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Gently turn the external guard ring (the outermost ring on the forward-facing part of the binoculars) in a counterclockwise motion and remove it (all rings will come free in a counterclockwise motion). If the ring does not turn by hand, use a strap wrench (as you would to remove an oil filter from a car) Focusing knob disassembly, assembly and tightening step-by-step, design issues discussed Binoculars; Spotting Scopes; Telescopes; Congratulations on the purchase of your new Tasco® product. You have chosen one of the finest values available today. This product carries Tasco's ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. This product is warranted against original defects in material and/or workmanship for the length of time specified by this.

How to use prism adjustment screws to merge the left and right images in a binocular On the top of the binoculars, remove the screw holding the eyepiece bush screw cover in place (the cover has the degrees of angle markings on it). Once the cover is removed you can see the brass eyepiece bush screw holding the eyepieces in place The binoculars ocular tubes and prism plates can be further dismantled from here. If you wan't to get a slightly closer focus, turn the focus wheel a further one or two turms anticlockwise then remesh the focus thread mack into the focus wheel. You will need to check that ∞can still be achieved on a star. #19 Kenny So, let's discuss how to repair binoculars at home. How to Repair Binoculars at Home: Lens, Prisms, Focus Knob #1 Fixing Lenses. Lenses are the most delicate and significant part of binoculars. Also, these are the most exposed ones. Whenever your binoculars fall or are hit by the sand storm, lenses bear the most damage

In the binocular world, you have to consider not one, but two columns coming together to make an image. Fortunately for binoculars, the problem is much less likely to result from the objective lens sitting askew. Rather, the usual suspect for poorly collimated binocs (double-vision) is that one of the prisms has fallen out of adjustment Description I've seen people in videos remove the lens from binoculars to start fires, lets see if it's practical Song-Flux by bloc partyTeaching you how to clean a scope Marine grease. Brilliant stuff. A 500ml tub costs abut a fiver (and one tub is probably sufficient to last everyone on SGL, and their extended families, a lifetime for focuser/binocular-hinge lube). If you don't like the potential waste, you can get 150ml toothpaste tubes of the stuff, but they will cost at least twice, and maybe 3x) as much

Loosen the screw until it comes out of its place. It won't come out of the binocular if you leave the rest of the hinge cover in place. At this point reverse the focus direction and gently run the focus knob until the focus rod and attached oculars come loose. Set this aside on a clean paper towel and cover with another I would like to share my own experience My Tasco 7X35 #2000 binoculars are not waterproof. After 10 years in the shed, they were opaque. Moisture. I removed the objective lenses and cleaned them. Next I hung the binoculars and lenses in front of a window unit AC for a couple of hours. Much better now. Thx j

Tasco + Binoculars & Accessories Tasco Binoculars & Accessories + Binoculars Tasco Binoculars + Essentials Tasco Essentials Binoculars Tasco Essentials 12x50mm Specialty Binoculars 2012BRZ 12x50 Tasco Essentials 12x50mm Specialty Binoculars 2012BRZ 12x50 Q&A Question - How do you take them apart to clean them Tasco + Binoculars & Accessories Tasco Binoculars & Accessories + Essentials Tasco. How to take care of your binoculars? Binoculars are costly and they are an investment we make once in a while. Now that I have discussed all the major ways you can use to clean your binoculars. Here are a few tricks which you can use to avoid those problems in future. #1 Lubricate the lense Offshore 10x42 Binocular. Water transforms everything it touches, but it won't phase Tasco® Offshore binoculars. The multi-coated optics offer premium light transmission while eliminating the glare that is often prevalent in marine environments. Water and fog won't penetrate..

Tasco 10x50 InFocus: what the hey, why not? - posted in Binoculars: Pre-focused binos finish auction so cheap, and members here have figured they are usually adjustable after cracking the glue, so I figured...what the hey, get one. The field is 7 degrees, well-saturated, and 80% sharp....pretty dang good. The eyecups were a burden, even flopped back, for glasses...so X-Acto time Water transforms everything it touches, but it won't phase Tasco® Offshore binoculars. The multi-coated optics offer premium light transmission while eliminating the glare that is often prevalent in marine environments. Water and fog won't penetrate either - rubber o-rings seal nitrogen-purged tubes, keeping the binoculars free from. After about the third time, my mind finally gets the message that yes, they are free. I ask to take them outside for a better look. Satisfied that the binoculars were usable, I informed the gentleman that I would be glad to take them off his hands for him. A short time after getting back to my campsite, the luster of getting such a good deal.

