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What is the guest's advice to Telemachus? Telemachus needs to find out if Odysseus is coming back so he knows how to handle the suitors. Identify one conflict in Book One and summarize it in 1-2 sentences. Identify if it is an internal or external conflict Athena's Advice To Telemachus December 4, 2018 Arshan Dhillon The Odyssey by Homer is often thought of as the heroic story of King Odysseus as he attempts to return to his homeland after the Trojan Wars After Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachus due to Athena's advice, the two men plan the downfall of the suitors. Telemachus then returns to the palace to keep an eye on the suitors and to await his father as the beggar As is proper for hosts, Telemachus welcomes his guest and provides food and drink before even asking the guest's identity. Telemachus's behavior is especially notable because of the lack of attention paid by the rest of the household As I said before, Nestor has suggested that Telemachus should go to Sparta and ask Menelaus about Odysseus's whereabouts. Lacedaemon is another name for Sparta. So by telling Telemachus to do this,..

What is the guest's advice to Telemachus? (5 pts) One of the guest's advice to Telemachus is, if Telemachus wants them to go, then Telemachus has to tell his mother to marry one of the suitors.-Zanika 6. Identify one conflict in Book One and summarize it in 1-2 sentences (8 pts). Identify if it is an internal or external conflict (2 pts) Telemachus. The son of Odysseus and Penelope. 1 He was still an infant at the time when his father went to Troy, and in his absence of nearly twenty years he grew up to manhood. After the gods in council had determined that Odysseus should return home from the island of Ogygia, Athena, assuming the appearance of Mentes, king of the Taphians, went to Ithaca, and advised Telemachus to eject the.

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The goddess Athena, disguised as Mentes, advises Telemachus to visit Pylos and Sparta. Athena tells Telemachus that he might hear news of his father, Odysseus. If he doesn't hear that Odysseus is still alive, Telemachus will know it is time to hold a funeral and assert his status as master of Odysseus's house and property The most dangerous situation so far is the encounter with Cyclops. The Cyclops could have easily eaten all of them at once, but he didn't. The Cyclops had already eaten four of Odysseus's men, two at dinner and two at breakfast When seeking advice from Nestor, Telemachus is given a sense of respect of devotion and loyalty. When Telemachus visits Menelaus to find information as to his father's whereabouts, he hears great stories of his father to give him the substance to keep pressing on Then, when Telemachus says he intends to visit Menelaus in Sparta, Peisistratus at once provides horses and a chariot and volunteers to drive him there himself. When they get to Menelaus' home, there is a less successful greeting of the guests

Telemachus takes his guest by the right hand, welcomes him, seats him away from all the hubbub of the suitors, gives him dinner, and then, and only then, asks who he is and why he is there. In all of these details, Telemachus shows himself to have been well brought up, and his further education in the poem builds on this foundation Telemachus tells the crews he will join them in the city later that evening. As he is telling Theoclymenus about the suitors, a hawk ''flew up on the right, clutching a dove and plucking her.' Moreover to-morrow I must go to the Cauconians where I have a large sum of money long owing to me. As for Telemachus, now that he is your guest, send him to Lacedaemon in a chariot, and let one of your sons go with him. Be pleased to also provide him with your best and fleetest horses In response to the stranger's advice, Telemachus confronts the suitors the following morning and advises them to leave. This is Telemachus' first step towards manhood. Although the reader knows that he has the support of Athena, Telemachus himself does not Or rather, two stories. One story the Odyssey tells is the adventures of a young man named Telemachus and an old man named Mentor. We'll discuss Mentor's mentorship in part two. The other.

Telemachus. An infant when Odysseus left for Troy, Telemachus is about twenty at the beginning of the story. He is a natural obstacle to the suitors desperately courting his mother, but despite his courage and good heart, he initially lacks the poise and confidence to oppose them To Telemachus, Athena is Mentes, the lord of Taphian men who love their oars. Athena, or Mentes as Telemachus knows her, is looking for Odysseus and asks of his whereabouts. When struck with the news that he is nowhere to be found she instills hope in young Telemachus Telemachus turned his face from them, smiled and blushed. Well, he could not help but be enchanted by that nod to him belonging in their fraternity. One of the guests stood up from his stool and swaggered toward him. Telemachus tensed up, expecting trouble, and equally abashed by the sight of him Les aventures de Télémaque, fils d'Ulysse (The adventures of Telemachus, son of Ulisses) with the original title is a didactic French novel by Fénelon, Archbishop of Cambrai, who in 1689 became tutor to the seven-year-old Duc de Bourgogne (grandson of Louis XIV and second in line to the throne). It was published anonymously in 1699 and reissued in 1717 by his family 3. Look at lines 138-146 on p. 81. What do you notice about the way Telemachus greets his guest? Who is his guest, and why has he (she) come? Throughout the epic, pay close attention to the way guests are treated by their hosts. What distinguishes a good host from a bad one

