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  1. imum of 350 feet above sea level. Designer must calculate chilled water static plus dynamic head for each project and deter
  2. Locate chilled water pipes. If the centerline of the chilled water lines and the proposed utility are less than 8 feet apart and any part of the proposed utility is below the top of the chilled water pipe, install the utility as follows: Locate both chilled water lines and the proposed utility, excavate joints one at a time and install split.
  3. for chilled water, chilled-hot (dual service) water and condenser water piping systems associated with HVAC systems, and located within, on, or under buildings, or connected to equipment adjacent to buildings. Adhere to UFC 1-300-02 Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Format Standard when editin
  4. Materials acceptable for piping systems are black steel and copper.No PVC or other types of plastic pipe are permitted. Chilled Water and Condenser Water Piping. In general, HVAC systems shall utilize parallel piping systems with a two-pipe main distribution system arranged in a reverse return configuration
  5. flow (250 gpm) Variable Primary Flow at 25% System Load Two-way valves control capacity By varying flow of water in coils Per Chiller System Load 50 Tons (176kW) 50Tons (176 kW) Primary Bypass Flow 250 gpm (95 l/s) 150 gpm (9.5 l/s) Delta T 12 oF (6.7 oC) ----100 GPM @ 44 ºF 6.3 l/s @ 6.7 ºC 56 ºF (13.3 ºC) 150.

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B. Applications: Applications of piping systems include, but are not limited to, the systems as listed below: Working Operating System Pressure Temperatures Chilled Water High 300 psig 40°F to 60°F Medium 300 psig 40°F to 60°F Low 150 psig 40°F to 60°F Condenser Water High 300 psig 65°F to 100° The insulation system recommendations in this guide are intended for use on cold or chilled water piping systems operating from 33°F to 60°F (0.5°C to 15.6°C) located within conditioned spaces in commercial and institutional buildings Where in close proximity to steam lines and for pipe entering through foundation or manhole walls the underground piping for chilled water system distribution shall be a minimum Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP): Pipe shall conform to AWWA C151, minimum pressure class 250 5. In heating water or chilled water systems, butterfly valves may be used interchangeably with gate and globe valves. 6. For shut-off and to isolate parts of systems or vertical risers, use gate, ball, or butterfly valves. E. Welding Materials and Procedures: Conform to ASME BPVC-IX. 2.02 HEATING WATER PIPING, ABOVE GRADE A

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UNIFIED FACILITIES GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS References are in agreement with UMRL dated January 2021 ***** SECTION TABLE OF CONTENTS DIVISION 33 - UTILITIES SECTION 33 11 00 Water Piping Parallel With Sewer Piping Water Piping Crossing Sewer Piping Penetrations Flanged Pip Our custom engineered underground chilled water piping systems feature a closed cell polyurethane insulation, which provides the lowest thermal conductivity and highest natural resistance to water penetration of any standard insulation material Chilled Water; Compressed Air; Condensate Drain; Condensate Return; Condenser Water; Domestic Water; Drain Waste and Vent (DWV) Fire Protection; Fuel Gas; Fuel Oil; Geothermal Heat Pump; Gray Water Subsurface Irrigation; High Purity (DI, Lab) Hydronic Piping; Laboratory Gases; Medical Gases; Non-potable Water; Process Piping; Refrigerant; Sewer.

• The water-cooled condenser is typically part of a water-cooled chiller or water-cooled package unit • A cooling tower rejects the condenser heat to the atmosphere • Flow rates and temperatures are industry standards for North America • Piping and pumps circulate water • Water is reused and exposed to the ambient conditions in the cooling tower Water-Cooled Condenser 94 to 95° F Chiller Cooling Tower 85° F Condenser Water Pump 3 gpm/to The 1-pipe system is poorly suited to chilled water distribution for several reasons. The water quantity used in chilled-water systems is usually considerably higher than that used for heating because the unit coils work on smaller temperature differentials in the cooling mode than in the heating mode

