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Tuck the bottom of the flat sheet under your mattress, and then move to the side. Grab the corner of the sheet that's hanging out at the foot of the bed, and fold that corner up until it's against the side of the mattress. Now tuck in the flat sheet, keeping the folded corner tightly in place to create a neat crease. Repeat on the other side This week's vlog is a special tutorial on how to style a bed like a pro! Learn the basic formula I use to make beds photo ready, along with a few of my fav.. Bed-ZgallerieMirrored Nightstands-https://goo.gl/ws1bWCOver nightstands Mirrors-HomeGoodsLamps-CostcoRug-CostcoSilver vase-homegoods White flowers-ZgallerieK..

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Make your headboard work hard. Using a headboard for storage is a clever way to make the most of your space. This custom solution manages to be a bedside table and bookcase as well as a headboard,.. The textured finish helps beds look more natural, unlike the overly polished look sateen bedding can have, and linen carries a certain laidback vibe that helps further the boho-chic goal of the messy bed. Try linen pillows, sheets, or a duvet—whatever is most conducive to good sleep for you. #4: A Little Fluf Layer, layer, layer. Stacking your bedding elements is key to making your bed look as lush as the one in the store. In warmer seasons, the duvet can play a decorative part, folded at the foot of the bed, Charles said. In other seasons, it's an essential add-on to stay warm Get your bed skirt or box spring cover in place. Make the bed but pull the flat sheet up to the very top of the mattress. Put on the first blanket and then the second. Fold back the top sheet and both blankets to reveal all the layers It's a good thing then that we've compiled 10 tips on how to style your bed like a pro, and just some general advice on how to make your bed look super stylish and Instagrammable too, of course

One quick way to create a big impact in your bedroom is by painting a headboard, as seen in this photo from Mille M2. It's a great way to define the bed, and doesn't take up any space at all. Save Pin It See More Images (Image credit: Cote Maison Visually this turns the bed sideways and into a daybed. The backrest could be as simple as a wooden door. A standard door is 80 inches tall which, when placed on its side, is only 5 inches wider than the 75 inch twin sized bed. You could easily place an old door behind the bed to create a low visual backrest. 3

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Grab a headboard (or a big piece of art). A headboard does more than keep you from losing pillows. It visually frames your bed, making the whole thing look more substantial in both big and small rooms Feeling, color and texture gleaned from fine art are referred to as well, and so is technology design, like the sleek and minimalist look of the iPad. If you're a single guy trying to design, say, a bedroom — or if you're designing a bedroom for a single man — there are a few things you'll want to consider Sure, your bed is the main focal point of the room, but a bench at the end of the bed or a reading chair in the corner helps make any space feel more finished. Mark Scott 9 of 4 An interior designer shares the secrets of a bed that looks as good as it will make you feel. get it to look more grown up, and make it easier to manage in the I tend to like a single. For the sides you need five lengths of timber cut to 1900mm. One length then needs ripping down the middle. Drill, Screw and Glue on piece on top of another and then fix the thinner ripped piece to the bottom inside face of the side. Hopefully the pictures will help explain this

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One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom that special something is to add a beautiful tray to your dresser top or nightstand. It doesn't have to actually be expensive—find a pretty tray at the Goodwill, give it a coat of gold or silver metallic spray paint, and only you know it didn't come from a premier shop Bedding The bedding you choose will pull the room together and make it an attractive space for relaxation and contemplation. Build your nest with the best bedding you can afford, and choose colors.. Adding a downy duvet, plush comforter, or soft quilt makes your bed look more polished. A nice top layer not only brings the whole bed together, but it's also practical, as it adds warmth. A duvet cover is a cheaper way to upgrade an old comforter instead of buying a new one. Simply stuff the comforter inside the cover Especially next to a larger bed frame and mattress—tiny nightstands can look so dorky, says Max, who advises his clients to buy normal-size furnishings for small spaces

The first step of the woodworking project is to build the panel for the footboard. Use 2×4 lumber for the vertical components and 1×4 lumber for the cleats. Drill pilot holes through the cleats and insert 1 1/4″ brad nails into the vertical components. Add glue to enhance the bond of the components Hi guys this is my first YouTube video I need some suggestions on what to do next if they are good I will consider doing them enjoy my channel like comment a.. Take a look at these small bedroom and single bedroom ideas before you start decorating. Small bedroom ideas 1. Build storage around the bed Stick to mostly white bed linen so the look isn't overly busy and introduce a splash of colour to liven up the scheme a notch. A clutter-free bedroom is also key to getting s good night's sleep.