Still, Telemachus sets sail tomorrow for Pylos to meet with King Nestor, the noble charioteer. The good nurse Eurycleia was the one that warned me of his brash plans. She tried to dissuade Telemachus, but nothing can change his mind now. He seeks stories of his father and the faintest trace of Odysseus' survival With Athena's guidance, Telemachus killed all of his mother's suitors with the help of his bad-ass Dad and established both his claim and his authority. Odysseus finally settled back in Ithaca (spoiler alert!) and they all lived happily ever after. Or at least, as happily ever after as people ever live in myths and legends Telemachus didn't turn down a present but asked if he could have something else instead because the present was unsuitable. I don't think we do that very much today because we are afraid of hurting feelings, but perhaps people today would react as Menelaus did -- perfectly amenable to replacing it with another The Odyssey Reading Guide English 114 The Telemachy: Books 1-4 The first four books of The Odyssey, although they begin with a section on Odysseus' situation, focus primarily on his son, Telemachus, whose coming of age forms an important theme in this first section; hence Books 1

Athena has Telemachus best interest at heart and by commanding him to find his father she played a big role in helping him shape himself and grow into the man he was destined to be. He takes Athenas' advice and finally comes to the realization that he needs to stand up to the suitors, Throughout all those years/ when I was still a boy, you. When Telemachus meets Mentes-Athena he insists, according to the ethics of his time, on offering his guest with a meal. This is the typical of hospitality in Ancient Greece. Every guest is offered with a meal before he is to reveal the reason of his visit The first four books of Homer's The Odyssey depict Telemachus' transformation from an immature, frightened child into an intelligent adult as he comes to encompass qualities that the ancient Greeks sought in heroes: an adherence to the rules of xenia, a loyalty to one's family, and wisdom gained from travelling

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Telemachus is kindly taken in and provided for by Nestor's family, and such hospitality from hosts, and gratefulness from guests, is demonstrated throughout The Odyssey. Of course, the inverted image of such hospitality is taking place in Telemachus' home; he gives everything to the suitors, and they repay him with sneers and murderous plans Where is Telemachus when we first see him? 9. Before asking his guest questions, what does Telemachus do for him? 10. Identify each of the following: (a) Phemius, (b) Calypso, (c) Ogygia, (d) the Wayfinder [the guide, the giant-killer'] (e) Achaia 11. Why are the people feasting in Odysseus' palace? 12. What advice does Athena give.

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  1. The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus debate his future and Athena decides to help Prince Telemachus. Disguised as his grandfather, she gets him to travel to Pylos and Sparta, where he is informed his father is alive and imprisoned by Calypso. Telemachus prepares to return home while the suitors prepare to kill him
  2. 2. What is the situation that Penelope and Telemachus face at the palace? Why do you think it has gotten so out of hand? 3. Look at lines 138-146 on p. 81. What do you notice about the way Telemachus greets his guest? Who is his guest, and why has he (she) come? Throughout the epic, pay close attention to the way guests are treated by their hosts
  3. Athena continues to give Telemachus advice regarding where to sail and where he is to go upon landing. It is the swineherd in which Telemachus is told to visit, and this ultimately leads to the reunion with his father, Odysseus. It is during this reunion in which Odysseus and Telemachus plan the slaughtering of the suitors
  4. Telemachus, son of Odysseus is a main character in the book the Odyssey. Throughout books 1-4 Telemachus begins to discover who he is. Not having a father as a child severely affects Telemachus. He becomes a timid, shy boy who is pampered by his mother. Although Telemachus is the son o
  5. We all get advice from time to time from the people we know: colleagues, friends, relatives. Telemachus, and encourages him to embark on a journey to find out whether his father is still alive.
  6. Telemachus then departs with Nestor's son Peisistratus, [5] who accompanies him to the halls of Menelaus and his wife Helen. Whilst there, Telemachus is again treated as an honored guest as Menelaus and Helen tell complementary, yet contradictory stories of his father's exploits at Troy. [6
  7. However, the proper treatment of the guest and the host could positively affect the guest and the host. Evidence that of the gods and goddesses feel strongly about the relationship between the guest and the host is found throughout The Odyssey. show more content Athena instructs him to go to the house of his swine herder, Eumaeus

