How to stop brown hair color from turning red

How to Stop Brown Hair Color from Turning Red Our

Yes my hair dresser is a professional and has been doing hair for about 10 years. She mixed the hair color at the salon. She also used an ash color ( according to her it should not turn red) and high lighted the top using foil Enter the L'Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Neutral Medium Brown and Neutral Dark Brown. These two brown hair colors are formulated with blue and green dyes that counteract natural red and copper underlying pigments in dark bases, which can help prevent brass

Neutralize redness in brown hair and avoid red color in

And what that means for your brown hair with highlights is that blue shampoo is the best way to knock out the brassy, red, and orange tones. Blondes have had options for a while—there are plenty of purple shampoos to combat yellowing—but the choices for brunettes have been limited until now, notes Dupuis. Enter Redken Color Extend Brownlights To lift dark hair, bleaching with a mix of ammonia and peroxide is usually a necessary part of the equation. When hair is bleached, melanin, a dark brown to black pigment, gets diluted in a process known as oxidation You lifted a customer's hair from dark brown to blonde but there is still orange left in the hair. You lifted a customer's hair from dark brown to brown but there is still red left in the hair. In general, you need to remember these rules about Color Neutralization: Green cancels out red on hair that has been lifted to brown or light brown Invest in a color-preserving deep conditioning treatment. This is something anyone with color-treated hair should do, but particularly if you are going darker Eg kerastase soleil aqua resist or voile solaire or redken have a suncream with uv protection specifically for brown hair. What u get with your hair is what you invest, if you see supermarket..

I have light-medium brown hair, no trace of red normally, and would like to go a few shades darker. But when I dye it at home or get it done at the hairdressers, it always ends up with that horrible dyed-looking purple red tinge Each color on the color wheel has an opposite color. For red, the opposite shade is green. For orange (think brassy) the opposite shade is purple or blue. By putting a toner with the opposite color in your hair, you can really tone down and neutralize the brassiness or red tones

Get Rid of Red and Orange Tones in your Brown Hair without

  1. You should use a color with a cool tint to it [blue] or use a neutral tone [ no blue or red] the warm tints [red and mohagany] are gonna make it look redder. If that makes sense. It should when you are looking at your color choices
  2. erals and chemicals in tap water. Using distilled water or a de
  3. It really depends on your hair shade, age, genetics and whether you're in the sun or not (the sun can cause your red hair to fade). To really prevent fading, always cover your red hair in the sun and spray hair-SPF when you're outside! she recommended
  4. If you want to go lighter, stay within two shades of your natural color to get the most flattering tone, says Papanikolas. Also look for ash-based colors (blue or green) to neutralize the underlying red/orange pigments that everyone has. Check out ash brown hair dyes from L'Oréal Paris here and ash blonde shades here
  5. Products used & Step by step application:la riche directions rubineHair dye brushRubber glovesApplication: Wash your hair with shampoo, do not apply conditio..

Help! What can I do to keep my hair from turning a red

i had darkish brown hair and i dyed it blonde, i dont like using bleach so i used a normal home hair dye and it went kinda ginger, i had to use about 5 or 6 dyes to get mine blonde, but it worked :) and when im doing my roots i just use an all over dye, it goes a little bit blonder each time but it keeps the colour looking good and not worn out : The color is complex, and if your hair is naturally dark, going scarlet red (like Madelaine Petsch) or creating copper tones (like Lindsay Lohan from back in the day) may seem way out of reach One of the most common reasons that hair color fades is rinsing hair with hot water, which actually opens the outer cuticle to allow color to fade faster. The best temperature to rinse your hair.. I have been bleaching and dying my hair for at least 45 years. In Octobet 2020 I decided that I was going to embrace my true hair color no matter what it was! I decided that I was tired of damaging my hair and spending the money every month to touch up my roots. In October my hair was long with dark brown dye over bleach Mix colors. If you find a red or blonde dye you love, but your hair is very dark, purchase a brown hair dye as well. Mix as much dye as you need, using equal parts of the lighter color and the brown. This ensures that the highlights will more closely match your hair color, eliminating high contrast and brassy colors

