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Directv doesn't support esata, so how does one connect to their box? because several people have told me using usb won't work! Answer: There is an e-data connector on the genie DVR's. The new ones may not have one. If it's there you should be able connect the external drive - you tube has several videos to help For some reason some drives cannot be formatted by the receiver until they have be formatted by a PC first. Then connect the HDD like earlier. Genie a while ago had a suggested max of a 4TB external. But there is no official hard cap, so some have used up to even 12TB successfully. A regular HDDVR (HR24 and earlier) support a hard max of 2TB. FD 2TB DVR Expander External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 & eSATA (Comes with Both USB and eSATA Cable) - Supports DirecTv, Dish, Motorola, Arris and More, Black (DVR2KEUB) by Fantom Drives 3.9 out of 5 stars 21

DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for Genie 2 HS17

First, enable access to an external device on your HD DVR. Go to your HD DVR and press MENU on your remote control. Select Settings > Whole-Home > External Device. Set External Access to Allow. Set Current Program to Allow. Set Recordings to Allow. Confirm the internet connection for the HD DVR. Press the dash (-) button on the remote control PATH 2: EXTERNAL Upgrade for DIRECTV HR20/21/22/23/24, Genies HR34/44/54 and HR21 Pro Plug and Play Replacement Capacity Upgrades. Drive is external, but the internal drive is no longer used once this external is connected DIRECTV Genie 2 is designed to take TV in your home to the next level. With our unique wireless hub with a built in DVR - we've reduced all those wires and clutter for all your TVs. The powerful DIRECTV hub can be placed anywhere in your home. From there, all you need is our wireless Genie Mini receivers How to upgrade step by step your DirecTV genie DVR for more recoding storage space. Also a test of what happens when you remove the external drive when in.

DirecTV Genie DVR, Internal & External Hard Drives

  1. The key to allowing regular usage of these hard drives is to disable Power-up in Standby. The tricky part is gaining access to issue commands on the drive. There are two ways to do this. One includes using the original DirecTV or Dish Network box to allow for the drive to power on and spin up. The other method does not require the DVR box
  2. If this helped you, subscribing is the best way to thank me! :^)*** How to add an external drive to a DIRECTV Genie HR34 DVR***DIRECTV's website instructions..
  3. Welcome to DIRECTV video service from AT&T. The Genie 2™ is the next-generation Genie Server satellite receiver. It provides breakthrough features, sophisticated integration and enhanced customer experience. • The Genie 2 requires the EPS17 (DC 25.2V) External Power Supply

Genie 2 - HS17 Replacing the HDD with a larger HDD

Your current recordings on the Genie will become unavailable and you will end up with 2 tb of space, not 3tb. The genie will reformat the drive to the proprietary system and the hard drive will be locked to that particular Genie. Meaning that if you replace the Genie with a new 4k genie when they become available, you will lose your recordings DirecTV External Hard Drive for HR34, HR44 & HR54; DirecTV Genie External Hard Drive for HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24. Expand Your DirecTV Genie Storage Capacity. Expand the capacity of your DirecTV Genie DVR by using an eSATA device, also known as a DirecTV Genie external hard drive. When you connect an eSATA drive to the Genie DVR, it will The new Genie 2 (possibly to be called the Genie Air) builds on the solid foundation of previous DIRECTV products but adds a new twist. This one box combines a DVR, Wireless Video Bridge, and power inserter into one box, and allows up to seven clients at once, but it loses the ability to output video by itself Multiple threads on this. Few if any all in one eSATA solutions. Yes external eSATA enclosure and SATA drive is the best route. I personally have 3 thermatakes eSATA enclosures (BlacX, eSATA model no longer available but clearly best option in past) Some old BlacX eSATA enclosures still seen on eBay. Other eSATA enclosures work but I can not give a personal endorsement I have 4TB, 6TB and 10.