The Phaecians take their guest home, where Athena has been busy guiding the lives of those Odysseus cares about. When the hero left for the Trojan War, his son Telemachus was an infant. After twenty years, however, Telemachus is grown and his mother, Penelope, is surrounded by would-be suitors What does Telemachus decide? ODYSSEY 16. 46. How do dogs help Odysseus recognize his son? 47. Where do you think that the Greek word hubris occurs in Telemachus' speech to Eumaeus (75-98)? To whom is it applied? 48. What role does Athena play in the recognition of Odysseus by Telemachus? How do the dogs react to her? 49 Telemachus. Penelope. Book 2: Antinous. Laertes. Eurycleia . Book 3: Poseidon Pylos. Nestor Book 4: Helen. Artemis. Menelaus. Sparta. Answer the following questions. What is the invocation to the muse in Book 1? What is going on in Telemachus's house? Describe Athena. How does she help Telemachus? What is her advice people. places. events. random. random. 100. Who wants to marry Penelope? The guy who rides with Telemachus from Pylos to Ithaca. 300. Where is Telemachus at the end of the chapter? What advice does Athena give to Telemachus about returning home? He should take a different course home. 500

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So, it is this simple advice that Athena imparts on Telemachus. In Book 1, Telemachus is in pain and sorrow (1:260). Although the people are impressed, some dissenters make this difficult. B. continues on his journey to find his father. C. She makes him more majestic-looking to the assembly. sorry How does Athena plan to affect Telemachus When Telemachus went enquiring from the king about his father the king told him of Orestes and what he did to the man who murdered his father. Nestor says, you've heard of Agamemnon - how he came how Aigisthos waited to destroy himpaid a bitter price for it in the end that is a good thinga son behind hi The suitors could complain to the people in charge of Ithaca that Odysseus is unlikely to ever return. I think Telemachus made an intelligent decision of listening to Athena's advice, and deeply cares for his mother and family. I also respect Athena for wanting to help Odysseus and his family's situation Circe was a goddess of Greek mythology. Her father was the sun god Helios and her mother was, depending on the source, either a naiad or the goddess of magic Hecate.. She is rarely described as a goddess though. Most people think of Circe as a sorceress, a witch, or even a temptress When Telemachus reaches Nestor 's land, Lord Nestor tells Telemachus the narrative of his male parent after the war and what happened to Agamemnon. As Menelaus set canvas for Greece instantly after the war, Agamemnon decided to wait a twenty-four hours and go on giving on the shores of Troy

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Why does Telemachus go there? 25. What oath does Telemachus make Eurycleia take, and why? 26. Athena changes to the form of Mentor at the end of the book. Why does she do so? And what does she do in his form? ODYSSEY 3. 27. What were Nestor's people doing when Telemachus and Athena/Mentor arrived, and why did Telemachus feel embarrassed? 28 Telemachus' comment from Od.1.214-16 on the uncertainty of his paternity is at once dismissed, along with of all its underlying insecurities. Mentor does not accompany Telemachus in Sparta but is present in Od.4.653-56, in the words of Noëmon, son of Phronius, who unwittingly informs the suitors of Telemachus' trip TELEMACHUS' JOURNEY. One day, Telemachus thought he heard the voice of God telling him to go to Rome. And believing that he had heard God speak to him, he set out. Traveling on foot for weeks on end, he finally arrived in Rome. As he approached the city, he began hearing the sounds of people cheering in distance

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English I Summer Reading the Odyssey by Homer (trans. Robert Fagles, Penguin Classics) READ Books 1-12 of the Odyssey.Then answer all questions on a separate piece of paper, and be prepared for a quiz the first week of school.Include the line from the book where you found the answer, i.e. 1.71 is book/chapter one, line 71 Telemachos (or Latin Telemachus) is a person in Greek mythology. He is the son of Odysseus of Ithaca and Penelope. While Odysseus was trying return home, many believed him to be dead. Suitors surrounded his home, trying to claim Penelope as their wife. Athena came to Telemachus in disguise and gave him advice Drake 257 Reading The Odyssey: Some Tips. What I find hard about reading the Odyssey is that the story is all fragmented and not told in chronological ordermainly because Odysseus's story is told, throughout the rest of the story, either to Telemachus or by Odysseus himself; a full half of the poem is dialogue, much of which is people telling Odysseus's story

