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Displayport 1.2. Hurry Shop Now Displayport 1.2 & all Cameras, Computers, Audio, Video, Accessorie Looking for a Accell DisplayPort 1.2? Read Our Expert Review Before You Buy. Our Research Has Helped Over 200 Million People To Find The Best Products Here you can see, that this monitor has Display port 1.2. Bandwith for 3440x1440 144hz is 18.77 gbit/s (results link) but Displayport 1.2 support only 17.28 Gbit/s. So it seems Monitor will not work in 3440x1440 and 144hz?? Or it is specification error Can DisplayPort 1.2 support 3440x1440 at 120 or 144hz? I've read a few articles where people said no, but did the math (according to Wikipedia) and 3440x1440 at 120hz comes just shy of the cables maximum bandwidth

The monitor uses DisplayPort 1.2, and 3440x1440 @100hz is right at the limit of the bandwidth that standard supports. Seriously, a couple hertz higher and you'll get artifacts. You may have luck overclocking at a lower, non-native resolution, but I didn't try Using HDMI 2.0, you can enjoy 3440x1440p resolution at 100Hz refresh rate or 2560x1080p at a blistering 120Hz - nearly twice the bandwidth of most modern televisions! Or go into full on Beast Mode with DisplayPort 1.4 and max out at a full 3440x1440p and 144Hz!* But that's not the only way our monitor sets you up to win Maybe DisplayPort 1.3 would be able to but that isn't really out yet. At the moment DP 1.2 can only hit UHD (close to that res) at 60hz. DP 1.2 can do 1080p@144hz, that may be the source of the confusion. 2. Share. Report Save. level 2. Original Poster 5 years ago Though the store i got it from is waiting for it to get in storage; My question is can I get 3440x1440 @144Hz with HDMI 2.0? or do i need to switch to DP 1.4? 9 comments shar


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Actually no current cards will be able to do 3440x1440 @ 144Hz because it's not doable over Displayport 1.2, it requires the higher bandwidth 1.3 which no cards have yet. Another note there is that 4K @ 60Hz is doable over DP 1.2, this means that 3440x1440 @ 144Hz actually requires a lot more GPU grunt than normal 4K DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft (4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz/144Hz,1080P@240Hz), WARRKY Display Port 1.2 Wire for 144Hz Monitor Gold-Plated Nylon Braided High Speed DP Wire for Gaming Monitor,Graphics Card,Laptop,PC 4.8 out of 5 stars 50 @Vyken Ok, for typical productivity use cases you should be fine going that route.I tend to recommend DisplayPort over HDMI whenever there's a choice simply because DisplayPort has always supported a given setup earlier than HDMI has -- for example, DisplayPort gained 4K 60 Hz support with DP 1.2, which arrived about 3-4 years before HDMI gained it with HDMI 2.0 -- and that maturity tends to. For traditional video cards the display includes a DisplayPort input and two HDMI ports. The HDMI ports are still revision 1.4a so they cannot support 60Hz refresh rates at the monitor's native.. For 144Hz at 1440p, you will need at least HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 while for 4K 144Hz you are going to need HDMI 2.1 or alternatively, DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC 1.2. VGA. VGA (Video Graphics Array) or D-Sub is an old analog connector that maxes out at 1920×1200 and 75Hz

So I have been looking for an Ultrawide Monitor with a resolution of 3440x1440 that also has 144hz and supports G-Sync but to my disappointment I couldn't find one. My question: Why? It exceeds the bandwidth limit of DisplayPort 1.2, and therefore requires a DP 1.3/1.4 controller, which takes more time. There are only a few such monitors. WARRKY DisplayPort Cable supports up to 4K (3840x2160)@60Hz, 2K (2560x1440)@165Hz/ 144Hz, 3440x1440@144Hz and 1080P@240Hz Offering bandwidth up to 21.6 Gbps in High Bit Rate 2 mode with the flawless transmission Clear vision and high performance with DP 1.2. This DP Cable is backward compatible with DP, DP++, and DisplayPort +