Unplug the receiver then disconnect the external hard drive. Plug the receiver back in and try to use the internal hard drive for a day or so. You won't have access to recordings stored on the external drive until you plug it back in and reboot it. PROBLEM 3: Interactive/On Demand Content Doesn't Wor DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for Genie 2 HS17 Headless Server $ 149 88. DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24 DVRs. $ 149 88. DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for HR34 HR44 HR54 Genie. $ 149 88. External Hard Drive Expander for DISH Network ViP 612 622 722 722k 211k 922, Hopper & Wally DVRs Genie 2 is in beta The Genie 2 HS17, or Genie Server, could be a game changer for DIRECTV. With 2 TB of storage, it has to the potential to take on the best DVR out there—the DISH Hopper 3. Unfortunately, customers have had trouble connecting the new Genie to the DIRECTV App DVRdaddy DirecTV external hard drive for HR20 HR21 HR22 HR23 HR24. Similar to Western Digital 2TB (Model WDBABU0020HBK-NESN) & 1TB (Model WDBABU0010HBK-NESN). DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for Genie 2 HS17 Headless Server $ 149 88. DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for HR34 HR44 HR54 Genie. $ 149 88. Quick Links. Search You can expand your storage capacity by plugging an external hard drive or USB storage device into the USB slot on the back of the GenieGO. Note: The USB hard drive will be formatted for use with your GenieGO, so make sure you do not have any files you would like to keep on that drive. 14 access your dVr playlis

External Hard Drives & Genie (HR34) (1 Viewer) Thread you can attach an external hard drive via USB to expand your recording capacity. Can you do the same with Direct TVs Genie? this isnt like Dish where you have TV1 & TV2 and the option to watch two different programs. Directv its the same on all TV's (there is only one output) But yes. I currently have a genie with esata 3TB hard drive connected. Have upgrade schedule to get Genie 2 along with 4k receivers. Is it possible to connect my current external drive into the genie 2 and not lose recording or other settings? If not is it possible to connect to any older receivers (have couple not sure model numbers) and will it boot and allow to access recordings and settings This Western Digital easystore external hard drive has a compact profile for increased portability, and the included WD Discovery software makes backing up data easy. See all External Hard Drives. Price Match Guarantee. $47.99 Your price for this item is $47.99. Save $37. Was $84.99

The DirecTV Genie is a powerful and versatile DVR. With this device, your household can watch or record up to five programs simultaneously, eliminating scheduling conflicts. It only has 1TB of internal storage, but you can easily expand this by connecting an external hard drive, and you can even watch 4K content Hello --- DirecTV is offering us a 'Genie 2' w/ 4K UHD (Model # HS17/DTV Genie Server).They claim that the cost is [$499.] for the Genie 2 tower (it sits vertical, instead of flat, has its own built-in satellite receiver, and is wireless to TV) DIRECTV H44 Genie Lite Server (No Hard Drive) For use with Genie Clients, HR2X and H2X only. SWM required. Cannot be used with HR34/HR44. Includes IR/RF remote (RC71) and power supply. $0.00 - IN STOCK - FREE GROUND SHIPPIN The Genie Lite is a box about 8x8x1, making it a tad larger than an H25. Oh, but there's so much more inside. You get the same hardware you'll find in any other Genie — five tuners, PIP capability, and RF remote capability. There's only one thing missing: the hard drive. If you set it up without a hard drive, it acts as a receive That's why DIRECTV makes it easy to increase your recording capacity with eSATA. Look at the back of your Genie DVR and you'll see a port labeled eSATA or SATA. SATA is the technology that underlies all hard drives made today and many external hard drives have a port that lets you connect them directly at faster speeds than you can get from.

DirecTV allows customers with the appropriate DVR equipment to transfer and view recorded programming on a separate hard drive. To increase the recording space available, you can use the eSATA connection on the back of your DVR to connect a compatible external hard drive WITH EXTERNAL BACKUP! Refurbished DirecTV HR24 HD DVR WITH BACKUP Ships with an external hard drive containing TWO NEW 2.0 TB hard drives. If either drive fails, the other drive contains an exact copy of your data. 90 Day Parts and Labor WeaKnees Warranty. $699.99 -IN STOCK! FREE SHIPPING! Tip 3. Format DVR Hard Drive Using File Explorer in Windows 10. Another easy way to format a DVR hard drive is by using File Explorer. You can format the DVR hard drive with simple steps. Step 1. Click This PC, Right-click on the connected DVR hard drive partition and select Format. Step 2