You can keep your dark dyed hair from fading by washing and styling it the right way. Try washing your hair less frequently, since shampooing your hair causes dye to fade faster. Use cool or lukewarm water when you rinse your hair. This will prevent your cuticles from opening and dye from escaping The melanin for dark hair doesn't immediately go to blonde—it goes to an intermediate red phase, and your natural melanin is broken down. Once your hair gets as light as your stylist sees fit,.. How to transition colored hair from dyed to grey, including with highlights, lowlights, salon, and at-home options for beautiful results before, during, and after going gray

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How To Remove Orange Tones From Brassy Brown Hair Redke

  1. Personalized haircolor backed by over 100 years of L'Oréal research & innovation. Get salon-grade hair color backed by L'Oréal's 100-year expertise & advanced technology
  2. Blue or purple shampoo neutralizes the warm brassy, and yellow tones to restore your hair color. The cool colors like blue and purple are on the opposite spectrum of warm colors like red and orange. They neutralize the effect of the warm shades seen in brassy brown hair. To use a purple or blue shampoo
  3. ates unwanted red tones from colored hair. Works in all bleaches by
  4. How To Get Rid Of Orange/Red Tones In Brown Hair Or Lowlights: 1. Add 2-3 drops (a bout the size of a pea) of green food coloring (or 2 drops of green and 1 blue if suffering for more orange than red tones) to your shampoo/conditioner 2. Wash & rinse as usual
  5. Bleach isn't always necessary. Good news: Jaxcee, the color director at Hair Rules, tells Refinery29 that the transition from brown to red is smooth for the most part, thanks to the red undertones..
  6. Favorite Answer Go to some beauty place, like sally's. Or somewhere were they sell alot of hair products. Tell the lady who works there, you want some bleach for your hair

Brassy Hair: What Causes it, How to Prevent It and Tips to

The Hair Color Wheel - The Secrets to Color Neutralization

This is because dyed brown hair can fade faster than lighter shades (because color is deposited into hair, not stripped from it, meaning there's stuff to wash out), and those darker hues can get. Only bleach can do that. So if you put a lighter red hair color on top of hair that has been previously colored a darker shade, you are going to be in trouble The hair dye hasn't taken as well to the roots and now they're a totally different shade to the rest of your hair Quick fix: As a short term fix, try colour blending at the roots

Transition from Dyed Hair To Your Natural Grey. There are many reasons to stop dyeing, money, chemicals, organic lifestyle, chemo, pregnancy, just tired of being a slave to something for however many years you have been dyeing and just plain want to see what nature gave you If you've wanted to try out a new hair color only to end up with too much red in your locks, you're not alone. Whether you're dyeing at home or going to a salon, the red in hair dye can look more pronounced depending on the texture and color of your natural hair. But fear not -- a little time, TLC and. Dying it red, then dying it brown (I don't want red hair, but I read on some random website that this works) Bleaching it and dying it brown with no red coloration in the dye I don't mind going to a salon and paying, but I paid a lot last time, and my hair just turned orange again The short answer is to go over your hair with indigo to darken the orange henna dyed your hair and it will be dark brown or black. If you are okay with that then you are good to go. You also many need to wait a few days for the oxidation process and the orange may subside to red Red hair is one of the most eye-catching shades you can ever use to dye your hair. From auburn to burgundy hair, from highlights to single-process color, there is a range of red shade options to help you live your best ginger life. But once you find your favorite hair color, what's the best way to help red hair color look vibrant over time and how to maintain red hair from fading

The first thing you should do to get your natural hair color back after dying it is to remove damaged hair.Dyeing and bleaching cause a lot of damage to your hair, the tips deteriorate, the strands dry out and when your hair is like this, it is unlikely that nutrients will be able to hydrate it.Remove at least four fingers of damaged hair so you can begin to nourish it Between internet image searches and the cautionary color tales you heard that time at the salon, it can be a little nerve-wracking to color your hair at home. We get it. And we can help! Luckily, our in-house colorists have a few pro tips to leave you with seamless, natural-looking hair color—and not a hot root or unholy halo in sight. Read on The risks of dyeing your hair is of course unexpected and unwanted pigmentation from the hair dye. If, unfortunately, your color comes out darker than expected, do not panic! Here are 5 steps to correcting a home hair dye disaster. 1- Bleed the color The first reflex is to wash the hair to bleed the color. This is actually the go to solution

