each year I pay $47.01 (includes tax) for the annual respray Figure it out, so far I have spent over near $500.00 total They were very highly specified for the time and came as standard with 13 button OBC, power roof, M-tech leather steering wheel, extended leather trim with tricolour flashes in the seats; leather extended to include door cards, centre consoles, handbrake etc. This car is Mot'd until April 2017 with no advisories

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There is a waxoyl treatment centre at knutsford called Rustmaster which looks pretty good too if I change my mind and decided to go for waxoyl. Pricing depends on size of vehicle and structure and condition. Most seem to have a band of between £250 and £600. Edited March 2, 2015 by loriusgarrulu What's more, found more 'issues' with the Before'n 'After Waxoyl treatment I had done, He's sprayed Waxoyl in through the drain holes at the bottom of the door and there's Waxoyl all over the window mechanism and the back of the door card liner and the lock. But... none along the inside of the bottom of the door where the seam might rot JR Classics at Doncaster came recommended but he does Waxoyl at a higher cost than the place near me that does Dinitrol. For my bare chassis Dinitrol seems most appropriate from what I've read now. #9 Its_just_a_ride , Feb 19, 202 Centre Feed 2 ply White Tissue 6pc. Price £29.75. Popular Quick View. Anest Iwata VIPER Cartridge Half Face Mask AB1 P2R Protection. Price £99.00. P3 Quick View. Anest Iwata VIPER Cartridge Half Face Mask AB2 P3R Protection. Price £99.00. Quick View. Standard Cellulose Cleaning Thinner 5L. Price £16.99 You might have to drill access holes in the doors and posts, too. Mask the area with tape and use a centre-punch to mark the exact point you want to drill. This prevents the bit slipping. Fully insert the probe and, again, withdraw it smoothly while spraying. Then plug the hole

For helping me produce first class upholstery. The owner. For being patient and understanding with all of the complications and set backs that surface in a project like this and for his general enthusiasm and support. All people sending me e-mails and making comments on Facebook. For being very supportive and appreciative . magnus. The Poole Directory. Edition 118. I am delighted to deliver your February issue of The Poole Directory. With times as they are and lots of things to worry about, I am hoping we can bring you some. I agree with the numerous posts on the subject of Waxoyl in the past that you can do this yourself - but it's a pretty mucky job and a 6.5 metre motorhome is a lot of work. I'm not going to commit these guys to any price, you can phone them for a chat yourself, but for me, it wasn't worth the getting dirty to get them to do the job WAXOYL BLACK 5LT REFILL CAN at the lowest UK prices from Euro Car Parts UK's No.1 for Car Accessories, Car Styling & Car Care. Buy today Online, In store or by Phone + Branches Nationwide - Next Day UK Free Delivery - centre door pillars via removed bolt in door hinge. - front door pillars through bolt hole. A parafin gun really vapourises the stuff and blasts it long distances without thinning. The rust stuff I got it from FROST for about £15 a litre. I'll leave this a week to go hard then do the same again but with waxoyl. RUST STUF

1989 BMW 325i manual Motorsport Convertible -102 745 miles. An extremely rare 1989 Motorsport convertible with highly desirable manual gearbox. Car comes with BMW VIN printout provided showing the original Motorsport delivery options The 1989 Motorsport Edition was a limited run of factory Motors.. If you check your plugs on a regular basis and do the oil treatment to the exhaust, you will catch any trouble before it gets serious. Handle Bars I have noticed on our and other Dragstars that the clutch lever is always positioned close to the indicator switch and wondered why there was a centre punch mark on the handlebars Save on Parts & Accessories for Series, Defender, Discovery, LR3, & Range Rover. We're dedicated to Land Rover & our experts have over 100 years of experience The Waxoyl treatment is interesting to me, although there aren't any application centers outside the east coast & Wisconsin and it's expensive. May 7, 2015 4 replie Pump chassis rails, sills, water trap areas with Waxoyl, Drinitrol, 3M, Bilthammer, etc. - again whatever you find easy to source and just maintain it every 2 years. Last edited by markcro; 05-06-2013 at 21:45 With the chassis now dry and tannic acid process finished, I sprayed WAR everywhere! Wow, what a great product. It does leave a dry, matt hard finish. It dried within 20 minutes. Having used Dinitrol and Wax Oil, WAR is a superior product due to its toughness, DIY low level preparation, and for me, the ease of aerosol spraying

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