3440x1440 @ 144Hz isn't easy, as DisplayPort 1.2 can't handle the bandwidth - which is where DisplayPort 1.3 steps in, as DP 1.3 an handle 3440x1440 at all the way up to 195Hz, and even 4K @ 120Hz. I'm running a GTX 1080 with up-to-date drivers, with a Displayport 1.2 cable, and according to the monitor's onboard menu it's running at DP 1.2. It's a cheapish cable though, I've got a Vesa Certified DP 1.4 cable on order, guess I'll see if that fixes anything when it arrives on Thursday Buy DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft (4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz/144Hz, 1080P@240Hz), WARRKY Display Port 1.2 Wire for 144Hz Monitor Gold-Plated Nylon Braided High Speed DP Wire for Gaming Monitor, Graphics Card, Laptop, PC: S-Video Cables - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase @guptanator The XPS 15 9550 supports DisplayPort 1.2/HBR2 over USB-C. That interface is designed to run up to 4K 60 Hz, since that type of display consumes about 95% of DP 1.2's bandwidth. Running 3440x1440 at 144 Hz requires about 43% more bandwidth than 4K 60 Hz MSI Optix MPG341CQR 34 3440x1440 UWHD 3K 144Hz 1ms 2xHDMI DisplayPort USB Type-C AMD FreeSync HDR 400 Tilt Swivel Height Adjustable LED Curved Gaming Monitor Pixel Pitch: 0.23175(H) x 0.23175(V) Display Colors: 1.07 Billio

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  1. I have a dell xps 15 9570 and a display with a resolution of 3440x1440, at the moment I can only use it in 100Hz mode, due to the limitation of displayport 1.2 Question If I buy a dell dock wd19 with displayport 1.4 and connect it via thunderbolt, could I change the mode to 144hz
  2. • Can DisplayPort do 144hz? To answer simply - yes, it can. Depending on the cable, you can stream in multiple resolutions. The simplest DP 1.2 supports 1080 p and 1440 p resolutions at 144 Hz. The newer 1.3 and 1.4 versions could deliver up to 4K resolution and even higher rate up to 240 Hz for lower resolutions
  3. @laffilippe A 3440x1440 display might work through a WD15, but if it works at all, it would only be if that was the ONLY display connected to the WD15.The WD15 and the Latitude 7490 both only support DisplayPort 1.2/HBR2 over USB-C, and since the WD15 also sets up the USB-C link to carry USB 3.x data, that means you only have half of a DP 1.2 interface worth of bandwidth available
  4. DisplayPort 1.2: Supports up to 4K at 60Hz, some 1.2a ports may also support AMD's FreeSync DisplayPort 1.3: Supports up to 4K at 120Hz or 8K at 30Hz DisplayPort 1.4: Supports up to 8K at 60Hz and HD
  5. He is saying that your 980ti has DisplayPort 1.2 ports, the monitor needs DisplayPort 1.4 to run at 144hz, 4K, and HDR at the same time. DisplayPort 1.2 DOES NOT support HDR to begin with, so if you want to use HDR you need a newer GPU with DisplayPort 1.4 ports
  6. - Backward Compatible to DisplayPort 1.3, 1.2 and 1.1, supports 4K 60Hz, including 4096x2160 60Hz (DCI 4K), 3840x2160 60Hz (UHD), 2560x1600(2.5K), 2560x1440(1440p), 1920x1200, 1080p etc. - Supports high refresh rates: 1920x1080 at 390Hz 360Hz 280Hz 240Hz, 2560x1440 at 240Hz 170Hz 165Hz 144Hz, 2560x1080 at 200Hz 160Hz, 3440x1440 at 200Hz 180Hz etc