Here's a quick pop quiz. True or false: Your baby's hair color is set from conception. Answer: True! When the sperm meets the egg and develops into a zygote, it typically gains 46 chromosomes Hi there, red to brown no problem, red to blonde less straight forward. There are 2 ways you could go with this one will be far less harsh on your hair - colour the hair brown all over first (you need to pick a brown with the base shade the same or 1 down from the base of the red) then in a few weeks time have highlights put through it If the cause is porous hair, a color-depositing hair mask may be the solution. To brighten up your hair, either bleach or color has to penetrate the inner cortex of each strand. This causes hair to.. To prevent hair from turning orange in the sun you must wear a sun protecting hair product. The sun will naturally lighten you hair taking away the gloss that was put on hair to get the color The orange hair I am now left with was supposed to be a color correction from black/purplish red color to a nice medium brown with blonde highlights. How can I possibly fix the orange hair colour I have now and get it to a brown colour. (My hair pulls red and black when it is coloured [which I have told her]. Reem on June 24, 2019

In the years and years that I've been coloring my own hair, I've had a total of two oops! dye jobs. The first is unfortunately immortalized on my current driver's license in the form of completely black hair. Lots of pale people can pull off brown-black or black hair. Apparently, I am not one of them So whenever you lighten your hair—whether it's to go blonde, lift your dark brown to a lighter brown, highlight your brunette hair or create a silvery or grey color—the dye will remove some of your natural color, and then deposit the new color. When your natural color is removed, the underlying gold or red tones become more visible Instead, immediately rinse the hair, and begin a color-correcting procedure. Green tints are neutralized by reapplying the hair dye with the addition of a neutral-based color with the same level as the hair dye. To remove green stains, mix baking soda with shampoo to create a paste. Apply it to the green hair, and leave it in for five minutes. Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowbeautyWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowbeautyYou can prevent a hair color from loo..

How to Keep Your Darker Dye From Fading InStyl

Ash-brown hair dyes in particular, contain significant amounts of blue and green pigment to counteract red tones. This is why they can be used to tone your hair to a nice brown after darker color stripping, or they can be used to tone down red-brown hair colors like mahogany or bright red to a more natural shade The new L'Oréal Paris Feria Hyper Platinum Advanced Lightening System Bleach can lift up to eight levels to give even the darkest browns a desired platinum. It includes grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil and avocado oil to nourish hair and avoid dryness that can occur when bleaching. Tip #4: Highlights Can Be A Color Savio Silver-enhancing hair care works by depositing a slight violet tint on the hair to neutralize natural yellow tones. But in if your grey hair is turning yellow from the curling iron, says Jorge, silver-enhancing pigment won't erase patches of colour, it'll simply sit on top of the yellowing residue Toner works immediately, so you should be careful not to leave it in your hair too long. If you leave it in too long, your hair will turn out the same color as the toner. Check on your hair every 2-3 minutes to make sure that's not the case. Rinse your hair with cool water, getting rid of the mix's remnants, without using shampoo or. How do I stop 'hot spots' on the hair if I'm using a color such as copper, red or violet base on resistant gray hair: 1) In my experience, it's best to always start with an N series shade. Match up the base color first and use the suggestions above

You can color your hair green, blue, orange, tint all of it or parts of it, you can wear what's called an hombre by creating the look of dark roots above lighter lengths of locks, but wearing white roots with dark hair is a No-No. You can buzz cut it, leave the crown long and clip short the undersides, make it asymmetrical, you can even shave. If you still want to dye and add highlights to your hair at home, here is how to do it: Step 1: Choose a professional grade shade to dye your hair to a medium to light ash blonde. If you want to add dark ash blonde hair color with highlights, you base color should be one shade darker to show through.Recommended shades: L'Oreal Majirell Porfessional Hair Color in shade 901/Lightest Natural. Firstly she should put the hilights in at the start. before the overall color, then applied the dark red in between. That way they both take at the same time and the result would of been better. As the glaze wash, that was because it was dark pink and she has used an ash to counteract the red tones and it has ended up pink Here are a few tips to help your hair color look perfect. 5 Tips for Flawless Hair Color at Home. Timing really is everything when it comes to cohesive hair color. Think of your hair in three sections; Roots (new growth hair), Mid-lengths, and Ends. Hair color is meant to be on these sections at different times Here are some of the hair care tips you can look into if your black hair is turning brown: Turn To Leave In Conditioner If your hair is changing colour, you need to pay attention to the product you are using that is causing the problem