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For chilled water applications (where the supply water temperature is typically 42 to 45 F),the recommended velocity limitations of copper pipe systems is 8 fps to maintain low system noise and reduce the possibility of erosion/corrosion Piping shall be cut clean and square with the axis of the pipe using a saw, pipe-cutting tool or machine deforming the pipe. Before installation all ends of the pipework shall be made square and smooth. All cutting oils and foreign bodies shall be removed from joints prior to assembly where steel threaded joints are used. Fitting integral bells. Spigot end pipe with separate double hub couplings is not acceptable. Where in close proximity to steam lines and for pipe entering through foundation or manhole walls the underground piping for chilled water system distribution shall be a minimum Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP): Pipe shall conform to AWWA C151, minimum pressure class 250

Chilled water piping shall be at least 5 feet below grade at all points but not more than 8 feet. Consult Utilities Engineering if these depths cannot be achieved. 4.1.2. All buried lines shall be spaced 30 apart, outside of pipe to outside of pipe, with clear side spacing to facilitate future repairs or expansion.. OPP Specification Guideline HYDRONIC PIPING File Name: 232113 Hydronic Piping w PPR Guidespec232113 - HYDRONIC PIPING GUIDESPEC Version Date: March 30, 2017September 25, 2013September 11, 2012 HYDRONIC PIPING 232113 - 2 1. Hot-water heating piping. 2. Chilled-water piping. 3. Dual-temperature heating and cooling water piping. 4 Specify strainers in all hot water, chilled water, steam, and condenser water systems. Provide manual blow-down valves for strainers in sizes 1 1/4 and larger. Provide Y-type strainers at water supply piping to all chilled water and hot water coils, upstream of all components except the last isolation valve. Size the mesh for service Refill the system with clean water and run the chilled water pump for 2 hours. Open the drain valves in the main lines and drain the water completely. Clean the strainers. During the flushing process the drain valves shall be kept open while the pump is running, until the water appears clean. Close all the drain valves For hot or cold piping systems larger than 3 (75 mm) in diameter, operating at temperatures less than +200F (93C) and insulated with fiber glass, high density inserts such as wood or foam with sufficient compressive strength shall be used to support the weight of the piping system

6 HVAC-R & Process Specification Guide REFRIGERATION, CHILLED WATER & AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES Chilled water air conditioning ems syst are used in applications that need large cooling capacity, such as supermarkets, industrial processes and commercial air conditioning ems for offices and syst factories. The ems pump cool water sys The chilled water piping shall be tested according to the system working pressure (i.e. 1.5 times the working pressure) and/or PN ratings of the pipes, pipe fitting and valves used in the piping. The piping may be tested in sections or in total, depending on site requirements and as per consultant advice LIGHT WALL BLACK STEEL PIPE. Pipe: ASTM A135 or A53. For chilled water and heating water piping 8 inches and over: Size Schedule Wall Thickness Joint Working Pressure 8 20 .250 500 10 20 .250 500 12 20 .250 400 14 20 .312 250 16 20 .312 250 18 20 .312 250 20 20 .375 250 24 20 .375 25

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  1. UNDERGROUND CHILLED & HEATING HOT WATER PIPING SYSTEMS UNDERGROUND PIPEWORK - CHILLED WATER PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 DESCRIPTION A. The underground chilled water supply lineshall be pre insulated- C900 pipe with an outer jacket. All straight sections, fittings, anchors and other accessories shall be factory
  2. Description: This specification establishes the materials and performance requirements for flexible, pre-insulated piping intended for hot and chilled water applications. Piping system may include one or more carrier pipes within a common outer jacket and shall be supplied in coil form
  3. All valves, fittings, vessel drains, and flanges on chilled equipment and piping be fully insulated. Attachment to Chill service vessels such as instrument bridles, gauge glass, ect., shall be insulated. Skid mounted piping and equipment shall be insulated per this specification and unless otherwise specified in applicabl
  4. A. Material for Chilled Water Piping (Base Bid): Inorganic, foamed or cellular glass, annealed, rigid, hermetically sealed cells, incombustible manufactured in accordance with ASTM C 552 - Standard Specification for Cellular Glass Thermal Insulation and meeting the requirements of ISO 9002. B. Material for Heating Water Piping (Alternate No
  5. water cooling method, chiller or cooling tower) Skid-mounted design, ready to install Factory-piped, wired and tested before shipment Indoor or outdoor installation PROCESS CHILLED WATER SYSTEMS Specifications subject to change without notice Page 1 of 2 Rev. 1 - January 2014 Standard Features
  6. CHW SYSTEM COMPONENTS 1. CHILLER -AIR COOLED , WATER COOLED 2. CHW PIPING 3. PUMPS 4. COOLING TOWER (FOR WATER COOLED) 5. AHUS 3. CHILLER BASICS 1. Chilled water flows thru the evaporator .The evaporator is a heat exchanger 2. Chiller compressor may be centrifugal, scroll, screw or reciprocating 3. The condenser may air cooled or water cooled 4

