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The spring tension affects how hard you need to press down on the pedal to bring the 2 cymbals together. Look for a circular plastic dial that wraps around the bottom of your stand underneath the legs. Typically, it will have notches or grips so it's easier for you to turn by hand oh and i have the spring tension on my hi-hat stand as high as it will go 2003 Pearl Export-Jet Black/Chrome Hardware 22x18,10x8,12x9,16x14 13x4 Pearl Masters Snare:6 ply Maple,Liquid Amber Finish-Tam No, not all hihats have adjustable tension. If you play with the hats closed most of the time, perhaps you could decrease the amount of space between the cymbals - you won't have to push down as far... and then perhaps after some time, you'll build up the muscles in your leg and you'll be able to use it like normal. Get a pic up, fershure Some tips on seeing up your hi hat pedal. The pedal tension, travel, and clutch adjustment are all essential to efficient hi hat technique A detailed lesson for beginner and intermediate drummers on how to adjust and set up your hi-hat stand - plus a tip or two that you may not have been shown b..

SPRING TENSION ADJUSTMENT BLOCK STI R RUP 2. Your new Rogers Supreme Hi-Hat is packed in the carton in two parts. (A) the lower section assembly and (B) the upper section assembly which consists of the upper rod. the upper tube assembly, and the Hi-Hat clutch. To assemble, spread the legs slightly on the lower section assembly Your choice is to try to find a hardware store spring that is close in size and tension to the original or do what I've done; simply stretch the original spring a little to increase the tension when it's reassembled. Either way, clean, lube and reassemble The spring tension is adjustable on the H930, don't know about other model. The pedal is the same height/angle as the Demonator P932 and the stands allow the pedals to be side by side if desired. I second all the positive comments, this is a good purchase. One person found this helpfu Information Premier's x-hat attachment allows you to add an extra set of hi-hat cymbals to your existing cymbal stand. With an adjustable spring tension, the x-hat is perfect for double bass drummers or use as an auxillary hi-hat

Remote Hi-hat Stand with 8-foot Removable Cable, Drop-Lock Clutch, MG-1 and MG-2 Mega Clamp Mounting Hardware, Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension, Lateral Cymbal Seat, and Carrying Bag $449.99 Or $10.00/month§ with 48 mo. financing* The HS-1200D is a two-legged hi hat with a direct pull drive. The direct pull drive feels gives a strong, even feel all the way through the stroke, great for players that need a strong, powerful hi hat. The HS-1200D has adjustments for spring tension and footboard height, and the narrow footboard makes it easier to fit in multiple pedals

The Atlas Pro Hi-Hat's state-of-the art features allow it to perform with rock-solid reliance, eliminating annoying movement that interferes with precise play. allowing for quick response and unmatched feel and control against the closed hi hats. Full Range adjustable spring tension Funktionalität, Stabilität und Handling zu machen - und diese Hi-Hat-Maschine hat mich dabei meinem Ziel ein ganzes Stück näher gebracht :) Mit nur 3065 g ist sie ein Leichtgewicht gegenüber meiner TAMA Stage-Master-Maschine mit insgesamt 4080 g, steht allerdings genauso bombenfest am Boden wie diese

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  1. -Spring Tension While loosening the square head bolt A, move the footboard up and down to adjust the spring tension
  2. A hi-hat stand with loose bits and a wobbly system is the last thing you want. Good quality hi-hat stands for each performance, and practice must consist of heavy-duty tubing with embedded memory locks to mimic the hi-hat height settings. Hi-hat rods should have secure threads and connect tightly to the internal mechanism of the stand
  3. Its direct-pull drive system and spring tension dial allow for fully adjustable feel, and Pearl's exclusive footboard angle feature allows precise height matching when using multiple pedal setups
  4. Adjustable Spring Tension: No: HiHat Machine 2-legs: No: Cable-HiHat: No: Related Products. 7. Yamaha SS3 Crosstown Snare Stand. $89. 118. Tama Iron Cobra HH605 Hi-Hat Stand. $145. 2043. Hi-Hat Stand Adjustable height from 80 - 92 cm, Direct Drive pedal system and 2 double-braced legs, New hi-hat holder, Extension tube for a higher cymbal.

