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Brass fittings offer toughness and a long service life to almost any application where high flow and high pressures are present. You will typically find brass fittings used in industrial applications. Fittings with threaded connections are found most often, but soldered connections are also frequently put into action Once you've measured the diameters of your PVC or brass pipes, thus allowing you to decide on the size of your coupling, use your saw to cut both ends of the pipes off and make sure they are smooth and evenly-cut. Then apply a thin layer of plumber's silicon grease around the end of each pipe. The coat should be about an inch wide Slide the brass compression nut from the fitting on to the end of the copper tube. Now slide the compression ferrule over the end of the pipe and insert the end of the pipe into the brass compression fitting. Most people, including many professionals, next wrap the threads of the compression fitting with Teflon tape. This is a big mistake

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Apply pipe thread tape before screwing them together, and then glue the pipes into the fittings using the proper cement. Arrange the fittings so the water flows past the threads on the male fitting, not into them. This helps solid materials flow by the connection without getting hung up. Use this link for more information on connecting abs to pvc Connection Slide the coupling over the end of the brass pipe so that the it reaches halfway through, then slide the PVC into the other end of the coupling. Tighten the clamp on both sides of the.. I recently pulled apart a bunch of brass pipe. Was popular at one point, and seemed to have plenty of life left in it. Anyways, there was nothing on the threads, from what I could tell, and no leaks either. I think the idea is that brass will 'squish' to conform itself to seal with the mating part, sort of like brass or copper washers do These are brass nipple/cap/drop elbow connections and brass nipple/brass-cpvc coupler if that matters. 1/2 What type of material are you joining together etc. It's a bit like trying to explain colours to a blind person. If you used pipe dope and they're still leaking I would undoubtedly say you're not tightening them enough. JUST when you. Place the 2 pieces of copper/brass you want to solder on a hard surface. In this case I'm soldering a copper reducer to a piece of copper pipe. 2. Make sure that you add some flux to the area to be soldered


To safely connect copper and galvanized steel, you have two options. Since brass doesn't react with either the copper or the zinc, one method is to make sure you have a threaded female end on both the copper and the steel pipes, and then connect the two by simply inserting a short threaded brass nipple between them Most screwed piping is tightened until it feels right and the fitting is pointing in the desired direction. What the experienced mechanic is often feeling is how the fitting is getting tight. Screw it into until it starts to seat. Then up the force a little by yanking Hold the metal pieces together for about 10 seconds. Use your hands or a clamp to connect the pieces of metal together. Apply pressure and hold the metal together for at least 10 seconds, then gently release them. The epoxy will bond together and keep them connected, but you need to wait 1-2 hours for the epoxy to fully harden Place a pipe wrench on the brass fitting. Place another pipe wrench on the galvanized fitting. Turn the brass fitting clockwise with the wrench until the threads are almost completely buried in the galvanized fitting Since brass doesn't react with either the copper or the zinc, one method is to make sure you have a threaded female end on both the copper and the steel pipes, and then connect the two by simply.

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  1. Union Fittings - Unions are similar to couplings in that they connect two similar pipes. With pipe unions, a nut or threaded ring in the middle of the fitting is tightened to join two pipes. It can be easily removed by loosening the ring to disconnect the pipes, while a coupling must to be cut out to disconnect. Trap and Flange Fitting
  2. Slide a brass slip nut over each non-thread end of the pipe with the threads of the nuts facing the non-threaded end of the pipe. Push one slip washer onto the same non-threaded end of each brass..
  3. The basic process for joining brass or copper pipes is essentially the same: Clean the pipe ends that you intend to join until they are shiny and free from any burrs or debris. Next, brush on the plumbing flux and push the pipes together
  4. Bonding Brass. Brass is an alloy comprising zinc and copper. It is non-magnetic, resists corrosion, and is malleable. Bonding brass applications are found in a variety of industries. Applications include pipe joints, hydraulic fittings, heat exchangers, door locks and knobs, munitions, musical instruments
  5. Using a plumbing sealant for leaks is usually effective and would put a stop to the leaks from your threaded brass fittings. Many brass fittings are connected on copper pipes using a compression fitting, which is composed of a ferrule (inner compression ring) and an outer compression nut
  6. Before welding the brass find out the zinc content of the material you are going to weld because zinc has a lower melting point than copper. Step 2 Mix a paste of braze-welding flux and water and apply it to the surfaces that are going to be welded. Step