2 TB hard drive 500 HD hours 2,000 SD hours: Storage 1 TB hard drive 200 HD hours 800 SD hours: both DVRs can expand storage space with an external hard drive. You won't go wrong with either the DIRECTV Genie or DISH Hopper,. Please note that DirecTV generally considers all new equipment activated after March, 2006 to be leased equipment. DirecTV will typically only allow one Genie to be active per account. See below for additional Genie specifications. Also see our Genie Accessories page. We also now have the (different) Genie 2 HS-17 in stock in limited quantities TiVo HD vs DirecTV Genie Discussion in 'TiVo (Please don't compare the Genie with the Premiere 4 or any TiVo other than the HD w/a 2 TB hard drive.) I meant store them off the Genie. I'm told that I can connect an external drive to the Genie. That would be an option for archiving

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  1. um - Black - Compatible with Mac/Windows/PS4/Xbox (GF3B2000UP) by Fantom Drives 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,423 $87.5
  2. I was picked by DISH to do an employee beta-test of Hopper, and while the Genie has 1 TB of storage space (1,000 hrs.), my Hopper has 2 TB, with an option to double that with a 2 TB external hard drive! I can also record up to 6 live HD shows at once, while the Genie only lets you do 5
  3. Hi all, I am new to this community and I am trying to find the best external 4tb drive for directv. I was told by Directv that western digital external esata drives work with the hr44 genie. I am having a hard time finding the best drive. So, has anyone used an wd external sata drive with the directv genie? If so, what model should I be looking for? Thank you so much for your help, Mari
  4. Originally Posted by mdavej /t/1467969/backup-recordings-from-directv-genie-to-external-drive#post_23196734 Can't be done the way you stated the problem, but certainly can be done other ways. - Realtime playback to DVD or blu-ray recorder - Realtime playback to video capture device on a compute
  5. On most DIRECTV receivers, there is a small red button located inside the access card door. With others, the button is on the side of the receiver. Press the red button, then wait for your receiver to reboot. Note: To reset a Genie Mini you need to restart the main Genie too. Resetting your DIRECTV Genie and Genie Mini restores local channels
  6. Usually this means the Genie 2 is disconnected from the dish. Check all the cable paths. GREEN This is the normal state of the Genie 2 when it's running. RED Something is very bad inside your Genie 2. Reboot it and if it doesn't fix itself in half an hour, replace it. Flashing Color

DIRECTV Support Forum . Status Please reply by conversation. D. dvrjunkie. Thread Starter. New Member. Jun 28, 2013 4 0 DC Metro. Jun 28, 2013 #1 The hard drive on my hr34 genie appears to have failed. The self diagnostic tests the genie runs to try to resolve the problem, tells me it fixes the 5000+ sector errors after working for over 24hrs.

Make sure it's in an eSata enclosure (not USB). Also, look for a WD Red or another archive type of drive. TECHNICALLY 4TB max, but I have seen an 8TB WD Red work. You cannot use the internal HDD AND an external one, so be prepared to not be able to access your currently recorded content while the external HDD is connected There was a tech bulletin this week that touched on the new H44 and external hard drives: ·H44 Genie Lite -- H44 Genie Lite is a 5 tuner, 3 video stream output wireless Internet receiver with a built in power inserter.NOTE: It has NO hard drive which means no DVR capability unless the customer chooses to add an external hard drive from DirecTV An external hard drive can also be connected for more recording hours. Storing and Viewing Features. The DIRECTV Genie is able to store several programs for an unlimited period of time. However, it has only 1 terabyte of memory, compared to the DISH Hopper's 2 terabytes of data. This is about 1000 hours of recorded programming DIRECTV Genie Lite is an HD receiver without the recording capability (non-DVR) and 4K TV programming support. Recording option can be added though, by using Genie Lite HD DVR Kit which is DIRECTV-prepared external hard drive. In addition, this receiver has a built-in DIRECTV CINEMA™ Connection Kit (Wireless) which enables it for self. Techs do not install, service, or replace external hard drives. They are customer owned and sold/drop-shipped by Directv only. Unlike the Genie HD DVR, the H44 contains an internal SWiM Power Inserter and does not require use of an external SWiM Power Inserter (PI21) when the H44 is the only IRD in the home