These were some of the DIY hacks for reusing an existing pair of binocular lenses. But take note if you are not a pro with your set, better not mess around with the Binocs, especially the lenses and prisms! Only experiment with your pair if you have got the knack for it. Do not mess with your pair, especially if it is an expensive one Product Title Tasco Essentials Binoculars 8x21mm, Roof Prism, Brow Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $19.99 $ 19 . 99 List List Price $25.94 $ 25 . 9 1-16 of 95 results for tasco binoculars Price and other details may vary based on size and color. TASCO Essentials Roof Prism Roof MC Box Binoculars. 4.4 out of 5 stars 307. $13.33 $ 13. 33 $17.45 $17.45. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices $9.89 (21 used & new offers Buy Tasco Binoculars and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item Take your eyes about 4 inches apart from the binoculars but keep your eyes on that horizontal line. Look out to find if there's any disproportionate horizontal line on any of the lenses. The line should be unbroken if the binocular is in good condition. 4. Locating the Screws

Tasco Essentials Binoculars 10x25mm Roof Prism Brown Boxed 168125B. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $21.34 New. $14.99 Used. Tasco Essentials Binoculars 10x42mm Roof Prism MC Black ES10X42. 3 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $59.88 New. $20.00 Used. Tasco Essentials 10x25 Binoculars. 4.7 out of 5 star Never attempt to clean your binocular internally or try to take it apart. 2. Cover right objective (front) lens with your hand. Rotate left eyepiece until image is focused. 3. Follow the same procedure for the right eye. The eyepiece should be turned in a counter How to Collimate Binoculars, repairing binoculars alignment #1 Take the binoculars with you outdoors in daylight. Locate a prominent structure far away from you, about 100 yards or more, a house for example, with straight and horizontal lines. #2 Place the binoculars on a flat, solid surface pointing the unit horizontally If the binoculars fall, the lens experience significant damage. To maintain the lenses of your binoculars, you should consider the following precautions: Avoid exposing the lenses to moisture. This will cause the moist to get trapped in the body and lead to fungi growth on the surface. And this can take a lot of effort to eliminate A very sharp Stanley knife is essential here to not damage the grip and the binos. Start along the top of the body, and slowly cut away the grip, lifting it slowly a bit at a time to see where the glue is. You don't need to peel away the whole thing, just enough to access the screws

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  1. Take your eyes about 4 inches apart from the binoculars but keep your eyes on that horizontal line. Look out to find if there's any disproportionate horizontal line on any of the lenses. The line should be unbroken if the binocular is in good condition. 4
  2. Contact Tasco direct and ask for an exploded schematic. Make sure you tell them the model number. Telescopes ' Tasco® - Believe it. www.tasco.com > products. Telescopes. The more you see of space, the deeper the mystery. And Tasco® has everything the aspiring astronomer needs to bring the most spectacular celestial.
  3. How to tighten a centre hinge? - posted in Binoculars: Some of my binoculars have too loose a centre hinge, which prevent them from staying at my ipd distance. I dont want to risk upsetting the collimation by taking them apart, also centre focus wheel. What can I do to tighten the pivots
  4. These things today are pretty inexpensive. I have spent no more than maybe $30.00 shipped. Some have come out of collimation, so expect that. In the process, I have learned how to take these old binoculars apart for cleaning and have been able to recollimate all but a couple. That alone has been worth the small expense
  5. Marine 7x50 Binoculars 137500 View & Download PDF . Marine 7x50 Binoculars 137507 (discontinued) View & Download PDF . Marine 7x50 Binoculars w/Digital Compass 137570 View & Download PDF . NatureView Binoculars View & Download PDF . Nitro Binoculars View & Download PDF . PowerView, PermaFocus, H2O, Legacy and Falco