They can connect pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting. Some of them even reduce so you can connect a small pipe to a large pipe or vice versa. Couplings are available with slip or female-threaded ends, depending on what you need them for. Unions, like couplings, connect things, but they are a not-as-permanent solution that can be easily taken apart. Connecting together galvanized pipes that are non-threaded uses a coupling that creates a sealed joint. It is important to know the type of coupling to use for galvanized pipe and the fitting procedure so the pipe is leak free. Galvanized pipe has a zinc coating that is either rough or smooth depending on the type of zinc and steel heating process Teflon tape is used to seal between almost all threaded plumbing fittings, whether it be copper, brass, plastic or steel pipe thread. About the only exception that I can think of would be brass to brass fittings, and even then, sometimes it is necessary to use teflon tape or pipe dope to seal it Unlike plastic pipes like PVC that can be glued together, metal pipes need a solid connect. What is soldering? Soldering is a process for connecting two pieces in metal. In plumbing, this is done to create a permanent, watertight seal between a pipe and fitting. It can be used to repair a pipe, install new fixtures, and many other purposes JOIN ROUND PIPE TO SQUARE USING CONCRETE COLLAR 3. TRANSITION FROM HEADWALL TO DRAINAGE STUCTURE 4. COUPLE PIPE TO EXISTING 5. USE NEW FITTINGS PRODUCED BY PIPE MANUFACTURERS. Remove & Replace Entire Culvert •Costly & Time Consuming •Difficult on higher AADT road

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Joining copper pipe. Roger Bisby visits his favourite plumber's merchant and shows you plumbing tricks and how to join copper and plastic pipes.How to Solder.. Quote Can I connect brass to galvanized steel pipe? In: Plumbing [Edit categories] Not without a dielectric fitting to prevent electrolytic action from taking place or dezincification of the brass if it is yellow brass ( 60% copper 40% zinc ) Red Brass 85 % copper /15% Zinc will corrode the galvanized piping. Dielectric unions are used to join pipes of different metals by providing a barrier against galvanic corrosion. For all their benefits, unions do have drawbacks: they are not to be used with natural and LP gas. They are available in in brass, chrome-plated brass, copper, CPVC, malleable (galvanized and black) PVC, and stainless steel

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Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowatHomeChannelWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowatHomeChannelConnecting a plastic si.. In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey explains how to join steel and copper pipes. Steps: 1. Turn off water and power to water heater. 2. Use garden hose to drain water from heater's tank. 3. Cut copper pipe just above the corroded connection using a tubing cutter A brazing filler metal has a high melting temperature, which is nevertheless lower than the melting point of the metals being joined. Brazing can join pipes, rods, and metal pieces which fit tightly against each other without large gaps; it can even join tungsten carbide, ceramics, and similar non-metallic materials There are three main methods of joining pipes together and attaching fittings to them. Lines of 2 inch or larger are usually butt-welded, this being the most economic, leak-proof method. Smaller lines are usually joined by socket-welding or screwing

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PEX pipes, while reliable and flexible, have a problem: they need to connect to existing pipes. Fittings connect each segment of PEX piping to plumbing made of other materials. These fittings are typically made out of yellow brass Utilize SharkBite's durable, field-proven brass pipe fittings and valves for effective repairs. Push-to-connect fittings are compatible with more than five types of pipe including PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT & HDPE. Transition fittings are also available for jobs that have PVC or polybutylene pipe If the pipe is thin-wall poly (irrigation pipe) then your only option is the barbed fittings. If the pipe is thick wall municipal tubing, you have more options. You can use compression couplings (we typically use the brass quick joint compression by compression couplings for repairs, listed on pg. J4 in the link below Teflon tape is used to reduce the risk of leaks when connecting metal pipes along plumbing or fuel lines. Wrapping one pipe's male threads in tape creates a smoother surface with more lubrication, thus allowing it to reach further into the second pipe's female threads