Is there a way to download some of the shows or movies to a computer or hard drive... Menu. Home. News. Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. New posts New With DirecTV you can get their Nomad device and download shows off their HD DVRs or the newer R22. It works with the more recent ones such as Genie and these models: HR20. DIRECTV APP & DVR. TV you love whenever you want. Download the DIRECTV App to stream live and on-demand shows, up to 5 screens at a time. Plus, the Genie HD DVR can record up to 5 shows at once, watch select shows from the last 72 hours, and store 200+ hours of your favorites. Shop all offer How do I CONNECT My SAMSUNG VR375 TO DIRECTV GENIE HR54 Western Digital Elements USB 2.0 1TB external hard drive fails speed test on my LCDV3257DVR. Do I need a different cable from the one that came with the WD Elements?. Top-Rated Directv Hard Drive. Free 2-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime

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While shopping online for an external hard drive for directv genie 2 is easier and more convenient than shopping in person, it is also harder to know if you are buying a high-quality product. Even when the online pictures are an honest representation of the item, it is hard to see any tiny details in the photos Probably not, if it's a DVR provided by a cable or satellite company. (One more way they try to keep you as a customer: Pay TV providers know that if you leave them, you will lose all the content you recorded on your DVR when they take their DVR back. No problem swapping out the 1TB internal hard drive inside a HR44 with a 2, 3, or 4 TB drive. (I highly suggest a Video rated Hard Drive) The top cover pops off with a thin flat screw driver to unlock 5 snap clips, located in slots on the bottom of the unit My roommate and I are bailing on DirecTV but want to get the movies we've recorded off of it before turning the DVR back in. what they allow is transfer to an external hard drive that ehd can then be used on the new dvr genie go used to, and the mobil app currently allows putting recordings on a mobile devic

DIRECTV Genie Not Working in One Room - Fix Guide. Step 3: Check on the Hard Drive. Should you have an external hard drive installed, what you want to do is to unplug the receiver. While it's disconnected, remove the connection of the hard drive to the receiver The HR24 box comes with a 500GB hard drive in the unit and I replaced it with a 2TB surveillance hard drive as they are designed to be recorded and erased on a consistent basis. When the DirecTV box boots up it will format the hard drive and it will be ready to use once it finishes booting

Tech Talk - Having DirecTV DVR Hard Drive issues? try this - I started to have some stuttering/freezing of recorded content on my HD DVR from DirecTV recently. I was bummed as I was sure I had to call one of the useless techs out to come out, and tell me that all they could do was replace the unit (thus losing all o The DirecTV DVR shows and recordings can be fully restored after careless deletion in two situations. First, when your DirecTV DVR runs the TiVo software because the deleted events are stored in its history; second, when the shows are preserved on the DVR hard drive since EaseUS data recovery software is able to recover hard drive videos, music and pictures without any hassle Compatible with most major DVR boxes like DIRECTV HR34 HR44 HR54 HS17 genie ARRIS Moxi Dish and more. See product description for compatible models; Expand your DVR hard drive recording of up to 2000 hours. Contact your cable box provider to make sure of its compatibility. Please contact your DVR/Cable provider to confirm external hard drive usag

A Genie 2 is a more simplified system that provides DIRECTV for up to seven rooms of TV. (That's three more rooms than the HR54 provides.) The Genie 2 provides two 4K streams while the HR54 only allows for one. It allows wireless clients without having an external wireless adapter Compatible with most major DVR boxes like DIRECTV HR34, HR44, HR54, hs17, genie, ARRIS, moxi, dish, and more. See product description for compatible models. Expand your DVR hard drive recording of up to 2, 000 hours