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  1. Retain one of two subparagraphs below for factory-insulated underground piping. Chilled-Water Piping: [NPS 2 (DN 50) and smaller] <Insert pipe size range> shall be [ any of] the following: Retain one or more of first four subparagraphs below
  2. A little extra consideration on the design makes the installed cost and life-cycle cost lower for a chilled-water piping system. Proper specification and installation of chilled-water pipe insulation is a solid investment in a building to reduce its lifetime energy costs, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and avoid future risks and even.
  3. Specifications in Appendix A. The Piping Specifications provide materials, fittings, and fasteners, which meet the pressure design requirements of B31.3. The designer must address all design conditions. 301.2.2 - Required Pressure Containment or Relief Piping systems are designed to either safely contain or relieve the maximum pressure that can.
  4. 2.3 Piping System Abbreviations and Letter and Label Coloring Heating and Cooling Pipe System Labels Drawing I.D. Chilled Water Return CHWR Chilled Water Supply CHWS Condenser Water Return CWR Condenser Water Supply CWS Fuel Oil Return FOR Fuel Oil Supply FOS High Pressure Condensate HPC High Pressure Steam HP
  5. Chilled Water Pipe Insulation. Insulation is a critical component in chilled water systems. Piping that carries water at below-ambient temperatures creates a strong vapor drive toward the pipe. In other words, ambient air—which is at higher vapor pressure—tries to push moist air toward the insulated pipe surface, where vapor pressure is lower
  6. The chilled water piping installation method is prepared in order to outline the activities and the methods used for installation of chilled water pipes and accessories. All activities will be carried out in accordance with the contract details and in full compliance to the contract specifications and documents
  7. CHILLED WATER PUMP AND FITTINGS Visually inspect the exterior casing of the chilled water pump for any damage during transportation and transferring the unit Ensure that the installation of chilled water pump is carried out in accordance with manufacturer's installation recommendation and specifications. Prior to start of installation, refer to.

The PVC Schedule 80 Piping System is typically found in chilled water systems, chemical processing, industrial plating and chemical drainage systems and conforms to ASTM D1785, ASTM D2467, and ASTM D2464. The CPVC Schedule 80 Piping System is well suited for use in hot water systems, hot acid For chiller capacity when given chilled water pipe size, GPM or Δ T, read chart down in dark blue. For chiller capacity when given condenser water pipe size, GPM or Δ T, read chart up in light blue. ©Trane 2009 Water Piping Capacity (Tons) Brochure concept inspired by: Tucson, Arizona www.glhn.co Chilled-Water System Design Decisions This Engineers Newsletter walks through a number of design decisions, with discussion and examples to explain how and why those decisions are made. While designing a chilled-water system, a myriad of decisions must be made. Experienced engineers often make these decisions automatically as they have in th Related Topics . Piping Systems - Dimensions of pipes and tubes, materials and capacities, pressure drop calculations and charts, insulation and heat loss diagrams; Related Documents . Calculating Cooling Loads - Calculating chiller and cooling tower refrigeration - in tons; Chilled Water Systems - Chilled water system equations - evaporator and condenser flow rate

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cooling, chilled-water piping, heating, hot-water piping, condenser-water piping and equipment. Services and chemicals shall be provided for a period of one year from date of Substantial Completion, and shall include the following: 1. Initial makeup and (and subsequent analysis of water quality changes) system water 3.1 ALLOWABLE PIPE SIZES SA Water have standardised on the following nominal pipe sizes for new installations, DN 63 (Polyethylene pipe only), DN 100, DN 150, DN 200, DN 250, DN 300, DN 375, DN 450, DN 500, DN 600, DN 750 as they are readily available in one or more pipe systems. Above this size pipe desig Chilled Water Piping Construction Checklist Page 1 of 4 Version 12/05 Chilled Water Piping Construction Checklist Project: Date: Building: Location: Submittal / Approvals Submittal. The above equipment and systems integral to them are complete and ready for functional testing