Manufacturer: Tasco Model: 8-20x50 RRP: Description: Tasco 8-20x50 Binoculars Zoom Zip Focus Tasco 8-20x50 Binoculars Zoom Zip Focus have got the full ability to produce some sharp, crystal-clear images which will truly meet the demands of the user in a very nice way. The feature of rubber armouring provides the user an easy, comfortable and a firm grip, apart from this user friendly feature. Should You Take Binoculars Apart To Clean The Inside? If there is dirt, dust or debris that has found its way behind the lenses, you may be wondering how to clean binoculars inside. The truth is, unless you are a professional, taking your binoculars apart is a very bad idea which could potentially ruin them Shop a wide selection of binoculars and optics at Bushnell. Stargazing, birdwatching, hiking, camping, or hunting, Bushnell's binoculars deliver bright, clear, HD imagery. We offer a robust selection of hunting binoculars, compact binoculars, night vision binoculars, and more

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If you have dropped your binoculars, monocular or weapons scope and thus cracked your image intensifier, this may be your most logical choice. No problem, if your night vision equipment is out of warranty, by the way. Not only can we replace cracked image intensifier in your night vision equipment Tasco + Binoculars & Accessories Tasco Binoculars & Accessories + Binoculars Tasco Binoculars + Essentials Tasco Essentials Binoculars Tasco Essentials 12x50mm Specialty Binoculars 2012BRZ 12x50 How do you take them apart to clean them. Expert Answer. A. Answered by Tiffany S., Gear Expert, from IL, United States, on May 22,. Take the stepped spacer and place it on the table (narrow end down). Place the big lens with the curved side up into the larger diameter end of the spacer. Next, place the spacer and lens into the eyepiece barrel. The narrow step end of the spacer will go down into the eyepiece barrel Tasco Off Shore Binoculars. As these are currently the only binoculars that Tasco make that are o-ring sealed and thus waterproof, they decided to call them their Off Shore series, but to be honest unless you are going to be on very smooth waters, none of the four models within this series make ideal binoculars for marine use.. The closest is the Off Shore Tasco 10x42 binoculars pictured on. If the reticle starts to rotate, it is an obvious and easy fix for most scopes. Unscrew the eyepiece and the reticle will be front and center. Realign the reticle and retighten the retaining ring. Other ones that have the reticle deeper in the scope will have to be fixed by removing the objective lens

Usually, even the cheapest binoculars sold to adults contain two useful eyepieces. You can buy a pair of binoculars at a yard sale for $5. Don't spend much more! ( look for the kind with a Z shape to each barrel - these are prism style binoculars Apart from magnifying distant objects, binoculars can be used for other things too. By projecting on a piece of paper you can safely observe an eclipse with them, and in some emergency situations, they can be used to light a fire.Learn how to do this by following the steps described below Take to the road and discover what the Vanquish has to offer from A to Z - and all points in between. These compact travelers find their way into more adventures courtesy of forward-thinking engineering and on-the-go hunting tactics. The reverse porro prism design with fully multi-coated optics renders images crisp and bright

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Any telescope or binocular that you use for astronomy, no matter how humble it may be, deserves the best care you can give it including the cleaning of telescope optics.Much of the time you'll be using it right at the limit of its capabilities, and when you're trying to see very faint objects or fine detail, little things make a big difference The First Time Telescope User's Guide will teach you how to use your new telescope correctly. You will learn how to align the finder, how to calculate the power of your eyepieces, how to pick a good observing site, how much power is too much power, and what telescope accessories you really need. This free telescope beginners guide helps people who have a manual telescope or a computerized. Bushnell FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Bushnell's products including binocular, GPS, rangefinder, trail cam and riflescopes

Razor UHD Binoculars. When you want to take the best-of-the-best to the next level Enter the Razor UHD. The Ultra High Definition optical design features an improved optical prescription and unparalleled image resolution Re-gassing (many binoculars are nitrogen-filled) add £20.00. Items with internal filter mechanisms (typically Barr & Stroud), add £50.00 . Large wartime binoculars (e.g. 7X50 u-boat, 10X80, 20X120, 15X150): the total cost will between £400.00 and £600.00. If you are buying one of these for resale, please allow for this when you buy it.