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It was viewed as a quick way to connect external hard drives back in the days when USB was far too slow for that purpose. However, it never really took off for computers. USB 2.0 hard drives were deemed fast enough and it got harder and harder to find retail hard drives with eSATA connections Additional Connectivity: 1 satellite In, 1 RF antenna, 2 USB ports (front/rear), 1 Ethernet port, 1 eSATA port (for connection of compatible external hard drives, 1 AC power inlet connector. Alexa Control: Some features of the HR54 can be voice-controlled with an Amazon Echo device via the DirecTV Alexa Skill Buy fantom drives 2tb dvr external hard drive expander - usb 3.0 & esata - supports directv, dish, motorola, arris and more - silve with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded Go online at Best Buy, spend a few dollars more ($115.99) and get the WD 4TB. Only buy the best, Western Digital. They make the best hard drives! I have these on XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE S, computers, TV's, DirecTV Genie and Genie Mini's. Plug it into your XBOX ONE, choose format for games A. Pack only your previous receiver, power cord and old access card (which can be left inside the receiver) using the box your replacement receiver came in, and the packing materials provided in the box. Do not include your remote control, cables, accessories or any personal equipment such as DVD players, external hard drives, etc

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I was recently researching external drives for the genie 2. I read somewhere that if u do add an external you will no longer be able to access shows on the internal drive... And I have had genie 2 since fall 2017 no issues, small occasions have to go back and delete stuff Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatal The HR44 capable of 5 simultaneous recordings, without compromising speed and performance. The HR44 supports all Genie clients and RVU TV's, comes with an internal 1TB HDD, wireless internet connectivity, and offers WHDVR performance with other DIRECTV HD products The latest DIRECTV receivers are available at Solid Signal. We have the satellite TV receiver... Learn More! Hard Drives and Enclosures; iPad Accessories; KVM Switches; Laptop Cases; DIRECTV Receivers; DIRECTV Genie RVU Server for Whole Home HD-DVR Receiver (HR54).

Get a Genie from Directv and have them install it IN ADDITION to your existing DVR. Move all of your season pass recordings from the old DVR to the Genie. Whenever you want to watch TV, watch shows from the old DVR. When the old DVR is empty, return it to Directv and have them take it off your bill. My situation is this Method 3. Recover Deleted DirecTV Shows from Hard Drive. Basically, if you're using a Genie HD DVR, it has an internal hard drive for saving a great number of recordings, shows, and videos. As long as deleted or lost recordings on it, you can take out the hard drive and connect it to your computer, and then recover lost shows and recordings.

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DIRECTV Genie® and Genie Mini—Specifications HR44 HD DVR Height: 1.97 inches Width: 13.11 inches Depth: 9.69 inches Built-in CCK - Functions as the W-CCK in a customer's home. New RF Technology - HR44, C41 and C51 operate on the new RF4CE technology, which is only available on the RC71 and beyond Genie remote. EPS44 Power Supply - The EPS44 is a new external locking power supply reviews of the DIRECTV R10 and R15 DVRs. In 2005 Earl was asked to join the staff at DBSTalk and he was able to build the bridge between DBSTalk and the DIRECTV engineering department. In 2006 DIRECTV released the HR20 HD DVR, later in 2006 Earl announced the first optional download for DIRECTV receivers and the Cutting Edge was born

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We are now shipping DIRECTV's new lower-cost H44 GenieLite. This is, in effect, a Genie (HR44) but without a hard drive built in. External hard drives will be sold separately, but we don't yet know whether the H44 will accept drives larger than the DIRECTV-branded 1TB. The main advantages of the H44 are its size and price I own 16 LaCie external hard drives dating back several years. I have never had any trouble.. no crashes.. just everyday reliable storage for my video editing. Latest purchase was 2 d2 Quadra USB3 4TB drives. I am able to take these drives with me when I travel and need to work away from home Q: Question Best external drive to store DVDs.I'm looking to store my DVDs on an external hard drive. Currently I have around 600 DVDs. Randomly hunting on the web this model came up recommended (as did the 6TB WD My Cloud). I am not tech savvy, so I would like the easiest and most effective way to do this without having to call a friend The HR34 hasn't been around that long, but DirecTV is showing the replacement at CES, the HR44. The new box does just about everything the HR34 does, including record five HD shows at once to a.

