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You can find your local qualified saddle fitter on the Find a Fitter page of The Saddle Bank website. Here you will be able to search for your town and village and find the fitters who are local to you. From here you will be able to contact them directly and make a booking for them to come out Jenny Godwin of JTS Saddlery is a Society of Master Saddler Qualified Saddle Fitter . New & used Leather & synthetic saddles all makes, styles & budgets. Over 25 years in the equestrian industry We are independant saddle fitters, because total comfort for you and your horse matter. Our team of Society of Master Saddlers, Qualified Saddle Fitters mobile saddle fitting services travel to your location to; Assess & Take Tracing

Please do not confuse a Master Saddle Fitter or Qualified Saddle Fitter) with a Master Saddler or Qualified Saddler. These qualification holders are highly skilled at making saddles, bridles and leatherwork but are not necessarily saddle fitters Onsite and online saddle fitting services in the Mid-Atlantic area, to include; Maryland saddle fitting, Pennsylvania saddle fitting, Virginia saddle fitting, West Virginia saddle fitting, New Jersey saddle fittings of non brand bias saddles The Society Of Master Saddlers The Society of Master Saddlers aims to ensure and achieve a high quality of workmanship through setting standards and overseeing the training of the membership's workforce to give their customers a professional and quantified service The MSFC Society was set up in 2013 to represent and provide support for MSFC qualified saddle-fitters The Society of Master Saddlers runs the only qualifications for saddle fitters. They can supply you with a list of qualified fitters who carry an ID card, have to re-register with the Society every..

Overseas Qualified Saddle Fitter: Australia: WWW E-MAIL DETAILS: Judy McArthur Overseas Qualified Saddle Fitter: Australia: WWW E-MAIL DETAILS: Kathryn Sullivan-Butt Overseas Qualified Saddle Fitter: Australia: WWW E-MAIL DETAILS: Luke McConnell Overseas Qualified Saddle Fitter: Australia: WWW E-MAIL DETAILS: Lyn Prescot Antonia Wills - Qualified Saddle Fitter I am fully qualified and registered with the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS), and I operate under the procedures and code of conduct laid down by the SMS. I am happy to not only fit you with a new or secondhand saddle, but also check and alter your existing saddle Welcome to the MSFC Society, a body of saddle-fitters who have completed the Master Saddle-Fitting Consultant course. We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. We work only for the interests of our members, the riding public and, above all, the horse ASFA Qualified Saddle Fitters* Advice on pads, girths, accessories and adjustment; Several payment options, including GE Finance; Ongoing after sales service * Participaing stores only. Ask your local store whether they pariticpate in the 'try before you buy' program, where our Saddle Fitter will come to you and bring a range of saddles to fit.

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  1. Being a Qualified Saddle Fitter by the Society of Master Saddlers allows me to work with all saddle types and brands. In addition, I carry a broad range of saddles to fit your needs, both new and used. Having a multitude of saddles in my stock makes saddle shopping much easier for you
  2. ate the saddle slip. As previously said, saddle fitting is complex and in the case of horses who have saddle slip the complexities are increased further
  3. Kate Wilson is an SMS-Qualified, independent saddle fitter traveling to clients for on-site fitting and flocking throughout NY, NJ, PA, and CT. Test ride demos and used saddles from Black Country, Prestige, Bates, Fairfax, and more from the comfort of your own farm

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  1. We specialise in Remedial Saddle Fitting, and are fully qualified holding the LANTRA accredited qualification of 'Remedial Saddle Fitter' The qualification is very in depth covering Equine Anatomy and Biomechanics as well as Saddle Manufacture and Fitting enabling us to provide you with a highly tailored solution for you and your horse
  2. What does it mean for a saddle fitter to be SMS-Qualified? The Society of Master Saddlers is a trade association based in the UK that oversees qualification and training for everyone in the saddlery trade, from manufacturers and retailers through individual craftspeople and saddle fitters. Currently, the SMS is the only organization to provide industry-wide standards of training and.
  3. Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) qualified and approved saddle fitters located across the UK. Saddle fitters ensure that your saddle is the correct size and fit for your horse or pony helping to promote maximum comfort and performance for both horse and rider