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  1. Q. What causes hot roots? A. Hot roots are caused by the heat of the scalp acting as a catalyst for color to lift the natural hair, making the first 1/2 inch of hair look a level lighter and/or brighter than the rest of the hair, says L'Oreal Professionnel Artist, Jackie Epperson.But, Ian Michael Black, global artistic director for Aveda, says heat from the scalp isn't the only reason that.
  2. Pink hair can be cute on a person, and when dye is applied safely, it may look good on a dog too! Sometimes, however, a dog's white hair may appear pink or rusty, which may be a cause for concern, or perhaps just a cleaning. Pink dog fur is a result of staining, and the cause should be addressed
  3. Once the hair has been filled and is totally dry, you can move on to the final deeper color. Then, the brown shade is applied to the root and pulled through to the base of the hair
  4. Making The Hair Color Red. Reset the adjustment layer so you can start turning the hair color into red. With the Colors still set to Neutrals, drag the Cyan slider to the left. Drag the Magenta slider a little bit to the right. Drag the Yellow slider to the right to increase the yellows more
  5. How to Dye Red Hair Blonde Without It Turning Orange. Red hair will, at some point of the bleaching process, turn orange. Maybe more of a peach colour, rather than bright pumpkin orange. However, the key step on going from red to blonde is learning how to fix orange hair so it becomes cool, sandy blonde instead
  6. The cat and kittens black hair colour was maintained and/or restored by diets containing a high concentration of tyrosine. Cats fed diets with.<16 g phenylalanine + tyrosine developed 'red hair.' We confirmed the anecdotal reports that the black hair of cats can change from black to reddish-brown
  7. Golden Brown Hair. Hey brown sugar! And toffee and caramel, too. There are so many options in the golden brown hair color world, and they're all absolutely delicious. Any brown hair color with flecks of warmth is a stunning choice for people with peachy skin tones and brown, hazel or green eyes. It will enhance your eye color and prevent.
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How To Prevent Brassy Hair? Take good care of your color-treated hair, especially if you have blonde hair. Hair color can turn into a disaster if not taken proper care of. Here are few tips to prevent your locks from turning brassy. Plan strategically to choose for hair colors. Use the right products for your hair type This will prevent the colour rinsing through your blonde and discolouring it. Rinse in cold water - the colder the better. Cold water seals the hair cuticle slightly so less dye escapes. Use conditioner - this will also seal the hair and reduce the amount of colour in the run-off The 5 Most Common Hair Color Mistakes My hair color came out darker than I wanted Understandably, this is a little trickier to fix than if your color came out too light. But all is not lost—find a clarifying shampoo. Also known as purifying or detox shampoos, clarifying shampoos remove product buildup from your hair for an extra-deep. For orange tones in brown hair: IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Brunette Toning Drops. Brassy hues plague brunettes, too. Specifically designed to eliminate orange and red from dark hair, this bottle contains concentrated blue pigment drops that instantly eliminate brass, make hair shiny, and prevent color fading. The drip packaging lets you. Granted, she did have a pretty banging style in general, her hair was just the icing on the cake. She continues I think red hair is like coriander, you either love it or you hate it. Having a rare hair color can make you a curiosity, which turns you into an ambassador responsible for answer- ing questions

How do you dye your hair dark brown without it turning red

  1. 5 Hair Color Tips For Mature Women By The Best Hair Colorist of The Year and Owner of Nelson j Natural Salon. Nelson Chan's hair color tips for Boomers Do not color your hair too dark, dark color will age you. It creates a fake halo effect on your head. Instead, always stay in lighter shades, like medium brown to blond. A good rule of thumb for highlights is less is more. Over highlighting.
  2. And for redheads, you really can't go wrong with a color-enhancing, shine-boosting hair gloss at the salon. If your red hair starts to fade, consider trying one of Overtone's at-home color-depositing systems.The non-permanent, ammonia-free products gently deposit the color of your choice (with options like vibrant red, rose gold, or pastel blue) on your existing hair color
  3. PRO-TIP: N is best for covering gray hair and giving a natural-looking result. Since gray hairs have lost their natural pigment, they soak up dyes more steadily. That means that brighter color and reds won't always look natural. If you prefer warm or red tones, mixing with the Natural (N) will give your hair a more uniform result
  4. ed by a pigment called melanin. The variation of this pigment varies from person to person due to their gene..
  5. The nice thing about brown hair is that you can easily do your color at home. If you're on a budget or don't want to hit the salon every four weeks for touch-ups, a boxed color might be your best bet. DIY hair color has come a long way and even some of the top beauty editors admit to coloring their own hair
  6. Hair loss is a frequently caused side effect of drugs but hair color is another adverse effect that is rare but bothersome. Black or brown hair changing to blond, greying or reddening of hair, and darkening of originally grey hair have been reported in many cases