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If your daybed has thin armrests, you could consider adding loads of pillows to the sides, building up a soft armrest layer by layer. This will make a huge difference both visually and for comfort. You could add some throw pillows which prop up against the side of the armrests, allowing some overlap onto the part where your arms rest Let's start with the hotel bed! How to make a hotel bed. I love a hotel bed, always fresh linens that are perfectly laid and ironed. The hotel bed is more of a proper bed, so if you are going for a more formal look this one is for you. To recreate the hotel bed look, think white duvet covers and king shams Reorganize your vanity. Just like your nightstand, a cluttered vanity can make your whole bedroom look messy. Now's a good time to buy some makeup organizers, like these inexpensive stackable acrylic chests from The Container Store Learn how to replicate a perfectly made hotel bed at home with high-count bed sheets, comfy duvet and lots of pillows.Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subs.. There are numerous ways to get creative with a bed wall. A mural, a featured paint color and even wallpaper can be cost-effective if you choose economical options. Creating a gallery wall above..

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First, hang an area rug or gorgeous fabric behind your bed. Then, place a room divider behind the bed—preferably one that includes storage space. At this point, wallpaper, mirrors, or a picture gallery can create a focal point behind the bed. If you have a wooden board, you can paint a headboard on your wall When space is limited and you desire a different look with your bed, get creative and make your bed look like a couch. You can easily turn a basic twin bed into a quasi-couch with only a few artfully placed pillows and a little rearranging The traditional place for a bed is on the wall opposite the door, so this would be the most mature looking choice. If you have a nice bed frame and headboard but your bed can't be seen from the door, move it so that it becomes the focal point. If you aren't sure, go with the arrangement that makes your room look the least cluttered Grab clean bedding. To get the most out of making your bed, and feel your best when it's complete, use nice clean bedding. Nothing is quite as relaxing as slipping under crisp clean sheets when it's time for bed. Clean bedding will not only make your bed look crisp and help you feel refreshed, but it will be easier to lay down and get right

The final step is to put down 2 to 3 inches of mulch on the bed. The mulch not only suppresses weeds but also adds a rich, dark color to the edge. I mulch right up to the edge of the turf to create a gentle slope from the bottom of the edge to the top of the bed. Take your passion for plants to the next leve Choose a bed frame and nightstands with clean lines to create a more open look. Instead of setting up a bulky standing bookcase, mount narrow floating shelves on the wall for storage. Paring down your furniture can make a huge difference in how spacious your small bedroom feels. Credit: Helen Elizabeth Norma Put the flat sheet on the bed with the wrong side facing up. If possible pull it all the way up to the top of the mattress. Make sure you have enough room at the top to fold the sheet over other blankets or a thin quilt or comforter. The fold of the sheet will be facing right side up and look pretty It's a good way to hide an extra bed, and it's also a good leg rest for the sofa or a way to get a few extra seats in the living room. It's a thin foam mattress because it has to fold into the ottoman, so it's not the most comfortable choice, but for a night or two once in a white, it's definitely better than sleeping on the floor You can use the headboard and footboard and/or the sides of the frame to create lovely fencing that will showcase your garden. If you don't have enough of a bed frame to use, check out your local thrift stores or online yard sales in your area. You can use different styles of beds and paint them all the same color to get the same result

A proper bed-frame, platform or headboard may seem essential, but you can achieve the same level of interior goodness sans traditional bed choices. Skip the raised bed and try leaving your mattress directly on the floor. While this look used to be associated with youthful laziness, we're confident these chic bedrooms will change your mind You could use a large photo frame to outline the wallpaper behind the bed to form this Wallpaper Headboard, or simply make your own frame with planks of wood. This would be a great way to add a pop of color and excitement to an otherwise plain and simple room. 14 Vinyl stickers make for an interesting interior decoration. If you fix curtain rails to the ceiling above your bed, your room will look much more interesting. Curved curtain rails make windows seem much bigger. If you paint the lower two thirds of the walls, the ceiling will seem higher Make sure your duvet is nice and thick (at least in the winter) so that your bedding doesn't look flimsy. If your bedding has volume, it will look inviting. Remember, boho = inviting. You'll also want to make sure your bedding spills over the edges of your bed here and there It's clean, but with a bit of tension to make things interesting. 10. Finally, do the same as above for the first and second layers, but center a single boudoir pillow on the standard shams. Note, if you use pillows with standard pillowcases on your bed, you'll have to remove them to pull off this look as well as the one above