What is the definition of TELEMACHUS? What is the meaning of TELEMACHUS? How do you use TELEMACHUS in a sentence? What are synonyms for TELEMACHUS Telemachus son of Odysseus (Ulysses) and Penelope in Greek Mythology. He later received his own telegony, telling the tale of some of his own life. Telemachus Episode 1 of James Joyce's novel 'Ulysses' , a modern retelling of 'The Odyssey' (Part 1 is called Telemachia

Odysseus and his oldest son, Telemachus, defended their city and Telegonus accidentally killed his father with the spine of a stingray. By the instruction of Athena, he brought the body back to Aeaea and buried it there. Telegonus took Penelope, Odysseus' widow, and Telemachus, Odysseus' son, with him Essay Odysseus Telemachus Examples And. Essay on secret hopes and ambitions essay in communication skills. To delete an activity, move it to the bottom of the list and click delete icon. Clearly, Beowulf focuses more on what is expected of a hero from his people than he does for personal safety or the safety of those who serve under him Twelve Mile Limit is located at 500 S Telemachus St in Mid-City - New Orleans, LA - Orleans County and is a business listed in the categories Beer Taverns, Bars & Grills and Bars, Grills & Lounges. After you do business with Twelve Mile Limit, please leave a review to help other people and improve hubbiz When Telemachus is complaining and wondering what to do about the suitors, Athena gives him advice but also a dose of reality: ¨You must not cling to your boyhood any longer--itś time you were a man.¨ Telemachus realizes that he cannot hide under the disguise of a child any more; he must face his reality and step up as a man Ulysses and Eumæus prepared their meal at daybreak. When Telemachus was reaching the hut, Ulysses observed that the dogs did not bark, though he heard footsteps, and 7 enquired whether the visitor was some acquaintance of the. p. 67. swineherd's. He had hardly done speaking when Telemachus entered, and was welcomed by Eumæus

Telemachus: Says that he requires a ship to take him to Pylos and Sparta, so that he may inquire after his long-lost father. He repeats Athene's advice that she gave him in Book 1 - if his father is dead, he will give him a proper funeral; if he is still alive, then he will put up with his current situation for one more year Fénelon and Voltaire, the two French philosophers and pedagogues, influenced a wide range of people in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe. The philosophers who followed were inspired by their work which contained ideological hints and promoted humanitarian awareness. We followed the historical analysis method, we intend to present through Fénelon's 'The Adventures of Telemachus, Son of.

President | Telemachus. Rick Woolworth is a 35-year veteran of Wall Street, having spent the majority of his career at Morgan Stanley. Rick pursues his passion for mentoring and coming alongside emerging leaders as President of Telemachus which he co-founded in 2010 with Andrew Huck Tatiana Pardo Mr. Campbell SCLA 101 2/17/2021 The Guidance of The Odyssey The story of homer's heroic poem The Odyssey takes place ten years after the Trojan War is over. There are many heroes of the war that click to their families, however, there are even more that are lost through the long-struggling years of the war. Of the few who stayed behind, Odysseus goes through battle after battle. Telemachus Tim McNeal, 25, a U.S. Navy veteran, father of Taura, Donovan and Tyana McNeal, has died.A wake is scheduled for Sunday, January 28, 2001, 6-6:45 p.m. Telemachus Odell, farmer, Attica, was born in Brown county, Ohio, October 26, 1824. In 1831 his parents, John W. and Susanna (Beasley) Odell, left Ohio and settled in Wayne township, Tippecanoe county, this state, where they lived until 1837. Country schools at this time were of little value, and they moved to..