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ins tallation work for chilled water pipework & accessories to achieve mechanical completion. 03. REFERENCES 03.1 Specification 1210 S1 - Chilled Water Pipes 03.2 Specification 1212 - Insulation and lagging 03.3 NFPA 90A 04. PROCEDURE 04.1 GENERAL REQUIRMENTS 04.1.1 The pipe insulators work was not great (insulating chilled water pipes must be done very carefully with attentions to details: insulate valve and valve handles, insulate stem of thermometers and gauges etc.). In some areas the other trades used the insulated pipes instead of ladders. This damages the thin vapor barrier Chilled water piping determines the hand of the unit. Hot water (HW) piping connections and electrical will be on your job specifications for system static pressure, close-off differential pressure drop limitations and flow rates prior to selecting valve package components or valve packag Hot or Cold Water Pipe R-3 Outside Conditioned Space Pipe Insulation Poorly Cut Insulation Exposes Joint to Cold NOT THIS WAY! These documents typically cover any piping that moves heated or chilled water. However, neither the 2012 IECC nor 90.1-10 require piping designed to convey fluids over 60 °F and less tha The type of stainless steel pipe used in chilled water systems originates from the largest family of stainless steel, which is called austenitic or 300 series stainless steel pipe. Included in the 300 series are the most common applications for chilled water, types 304/304L and types 316/316L made to the specifications of ASTM A312

• Piping connected directly to a steam boiler or hot water heating unit before the first valve (i.e., Boiler External Piping) exceeding 103 kPa (15 psi) gage steam or water heating units exceeding 1103 kPa (160 psi) gage and 121°C (250°F). The code does not apply to certain types of piping already covered by local codes an Bypass line between the main chilled water (CHW) return & supply lines to recirculate the entire system using the CHW pumps is installed: Yes / No . All special treatment equipment listed in the specifications, such as a bypass feeder across a delta P of 5 PSIG or greater on ¾ piping, is installed: N/A / Yes / N Chilled Water Buffer Tanks Installation at Various Sites Technical Specifications Table of Contents • 01100 Scope of Work • 220000 General Mechanical and Plumbing • 220529 Plumbing and HVAC Supports and Anchors • 220750 Piping Insulation • 232113 Hydronic Piping • 232116 Hydronic Specialties • 232500 Chemical Water Treatmen Pipe is the only acceptable manufacturer. Is it possible to have Rovanco Piping Systems added as an acceptable manufacture? Answer: Revise paragraph 2.1.B in Specification Section 232020 to read as follows: B. Design Standard Manufacturer of conduits shall be Perma-Pipe Xtru-therm for . chilled water and heating water service

fiberglass pipe insulation on all chilled water and dual-cycle pipe systems, fittings, valves, controls and all other necessary items connected into the system subject to condensation or loss of heat when using JM Micro-Lok fiberglass pipe insulation. 1.02 REFERENCES A. ASTM C547 Specification for Mineral Fiber Pipe Insulation CHILLED WATER SUPPLY (CHWS) CHILLER WATER RETURN (CHWR) HOT WATER SUPPLY (HWS) HOT WATER RETURN (HWR) COLD WATER SUPPLY (CWS) VENT PIPE (VP) SOIL PIPE (SP) WASTE PIPE (WP) RAIN WATER PIPE (RWP) CONDENSATE DRAIN WATER PIPE (CDP) Specifications. Size: 50mm X 50m, 100mm X 50m, 150mm X 50m, 200mm X 50m rolls Type: Self-Adhesive Standard: British.

A or B for chilled water pipes 3 diameter or mayor. What kind of problems could be arise is ASTM A-120 theraded pipe is used in lieu of A-53 carbon steel, diameters 3 to 6? 8? Thanks, schola . RE: ASTM A-120 GALVANIZED CHILLED WATER PIPE stanlsimon (Mechanical) 19 Jan 07 23:43 chilled water piping flushing process The main objective of flushing process is to remove, as much dirt and debris from the pipe works system as possible, in order to reduce the livelihood of the system blockage and create the best possible circumstances for successful chemical clean and subsequent water treatment regime Installation of chilled water piping, valves and insulation of piping shall be done as per approved method statement and as per approved shop drawings. Electrical power and control wiring and earthing shall be carried out as detailed in respective approved electrical shop drawings and as per the recommendations of manufacturer Manufacturer of Pre-Insulated Pipe and Pipe Fittings for Chilled, Hot Water & Steam Applications Print This Page Email This Page Heat Trace Piping Systems The heat trace piping systems we design and manufacture at Insul-Pipe Systems represent the industry standard for quality and efficiency Item 2-1 Question: The pipe replacement project at Montgomery College-Rockville Campus. The site drawings indicate 8 chilled water mains and 6 heating mains with smaller lines to the buildings. CS-101 shows the same for the new pipe. However, M1.01 and M1.02 are showing 10 chilled and 8 heating