New York City-based hairstylist Christine McMillen worked with one of her clients for 11 months to transition box-dyed brown hair to natural gray Instead of going with a single-process all-over blonde color, have your colorist work in highlights and lowlights versus coloring every strand. This minimizes the potential for a whole head of brassiness. Remember, the closer your hair's final color is to its natural color, the less room there is for the color to turn While everyone's hair is different, your dark brown hair will most likely have a red sheen to it with your grey hairs picking up more of the red and orange tones from the red henna. This two step method yields the best results for grey coverage and actually prevents the end result from appearing too red But when you opt to change your natural hair color, you need to know that there are side effects and downsides. For example, brassy tones can happen when you are trying to turn your hair color to blonde. Using store-bought toners is one way to prevent and treat brassiness, but they can also damage your hair Those glossy glamour shots on boxes of at-home hair color may catch your eye with a brilliant shade, but it's vital to keep in mind that the color may not necessarily turn out the same on you

Johnson explains what really happens when hair dye and emotions mix: That black box color is not going to do anything but land you in three months of highlight appointments to get it back out Blonde color did not appear to cover gray and pigmented hair is too warm. The client's hair is dark medium brown with 50% gray. The Level of hair color selected for this client was too light. When using permanent color, the lighter your formula, the more warmth you will create on the pigmented hair and the less gray coverage you will achieve

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  1. If your hair is naturally brown, you have the perfect hair color for going burgundy. It's literally going to be as simple as applying the color to your hair. Things You'll Need: Burgundy box hair dye of your choice; Gloves; Brush for application; Procedure: Put your gloves on and apply the dye to dry hair with your applying brush
  2. The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available! 2. You're using a pre-made, ready-to-use herbal hair dye mix. Another mistake I often see in the emails you send me, is that one wants to cover gray hair using a pre-made, ready to use henna and herbal hair colors mix.. There's nothing more wrong than that
  3. You followed the dye leave-on instructions to a T, but when you wash it out, your color looks more like reverse balayage than single-dye. There's a simple explanation for this: The heat from your scalp gives extra energy to the processing of hair color, which makes the color take one shade lighter at the roots
  4. Feb 25, 2021 - This year I turned 40 and decided to start this epic journey to embrace my silvers! This is going to be a test of will and patience!. See more ideas about hair, gray hair growing out, grow out

As people become older, their hair can turn white. This happens at different ages, and a number of factors, including genetics and stress, may influence it. Find out more about what causes hair to. When your color turns brassy, it can be tempting to just call the salon and have it redone. But, that habit gets expensive real fast — plus, most colorists recommend waiting six to eight weeks.

How to stop my grey roots going red when I dye my hair

The process of changing your hair color will be best managed at the salon than at home even though you can buy cheap drugstore blonde hair dyes. Ash Blonde Hair Dye on Red Hair. If you are a fan of DIY hair dyeing at home, then you might be familiar with ash blonde hair dye on red hair, or turning hair red Getting your hair colored professionally can be expensive—but finding the right hair care system will allow you to go longer between sessions. This blue shampoo gets high marks for protecting brown color from fading that comes along with sun and heat exposure. It also counteracts and even prevents brassy orange and red tones To prevent this effect wearing off, you should apply a special treatment for colored hair once a week. Wash-in rinses can also make color last longer. Many of these contain UV protection that makes hair less vulnerable to sun damage and added care that lets colored hair look healthy I still color my own hair, and my hairdresser always compliments me on my haircolor! I am naturally a medium brown, and I have been getting lots of gray on the top and some at my front hairline. However, I haven't seen my gray for a long time, because I've been coloring forever. Long ago I learned that most dark hair has an underlayer of red in it