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  1. g the form of Odysseus's old friend Mentes, Athena predicts that Odysseus is still alive and that he will soon..
  2. As for Telemachus, I warn him in the presence of you all to send his mother back to her father, who will find her a husband and provide her with all the marriage gifts so dear a daughter may expect
  3. Whatever practical advice Nestor and Menelaus may or may not give Telemachus, visiting them to seek advice in dealing with the rebellion of the suitors will build recognition of Telemachus' political authority to take whatever action is needed. Why Nestor and Menelaus are the people to go to for Telemachus is because,.
  4. d as you read the first four books of The Odyssey. (In other words, this is a question that you will want to read before you turn to the epic itself.). Everyone knows that The Odyssey is concerned with the adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus (known in Latin as Ulysses) in his return home after taking part in the Trojan War
  5. What advice does Athena give Telemachus? answer choices . Stand up for yourself. Warn the suitors. Talk to the people to get a social network. Get information about your dad. Tags: Question 11 . SURVEY . 20 seconds . Q. Who longed to marry Odysseus and kept him in her vaulted cave
  6. Episode 1: Telemachus. Ulysses opens on the rooftop of the Martello Tower at 8:00 am on the morning of June 16th, 1904.Buck Mulligan, a medical student in his 20s, looks out over Sandycove, a bayside suburb just south of Dublin, and begins to parody the Catholic mass as he prepares to shave his face
  7. What does Telemachus decide? ODYSSEY 16. 46. How do dogs help Odysseus recognize his son? 47. Where do you think that the Greek word hubris occurs in Telemachus' speech to Eumaeus (75-98)? To whom is it applied? 48. What role does Athena play in the recognition of Odysseus by Telemachus? How do the dogs react to her? 49

Telemachus immediately draws him away from the suitors assuming the stranger's knowledge of his father. If the guest were female, or a goddess the suitors would have been distracted and Telemachus could not have communicated with the guest. Two-fold, if the stranger were female if begs the question if Telemachus would have listened or not (re their plot to kill Telemachus) 419- Athena to raise the level of insult, to make O's anger deeper; note also the suitors' mockery of the sacred rules of hospitality 421 Evaluate this suitor's speech to Odysseus: just friendly advice? Note how it builds on Telemachus' speech on 42 Athena recommends Telemachus to get rid of the suitors in his father's house and then go to Pylos and Sparta and get some news about Odysseus. She allows him realize that he is already not a helpless boy: You should not go on clinging to your childhood. You are no longer of an age to do that (Odyssey 1.296-297) Telemachus bravery and thriving in such a role is not the only reason he is the true hero. Telemachus has to live his life without his father.He lacks a male figure in his life to follow and to help deal with the troubles and problems that come with manhood. He has to live his teenage years and usually the most difficult for a boy without his.

Many people think they simply don't have time, on top of clinical, research and administrative responsibilities, and a lack of resources and training can also be huge barriers. Failure to recognize the importance and value of mentoring, along with inconsistent implementation, participation, and evaluation, are all issues that can stifle. Odyssey: Odyssey is an epic poem, written by Homer, about the adventures of the Greek hero, Odysseus (Ὀδυσσεύς).. Odysseus was the son of Laërtes (Laertes) and Anticleia. Odysseus had married Penelope, a daughter of Icarius and the cousin of Helen of Sparta.Penelope bore Odysseus a son, who they named Telemachus

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Athena came to Telemachus in disguise and gave him advice. She told him to search for evidence that his father was still alive. If he was alive he could force the suitors away. However, if he believed his father to be dead, he would let one of the suitors claim her Athena, disguised as Mentor, advises Telemachus to journey to Pylos to seek news of his father from Nestor: Go to old Nestor, master charioteer, / so we may broach the storehouse of his mind. Deasy's invitation to Stephen, Will you wait in my study, implies some wisdom on Deasy's part. It is also the place where Deasy will pay Stephen his.

Telemachus' newly developed eloquence permits him to emphatically affect and convince people. (3) Telemachus' loquaciousness is the catalyst that allows him to become a leader. He begins to develop several essential components of a leader, such as repudiation of oppressors, bravery, and guidance Mentor was not Telemachus' only guide. The god-dess Athena would occasionally disguise herself as Mentor providing divine, if hidden, guidance to both Telemachus and Odysseus. So both disguised goddesses and mere mortals can be mentors. The only requirement is a sympathetic desire to assist young people on the early legs of their own profes The first four books of Homer's The Odyssey depict Telemachus' transformation from an immature, frightened child into an intelligent adult as he comes to encompass qualities that the ancient Greeks sought in heroes: an adherence to the rules of xenia, a loyalty to one's family, and wisdom gained from travelling. First, the young prince offers food, shelter, and gifts to Mentes, whom he. Telemachus synonyms, Telemachus pronunciation, Telemachus translation, English dictionary definition of Telemachus. n. Greek Mythology The son of Odysseus and Penelope, who helped his father kill Penelope's suitors He uses Aegisthus as an example, saying he was warned but would not heed hermes's advice: Why was Telemachus indignant when he saw Athena on the threshold of the outerporch? He was indignant that a guest had to wait so long: Explain the symbolism of where Telemachus places Pallas Athena's spear