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This bed frame is nice, but I have to say that the headboard is the real showstopper for me. The reclaimed wood just looks so full of character! Thankfully, the process is quite a simple one; making something that's sturdy and gorgeous isn't actually that tough At the right corner, lift the hanging side of the sheet up and lay it on your bed. There will be an extra flap of fabric hanging down; tuck that piece under the mattress. Fold the side down again.. Each has their own space. View in gallery A nice opportunity to create a symmetrical interior design. View in gallery Use the shared space between the beds to make a sort of vertical nightstand. View in gallery Combine two single beds to get an L-shaped sofa. View in gallery Similarly, use a similar setting for bunk beds Oct 16, 2015 - You can save a lot of money by building your own bed frame from easy to follow plans. See more ideas about bed plans, bed frame, woodworking bed Image: Claridge's. How to make the bed. Step 1: Make sure the sheet is central on the bed with the same amount hanging evenly over all the edges. Step 2: Standing at one side of the bed, pull the.

It also means making the bed is basically zero work, and you'll never again wake up with a dumb, useless piece of fabric tangled around your legs. Look for an easy-to-wash duvet cover made of soft,.. Aug 6, 2020 - Bedrooms with the mattresses on the floor or low to the ground. . See more ideas about bedroom inspirations, bedroom design, home bedroom Daybed is one underrated furniture. People often don't realize how versatile it actually is and often use it only as a couch or a bed. One of those two. Stacking cushions here and there without maximizing its true purpose. Here's what you need to know, people, a daybed works as a bed, sofa, and chaise lounge at the same time MAking the bed- why not try stacking your duvets one on top of the other, unfolded. Then when you go to bed, push one blanket, and pull the other over. It might be a bit of work when going to sleep, but it's easy to throw open the duvets to make the bed, and it might look a bit tidier

If you have a fairly large room, your bed doesn't need to lean up against the wall. If you add some space between the bed and the window, you'll create a cozy reading spot. 2 Select a bed skirt in a coordinating color that is tailored with simple lines and very few pleats. This will make the bed look more like a couch. Avoid frilly, ruffly bed skirts or skirts made out of lace or silk Just make the size with the 4x8's and I think he used something that looked like wall molding, but obviously a lot thicker, all around the inside to keep the bed up. From there you can just throw. Charlie Dean/Getty Images While large bedrooms can make great use of drapes or blinds that contrast with the walls, in a small bedroom, it's better to match your walls and window treatments. This keeps the eye moving across the space, fooling it into seeing the bedroom as a little bit bigger than it really is

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Embrace the tininess of a space and make it extra intimate and cozy with a sheer curtain around the bed. Jazz up the walls with paint, artwork, or wallpaper to bring in personality without taking. You'll need a clean spray bottle, a cup of distilled water, three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol (you can use vodka if you prefer), and at least 20 drops of your favorite essential oils. Use a single scent, or combine relaxation-enhancing oils like bergamot, lavender, chamomile, vanilla, or rose

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A trunk next to the bed creates a bit of separation between living and sleeping areas, as well as providing extra storage. And instead of a couch, Sandra has opted for a single comfy chair — just right for an apartment for one Having pillows on the bed completes the look of the bedroom. It is always a good idea to match at least two pairs of shams (euro, standard or king) with your duvet cover, layer next with your sleeping pillows (the ones that come with your sheet set), and then add more decorative shams and a decorative throw pillow or two to complete the bed Jan 4, 2019 - Explore Pam McKee's board make day bed, followed by 796 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy furniture, furniture, diy daybed

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If you are looking for a single curtain panel that can add to the insulation, then look for a heavier material like suede or tapestry. Alternatively, add a middle lining of bump to create an insulated curtain. Always check whether the fabric can be machine-washed at home or needs to be dry-cleaned. Most homeowners prefer a home-washable fabric That doesn't mean you have to spend a ton on nice dining chairs though. An eclectic array of vintage finds or some simple folding chairs will look elevated against the right backdrop. Sara Tram

