Can you bite your finger off like a carrot

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Bite down on your finger and you will find nothing, just a little pain and a mark. Bite down on a carrot and you'll find a mark and something new: progress! You may find gashes forming and a crackling of internal damage, a second bite of the same magnitude will surely bring a fatal incision There are cases of fingers being bitten entirely off, but such an act requires extraordinary force, far greater than 200 newtons of carrot-cutting power. You'll still have to bite through skin, tendons, and some flesh. Skin, unlike meat, is very elastic. It's similar to trying to bite a rubber band instead of a carrot

A UCLA engineering student decides to test if his finger can withstand the same force (relatively the same pressure) as a carrot can, instead of studying or. yes there are cases of people biting fingers off but that can probably be attributed to adrenaline and such as there isnt many cases where someone would be biting off a finger while not filled with adrenalin I expect that this is indeed true. Your brain and your nervous system work together so that you can experience pain. The human body has learnt that pain is a bad thing so your body would try to stop you biting your finger because of the pain that it causes to you To bite through a raw carrot you need 200 N As to fracture a finger, you need at least 1400N Unless you have weak bones due to osteoporosis or freakishly strong teeth, it's quite hard to bite a finger through with the same strength as biting through a carrot

The doctor told me a fun fact that you can actually bite fingers off as easily as carrots, but your brain wont let you bite off your own. I actually argued with him because my brother and I got.. Dermatophagia (from Ancient Greek δέρμα - skin - and φαγεία - eating) is a compulsion disorder of gnawing or biting one's own skin, most commonly at the fingers. This action can either be conscious or unconscious. Those affected with dermatophagia typically bite the skin around the nails, leading to bleeding and discoloration over time Favourite answer Probably not, your finger isn't the same texture as a carrot and you can't bite through bone without a lot of effort. You could bite through your finger but there would be a mental.. Favourite answer By density, yes, fingers are as easy to bite through as carrots. However, your brain will not allow you to bite through your own finger (unless you have some problems or a..

They mostly do not bite they nibble, and sometimes they think your finger is a carrot! How many pounds of force can the human jaw generate? 100 pounds, if you bite your finger like you bite a. Favorite Answer I believe you require the same amount of force to bite through your finger as to bite a carrot, but your pain threshold makes it much harder to do so Consider biting into the bone of a chicken drumstick (and that is cooked so it's even weaker), would it be as easy as biting through a carrot of the same size? The bones in you fingers would be of..

Can you really bite off your finger like a carrot

3 65 Super Easy Finger Foods to Make for Any Party From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time.Read Mor Now if you are making this for older babies who can bite/ chew, you can do this without the sheet. That's it. Delicious baby led weaning friendly carrots are ready for your baby! Storage and serving: You can make a small batch and refrigerate it for a 2 or 3 days in an airtight container. I like to warm them slightly before serving

Does it take the same force to bite through a finger as a

  1. utes, until golden brown and crusty, and the carrots are cooked. You can test doneness by piercing a carrot with a knife to see if it's tender all the way through. Serve the carrot fingers with whatever sauce you desire, such as ketchup, Vegan Blue Cheese Dip, Cashew Caesar Dressing
  2. g up, they're great nibbled on their own as a snack
  3. Cut the greens off the top after harvest to about ¼ - ½ inches above the shoulder. This will help the carrot to keep longer as the greens can take moisture from the root. Carrots store best at 32-38 degrees F at 98% humidity. You can store them in the refrigerator in plastic bags, or they may be blanched and frozen for later use
  4. You can actually put in on top of a jar. So by increasing this, I have increased the amount of room I'm using. I am increasing the amount of circumference. You put in on and you press down and turn. Now usually these things have a little bit more grip. You can actually put your force down as you are pushing and turn. Some of them you have to.
  5. This can include encouraging your kids to avoid habits that put them at risk for chigger bites, such as wearing sandals without socks, sleeveless shirts, and shorts. Instead, you may encourage them to wear long pants made of tightly woven fabric, long-sleeved shirts, and high-top boots or shoes