DW SP358 Hi-Hat Pull Rod. Drum Workshop SP358 Hi-Hat Upper Pull Rod measures 21 in length and is designed to replace any DW Hi-Hat pull rod Slingerland Hi Hat Stand, Adjustable Spring Tension. Item Information. Condition: Used. Price: US $50.00. Slingerland Hi Hat Stand, Adjustable Spring Tension. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Add to cart . Add to Watchlist Unwatc

The module will automatically calibrate the hi-hat. Once complete, press the DRUM KIT button to exit, then tighten the hi-hat clutch. Make sure that there is a small gap when tightening the clutch for a more natural feel. You may need to redo this if you change spring tension or make adjustments to your hi hat stand 2.3: Spring Tension (all 5000 Hi-Hat models) The 5000 Series Hi-Hats provide for incremental spring tension adjustment. To adjust the feel of the pedal: 1. Loosen the drumkey screw in the center top of the base casting (front side for 5500D & 5500L, back side for 5500TD & 5500TL). 2 This will work with virtually any model of hi hat stand. If you want a little more tension on your hi-hat you can add it. If you take apart the lower assembly (separate the lower pull rod from the foot board and take the lower pull rod out to get at the internal spring), you can add a nylon spacer from a hardware store Dual-leg construction 6-Way tension adjustment Delivers setup flexibility in tight spaces Quick setup / tear-down Easy portability; The Speed Cobra 315 hi-hat stand offers functionality and stability reminiscent of the highly regarded Speed Cobra 915 hi-hat stan

Tension Rod Finder. Use our finder tool . Specials & Blowouts. See All The Deals . Used & Vintage Gear. Search Used & Vintag Hi-Hat Cup Spring Tension Adjustment Dial Die-Cast Joint StopLock Wing Bolt Toe Stopper TractionPlate w/Traction Grips Support Casting Base Upper Tube Upper Pull Rod Congratulations on your purchase! To get optimum performance of your H-2050 Hi-Hat Stand, please read this Instruction Manual before playing

The hi-hat stand offer uses of a remote design to give drummers more stage space. The 6500 Hi-Hat Stand from DW offers the brand's Ultralight technology, a 6-foot long cable, and 5-pressure settings. This hi-hat stand is completed by an integrated spring adjustment and storage lock Hi-hat Stand with Direct-drive Pedal, One-touch Clutch, Offset Cymbal Seat Adjustment, Vertical Spring Tension Adjustment, Selectable-action Direct-pull System, and Adjustable-height Footboard - Black, 2-leg

A hi-hat (hihat, high-hat, etc.) is a combination of two cymbals and a pedal, all mounted on a metal stand. It is a part of the standard drum kit used by drummers in many styles of music including rock, pop, jazz, and blues. Hi-hats consist of a matching pair of small to medium-sized cymbals mounted on a stand, with the two cymbals facing each other Find a great collection of 「Speed Cobra 910 Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand HH915D」 at TAMA Drums. The HH915D features the same long footboard as our Speed Cobra Bass Drum Pedal. Its core design is based on the Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand, widely recognized as one of the best performing hi-hat stands in the world. The longer footboard offers footwork flexibility, added control and sensitivity 3500A Hi-Hat Stands. Smooth and responsive, these medium-weight, double-braced 2 and 3-leg stands are an excellent choice for a wide variety of musical applications. A spring-loaded tension adjustment mechanism is precise and easy to use, while a folding baseplate plate with non-skid rubber grip and integrated spurs deliver sturdy playability The Infinite Spring Tension Dial System allows absolute perfect tension control for the ultimate in fine-tunable response. ANGLE ADJUSTOR The DS_HH_ONE Hi Hat Stand incorporates a self-locking click angle adjustor that makes adjustments quick and easy