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  1. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of tips that you could use to to improve your skills and improve the photos you take. Just read on! How to Talk to Your Crush with 6 Ways to Make the Best Impression. Are not you tired of waiting for him to make the first move? Stop waiting and make your own destiny
  2. If you have a small home that you want to make super stylish, don't think that your limited floor space has to be a factor. Interior Designers are constantly turning petite homes into paradigms of contemporary style and chic, so we've taken a look at how they do it in order to share the secrets with you today.. From hallways to bedrooms, we've got tips for every room in any house, so if you're.
  3. Prompted by the arrival of our fabulous 100% linen sheeting range, here's a tutorial to show you just how easy it is to make your own fitted sheets.It might be easier to enlarge the images as you work through this post so just click on them if you need to see a bigger version. Bedding/sheeting measurements are provided in metrics so if you want the imperial equivalent, try this online converter
  4. ating the culprits will make this bed look right. Learn the right way to mix patterns in our Real Decorating for Real People Book. Decorating Mistake #10. Staying with the bed in the master bedroom, I'm going to make number 10 be about the Dust Ruffle Length. The dust ruffle on your bed should be about ½ above the flooring

We have kingsized on our double bed, double on the two big children's single beds and a single duvet on the toddler bed. I hate being cold in bed! 0 like. Reply. Anonymous. 10/21/2013 at 3:27 PM. we have a superking duvet on our kingsized bed, so yes I think a double duvet on a single will work out fine! 0 like The good news is that certain considerations make the decision-making process easier - read on to find out what they are. READ NEXT: The best mattresses you can buy How to choose a mattres

If you have basic carpentry skills, you can make an incredibly simple kitchen table that folds back up onto a wall with some wood and some hinges. 22. Put your bed on lockable casters A daybed sounds deliciously indulgent - it's somewhere you can lounge with a book, perhaps while someone feeds you grapes. In fact, a daybed can be a brilliant practical solution for smaller homes or studio apartments, doubling as a comfy sofa and a place to get your beauty sleep. And you can easily create your own. Simply take a queen bed, push it lengthways against a wall and cozy it up. 10. You have to tell people you're single all the time and hear them say, I'm sorry, or give you that look of empathy. The next time someone gives you those puppy dog eyes and says, Awww, you're single. I'm sorry. Look at them puzzled and ask them why! You're flying solo but it's not a disease! It's a blessing

Lay in the bed and try every single function on the adjustable bed remote control. Does the bed move quickly on command? Are the motions jerky or smooth? Be sure to evaluate with your ears as well. A good base will operate quietly as a result of the high quality adjustable bed motors. Ask your salesperson a ton of questions and do some homework. How to Make a Futon Feel Like a Couch. Futons are a cute and convenient way to have a little extra sleeping room for occasional guests, but they may look out of place when not in use as a bed Many people believe that the best way to make a bed comfortable is by getting the softest mattress you can find. On the contrary, a mattress that's too soft can negatively affect your sleep and overall health. When you lay on mattresses that are too soft, you sink right in, which isn't good for the blood flow and posture For us, 9 is a good number as it allows for 2 x Euro cushions, 4 x standard cushions, and up to 3 x feature cushions. Rather than doing the traditional look of stacking two Euros at the back of the bed, then standing or lying the standard cushions symmetrically and finishing with the feature cushions, we like to mix things up

You can also go with a solution that doesn't require you to mount a sleeping loft into the construction of the house. The example below is basically just two bookcases and a simple wooden structure to hold the bed. When you add the ladder on the side you have a sleeping loft. Who wouldn't love to sleep up there? it looks super cozy Single-Toned and Swappable Choose one hue for your bedding design. Keep it minimal and relaxing with a deep saturated color for a more masculine look or a lighter tone for an airier feel. Mix and match the duvet and pillow shams with complementary one-tone cotton sheet sets One fantastic piece of furniture you can make with pallets would make a wooden platform bed. A single big pallet board would be enough to make a sturdy wooden bed; otherwise, you can stack more pallets to reach the required height level of your bed. Check out here this very precious sample bed, built to last and inspire The idea is that the legs protrude about 15-20cm (6-8) over the portion that the box spring rests on so that it keeps the mattress from slipping off the frame. The sketch obviously only shows a portion of the bed, with the front legs removed for clarity. All for corners are done the same. Let's go get some wood Women wear alluring dresses all the time but gives a look of disgust whenever a guy checks her out. There is a common misconception that women dress that way to RAISE their attraction to men. The reality of what's going on is that women dress that way to RAISE their attraction for that ONE man that means something to her