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A few days ago our pedestal sink started leaking, so today I started looking around and noticed that the pipe going to the p-trap is leaking. While moving the pedestal, the minor shocks completely broke the pipes going to p-trap and going to the wall. so I went to Home depot and bought new sink popup drain (pvc, expandable with chrome top, 1-1/4) and new pvc p-trap (1-1/2 because I thought. To join a new plastic drainpipe to an old steel pipe, run new pipe into the room. Prime and glue two 5-inch pieces of pipe to a tee fitting. Temporarily run pipe—longer than it needs to be—so it comes near the old pipe. (When running pipe across a stud wall, you may need to notch-cut some of the holes, using a reciprocating saw. To get started, identify the pipe material. SharkBite brass push-to-connect fittings are compatible with PEX, Copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE pipe. SharkBite fittings come with a PEX stiffener pre-loaded into the fitting for PEX, PE-RT and HDPE. The PEX stiffener does not need to be removed for Copper or CPVC applications. 2. Cut pipe cleanly.

To do it effectively, you should know how first to cut, manipulate, and solder brass so that you can weld it. Brass is very easy to work with, and since it can be soldered and brazed, welding brass pieces together (effectively and aesthetically) is quite simple once you understand the basics steps of working with brass The 3/4 in. SharkBite Brass Push-to-Connect The 3/4 in. SharkBite Brass Push-to-Connect 90 Elbow Contractor Pack allows you to make a 90 connection to any combination of 3/4 in. copper, CPVC or PEX pipes. SharkBite fittings are the easiest way to join pipes and do not require soldering, clamps, unions, glue or tools to complete the job Brass pipe fittings are typically used for carrying water, chemicals, flammable gases, slurries, and other plumbing substances. Pipe fittings made of brass come in a wide range of shapes and thread sizes to connect, adapt, or control any liquid or gas in pipes. Besides plumbing, brass fittings are also used for some automotive applications. When it comes to joining copper pipe, like anything else, metal oxidizes. The metal reacts with the air and deteriorates over a long period of time. This makes it difficult when soldering because it won't adhere as well. In this case, clean the pipe before soldering. Use a piece of emery cloth or a wire brush that fits around the entire pipe I'm moving the black pipes to one radiator and would like to replace black with copper since that's easier for me to work with. It appears that in other locations, where copper has replaced black pipe, brass fittings were used to connect the black pipe to the copper pipe. They are threaded on the black end and sweat on the copper end

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Sheet metal joining operation is a very crucial part of the sheet metal fabrication process. Joint reliability depends on joint type, sheet metal material and its manufacturing process. This article covers various types of sheet metal joining techniques, their advantages, disadvantages and applications How to Connect Plastic Pipe to Metal Pipe . Plastic to metal connections are made using threaded connections. A plastic male thread is used to connect to metal female threads. Do not use a plastic female threaded connector with a metal male connector! The joint will almost always leak or break. The standard IPS type threads used on pipe and. accommodate the filler weld metal. Another form of jointing for heavy wall pipe is threading of which the most common form in Europe is the British standard pipe thread (BSP). Copper pipes are typically joined by soldering, brazing, compression fittings, flaring, or crimping. Plastic pipes may be joined by solvent welding, hea Attach socket-connect ends to unthreaded pipe or another socket-connect fitting with a CPVC primer and cement (also known as solvent weld). 270° bend fittings are also known as P-traps. They separate into three pieces, so you can access your line. Warning: Never use plastic pipe fittings and pipe with compressed air or gas

The chrome plated brass-to-plastic connection will be hidden so I presume the McAlpine T28M will do the job. G&W's last comment concerns me. I have a 19mm P-trap for the bath with the pipe running horizontally out the wall, then connecting to a tee at the top of the stack (no other waste outlets connect at this high point) These trap to drain adapters are so flexible they can be used for bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, laundry trays, bar sinks, bathtubs or utility sinks to quickly connect to drain pipes. And you won't have to wait for any glue to dry. By tightening the stainless steel clamps provided these adapters instantly create a leak proof sanitary seal Compression fittings link most brass fittings to the pipe from copper material. The tool is comprised of a compression ring inside called ferrule and a compression nut on the outside. You wouldn't need sealant for the thread if you used compression fittings because it holds down the ferrule that sandwiched between the sealant nut and the pipe Stainless Steel Plumbing Pipes and Brass Plumbing Pipes Within the Same System. Stainless steel pipes and brass pipes and fittings work together better than stainless steel and copper. However, the Chicago plumber installing the stainless steel and brass pipes and fittings needs to pay attention to which types of stainless steel he or she is using