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If you have a DisplayPort output, it will be DisplayPort 1.2 and, with a good DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter, you *can* get it to 60Hz. In some (the better) designs, the processor is configured for DisplayPort output and this output is fed into a LSPcon chip that then converts the output from DisplayPort 1.2 format to HDMI 2.0 format - Ultra slim DisplayPort cable, maximize flexibility Configuration - Input: DisplayPort Male - Output: DisplayPort Male - Supports resolutions up to 8K Ultra HD (7680x4320, 4320p) at 60Hz, 5K (5120x2880, 2880p) at 60Hz, 4K(4096x2160 or 3840x2160, 2160p) at 100Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 3440x1440 at 200Hz, 3840x1080, etc - Ultra slim DisplayPort cable, maximize flexibility. Configuration - Input: DisplayPort Male - Output: DisplayPort Male - Supports resolutions up to 8K Ultra HD (7680x4320, 4320p) at 60Hz, 5K (5120x2880, 2880p) at 60Hz, 4K(4096x2160 or 3840x2160, 2160p) at 100Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 3440x1440 at 200Hz, 3840x1080, etc Find Deals on Display Port in Electronic Accessories on Amazon Later DisplayPort connections are even more versatile. DisplayPort 1.2 can output 1080p and 1440p resolutions at 144Hz, while DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4 increased bandwidth to manage up to 240Hz at those same resolutions and up to 120Hz at 4K

Amazon.com: VIOTEK GNV34DBE 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor ..

  1. I tend to recommend DisplayPort over HDMI whenever there's a choice simply because DisplayPort has always supported a given setup earlier than HDMI has -- for example, DisplayPort gained 4K 60 Hz support with DP 1.2, which arrived about 3-4 years before HDMI gained it with HDMI 2.0 -- and that maturity tends to mean there are fewer.
  2. g PC. See at Amazon Best budget 144Hz monito
  3. D-Resolution 3440x1440@60Hz 8bit >> Total Signal Bandwidth: 8.92 Gbps. E-Resolution 3440x1440@100Hz 8bit >> Total Signal Bandwidth: 14.86 Gbps . Now, it is worth mentioning that the Max Effective Bandwidth for HDMI® 1.4 is 8Gbps, and for DisplayPort™ 1.2 it is 17.28Gbps

DP 1.2 - 1.2a supports up to 240 Hz @ 1080p, up to 165 Hz @ 1440p, up to 75 Hz at 2160p DP 1.3 supports up to 240 Hz @ 1080p and 1440p, up to 120 Hz at 2160p DP 1.4 has the same limits w/o compression but with signal compression (DSC) can do 240 Hz at 2160 I was wondering if anyone could advise on a suitable displayport cable capable of 3440x1440 @ 144hz I purchased this officeworks display port cable yesterday and it maxes out at 60hz. It does say on the package; - Upto 7680 x 4320 @ 60hz. I was just hoping :) - 8KUltraHD. - Supports Display Port Version 1.4 - A bunch of other supported stuff I cannot set the screen frequency higher than 50 Hz. Valid values in the drop-down list: 23,24,25,29,30,50 Hz (Resolution is 3440x1440) My monitor: LG 34GK950B-F, native resolution is 3440x1440@144Hz, connected to motherboard by new hdmi 2.0 cable. Model of my motherboard is Gigabyte Aorus Master Z490. It has hdmi 1.4 2560x1440 at a fixed 144 Hz refresh rate and 24-bit color works just fine on DisplayPort 1.2 or higher, as well as HDMI 2.0 or higher. Anything lower than that will also work without trouble on.

The DisplayPort 1.2 is compatible with 144 Hz @ 1080p and 1440p resolution. Fortunately, with the release of DisplayPort 1.4, it now supports both 144 Hz at 1440p and 4K resolution. DVI Dual-Link: Digital Video Interface aka DVI cables is another alternative for playing games at 144 Hz. DVI can be categorized into several categories as well Version 1.2 was approved in May 2010 and includes DisplayPort 1.2 HBR2 data rates, 120 Hz sequential color monitors, and a new display panel control protocol that works through the AUX channel. Version 1.3 was published in February 2011; it includes a new optional Panel Self-Refresh (PSR) feature developed to save system power and further. The regular WD19 when paired with a DisplayPort HBR2 system only has access to half of a DisplayPort 1.2 interface worth of bandwidth. That's enough for dual 1080p 60 Hz or a single 1440p 60 Hz display. You MIGHT be able to get 3440x1440 60 Hz -- not entirely sure since ultrawides are sort of a niche market -- but you definitely wouldn't.