What Will Prevent My Blonde Highlights From Turning Red

Besides porphyrins, red yeast (Pityrosporum) can also contribute to tear staining. If there are excessive tears, this moistness can encourage the growth of this type of yeast. If the cause of your dog's white hair turning brown is yeast, you will notice an odor coming from the eye area Some cats change color based on the temperature. The cooler the cat is, the darker its fur grows. Cats also change color as they age. Young cats grow darker, and older cats turn gray. UV rays from the sun bleach dark fur, as does a tyrosine deficiency in the diet. Sudden color changes suggest a hormonal imbalance Choose a boxed color that matches the predominant brown tones in your hair, minus any warmth (look for 'cool' or 'neutral' on the box). Then, rather than applying the dye for the full recommended time, leave it on for between five to ten minutes—and rinse. This should be long enough to cut the red without over saturating your hair color Here are a few natural hair dye recipes. Black pepper and lemon. Skip chemical dyes and try this natural hair dye solution to turn or greys into black. Black pepper has immense benefits for the hair, apart from helping maintain the natural colour of your hair it also promotes hair growth. Black pepper and lemon hair dye So when it comes to hair color, our genetics can produce much more than red, blond, black or brown. There are different shades, for example, light brown and dark brown, or strawberry blonde. 2. Pigmentation. The pigment is what gives color to our skin, eyes, and hair

4 Ways to Color Your Hair Naturally. For red tones: Make a brew of beet and carrot juice and soak your hair in that for an hour or so, it can bring out the reddish highlights in your hair. For brown tones: Soak your hair in coffee for 15 minutes Q: My hair naturally is a light ash brown, I dyed it a chocolate brown about a year ago then got blonde highlights. In the summer my hair gets lighter so it turned a blondish orangish colour. I box dyed it again a few weeks ago and now it's fading drastically and turning orange and I don't know what to do because orange makes my pale face look. Hair follicles within the hair shaft contain pigment cells that contain melanin. This pigment gives your hair, skin, and eyes their color. When these pigment-producing cells in the hair shaft start to die, hair begins to gray. New hair that grows from the hair shaft may turn gray or silver before eventually turning completely white In humans, most gray hair is not related to stress. In fact, hair doesn't actually turn gray at all. Once a hair follicle produces hair, the color is set. If a single strand of hair starts out brown (or red or black or blond), it is never going to change its color (unless you color your hair)

Thank you for writing this article Willow. I naturally have medium to dark brown hair. I'm 66 and for years have used over the counter permanent color to take care of grey roots. Finally, about 5 yrs ago I started going to the salon for high & lowlights which has resulted in much lighter hair than my natural color 1. Use onions. Chop up a quarter of a red onion in the bottom of a sealable container, and place the avocado flesh-side up on the bed of onion. The vapors from the onion will prevent the avocado. If you're one of those rare individuals who are lucky enough to have a Bombay turning brown may just be due to genetics. Bombay's are a cross between a black American Shorthair and a sable Burmese. Sable is a deep chocolate brown color and sometimes Bombay are born this color or may turn this color after being almost completely black I have light ginger hair, but I'm a massive fan of Lush Caca Rouge henna hair dye - messy, but worth it. It makes my hair super coppery and the cocoa butter leaves it shiny. Audrey Gillies. I've always had really red hair but as I got older it was getting darker. One day my then 4 year old son drew a picture of him and I and he drew me. You should look for color additives to use with your color (such as Gray Magic) at your beauty supply store, or else use a pre-softening step before attempting to color the hair. (Presoftening involves using a peroxide developer on the hair for a few minutes to help the hair open up to better absorb the haircolor formula.

While blue shampoo is recommended for color-treated brown hair, natural brunettes can also benefit from its unique formula. A natural brunette can use a blue shampoo even if their hair isn't. When your weed matures, the color of the pistils' hair changes. At first, these hairs are white. As your marijuana approaches maturity, the color changes to red, yellow, or brown. As the pistil matures, it dries out and begins to curl. Once at least half of the hairs have turned red, it is time to consider harvesting your crop piebaldism:born with a blonde (not white/gray) hair patch in the front of my head. now lost color to a patch of forehead skin. can it spread this way? Answered by Dr. Johanna Fricke: Mutations of either : the KIT gene on Chr. 4q12 or the SNA12 gene on C.. All my previous attempts to stop coloring my hair had failed. Whenever the color started to rinse out, I'd look in the mirror and see the insidious gray spreading like hoarfrost over my head. This isn't me, I'd say to the mirror. This is an older woman, someone I wasn't ready to be, the aging not-I

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