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All of the pex pipe manufacturers make solid brass fittings that allow for the transition. You solder this brass fitting onto the end of a piece of copper tubing as you'd solder any joint. Once the fitting has cooled to room temperature, be sure to clean off the soldered joint to remove any residual flux that can cause future corrosion Cast Iron Rubber Bushings or Donuts are inserted into the wide mouth opening of the installed cast iron pipe and allow you to insert a PVC or Steel pipe into the center of the cast iron pipe without the need to use lead and oakum which would melt the PVC or not join well to the Steel or Brass pipe you are inserting Plumbing pipe attaching pvc to metal piping how a plete to sewer pipes pvc to copper drain line leak Connecting Pvc To Cast Iron Should You Do It In House PlumbingConnect Pvc Drain Pipe To Cast Iron Page 1 Line 17qqHow To Replace A Kitchen Sink Basket And Old Metal Trap Diy Family HandymanJoining 4 Read More

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Push & Go fittings are designed for easy installation. These fittings can be used on copper, PEX, CPVC, and polybutylene pipe Adhesives offer several advantages that make them an attractive alternative to mechanical fastening or thermal joining, such as welding, soldering, and brazing. Advantages include the following: They can be effective on dissimilar metal substrates with dissimilar melting points; they do not cause distortion, discoloration, or weld worms; holes do not need to be drilled into the material in. How To Join Galvanized Pipe. G alvanized steel pipe was the mainstay for residential plumbing for decades. Copper pipe was available alongside galvanized but it was more expensive and used primarily on higher end projects. Copper is still used, and now plastic pipe is much more common, but galvanized is not used as much anymore The result is basically a really solid metal glue that can take a lot of abuse. The Pros. It's very strong, it's not that hard once you get the hang of it, and it works extremely well for joining pipes. This is what plumbers use to join copper pipes, and they last for decades under high pressure Brass is a copper/zinc alloy, so a brass nipple qualifies as a type of copper alloy fitting that is cited as acceptable by the code. While a dielectric union (shown above) provides a break in electrical conductivity that theoretically would be best, most plumbers prefer a brass fitting

Use A Plastic Male Thread And A Metal Female Thread: When connecting plastic and metal pipes using a threaded connection, always go plastic male thread to a metal female thread. If the reverse is applied the joint will eventually leak. The is due to the different physical qualities between the two materials and the way [ The pipe will probably be held to the car's underside or to components by metal tags or plastic clips. These prevent the pipe from flexing too much or knocking against other parts and getting damaged. Pull the pipe free (bend back a metal-tag type first), taking care not to bend it SharkBite U362LFA Tee Plumbing Pipe Connector, PEX Fittings, Push-to-Connect, Copper, CPVC, HDPE, 1/2 Inch x 1/2 Inch x 1/2 Inch 4.8 out of 5 stars 977 $12.6 Correct Use . The trick to getting plumber's tape right is to wrap it around the pipe in the proper direction. When the pipe is turned into the fitting, the friction of the mating threads should work to tighten the tape around the pipe, rather than work against it and unravel or ball up the tape

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AquaLock Brass Fittings Made of high-performance lead-free** brass, AquaLock™ push-to-connect fittings give you fast and secure connections without any tools. Designed for years of trouble-free service and backed by a 25-year limited warranty* #12: Use Teflon tape when joining plastic pipes and fittings, and use hemp when joining metal pipes and fittings. Prior to putting hemp on the metal threads, drag a metal saw blade sideways across the threads to create little notches that the hemp can grab on. Some threads conveniently come pre-notched. Again, the hemp should be applied clock-wise Join/Restrain Corrugated Metal Pipes. MarMac CMP couplers are engineered to join/restrain corrugated metal pipes while preventing infiltration into the system. With hundreds of designs to cover virtually any scenario, MarMac CMP couplers have sealed thousands of connections between different sizes and types of pipe Brass Bottle Gas Fittings: Brass Bottle Gas Fittings Brass Compression Fittings: Brass Compression Fittings Standard, Brass Poly-Flo Fittings and Brass Eaton & Fuller Air System Fittings. Brass Fitting Assortments: Brass Pipe Fitting Assortment, Push-to-Connect Fittings Assortment and Hose Repair Kit