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DirecTV Genie External Drive. I purchased this drive to use the esata connection for creating an external drive to expand the capacity of my DirecTV Genie DVR. I used a 4TB Western Digital Purple Drive (24/7 Surveillance Drive) with this unit Steven records Tennis matches on his DirecTV DVR and he would like to copy the video files off. Leo says that's called digital video extraction and television broadcasters are paranoid that people will pirate those recordings. But there is an exception called the analog hole. This is where Steven would put a recorder between the DVR and the TV itself Step 1. Connect directv dvr recorder to computer, and then check whether it shows as a drive letter (e.g. E:) in Computer. If not, take out the memory card or hard drive from directv and then connect it to computer with a usb card reader or insert the card to card reader slot on computer, or as an external hard drive. Step 2 YES. 38% smaller than the Genie** NO. External Hard Drive Sold separately: Adds to the DVR storage. Replaces the DVR storage. SRS TruVolume® Prevents annoying volume fluctuations: YES. NO. Number of Supported TVs on Whole-Home DVR 2 Hoppers with 4 Joeys vs. 1 Genie with 3 Clients***** 6 TVs. 2 Hoppers allowed per account. 4 TVs. Only 1 Genie. DirecTV Genie External Hard Drive for HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24. Western Digital Surveillance Model WD30PURX 3TB Hard Disk Drive designed for 24/7 no-stop surveillance service. If you suspect your DVR hard drive to have an issue, or receive an alert stating drive failure, please watch the following video that explains in detail how to check.

DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander - HR20 HR21 HR22 HR232TB External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR20 HR21External Hard Drive Expander for DISH Network ViP 612 622

6TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander for DirecTV

The Genie also works with any RVU enabled devices. A 1 terabyte hard drive gives you 200 hours of HD recordings! Connect the Genie to the internet and access thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. Includes picture in picture, watch two shows at once. Specifications: Size • H 3.25″ • W 15.75″ • D 11.85″ • 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Fantom Drives Gforce3 USB 3.0/eSATA is the latest and fastest member of the Gforce family. Quality & Durability The Gforce3 family of external hard drives feature a sturdy brushed black aluminum casing for maximum durability, a fan-free design for virtually silent operation and can be stored horizontally or vertically to optimize your work space

Troubleshoot a DIRECTV Genie HD DVR - DIRECTV Customer Suppor

Dtv tech here. The genie 2 replaces the old genie on the account for main box purposes. You will get the genie 2 to swap with the genie, and 2 wired or wireless minis. The additional 7 dollars a month does not start until the 5th box. The genie 2 used to have issues ALOT. But it has gotten a lot of updates and isn't that bad honestly 2. Place the external hard drive in a convenient location close to the satellite box and with adequate air flow. Plug the included eSATA cable into the back of the hard drive. Plug the hard drive into an available AC outlet. 3. Plug eSATA cable into the port marked SATA on back of satellite box. Press power button on hard drive 2TB External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR44 Genie DVR. +2000 Hours Recording Capacity and Free FedEx 2 Day Shipping! 199.88 Get Quotation This product is just what I needed. The HDMI went out on my TV and I found this cord that would hook to the small box in the bedroom. It was my best option to spend 15.00 including mailing thand 600.00 on a new TV

Review - WD My Passport Wireless SD Card External HardDIRECTV Genie 2 DVR DTV Genie Server (HS17) from Solid Signal

DIRECTV Genie and HD-DVR Upgrades (HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23

Whole-Home HD DVR functionality requires an HD DVR connected to one television and a Genie Mini, H25 HD Receiver(s) or a DIRECTV Ready TV/Device in each additional room. Limit of three remote viewings per HD DVR at a time Manuals and User Guides for DIRECTV GENIE HR44. We have 4 DIRECTV GENIE HR44 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual . DirecTV GENIE HR44 User Manual (182 pages) Directv HD DVR Receiver. Brand: DirecTV.

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