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I am a single mom, 30. Most of the dating does revolve around either scheduling it around the children or with the children. It is important that any guy wanting to date a single mom needs to like children and understand the situation that the woman is in. Paying for babysitting is not always ideal, but it is nice When it comes to what makes a woman good in bed vs. a freak in bed, we all have different standards. Apparently, Rick James only required a woman to provide incense, wine, and candles in order to. How to Make a Comforter That Will Melt You Into a Puddle. A comforter, also known as 'doona' or 'continental quilt', is a type of bedding filled with insulation materials for warmth, traditionally down or feathers, wool or cotton batting, silk, or polyester and other down alternative fibers. It is sometimes also sold as 'bed-in-bag' She Gives Good Lip The way you kiss says a lot about how you make love, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., an L.A.-based sexologist and author. I call kissing 'facial intercourse.

The bedding choices you make are the same for either a lofted bed or one that is at a conventional height except it is easier to opt for a queen size comforter on a bed that is lofted. Some guys prefer to make up a bed with a fitted sheet, only, and use a comforter without a top sheet. Just look for sheets that are sold separately, and not in a. Select a bed skirt in a coordinating color that is tailored with simple lines and very few pleats. This will make the bed look more like a couch. Avoid frilly, ruffly bed skirts or skirts made out of lace or silk. Converting the Bed Into a Couc If you are willing to make a number of kids in a single bedroom then you just can't install as many beds as the kids, this will not leave any floor space. This is the case while talking about short space bedroom interior however even the spacious bedroom will be full after installing 2-3 beds Sometimes the best way to make up for not having a headboard is to distract the eye with something visually stunning. A Kailo Chic life certainly did that by creating a gorgeous abstract wall art display secured to the wall above a bed. No one would ever comment on your lack of headboard with a pretty piece like this one. So, there you have it A bed or mattress is an investment and determines your quality of sleep, so take the time to lie on a number of options before committing to that final purchase. Lie for a few minutes on each surface, moving through various positions and finding your natural sleeping pose

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A Double or Full bed dimensions in inches is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Contrary to popular belief, a Double or Full bed is only 15 inches wider than a single, not double. Double beds are best of the bed sizes for a single sleeper who wants more width than a Twin but doesn't need as much length The perfect Murphy bed is one that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. That is what you get with these plans, where the bed appears flush with your wall. Simply make or find the perfect little nook, and your bed can look more like a closet than a large piece of furniture. 12. Ceiling to Floor Storage Unit with Bed For the most relaxing feeling, place the bed so the foot is closer to the doorway than the head of the bed. In large bedrooms, place the bed in a corner for a dramatic and romantic look. In medium to small bedrooms, place it against the wall opposite the door, with the headboard touching the wall. Make sure you can easily walk around the bed One Good Thing by Jillee Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are the easiest to overlook. Rather than add messy piles to your closet shelves or drawers, clean and store your extra sheets under your mattress. If you fold them well and put them at the foot of your bed, you won't feel a pea, much less a stack of sheets Is your bedroom so small it's more suited to a Smurf than a sapien? Don't feel blue. There are plenty of quick and simple tips to trick the eye into thinking you've got more room to work with than you actually do. From mirrors to shelving, here's how a little reorganization can go a long way. Published March 18, 2018, Updated March 4, 202