Couplers are female fittings with threads on both couplers.. Tees are couplers that join three sections of pipe or tubing. They can be a combination of male to female or reduce size. Elbows are couplers with a 90-degree turn.. Bushings are used to convert from one size to another. For example, your bushing could have a 3/8 male thread on one side and 1/4 female threads on the other Brass Pipe & Fittings. Our Brass Pipe & Fittings are all sourced from quality manufacturers compliant with Australian construction standards. Find a range of flared fittings including compression unions, caps and brass plugs. Our range of Brass Pipe & Fittings also includes flat seat nuts, lugged compression elbows and flared tees PE Pipe Joining Procedures 329 Butt Fusion of PE Pipe Products with Different Wall Thicknesses PE pipes of the same outside diameter but having different specified wall thicknesses, that is, different DR designations, may be butt fused to each other under special conditions. Since this represents a special situation, it is subject to limitations Install a galvanized or brass tee, making sure to use the right size for the faucet and the irrigation pipes. Put the faucet back on again, and then use a nipple (a length of pipe that has threads on both ends) to connect the shutoff valve to the tee Brass hex nipples are used to connect two pipes with female threading. The hex nipple has male threading on both sides of a central nut, this makes it superior to a close nipple, the nut provides a grip point which prevents any damage to the threading

Re: Connect to galvanized pipe without threads? Thanks for the feedback. I would re-thread the pipe but since it is in the stud bay there is no way to turn the pipe threading die. That McDonald fitting looks like the answer, hopefully my local plumb. supply house has it in stock or will order it for me I have an old oil hot water system that I want to modify and break into zones. The whole system is black steel pipe. I bought 4 brass zone valves which I am going to attach to 1 1/4 copper manifold that I need to make. The question is: 'Is it OK to connect threaded copper to black steel I'll clarify. OP said copper lines. Brazing steel will yield possitive results as you say. But, joint strength depends on several factors: clearance between parts, base metal composition, service temperature and joint quality (low voids, good penetration).Joint design will also affect strength

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  1. Connect PEX Pipe - So Very Easy and Fast. DEAR TIM: I've got a major bathroom remodel I'm jumping into and luckily I'm allowed to do the plumbing work myself where I live as long as it meets code. My inspector says I can use pex pipe and it seems too good to be true. I've never worked with pex piping and have some experience sweating copper tubing
  2. Occasionally, when using these flexible pipes, you'll have a need to connect two separate pipes. In order to do this properly -- and create a watertight seal -- you'll need a special kind of connector designed for this purpose. Insert the end of the first piece of pipe into one side of the flexible connector. If the connector is of the.
  3. 5. Joining Methods. There are several categories of methods to join copper tube and fittings: Solder or Brazed Joints. These joining methods include soldering, brazing and electric resistance. Soldered joints, with capillary fittings, are used in plumbing for water lines and for sanitary drainage
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Once the pipe and fitting are joined they cannot be separated or moved, so make sure to set them correctly within the first 10-20 seconds of joining. If a mistake is made the fitting must be cut from the pipe (and discarded, it is now useless) and a new fitting joined. The pipe can be reused assuming it is long enough Capillary action stops around 0.012 in. If you're joining two flat parts, you can rest one on top of the other. The metal-to-metal contact is all the clearance you'll usually need, because the average mill finish of metals provides enough surface roughness to create capillary paths for the flow of molten filler metal The T-coupler (Image 4) fitting is designed to join together three pipes at one intersection, either coming off a main line or leading to a valve. To control the release of the water into the pipes, electronic valves (Image 5) are integrated into the system To install a dielectric union, screw the threaded part onto the steel pipe. Before sweating the brass fitting of the copper pipe, slip on the nut and sleeve and push them well away from the heat of the torch. Once the fitting is sweated and cools, join the two parts. Use only groove-joint pliers to tighten the nut In this blog post, we will explain how dissimilar metal corrosion occurs and why choosing a grooved mechanical pipe joining solution is ideal for joining stainless steel and copper piping systems. What is Dissimilar Metal Corrosion? Dissimilar Metal Corrosion is the electrochemical process that damages metal by reducing its strength and thickness