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. The present invention relates to a spring tension adjusting apparatus for a high-hat stand, in which operability in tension adjusting of a spring inserted between a cymbal operating shaft and a pipe is improved in such a manner that a slide pin for locking one end of the spring is engaged with a rotary knob, and the rotary knob is pivotally fitted in a lock sleeve. Adjustable spring tension lets you play with the speed and responsiveness you desire while the double-braced design ensures durability. Overview -No other part of your kit takes the punishment that your Hi-Hat takes. It has to be fast, responsive and strong to keep the groove moving. Pearl offers a wide range of hi-hats to compliment your. Springs lose tension over time, and frequently get tightened to the breaking point before they are replaced---bass drum pedals have extension springs, and hi-hat stands have compression springs---loosen the tension as far as it will go, and check the travel---if you get full travel your spring is shot, and something like this one is what you need (just the spring New V-clamp grips hi-hat rod like never before. U.S. Patent No. 9,601,096 Offset Cymbal Seat Adjustment for quick and easy bottom cymbal angle adjustment. VERT (Vertical Spring Tension Adjustment) is a revolutionary machined slider that controls overall spring tension

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Hi-hat Clutch: Locking Hi-hat Clutch: Locking Hi-hat Clutch: Locking Hi-hat Clutch - Cymbal Support: Hard Rubber / Felt: Hard Rubber / Felt: Hard Rubber / Felt - Material - - - Felt: Cymbal Angle Adjustment: Yes (with Fixing Nut) Yes (with Fixing Nut) Yes (with Fixing Nut) - Rotaing Leg Design: Yes: Yes: Yes - Spring Tension Adjustment: Yes. Some hi-hat stands make this easy while others don't. If you're moving around a lot, you should go for hi-hat stands that are easy to dismantle and set up, easy to carry around, and doesn't have a lot of small parts that can easily get missing. There are some solid stands that are also lightweight. These would be a good pick for you The Yamaha HS-850 Hi-Hat Stand is a double braced stand that features direct pull design. There are eleven settings for spring tension via an easy to use tension collar. Hi-Hat Stands DW CP5500TD Hi-Hat Stand (Editor's Choice). The DW CP5500TD has a double-braced, 2-leg rotating base and is chain-driven. There are interlocking memory locks with built-in spurs and tech lock tension adjustments to enhance the overall ease of playing

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Hi-Hat Stand. Rogers, the original lightweight stand company presents the new RDH7 Dyno-Matic hi-hat stand combining 'old school' function with modern precision & durability. • step-style spring tension adjustment for quick action set • the new RAFHHC fast-change clutch • smooth action, direct-pull chain mechanism • Rogers. The 9500 Hi-Hat provides for incremental spring tension adjustment. To adjust the feel of. the pedal: 1. Loosen the drumkey screw just above the large knurled knob on the base casting. 2. Rotate the large knurled knob clockwise to tighten the spring and counter clockwise to Your DW 9500 Hi-Hat stand includes built-in, adjustable spurs and.

The Drum Workshop DWCP7500 Hi-Hat Stand is a light weight stand with 3 single-braced legs. It is designed for lighter style playing, but will take heavy road punishment. It is a favorite among jazz players because of the direct action pull and the solid stability. It has a tension adjustment for the spring action CHH930 Closed Hi-hat Holder Tension adjustable, angle adjustment, fits Yamaha tom holders and tom stands The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products With this 2 leg rotating model, you can simply rotate the 2 legs to the left, right, front or back giving you much greater flexibility in the placement of your hi-hat stand. Spring Tension Adjustment Knob: At Griffin we know that all drummers are not created equal Hi-Hat Stands at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty Served with love! Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience

The double locking spring tension rod knob on this hi-hat remote pedal includes five different settings (numbered 0 to 4) and assures your personal tension settings never change while playing. Additionally, the foot stop prevents your foot from slipping forward while the adjustable floor spikes prevent slipping during your sets Flat Base Hi-Hat Stand Direct Drive - Classic look, low-profile, light-weight, flat base tripod with minimal footprint - Hinged height adjust with ABS protective tube inserts and wing tension memory lock - Smooth, fast touch pedal - Direct pull system - Standard hi hat clutch - Extends 31.5 to 35 with 5⁄8 - 7⁄8 diameter tubes For detail replacement parts information please. New Yamaha HS740A Swivel-leg hi-hat stand. Chain drive. Very well made. Sturdy and secure without being too heavy. Bottom section is 1 1/8in. tubing. Top section is 7/8in. tubing. EZ spring tension adjustment. Dale's Drum Shop is an authorized Yamaha dealer. Contact us anytime with your questions about the gear we offer