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  1. Inspect the edges, seams and all other aspects of the bed for nice finishes, solid materials, smooth joints and overall sturdiness. And while you're at it, think about your personal design aesthetic. A lot of bases out there look like bulky fabric-clad pontoon boats rather than sleek pieces of machinery
  2. Create a rustic-looking headboard from a recycled strip of timber (cleaned, sanded and any old nails safely dealt with). You could try using a beautiful old door. Attach it to the wall behind the bed. Either leave it natural, whitewash or paint it in a shade to complement the bed and rest of the room
  3. g or taking forever to finish. Instead, it's likely to be the opposite—he gets super excited super easily and can't control himself or make himself last longer no matter how hard he tries
  4. If you're unsure about the right bed size, have a look at our useful guide. This way, you won't lose any sleep over the decision. Consider the frame for your bed. Besides finding a bed size that perfectly fits your bedroom, the choice of material will also have a big impact on the overall look and feel
  5. French Seam On Corners - for a stronger, more stable corner seam on your fitted sheets, sew a french seam at the corners. First join and pin wrong sides together, taking a 1/4″ seam and tapering off to a point at the corner end

Put a large blanket or towels under the bed frame while moving it if you plan to slide it along the ground. Attach verticals to bed frame Add the spacer around the peg hardware and then put the peg through the bed frame hole. Place the metal clip at the end to secure it in place Adjustable Beds. These beds are able to bend and elevate at varying angles. As a result, the mattress has to be flexible. Different types of mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed - memory. The perfect bed, every time: You do not have time to make a perfect bed every morning. With our tailored flap and accent strip that mimic the top sheet, say goodbye to your top sheet. In just one motion, you can now get the perfect look without the hassle The most obvious upgrades to make a manufactured home look more like a site-built home are a higher roof pitch, extending the eaves around the home, and larger doors. Upgrade to a Higher Roof Pitch A roof pitch of at least 4/12 will help make a manufactured home look more like a site-built home 4. Bunk Bed. A bunk bed is usually one of the first advanced builds a player will make in their world. Every player has experimented with it at some stage, and this design is just one of the hundreds which exist! Let your imagination run free and build one of the greatest bunkbeds Minecraft has ever seen! Be creative when creating your new.

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It measures 54 inches by 75 inches, which gives a single sleeper room to stretch out. Most average-sized rooms and studio apartments can accommodate a full-sized bed. Queen: A queen bed, 60 inches by 80 inches, is the most popular choice. It allows for two people to sleep comfortably Older men, like older women, still want sex. And the good news is, they're more experienced and know what they're doing. They're looking for a women who's the same way. If you know what you like in bed and aren't afraid to take charge and let the man know you're interested too, he'll be into it If space is really at a premium in your place, this bed could be the answer. With built-in closets on either side, and more room for storage behind the bed, it's perfect for tiny houses.To keep assembly nice and easy, consider buying a Murphy bed hardware kit, and then finish off the project with a daybed that fits under the bed when it's folded down for an extra seating area

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  1. Adjust down for smaller sizes, like a single mug. Step 5: Add Coffee to Filter. After pouring your coffee into the filter, be sure to get a nice, even bed. You can do this by tapping gently on the filter or leveling it with a spoon (don't compress the grounds). This step is important because you want even extraction, and a level bed helps.
  2. What are good alternatives to table lamps for bedside lighting? JB: Sometimes we'll hang pendants over bedside tables—they're a good option, especially for smaller rooms, because they don't take up space on the table. It's more for mood lighting than reading, though. Anything people should make sure to avoid when lighting a bedroom
  3. Your bedroom should not only be a place where your comfy bed is located but it also should looks good. It's the room where you relax and get a great night's sleep. There is a bed in any bedroom so usually there is a headboard too. That's why we're going to show you some awesome ideas to make it look interesting
  4. The man room or man cave can be defined as any place a man sets aside to pursue his interests, whether with friends, family, or by himself. It can be an office, a study, the basement, or a shed out back. For the purposes of this post, the man room is not a shop or workspace, but rather a place for a man to relax and enjoy himself

When you make adjustments to a histogram before you scan, you begin with a full value range without any tones that have been tossed out by a graphics program. This is why it's not a good idea to scan multiple images at once—making precise adjustments with the scanner driver is impossible with multiple photos in the scanner bed A nice little side trick is that if you put two beds side by side the beds will make it look like a queen size. The second use is if you use the bed item, the game will skip the rest of the day until dawn. This is done by right clicking on the Bed when there are no enemies near by Look around to see what your environment is, and if necessary go someplace else. (See Biomes below for more details on this.) Acquire resources and tools: Get wood, make wood tools (at least a pickaxe), use that to get cobblestone, make stone tools. Get coal (or make charcoal) to make torch es, and find or make a shelter for the night

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