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instruction for Water Cooled Chiller Water Cooled Chiller Manual Page 5 1 Introduction This unit is designed, manufactured and inspected according to Vapor Compression Cycle Water-cooled Unit for Commercial Use and Industrial Use In other words, the chilled water supply and the chilled water return distribution piping are flowing 365 days a year. Although the stadium and convention center operated with 2 different types of CHW pipe insulation materials and accessories, both installation systems had several deficiencies and failed to perform to expectations R Victaulic Company of America • P.O. Box 31, Easton, PA 18044-0031 • 4901 Kesslersville Rd., Easton, PA 18040 • 610/559-3300 • F AX: 610/250-8817 • www.victaulic.co • Install new 150-mm chilled water piping (schedule 40 black steel) from demolition point to the chillers. Connect to chiller with stainless steel expansion hoses using Victaulic coupling connections. Install new butterfly valves with dual tapped flanges to allow removal of piping between valve and the chiller evaporator system for servicing Alibaba.com offers 2518 chilled water pipe products. A wide variety of chilled water pipe options are available to you, such as plastic, pe. There are 925 chilled water pipe suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries or regions are chilled water pipe, Turkey, and 1%, which supply {3}%, {4}%, and {5}% of {6} respectively

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Now if you are considering PVC for the chilled water loop piping, then that is a different service. The PVC material would be more brittle at low temperatures (less than 40F) and some people add heat tracing to avoid the problem of brittle failure of PVC. I would avoid chilled water in PVC. Support spans will be shorter with PVC pipe 2) Used for water supply piping (including chilled water piping) at temperatures up to 40°C. Not recommended for wastewater. Not recommended for wastewater. 3) Available in three grades according to the degree of corrosion-resistance of the pipe exterior: PA (primer of rustproof paint), PB (zinc coating), and PD (single-layer PE coating) PIPE (1) Move bypass (2) Increase Pipe/Header sizes (()3) Buffer tank 120secs X Flow Rate e.g. 10 l/s flow needs 1200 L REDUCTION IN PIPE SIZING = CAPITAL COST SAVINGS Increasing Chilled Water ΔT LOWER ΔP ACROSS CHILLER VESSEL = SMALLER PUMP HEADS SMALLER PUMPS = ENERGY SAVINGS Conventional CHW ENT: 12 CHW LEAV: 6 ΔT = 6 Adjusted CHW ENT: 15. For most industrial manufacturing, electric power generation and even air-conditioning needs, cooling towers are a critical element of the design. Cooling towers work on the principle of heat rejection: They extract heat to the atmosphere through evaporative cooling. The towers themselves are enclosed, steady-flow devices for cooling water by evaporation through direct contact with air Definition of Closed Water System Not Open to Atmosphere No Water Evaporation Designed for Minimal (less than 1%) water losses Used to transport Chilled or Heating Hot Water or both with two pipe systems Typically treated with higher dosage levels of chemical treatment. Still subject to corrosion and scale despite being close

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Temporary Chiller Capacity 250 kW New Chilled Water Primary 6.7 oC flow /13.3 oC return New Chilled Water Secondary 8.5 oC flow /13.5 oC return Condenser Water Temperature Set point Variable (summer/winter ) .02 Regulations and Standards The complete mechanical and electrical services installation shall be supplied, installed 1. Position your chiller system as close to the tanks as possible. You want as little restriction between the chiller system and tanks as possible. 2. Do not use too many pipe fittings or undersized piping because that will cause increased Glycol Line pressure and possibly compromise the cooling jackets on your tanks. 3 integrity. Mastic pipe section ends at every fourth pipe section joint and at each fitting to provide isolation of water incursion. For complete recommended instructions on installation consult NAIMA GUIDE TO INSULATING CHILLED WATER PIPING SYSTEMS WITH MINERAL FIBER PIPE INSULATION 33°F to 60°F (0.5°C to 15.6°C) (PUB. No. C1228 dated 6/15). 5 For chilled water systems that will be connected to a Campus Central Chiller Plant, all new and existing piping shall be thoroughly cleaned and passivated prior to operation of the building systems and/or circulation to any of the Campus Central Chilled Water Plants (McCracken, East Regional, and South Campus Chiller Plants). 4