I can't tell from the photos and I like you people but not enough to buy this thing and bring it into my home. Keep in mind, this isn't silicone so it can't be boiled or sterilized These cookies are so guilt-free you can even eat them in the a.m. Combine almonds, walnuts, flax and a few other good-for-you ingredients to form bite-size bowls you can fill with almond milk, Greek yogurt or seasonal berries. Pop one in your mouth for just 184 calories — and feel your hunger melt away Mangled fingers cut to the bone will be your souvenir for a careless hook extraction, and when a chopper gets its teeth into you, making him let go can take several agonizing minutes. Legend has it that the bluefish is the only fish that can see as well out of water as it can while swimming As she grows into a toddler, you'll be able to give her bite-size pieces of whatever you're eating. Remember that your baby's learning about food's texture, color, and aroma as she feeds herself, so try to offer her a variety. Resist the temptation to give your baby sweets like cookies and cake or high-fat snacks like cheese puffs and chips Like most spider bites, tarantula bites can cause some swelling, itching, and irritation. However, he adds, tarantulas also have the ability to flick hairs off of their body and into your skin.

J. Lipiec, V. V. Mendvedev, et al, the authors of an article in International Agrophysics published in 2003, describe soil compaction, primarily caused by the use of heavy machinery, as producing smaller yields of carrots with a high proportion of stunted and deformed roots.. And soil compaction can happen no matter what type of soil you have.. To keep your soil loose, avoid walking on your. If you can't find a suitable breath spray, Bitter Apple spray (available in pet stores) is a good, safe, alternative. Pet-Corrector Compressed Air Spray. The Pet Corrector compressed air spray is like a little can of magic! So simple, yet so effective... and it works to discourage all types of misbehavior, not just puppy biting

Put down that pretzel stick and pick up a carrot stick. Your nails feed off your blood flow, so if everything is groovy inside of you, it will show on the outside. Anything you put inside your body will affect the way your nails, skin, and hair look. Drinking tons of soda (and alcohol) can ruin your previously beautiful nails I have these things all over my skin. Mostly on my back of neck back bicept area thys. Chest and face. They look like they have a sharp end to them and it almost looks like you can see a mouth and a stomach when u put lite to.it you can kinda see threw it. Please help anyone 6208603430 Biting your fingers is a common symptom of anxiety or boredom. Like biting your lips or nails, it's probably something you do unconsciously when you need an outlet. If biting your fingers is an annoying bad habit you want to break, you can try using a bitter-tasting nail polish or a distraction technique to stop the behavior For an older child, it might be regular snacking on crunchy celery and carrot sticks. Just make sure you don't substitute nail-biting for sugary snacks or you'll be trading one bad habit for another. Give your child something else to focus on. Find something that will keep your child's finger's active

Idiot test if finger is as easy to bite through as carrot

He suggests, for example, that adults pay close attention to biting circumstances to pinpoint what specifically seems to trigger bites — other children grabbing toys, perhaps, or the chaos and noise of lunch time. Once you know what prompts the biting, you can step in to ease the tension before it occurs, Goldstein says If I can eat it then it is ok. I use a blender to blend my plantains you may use a food processor, or mash it up with a potato masher. However, when, it comes to plantains, I don't use a potato masher as much - cause it is a hit or miss depending on your plantains If you bite off too big a piece, you can expose the delicate skin beneath your nail, leaving it exposed to any bacteria or pathogens in your mouth—and there are plenty of them What you may see on your skin: The rashes that appear during stage 2 differ from the rash that can appear in stage 1. In stage 2, the rashes stay the same size rather than grow larger. When the rashes, lump, and symptoms begin: About 30 to 45 days after the tick bites you, you may notice rashes or a lump. These can also take longer to appear, sometimes six months or more

Rough chunks are exactly what they sound like. All you need to do is peel the carrots and roughly chop them into 1 to 2-inch pieces. This is the cut you'll use for things like stocks and sauces where the carrots are intended for flavoring, not for consumption. You'll also use rough chunks if you plan on pureeing them into soup, or mashing them Directions. In a large bowl, cream shortening and brown sugar until light and fluffy, 5-7 minutes. Beat in the eggs, buttermilk and vanilla. Combine the flour, cinnamon, salt, baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg and cloves; gradually add to creamed mixture