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Remote Hi-hat Stand with 8-foot Removable Cable, Drop-Lock Clutch, MG-1 and MG-2 Mega Clamp Mounting Hardware, Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension, Lateral Cymbal Seat, and Carrying Bag. mor The DW 6000 Series Hi-Hat Stand packs a huge load of design features into a total weight of just 6.7 pounds. The unique Offset Direct Pull Linkage allows smooth and effortless action, which can be easily customized with the Spring Tension Adjuster Pearl Heavy Duty Hi-Hat Stand Excellent Condition - Lightly Used Many Pro Features including: Convienent reversible rubber/spike tips Chain Drive Pull - Toe Stop - Memri-loc Clamp Adjustable Spring Tension for great feel - Super Clutch Legs that rotate for best positioning. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7296882004 Change the spring tension by adjusting the hi-hat stand. For instructions on adjusting the tension, refer to the owner's manual for your hi-hat stand. * If the spring tension is too strong or too weak, the unit will malfunction, and you might not be able to play the hi-hat as you intend. * The tension may not be adjustable on some stands Our precision Spring Tension Dial features a positive click stop designed for precise control over hi-hat tension. POSILINK TWIN CAM DRIVE SYSTEM WITH INTERCHANGEABLE CAMS Our exclusive PosiLink drive system features twin double chain driven cams one of which accepts your choice of 6 interchangeable cam profiles (4 included and 2 optional) so.

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  1. Easy spring tension adjustment: Foot pedal tension can be quickly adjusted mid-performance without the need for a drum key. Lockable Footplate: Hi-hat footplate folds for transportation and locks down into position whilst playing for stability and optimum playing feel. Memory lock and easy tilt adjustment
  2. Use the hi-hat stand to adjust the tension of the pedal spring. * Depending on the stand, it might not be possible to make adjustments. 1. After making the hi-hat settings, release your foot from the pedal, and while keeping your foot off the pedal, turn on the power of the TD
  3. Yes it works perfect with the VH-11 and provides plenty of spring tension adjustment, that is very important when using VH Hi Hats. Also it is the only stand on the market that can angle back towards you and I find that to be extremely useful for my style of playing
  4. Description. Premier Hi Hat Stand. Modern. Double braced. Adjustable spring tension. Base plate with floor spikes. Memory Lock. Tilting cup with clutch. Used, some light marks in places, good condition overal
  5. Premier #252 mk.1 strap drive pedal.Lateral adjustment footplate, 8mm beater shaft, beater arc adjustment, spring tension and hoop clamp adjustment on top of pedal, beater is discoloured and has some wear but loads of life left-£sol
  6. Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack is a free sound pack that comes loaded with many different styles of open hi-hats, closed hi-hats, and other cymbal related samples perfect for any style of music production
  7. Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand The H-930 features a Demon Style Long Footboard, Trident Design Tripod with Swivel Function, and Spring Tension Dial. DRIVE: Chain Drive: CLUTCH: Standard Clutch: LEG TIPS: Rubber: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand Cancel reply

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The Pro1-V Hi Hat Stand is unlike any other. It features our BigFoot long board as well as an open, forward design. Also unique to this stand is its removable leg system which gives you traditional stand stability while allowing for quick and easy removal for use on double bass drum setups. 20 detented spring tension adjustment positions give you all the flexibility you need to dial in your. CHH930 Closed Hi-hat Holder Tension adjustable, angle adjustment, fits Yamaha tom holders and tom stands The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products The unique Offset Direct Pull Linkage allows smooth and effortless action, which can be easily customized with the Spring Tension Adjuster. Like all 6000 Series Hardware, the 6500 Hi-Hat Stand starts with DW's versatile, Flush Base design for sturdy and easy positioning The pedal tension is changed by adjusting the baseplate spring, and the felt beater automatically adjusts to the best angle for each strike. The Ultra-Adjust hi-hat stand features a conventional tripod base, the footboard has a very sturdy baseplate beneath it and the tripod legs swivel for optimum placement

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The spring assembly in the hi-hat seat tilts the bottom cymbal only when you open the hi-hat cymbals. By adjusting the spring tension, you can adjust the angle to achieve your preferred degree of half-open sound or closed sound. Minimizing the contact area between the clutch and top hi-hat cymbal increases the hi-hat cymbal's natural resonance