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800°F - Pipe sizes up to 3 use 2 thick, and 2-1/2 to 3 thick for larger than 3 *Personnel Protection figures from Owens Corning Datasheet. Chilled Liquid Piping (Condensation Control): This means insulating chilled water/liquid piping systems (refrigeration lines) to prevent condensation Fix the sleeves as per approved shop drawings and specification, during the construction of structural elements. 6.2Ensure All chilled water pipes shall be painted with two coats of red oxide primer prior to application of insulation.6.3 Piping connection 2 (inch) and below shall be made by threaded joints and piping connection 2-1/2 inch and above are made by Grooved Joints. 6.4The piping. The installation of chilled water piping and associated hangers and supports, All General Condition and Division 1 through 26 specifications relating to work shown on the drawings. c. Demolition of existing chillers, condenser and chilled water piping, city water

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The specification and installation of insulation systems is a specialized field. Specifications must be written to suit specific insulation materials, since layering, mastics and jacketing requirements will not be the same for different insulation products. Chilled Water Pipes; Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank Base; Cyclic Piping; Freeze. Technical Specifications Chilled Water Inlet and Outlet Piping Length of the Piping A. Water inlet B. Water outlet ERC301 ERC601 The piping connections can be made through the top or bottom of the cooling unit. Model Type Size Torque Nm ERC301 Threaded ring seal1 G1-in OD 35 ERC601 Threaded ring seal1 G1 1/4-in OD 40 10 990-6276A-001 1 and cold-water distribution (potable water plumbing), fire protection, chilled water, and hydronic heating and cooling systems. CPVC piping materials are also used in various process piping and industria Drawing Number Sheet Rev. PDF CAD Title Date; EXAMPLE DRAWINGS ---M6010-0: See Chapter 8 I&C Series D6000 Series: Process Flow Diagram Tower, DI, and Chilled Water Chilled water coils are one of the most common mediums for cooling air. As warm air passes across the coil and comes in contact with the cold surface of the fins, heat then transfers from the air to the water flowing through the tubes both cooling and dehumidifying the air

1. Underground chilled water restrained joint pipe and fittings 2. Gate valves 3. Pipe and fitting insulation 4. Protective pipe and fitting jacketing 5. Tracer wire 6. Locator tape B. All chilled water piping shall be insulated and installed as specified herein. C. All chilled water pipe, fittings and valves shall have restrained joints Chilled Water Buffer Tanks. Internal Baffle Helps Properly Circulate Water. Available up to 1,040 Gallons. Connections from 3″ to 12″. Max. Working Pressure: 125 or 150 PSIG. Max. Operating Temperature: 450° F. Seismic Restraints, Sensor Ports and Grooved Pipe Connections Available. Hot Water Buffer Tanks. 2-Port Tanks Add System Mass These pipes bring in chilled water into the building to cool the building and it's occupants. This chilled water unit, also known as an AC unit is often used to cool a large building's air and equipment. Learn more about chilled water systems on ask.com's wiki page here:. INSULATION OF PIPING & EQUIPMENT (PROJECT STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS) Page 2 of 31 Rev: 01 April 2011 SCOPE This Project Standard and Specification gives the minimum requirements for the thermal and personnel protection insulation of piping and equipment (vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, etc) and method of application