Can you really bite your finger off as easily as a

First, peel the carrot. (Tip: We love to use a Y-shape Swiss peeler—the basic one from Kuhn Rikon works like a dream, and it's favored by professional chefs in restaurants everywhere. Plus, it's cheap!) Trim off the top and narrow bottom root end of the carrot and discard Carrots come in a rainbow of colors, sizes, and shapes. ''Bolero': slightly tapered; 7 to 8 inches; resists most leaf pests and blights. 'Danvers': classic heirloom; 6 to 8 inches long, that tapers at the end and has a rich, dark orange color; suited to heavy soil. 'Little Finger': heirloom; a small Nantes type of carrot only 4 inches long and one inch thick; good for containers You can add fruit on the side as well. 17. Eggless Apple Whole Wheat Pancake - You can skip the salt if you like. 18. Banana Toast - You can also try almond milk. 19. Waffles - You can use coconut milk or almond milk to make these. 20. Vegetable Idli - You can start with only grated carrot and add more vegetables later on. 21

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13. Orangely Delicious Carrot Snacks. If you really want to wow them, try out these carrot crescent rolls! You'll just add orange food coloring to your unrolled and flattened refrigerated crescent rolls, cut them into strips, and then twist them into these fun carrot shapes. Recommended to use a shape to fold the crescent rolls around like an. My family's best carrot cake recipe dates back to my great-grandmother! We bake up a few of these carrot cakes for special occasions to make sure there's enough to go around. You'll love the texture this pretty, moist treat gets from pineapple, coconut and, of course, carrots! —Debbie Terenzini-Wilkerson, Lusby, Marylan For starters, biting your nails can raise the risk of catching a cold or other illness because you're putting your unwashed hands in your mouth.It can also raise the risk of paronychia, or infection of the skin surrounding the nail, says Rochelle Torgerson, M.D., Ph.D., a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic The carrots now used to make baby-cut carrots are typically ones that have been specially bred to contain more sugar than their standard-sized cousins, because this extra sweetness appeals. 3. Biting While Petting. If your dog tries to bite you when you pet him, that's a common problem. When he first starts biting you as you pet him, redirect him by using dog treats

is it true that you can bite your finger like a carrot

Insect and spider bites can occur almost unnoticed, or they can be painful. Either way, home treatment is usually enough for most symptoms. However, some bites can spread serious disease, such as. When new leaves start to regrow, you can transfer and plant them in soil. Tutorial via Fast, Cheap, and Good. 3. Carrots. The leaves of carrot are actually edible and you can regrow them by putting carrot tops in water in a well-lit room or a window sill. This is a clever way to turn your carrot scraps into salad. Tutorial via Fidgety Fingers. 4 Most spider bites have little effect on humans besides itchiness and irritation, but brown recluse bites can cause tissue damage that lasts for several months and may even require surgery. It is important to be able to recognize the brown recluse spider bite and to know how to handle the symptoms If you can spot the types of things you are thinking about or feeling when you bite your nails, then this can help. Some people like to use mindfulness as a way of increasing self-awareness

Is it true we could bite through our thumb as easily as a

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Bite fingers off easily as Carrots? Yahoo Answer

Nervous habits are often more annoying to the people around you than to yourself, but some types of fidgeting and fussing can do real harm. Here, experts reveal the reasons why nail-biting, hair. Sexual biting can be as simple as a nip on the ear, or as intense as sinking your teeth into a partner's shoulder or butt and biting down as hard as possible, says Kayla Lords, sexpert for. You and your family can most effectively prevent malaria by taking all three of these important measures: Taking antimalarial medication to kill the parasites and prevent becoming ill; Keeping mosquitoes from biting you, especially at night; Sleeping under insecticide-treated bed nets, using insect repellent, and wearing long-sleeved clothing. With swollen fingers, it can also temporarily reduce your flexibility and mobility which, if left for a long period of time, can result in significant stiffness. In certain cases, swelling can become so severe that it can reduce blood flow or injure nerves and muscles in the forearm and hand How do you get rid of these white brownish bugs/mites that look like lint, but bite and then brown ones you can't feel these only when they bite, but they look like pepper. They get into your skin. The white and brownish ones get on your hair, finger nails, toes, and heels & bite

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You are not really sure what it is but when you open your eyes and turn on the light suddenly you are faced with a small little rodent who has been gnawing away at your skin. You noticed instantaneously that this is a rat and do all you can to not only move yourself away from this horrible rodent, but also look for a means to scare it off if. Pimple-like bumps affect the fingers, but pimples do not. A bump on the finger may be due to a cyst , wart, or insect bite. In this article, we explore the causes of a pimple-like bump on the finger