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Bushnell Corporation is an American firm that makes sporting optics and outdoor products. It is based in Overland Park, Kansas and is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor.Bushnell's sells binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes, red dot sights, GPS devices, laser rangefinders, game cameras, night-vision devices and other optical equipment Besides, roof-prism binoculars are generally much more expensive than porro-prism binoculars of equal quality. Porro-prism binoculars align the objective lenses and eyepieces in an offset arrangement, with the objective lenses farther apart than the eyepieces. They offer a wide field of view and are very affordable

The Swarovski 10x42 would be a great binocular for viewing wildlife. Please take a look at the following link: https://bhpho.to/3o5ixKf. It should be good for viewing rocket launches too, but that would depend on your distance from the launch site The Tasco Essentials 8x21 is a very good pair of bargain binoculars. It is decently bright despite the small lenses, folds compactly, is easy to grip (rubberized) and focuses decently. At only 6.5 oz., it's light enough to toss into a day pack and small enough that it's no bother to carry it everywhere

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Tasco Binoculars- 10x25mm Tasco Binoculars- 10x25mm Tasco 10x25 Waterproof Binoculars also feature multi-coated optics. The rugged rubber armor of this Tasco Binocular protects against rough handling. With their compact size. The Tasco Sierra 10 x 25 Binoculars are super-tough and can be taken anywhere (3a) another strange aspect of the Tasco's is what I call focus within focus - what I mean is that, unlike any binocular I've ever used, within 5-10 feet or so of any given focus point, you can actually refocus on depth of field objects WITH YOUR EYES, and not with the focuser Take control of your telescope! Download the Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software. SkyPortal App. Celestron's FREE planetarium app is an astronomy suite that redefines how you experience the night sky. Using Telescope Eyepieces. Your eyepieces are the first accessories you should learn to use with your telescope. Read our guide Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews Reviews : If you're looking for Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews . Get Cheap Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews for Best deal Now!! Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews BY Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews in Articles Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews Reviews : You want to buy Bushnell Tasco 39x50 Rifle Scope Reviews

Night skies will reveal a strange, alien and fascinating new world that is interesting to observe. Apart from the aforementioned objects, there are many other ways in which the universe can be explored with binoculars. Leave your imagination do a great part of this work and you will feel accomplished and relaxed after a night of stargazing I have an old pair of Tasco 7x35 binoculars bought for me by my parents when I was a teenager (more than a few years ago!). They are really good binoculars and I do not wish to get rid of them. However, around the eyepiece is a piece of black rubber which folds back on itself for wearers of glasses I've found this pair of Tasco Sonoma 10x42 roof prisms on Ebay, are they any good as a cheap starter pair of birding binoculars? A recenty recieved a pair of 7x30 German army binoculars, which have very good optics (apart from a bit of chromatic aberration) but are very tricky to focus on close range garden birds due to the individual eypiece focussing 2. Tasco Essentials 10×25 Compact Binoculars. If you already have a set of the Bushnell PowerView binoculars, or you are just ready to take things to the next level, we recommend taking a peek at the Tasco Essentials 10×25 Compact Binoculars

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First Tasco went thru a reformation/ buy-out circa 2002 or so. Their products warranty and repairs are based on that date. I love my pre 2002 scopes and binoculars... As time and wear has their tolls, I have 2 binociulars that I knocked off a shelf over the years. Would you believe a few years apart, but the same shelf How to care for your binoculars: To protect lenses when not in use, cover with lens covers. To clean lenses, wipe with lens cloth that comes with binocular or use soft, lintless cloth. Dirt and smudges can be removed with one or two drops of isopropyl alcohol on cloth. Store binoculars in moisture-free location and never take the binoculars apart Some binoculars are easy to disassemble, where you revolve the knob to take out the lenses. Others require a lens wrench to open. To open using a lens wrench, position the lens wrench on the lens's sides to remove it. Put the lens on top of a paper then put some drops of a recommended dishwashing detergent