The single 1440p display scenario MIGHT allow 3440x1440 60 Hz (not sure because documentation doesn't typically cover ultrawide resolutions), but 3440x1440 and 1080p together would be too much. If your system supported DisplayPort 1.4/HBR3 over USB-C, then you should have enough bandwidth for that setup KVM Switch DisplayPort G-GSYNC I have a Alienware AW3418DW Monitor (3440x1440 @ 100 Hz) and (3440x1440 @ 120 Hz with G-SYNC Enabled). I have two computers one with EVGA GeForce GTX 960 04G-P4-3968-KR 4GB FTW GAMING (Work Desktop) and the other with EVGA GeForce GTX 970 04G-P4-3978-KR 4GB FTW+ GAMING (SLI) (Gaming Desktop) Samsung LS34J550WQUXEN 34 Ultra Wide LED Monitor - WQHD 3440x1440, Freesync, 2 x HDMI, DisplayPort, Dark Blue/Grey 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,169 £345.60 £ 345 . 6

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Well one thing is that displayport is severely limited in length of the cables, especially at high rez + high hz using a lot of bandwidth. HDMI has no problem doing longer runs of 25' to 50', at least at 1080p. Displayport 1.2 does 16', 1.3 is rated for 6' or so. That is one aspect that displayport really fails at DisplayPort 1.4, by contrast, has a maximum bandwidth of 32.4Gbps and can support 4K resolution at 144Hz. DisplayPort 1.2 is older, introduced in 2010, and less capable than 1.4, supporting a. 2x DisplayPort 1.4; 2x HDMI 2.0; No longer available: Monoprice via Target also has 34 Monoprice Dark Matter Curved 3440x1440 144Hz Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (40776) for $399.99. Shipping is free. Newegg also has 34 Monoprice Dark Matter Curved 3440x1440 144Hz Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (40776) for $399.99. Shipping is fre

Displayport Cable 1.4 240Hz, DP 1.4 Cable 2M Support 8K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz, 2K@240Hz, HBR3 32.4Gbps, HDR, DSC 1.2, G-Sync & Free-Sync, Silkland Display Port Lead 1.4 for Gaming Monitor, Graphics Card 4.6 out of 5 stars 2 About DisplayPort. DisplayPort delivers more high-performance features than any other digital interface. Designed to replace older standards like DVI and VGA, DisplayPort opens up new possibilities in computing, digital displays and consumer electronics. It's the future standard and it's available today With 144Hz monitors becoming more affordable, 1440p 144Hz is more achievable today than ever. Q: Can HDMI Do 144Hz 1440p? HDMI 2.0 specification supports 144Hz at 1440p and up to 240Hz in 1080p. Many 144Hz gaming monitors in the market have HDMI 2.0 ports. You'll also need to use a Premium High-Speed HDMI cable for 144Hz 1440p gaming Free 2-day shipping. Buy AOC CU34G2X-B 34 3440x1440 1ms 144Hz HDMI/DP Curved Gaming Monitor Refurbished at Walmart.co

Compliant with DisplayPort 1.2 (MST is not supported). Resolution/refresh rates: 4K@60hz, QHD@144hz, FHD@144hz. HDR 10 - HDCP 2.2 - Dolby Vision - 4:4:4 chroma sampling. IR remote control. CR-2025 battery not included. Buy Now on Amazon. 1-year US-based warranty when purchased from BuyTESmart.com Displayport 1.2 Cable,4k@60HZ, 3K@144HZ. DisplayPort cable (Displayport 1.0, Displayport 1.1, Dispalyport 1.2, Displayport 1.3, DP, DP++). Compatible with computer equipped to HD monitor/display, projector or gaming graphics card with DisplayPort inpu DisplayPort is one of the latest options in screen connectivity that delivers top quality high-definition video, and this device is DisplayPort 1.2 compliant with support for screen resolutions up to 4K (4096x2160 @24Hz) or Ultra HD (3840x2160 @30Hz) XINCA DisplayPort Cable 6FT DP Male to Male Audio Video Cable Ultra High Speed Gold-Plated DisplayPort 1.2 Supports 3D 4K@60Hz 2K@144Hz Compatible with Computer Desktop Laptop PC Monitor Projector AED 33.00 AED 33 . 0 DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 2m, Snowkids 4K DisplayPort 1.2 Cable[4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz, 2K@144Hz], 1.2 DP to DP Cable Gold-Plated Nylon Braided High Speed cord for Laptop,PC #1 Best Seller 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Cable, WARRKY 1.8m/6ft [Gold-Plated, Aluminium Shell] Uni-Directional Nylon Braided High Speed DP to HDMI Lead with Audio.