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IH2O: SMART INSULATED PIPE FOR HVAC SYSTEMS. iH2O pre-insulated pipe is manufactured in Darwin, Northern Territory by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured company Australian Piping Solutions (APS). iH2O is a pre-insulated carrier pipe, produced to Australian standards, for both cold and hot water mechanical applications such as chilled water industrial grade air-conditioning systems 086-20 Appendix A - Technical Specifications Page 1 of 20 A - TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Chilled Water Piping, Fitting, Insulation, and Installation 3. ROW PERMIT The Company shall obtain a ROW permit from COJ before starting construction activities . 086-20 Appendix A - Technical Specifications Page 4 of 2 Boiler Water as Energy Source: Unfired Steam Generator: USG: Specification Stainless Steel Specification Carbon Steel: Specification Stainless Steel Specification Carbon Steel: Instantaneous Hot Water Heater: SEH: Specification: Specification: Semi -Instantaneous Hot Water Heater: SSH: Specification: Specification: Storage Type Hot Water Heater. Steam and Chilled Water Utilities Design Guidelines B. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF YALE STEAM AND CHILLED WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM . 1. General Background Yale University is a university campus located in New Haven, Connecticut. The University, which is a historical center of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies

This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice and professional judgment. This guide is to aid in the creation of a complete building specification that is to be fully reviewed and edited by the engineer. Cold Piping Systems (chilled water. Water service lines, sizes ½ to 3 inch; Hot- and cold-water plumbing distribution, residential and commercial; Residential fire protection (NFPA 13D) Reclaimed water piping (purple pipe) Radiant heating and cooling systems (floors, walls, ceilings) Hydronic piping and distribution (radiators, fan coils, etc.) Chilled water piping Chilled water is a commodity often used to cool a building's air and equipment, especially in situations where many individual rooms must be controlled separately, such as a hotel. The chilled water can be supplied by a vendor, such as a public utility or created at the location of the building that will use it, which has been the norm

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Installation of chilled water piping within steam tunnels shall be avoided. System test pressure is 200 PSIG, thus system components including valves shall be Class 250 minimum. Approved pipe types include ductile iron, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe and HDPE chilled water loop should be at l east two minutes. If this recommen dation cannot be followed, and tight leaving water temperature control is necessary , a storage tank or larger header pipe should be installed to increase the volume of water in the system CAT 571-2 • REBEL CHILLED WATER ROOFTOP 4 www.DaikinApplied.com 1 Multiple cooling coils • Numerous cooling coil options with different face areas and coil depths 2 Through the base piping connections • All water piping and water piping connections are internal to the cabinet • Factory piped lines are pre-insulate

and pipes. The water passes through the tubes of coils to cool air in an air conditioning system, or it can provide co oling for a manufacturing or industrial process. Systems that employ water chillers are commonly called chilled-water systems. When designing a chilled-wat er system, one of the first issues that must b Pipes and valves . For circulating closed-loop systems, p iping materials and valving are required to comply with th e standard. A uxiliary devices such as heat exchangers, pumps and terminal equipment like chilled beams must have a pressure rating to match the required rating of the sprinkler system components - either 175 or 300 psig. Specifications for all auxiliary equipment must. Process piping : Air-conditioner, including hot gas piping . CF NBR FOAM Tube PARAMETER: Physical Properties: Unit: Data: Test Methods: Thermal Conductivity: W/m·K (BTU·in/hr·ft2· ℉) -20 ℃ 0.031 (0.225) ASTM C518: 0 ℃ 0.340 (0.240) 40 ℃ 0.380 (0.260) Water Vapor Permeability: s·m·Pa (perm-in) 1.16 x 10-13 (0.08) ASTM E96: Moisture. Chilled water piping insulation: ½ insulation minimum, ¾ insulation recommended. Gate valves are recommended for flow adjustment. If ball valves are used, the handle should be removed after the flow adjustments have been made. Valves used for the seawater piping must be bronze. Valves for the chilled water piping may be either bronze or brass

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1,840 chilled water pipe insulation material products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which other heat insulation materials accounts for 11%, hvac systems & parts accounts for 1%. A wide variety of chilled water pipe insulation material options are available to you, such as total solution for projects, graphic design, and. INDUSTRIAL WATER CHILLER for Plastic extrusion machine process PVC pipe with chilling water system, Plastic extrusion processes require chilled water to cool the water tank down to the proper temperature and furthermore to cool the output plastic products, which will pass through the water tank, last to improve quality and decrease scrap Chilled water pipes can create an imbalance in vapor pressure because the inside of the insulation - nearer the pipe - is colder than the outer edge. Water vapor seeks to permeate the insulation in an attempt to reach the colder area, condense, and set a new point of equilibrium

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