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Is it true that you can bite your finger like a carrot

It is my understanding that this style of grip was popularized when revolvers got shot a lot more in single-action than double. I know for a fact grips like these are ill-suited to serious double-action work. If you own a revolver with grips like these, and you intend to use it for defensive purposes, upgrade the grips as soon as you can afford to Draining pus from infected finger can be done through several steps as follow: Soak the infected finger in hot water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. This will help the skin to widen and the pores to open, so that draining the pus will be easier. Pat dry the finger once you are done. Press the part of pus-filled infection to let the pus out You see when you run around like crazy trying to avoid a biting puppy that can send them into frenzy mode - and trust me you don't want to get bit when they're in frenzy mode. When you run away from a puppy while screaming or flapping around you're going to look like a super fun toy to your pup Understanding nail-biting as a habit has a bleak message for a cure, unfortunately, since we know how hard bad habits can be to break. Most people, at least once per day, will lose concentration. You can add fruit on the side as well. 17. Eggless Apple Whole Wheat Pancake - You can skip the salt if you like. 18. Banana Toast - You can also try almond milk. 19. Waffles - You can use coconut milk or almond milk to make these. 20. Vegetable Idli - You can start with only grated carrot and add more vegetables later on. 21

Are fingers as easy to bite off as carrots?!? Yahoo Answer

A competing response may not even be necessary. You can also practice a technique called mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply the act of trying to be more aware of your anxiety symptoms. In a way, the competing reflex does this - it forces you to think about your lip biting so that it's not a habit but a choice, and then prevents you from doing it An occasional nibble probably isn't concerning, but if you gnaw until you injure yourself — if your fingers are bloody or infected — or if the biting distracts or shames you, you should know that.. Though swelling is a common reaction to most bug bites, excessive swelling can be a cause for concern. If you notice that the area around your bite is continuing to swell after a few days—or even that the swelling is extending to other parts of the body—then it's vital that you seek medical attention to identify the type of bite and receive treatment accordingly Cut off the green tops 1/4 to 1/2 inch (6-12 mm.) from the top of the carrot and rinse and dry the roots before storage. When deciding when to pick carrots, consider how much you can use in a two- to four-week period of time

If you have started teaching your puppy some basic training cues, you can also redirect your puppy to perform alternate behaviors. Every time your puppy bites, make a noise to distract them. When you have a break in the biting behavior, immediately redirect them to perform nonbiting behaviors, such as sit, stay, come, etc Do you bite your nails? For 30 years, I did. We nail biters can be pathological groomers — people for whom normal grooming behaviors, like skin picking or hair pulling, have become virtually. Apply a cold compress (like ice wrapped in a clean towel) to the area. Check with the doctor if you have redness, swelling, or itching. What a Doctor Will Do. The doctor may suggest that your mom or dad give you a medicine called an antihistamine to control swelling and itching. If you have a more serious allergic reaction to a fire ant sting.

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Picking at and peeling off the skin on your fingers can be an unconscious habit or a known behavior in which you indulge when you're stressed or upset. What may seem like a benign happening can become a medical problem in some cases; open wounds on your fingers can pick up bacteria easily and may become infected Unless you are like me, I like it with some bite to it and love to suckle and nibble the bones - a cultural thing. Additionally, if you can have the butcher cut the oxtail into medium pieces, that'd be good. It helps cut down on the cooking time

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Cat bite and there is a hole in the bottom of my thumb Burning Feeling, Looks Like a Bite got bit by a cat swelling after spider bite Got bite by my cat and it got infected, seeking no medical help i got healed by natural plants cat bite on the top of my hand Tic Bite Can meat allergy in cats be caused by tick bite? Problem with cat bite Typically, you can treat a rabbit bite by applying standard first aid care. A rabbit bite does not normally present a significant health hazard. It can be an unpleasant experience, undoubtedly, but it's inevitable: Biting and nipping are part of a rabbit's natural means of communication

Instructions. Soak the lentils in cold water for 3-4 hours or overnight. Preheat the oven to 200c / 400f and line two baking trays with parchment paper WebMD - Better information. Better health

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