Suitors vying for Penelope's hand in marriage. The true hero and savior of the Odyssey is the goddess Athena, who over the course of the epic, pleads with Zeus for Odysseus' safe return while also taking on the form of countless people and using her godly powers to assist Odysseus and Telemachus.. Odysseus is held for 7 years by Calypso who has fallen deeply in love with him In The Odyssey, Athene appears disguised to offer some advice for Telemachus but here in Joyce's version, she is an old milkmaid with a few empty words during a brief transaction. She even shows reverence for the impudent Mulligan, which vexes Stephen: She bows her old head to a voice that speaks to her loudly, her bonesetter, her. TELEMACHUS DEPARTING FROM NESTOR : COMMONS.WIKIMEDIA.ORG. Telemachus has learned all he needed on his journey, and is a purposeful, slightly angry man, in charge of a house that other people are abusing. He starts to take responsibility and lays markers for the suitors. He really grows up a lot in book seventeen Telemachus (/ t ə ˈ l ɛ m ə k ə s / tə-LEM-ə-kəs; Ancient Greek: Τηλέμαχος Tēlemakhos, literally far-fighter) is a figure in Greek mythology, the son of Odysseus and Penelope, and a central character in Homer's Odyssey.The first four books of the Odyssey focus on Telemachus's journeys in search of news about his father, who.

When Telemachus and Mentor (Athena in disguise) arrive at Pylos, the see a religious ceremony going on for Poseidon. There are dozens of bulls being sacrificed. Mentor/Athena gives Telemachus advice on how to approach King Nestor and what Telemachus should say to him. Peisistratos and Thrasymedes welcome Telemachus and Mentor Les Aventures de Télémaque is also the title of a 1922 seven-chapter story by Louis Aragon.. Les aventures de Télémaque, fils d'Ulysse (The adventures of Telemachus, son of Ulisses) with the original title is a didactic French novel by Fénelon, Archbishop of Cambrai, who in 1689 became tutor to the seven-year-old Duc de Bourgogne (grandson of Louis XIV and second in line to the throne) Telemachus was a bold little Christian who spoke out on behalf of Christ. His story reminded me of all the good we can do if we take the initiative in influencing culture, instead of letting culture influence us. Telemachus was a Christian monk who lived in Asia Minor about A.D. 400, when gladiatorial games were popular in Rome

First perhaps it was thought that coming face to face with a real god (goddess) was risky - it strikes people blind in other stories. So Athena shows up at Mentes so as to not harm Telemachus. Secondly, it's like saying that one of your friends showed up and gave you advice - but God directed your friend to give you advice. As a non-profit ministry we are generously supported by the donations of a few leaders to advance the movement. Faith Driven Entrepreneur is an educational website hosted by Faith Driven Movements (501c6) and FDM Foundation (501c3) nonprofit corporations whose mission is to inspire, educate, and mobilize people to use their time, talents and other resources in the marketplace. Faith Driven. to Athena-Mentes' advice to Telemachus 1 A good example of this fact is Aristarchus' athetization of Telemachus' words to Penelope, Od. 1.356-359, or of 6.244-245, Nausicaa's hu-manly girlish stage-whisper about Odysseus as a prospective husband. The objections to the latter were countered by G. M. Calhoun, REH 4 (1934

mistreat guests: To Homer and his listeners, what did the stories we call myths primarily express: how men are influenced by the spiritual realm: When Odysseus returns home, Athena advises him to disguise himself as a what: beggar: What does Telemachus think when Odysseus reveals himself to him: only a god could make such a transformatio Why are the people feasting in Odysseus' palace? answer choices . They want to be entertained by the servants . They want to meet Telemachus. They want to see the inside of the palace What advice does Athena give Telemachus? (check all that apply) answer choices . Stand up for yourself. Warn the suitors Telemachus Press is a work for hire author services company. What makes us different than a vanity press? You keep 100% of your royalties! All material that we create on your behalf belongs to you — it's your property Here is the chronological order of Odysseus' journey home: 1. Odysseus leaves his home tot fight the war in Troy. He came up with the idea fort eh Trojan horse which allowed the Greeks to win the war 2. He traveled to the Land of Cicones (Ismaros).. THE GROWTH OF TELEMACHUS By c. M. H. MILLAR and J. w. S. CARMICHAEL A LTHOUGH Telemachus is not the chief character of the Odyssey, his part in the plot is of considerable importance, and in one way he seems to be unique. For he is, perhaps, the only character in Greek literature who shows any development. All the other people who appea

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