Binocular Reviews Home > Binocular Guides > Servicing & Repairing Binoculars. I often get sent questions about peoples optics and one of the most common is where can I get my binoculars repaired. So I thought I thought that I would put together a page of information and resources related to servicing and repairing binoculars, that I hope will answer most of your questions and get your optics. No need to take it apart (don't!). If the binoculars are rubber armored there should be a seam at the top and bottom parts of the prism housing. Peel back the seam and use a mini screwdriver to (carefully) turn the adjustment screws that adjust the tilt of the prisms. Some binoculars have two screws for each prism, while others have only one. The scope you bought is a Tasco 2.4 refractor, a very common starter scope. The older Tasco scopes (from the 1960's) were actually not too bad. It's the more recent models where the quality has gone down the tubes. The model you have is one of the longer focal length models (900mm is the focal length of the scope) Main advantage Apart from the optical specifications, what you have to look for in a reliable pair of binoculars is the overall design. The product should be sturdy and reliable, made of high-quality materials that won't break, chip or scratch after a couple of uses Apart from making the harness smaller and less complicated, it is much easier to take on and off as all you have to do is slide your arm through the sling, rather than pulling it over your head as you do with the double suspender type of harness

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  1. Knowing how to pick up the best binoculars even though you have never used or owned any before is the key to saving money without sacrificing quality, giving you the best product for your needs and very good value for the money.. To begin with, you will have to decide what you want the binoculars for. There are many differences between the models, according to their purpose
  2. Standard Size Binoculars - A standard or full-size binocular can be used for everything from nature observation to spectator sports.; Compact Binoculars - Smaller and lighter in weight and are a good choice to take along to the theater or concerts or on hikes and hunting trips.; Wide-Angle Binoculars - Ideal for tracking fast-moving action across wide areas such as football fields, racetracks.
  3. 3. Try to resolve double stars. A good test is the double-double epsilon in Lyrae (high during summer). It is a pair that can be resolved with binoculars but each of them is a pair distant 2.3 and 2.6 arcsec apart. It is a standard test for telescope evaluation. Your 4 with a 1.2 arcsec limit should be able to resolve this easily
  4. If you like the outdoors, the Tasco TAS169735-BRK Essentials Binoculars is all you need. It is capable of spotting a target fast at a distance of up to 1,000 yards. The binoculars come with a focus-free feature, which makes the image appear sharp and clear
  5. Aligning binoculars prisms and collimating lenses are very difficult and tricky processes. And to avoid any damage, you must not do experiments on your binoculars. Because lenses, once disassembled, are very hard (nearly impossible) to be placed back in their original spot. #2 Take care of your binoculars
  6. Iron sights, will take your money, then spend a year, or so, before returning your scope. We tried them two times. They did the same thing both times. Neither scope was repaired, when we got it back. ABO isn't any good either. We have sent them over 10 different Redfields. Half of them; we have had to send back, to be repaired again

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  1. These Tasco compact binoculars offe r a magnification of 12x which is unusual to find in binoculars of this size and truly make these affordable binoculars stand out. That little bit of extra power can make the difference in correctly identifying animals in the distance
  2. t scopes, and I understand the difference between threads and non threads. Both my scopes are 42mm and have threaded rings that come off and do not hold the lens in place. I do not have a thread pitch gauge fine enough to deter
  3. Welcome to Tasco where seeing is believing. Here you can find everything from our popular telescopes, riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, red dot sights, and golf laser rangefinders. No matter your outdoor passion, Tasco strives to balance quality and price so anyone can afford to see the beautiful moments in life
  4. Binocular Tuneup The Diopter Adjustment by Diane and Michael Porter. The diopter adjustment is a control knob on your binocular. It is designed to let you compensate for differences between your own two eyes. Once you set the diopter, then the two barrels should stay in proper relation. From then on you can focus just by turning the central.
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The low price of Tasco's scouting camera sets the 6 MP camera apart from other cameras. The low price is comparable to the cost of other 3 MP cameras . Tasco's infrared trail camera is comparable to Wildgame Innovations' Terra Extreme game camera Bushnell Tasco 10 x 25 Binoculars, Black I was actually surprised at how powerful these were. I was looking for a pair of inexpensive binoculars for dove and quail hunting and didn't want to spend more than 10 - 15 dollars What is a Pocket Binocular? In the world of binoculars one can clearly distinguish between binoculars of normal size and binoculars known as compact binoculars. These are distinctions known and conducted by the manufacturers, but among the users of binoculars a third type has emerged, known as pocket binoculars. Even though this denotation has become [

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