E-Mail To A Friend:Asus VG35VQ TUF Gaming 35in Curved HDR Monitor 3440x1440 1ms 100Hz FreeSync DisplayPort 1.2 HDMI (V2.0) x2 USB 3.0 x2 E-mail this product information to: Add your own personal message Silkland 165Hz refresh rate DisplayPort Cable for smooth gameplay Supports 4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz, 2K@144Hz, 2K@120Hz, 3440x1440@100Hz Backwards Compatible with 1080P@165Hz, 1080P@144Hz or Lower refresh rate Compatible for your gaming monitors with FreeSync and G-Sync technology Supports DP, DP++ and DisplayPort++ What cable do I need to achieve 200hz @ 3440x1440 on the new 200hz ultrawide monitors? A 1.4 DP cable? Monoprice™ Select Series DisplayPort® 1.4 Cables are compatible with the newest DisplayPort 1.4 specification. speculating on this when the new HDR 2160p monitors were announced and concluding that DP1.4 / 4a couldn't handle 165 Hz. Samsung to release 144Hz 3440x1440 monitors in 2016 . Samsung are going to release two 144Hz 3440x1440 monitors in 2016, pushing beyond the limitations of DisplayPort 1.2 and offering a high refresh rates at a higher resolution than ever before 35 with 3440x1440 Resolution Curved MVA panel for wide-viewing angles and total immersion Rapid 4ms Response Time and 120Hz Refresh Rate (via Display Port) Display Port 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 connections 2 x USB 3.0 (1 x fast-charging port) Two 2-watt speakers No stuttering or tearing with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technolog

3440x1440 monitors from Box.co.uk. Browse our full range of high definition 3440x1440 monitor deals and start saving today. Free delivery available Buy AOC Gaming CU34G2X - 34 Inch WQHD Curved Monitor, 144Hz, 1 ms, VA, AMD FreeSync, Height Adjust, USB Hub (3440x1440@ 144Hz, 300 cd/m², HDMI/DP/USB 3.0) at Amazon UK. Free delivery and return on eligible orders DisplayPort 1.4 can transmit up to 32.4Gbs bandwidth, which allows a higher resolution of 8K at 60Hz with 10-bit color HDR or 4K at 144Hz to be viewed. Coming with VESA's DSC version 1.2 technology enables up to 3:1 compression ratio to be visually lossless 3440x1440 Ultrawide found in: AOC CU34G2X 34 144Hz Ultra-Wide QHD 1ms FreeSync VA Curved Gaming Monitor, Dell Ultrasharp U3415W 34 21:9 Ultrawide QHD Curved IPS Monitor, Gigabyte G34WQC 34 144Hz Ultra-Wide QHD. Every DisplayPort version since 1.2 has been able to offer 240Hz at 1080p resolution. The DisplayPort 2.0 standard was only announced by its governing body, VESA , in mid-2019, but when supporting monitors, laptops, and graphics cards start to appear, they will offer higher refresh rates and resolutions than anything else out there

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Does anybody know whether Kaveri can support one of the newish 3440x1440 pixel monitors via displayport at 60 Hz in a single drive? I have a 7850 here and would like to give it a try as the 2 different 24 monitor setup I used many years with NVidia blob seems broken with radeonSI. I cannot make ZaphodHeads work First introduced with DisplayPort 1.2, Multi-Stream Transport, or MST, allows you to connect multiple displays to a single DisplayPort connection on your computer. Although the total bandwidth can't exceed the maximum bandwidth of the port you're using, in theory, this technology allows you to run up to 63 separate displays on a single port 2K 2560x1440 @ 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz. -HD 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz. DisplayPort Cable 1.4 8K. -DisplayPort Cable works for all of your devices.