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The HS-850 hi hat is a double braced, direct pull design. There are eleven settings for spring tension via an easy to use tension collar Toggle link and 2 double braced legs. New Hi-hat Clutch; Longer Rod for higher setting is included; Cymbal Angle Adjustment with Self Lock; Spring Tension Adjustmen

DW9500TB HI HAT STAND 2 LEGGED. DW 9000 Series Hi-Hats utilize a patented Double Eccentric Cam (shown left) that increases the sensitivity of the footboard in relation to cymbal movement, resulting in a unique, incredibly fast and responsive feel. (U.S. Patent No. 5266733) The Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature (also shown left) allows for precise adjustment to offset the. Our precision Spring Tension Dial features a positive click stop designed for precise control over hi-hat tension. Poslink Twin Cam Drive System with Interchangable Cams Pearl's exclusive PosiLink drive system features twin double chain driven cams one of which accepts your choice of 6 interchangeable cam profiles (4 included and 2 optional) so. The Yamaha HS740A Hi-Hat Stand is a durable, affordable hi hat stand with professional features such as spring tension adjustment and rotating legs. The HS740A hi hat stand will provide years of reliable performance, whether on the road or in the studio. Just what you've come to expect from Yamaha! Yamaha HS740 Hi Hat Stan

Sonor has re imagined the killer new line of 4000 series hardware. The new HH 4000 Hi Hat stand has an all new footboard design, rotating, double braced legs, adjustable spring tension, and a sensitive 7 step bottom cymbal tilter. You'll grow to love the hex rod, which is sturdy and will stop loosening of the top hat cymbal. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we love Sonor drums, and this new 4000. 9000 series hi hat stand 2 leg Superior feel in a swiveling 2-leg design for easy positioning in multi-pedal set-ups. [wt. 12.2 lbs] [tallest playing height: 43] [lowest playing height: 28] [1 upper tube] [1 1/4 base tube] *playing height varies depending on cymbals Also Available in 24K Gold Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension DW gave the 9503LB hi-hat stand their Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension, which lets you make precise adjustments to offset the weight of the top cymbal, creating a completely customized feel. Uni-body Folding Footboard and Lateral Cymbal Sea

Pearl Eliminator H-1050 Redline Hi Hat Stand, Direct DriveRemote Hi Hat Cymbal Stand – GRIFFIN Auxiliary Cable FootPro1-V Black Widow Hi Hat Stand - Trick Drums USA

However, the spring tension can be varied, so that heavy Hi-Hat cymbals can also be played. The DW9500TB has an ingenious spike system for optimum grip and excels with a high degree of flexibility in terms of pedal height adjustment, spring tension, positioning of the double strut legs and quick assembly and disassembly. Titan footboar The world's-only hi-hat stand featuring the Interchangeable Cam System, 2050 Series stands' customizable options are designed to eliminate resistance, reduce fatigue, and increase performance. Rapid Lock Supergrip clutch (U.S. Patent #93556725) Hi-Hat Cup (U.S. Patent #7078606) Swiveling Legs; Precision Spring Tension Dia This is a NEW Ludwig Atlas Standard Hi Hat. Model# LAS16HH. Features: New in.Speedsterin. foot board. New Keystone wing nuts and base feet. Sturdy double-braced legs. Fully adjustable spring tension. Threaded spike spurs for solid anchoring and stability. Wire base for compact folding. Swivel legs; Non-marring full wrap cymbal clutch DWCP9500TB - 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand. DWCP9500D - 3 Leg Hi-Hat Stand. DWCP9500DXF - Extendable 3 Leg Hi-Hat Stand . FEATURES. Adjustable Locking Spring Tension ; Extended footboard for more length ; Double Eccentric Cam design for even quicker response . MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER. DWCP9500 The hi-hat stand incorporates a self-locking click angle adjustor that makes adjustments quick and easy. The lock engages automatically when the adjuster is released to prevent loosening and eliminate worries. × Close. Spring Tension Adjustment Adjust spring tension from the comfort of your drum throne. The large dial is conveniently located. Description. One of the absolute most professional level hi-hats stands on the market. Top-of-the-line in every way. With features like DW's patented Double Eccentric Cam and Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature, which combine to give you the sensitive response and balance you need to play your best

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