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  1. Copper crimp rings fall under two standards: ASTM F1807 for metal insert fittings and ASTM F2159 for plastic insert fittings. The process for making a connection on a square-cut, clean pipe is as follows. Slide a crimp ring over the end of the PEX pipe. Insert a fitting, either metal or plastic, into the end of the pipe
  2. 3. Soldered Joint in Pipe. Soldering is also similar to brazing but the only difference is in case of soldering the filler metal melts at below 840 o C. Soldering also used to joint copper and copper alloy pipes. Before proceeding to soldering flux called paste is applied to pipes and fittings to prevent them from oxidation from flame
  3. SUNGATOR 12-Pack 1/2-Inch Push-to-Connect Plumbing Fittings, Pushfit Straight Coupling Kit with 1/2 Disconnect Clip, Brass Pushfit Fittings for Copper, PEX, CPVC Pipe, Lead Free Certified 4.7 out of 5 stars 21
  4. al Pipe Size. Here are a few ways to measure: 1. Direct Diameter measurement is the easiest. Measure at the end of the pipe. 1 1/2″ no
  5. Both are worked and installed in the same basic manner. One of the advantages is these pipes are available in a range of pre-threaded lengths, along with the fittings needed to join them. Also, many hardware stores will cut the pipe to length and thread the ends

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There is no traditional fitting that can connect PEX directly to PVC. Most push-fit fittings such as SharkBites work with PEX, copper, and CPVC — but not with PVC pipe (Schedule 40, Schedule 80, DWV, etc.), but there is a recently developed SharkBite fitting that can do the job. The tried and true way to make a PEX to PVC connection is with a pair of threaded adapters Repair any plumbing pipe with these easy to use fittings > Dresser couplings are a style of repair coupling used to splice plumbing pipes. They are used on galvanized, pvc, and abs drainage lines, copper water lines, pvc and cpvc water lines, and galvanized water lines Install a brass drain valve at each low spot of the feed line. Thread the valve into the tee with Teflon tape.. To tunnel under walkways, attach a pointed sluice nozzle to a length of PVC pipe

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SharkBite U248LFA 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Connector Plumbing 1/2 In, PEX Fittings, Push-to-Connect, Coupler, Brass, CPVC, 0.5 Inch 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,668 $7.2 The rubberised fins push inside the old pipe to make an airtight seal, and the new PVC soil pipe fits straight into the integral socket - job done! The SP140 is available in both Black and Grey options. If your cast iron pipe is too small in diameter to accept the SP140 (this is rare but can happen), remove the fins and then try to push it in In harsher environments, more expensive all-metal push-to-connect stainless steel fittings are commonly used, and these fittings are also preferred in high temperature and wash-down applications. Brass threaded fittings are a good choice for miscellaneous connections to many pneumatic devices, but typically don't connect to tubing or hoses Hundreds of types of fittings, usually brass, are available for connecting PEX to existing copper or steel pipes, and for making connections to fixtures. Fittings are also available for connecting.

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Corrugated metal pipe has been used in drainage applications in the United States since the late 1800's. For most of the 20 th century, the two most frequently installed stormdrain pipe materials were concrete pipe and galvanized corrugated steel pipe.. For instance, there are ~65,000 stormdrain pipes in Gwinnett County's GIS database with installation dates between 1941 and 1995 You can connect pipes of different sizes as long as the threaded ends are the same size. Threaded fittings are labeled by the sizes of both ends, meaning a ½ X ½ fitting will connect two ½ pipes while a ½ X 3/8″ fitting (also called a reducer fitting) is required to connect a ½ pipe to a 3/8″ pipe You will see 2 different images of rubber couplings that are labeled for the types of pipe they join together. There is a straight pattern coupling or a reducing pattern coupling depending on the pipe sizes that you are trying to connect. The couplings are sold in a variety of sizes to accommodate various pipe connections Utilizing PEX-a Pipe Support in suspended-piping applications in conjunction with fixed anchor points can reduce this expansion and contraction rate to an acceptable level. When using PEX-a Pipe Support, be sure to use a minimum 300-pound, tensile-rated, stainless steel strap to secure the support to the pipe

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