So can displayport do above 3440×1440 21:9 at 120/144hz

item 5 Acer XV340CK P 34 3440x1440 UW-QHD LED LCD FreeSync 1ms 144Hz Monitor 5 - Acer XV340CK P 34 3440x1440 UW-QHD LED LCD FreeSync 1ms 144Hz Monitor $469.99 Free shippin ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B 34 Curved HDR Monitor, WQHD (3440x1440), 165Hz, 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, FreeSync Premium, Eye Care, DisplayPort HDMI USB, Height Adjustable, DisplayHDR 400 Features 34-inch WQHD (3440x1440) 1500R curved gaming monitor with ultra-fast 165Hz (supports 144Hz) refresh rate designed for professional gamers and. The first major update to DisplayPort since version 1.3 was released in September 2014, DP 1.4 is also the first DP standard to take advantage of VESA's Display Stream Compression (DSC) technology. DSC version 1.2 transport enables up to 3:1 compression ratio and has been deemed, through VESA membership testing, to be visually lossless Cooler Master CMI-GM34-CW - 34 Curvo, UWQHD 3440x1440, 3000:1, 1ms, 144Hz, HDMI, Displayport, 2x Bocina 【4K@60Hz Plug & Play】Going beyond ordinary visual effect, this USB C to Display Port cable can drive one or two DP monitors/displays up to 4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz, 2K@144Hz, 3440x1440@144Hz, 1080p@240Hz. Superb resolution and refresh rate provide incredible details for your movie/game/design session. No more flickering or audio cutting out issues

Cable for 3440x1440 @144Hz : ultrawidemasterrac

MSI Optix G24C 23.6 16:9 144 Hz Curved FreeSync VA Gaming Monitor 23.6, 1920 x 1080, Connection DVI DisplayPort 1.2 HDMI 1.4, 144Hz, NTSC 85% sRGB $189.00 B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audi Big Savings on Display Port. Free 2-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime


3440x1440 @ 144hz - 15ft DisplayPort cable

For DisplayPort, you need at least DisplayPort 1.2 for 1080p 144Hz gaming. Q: Is 1ms Better Than 144Hz? 1ms and 144Hz are like apples and oranges. 144Hz means the monitor refreshes 144 times to display an image, while 1ms means the monitor's pixels take one millisecond to shift from one color to another. For gaming, it is better to have both The Syncwire DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cord Cable supports 2K@144Hz and 4K@60Hz for superior video and audio quality. It is able to deliver the signal at a high speed of 17 Gbps. It is also able to support video and audio Synchro transmission as well as smooth audio pass-through for 2, 5.1 or 7.1 uncompressed digital channels Then reboot the machine and Windows should now allow 144Hz. If Windows > Screen Resolution > Advanced does not have that as an option, do it from NVIDIA Control Panel. Please know 144Hz is basically limited on that display to 1080p If you use NVIDIA DSR to go above 1080p, u will not be able to use above 60-75Hz range of refresh The 10-foot cable is DisplayPort (VESA) certified to support DP 1.2 specifications and ensure a high-quality, reliable connection for all of your DisplayPort devices. The DISPLPORT10L is backed by a StarTech.com lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability and ensures that digitally protected content is displayed properly, with both HDCP and.

Amazon[NEW 2019] Acer Nitro VG240YP / VG240Y P 23AOC 34" CU34G2X VA 21:9 Curved 144 Hz - Inet

Product Specification Product Name :DisplayPort cable Product No.:DP107 DP Version :V1.2 1-5M Resolution :2K@144Hz/4K@60Hz 8-10M Resolution :1080P@60Hz Wire Core:Oxygen free copper 3D Effect :Supported Shell:Zinc alloy metal material Connector :24K dense gold-plated Jack:PVC jacket+nylon weaves Model Number: DP107 Connector B: Displayport(DP) Version: DisplayPort 1.2 Packing: Carton Box. I've been waiting for a 32 5k monitor, or an 8k monitor that does not need two DP 1.2 cables, or for a 32 4K 144Hz monitor for nigh on 5 years now. I don't give a toss about DisplayPort 2.0 On the DisplayPort 1.1a version both can show up to a 2560 x 1600 resolution and in the 1.2 version up to a 4096 x 2160 resolution. However, there are no Mini DisplayPort cables that support versions 1.3/1.4/1.4a or 2.0. Basically with the Mini you're limited to the amount of bandwidth that the 1.2 version can output

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