In addition, MSA certified saddle-fitters continually undergo training and are required to follow a strict Code of Conduct that demands they serve the best interest of your horse and you as a consumer. NOTE: It is important to emphasize the difference between the qualifications of a Certified Saddle Fitter and a Master Saddler or Saddler Martin is a Master Saddler and Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter. He started Martin Wilkinson Saddlers in 1973 at the height of the first recession and has gone from strength to strength. Now Martin spends most of his time visiting yards to check and supply saddles. He lectures to veterinary students at The Royal Veterinary. Sarah Rymer - Qualified Saddle Fitter, York. 916 likes · 19 talking about this. Qualified and independent Saddle Fitter

Our saddle fitting team boasts of three Society of Master Saddlers' Qualified Saddle Fitters, one Society of Master Saddlers' Qualified Saddler and our onsite Master Saddler. This ensures that we have the knowledge and experience to ensure the best fit for you and your horse, providing the most comprehensive The Society of Master Saddlers' Qualified Saddle Fitters are dedicated, highly qualified equine professionals and our sole aim is to provide a personal and professional saddle fitting service which will ensure outstanding comfort and performance for both the horse and rider as a combination in whatever discipline they are working in From here I cover Dorset, Somerset and parts of Wiltshire & Hampshire. From my fully insured and equipped workshop I provide a professional and convenient service, ranging from fully qualified saddle fitting, fast and efficient repairs to beautifully crafted leather goods using quality English materials. Enjoy the site

Twenty SMS qualified saddle fitter volunteers were recruited via social media and asked to statically assess the fit of the saddle following the 7 points of saddle fit guidelines of the SMS in 10 horses. Descriptive statistics and Fleiss Kappa (as a measure of agreement beyond chance) were used to determine agreement between fitters Local Qualified saddle fitters We have found a selection of the best, most reliable Qualified saddle fitters in your area. You can click on a trader profile to find out more information, send email/SMS enquiry, or add them to your call back list In this video, Poppy Webber shows you how she cleans a saddle. Properly. She demonstrates on a saddle with some mould on it, discussing the best way to clean.. International Saddle Designers, Qualified Saddle Fitters and Trainers. Dean is the designer of the saddles and Founder of both the original Saddle Exchange Ltd and Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions. Together with his wife Gini he also the trains the agents and Retail Partners and undertake most of the International Fitting and areas of the Uk. With this in mind the SMS formulated the Qualified Saddle Fitters course, a more advanced course aimed at Society members who have been fitting saddles for a number of years and who want to refine their saddle fitting to the standards promoted by the Society and approved by City& Guilds / NPTC

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  1. e field. There are so many different brands, models, widths, tree shapes, panel designs, seats, flap sizes and the list goes on and on
  2. SMS Qualified and Registered Saddle Fitters (Reg. QSF) are required to maintain an average of 15 points over two years. All society members are expected to uphold high professional standards with regard to service, and welfare of horse and rider
  3. Our Qualified Saddle Fitters Visit Format includes: 1 - Introduction to rider (or handler) and horse. 2 - With the horse held in the halter and standing square on a level and firm surface, we check the back for white hairs, lumps and sores, condition and conformation features, and back sensitivity

Master Saddler, Master Harness Maker & SMS Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter. SES Saddlery Ltd was started in 2013. Sarah and her team are passionate craftspeople. SES Saddlery ltd undertake all sorts of repairs, produce beautiful commission work and provide an exceptional saddle fitting service to their client base My Journey to Becoming a Qualified Saddle Fitter I was elated that, on my first attempt, I managed to pass the exam to become a qualified saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers. The exam has a historically low pass rate and I was grateful that the previous five years of hard work and preparation paid off In October 2017 Georgie attained full accreditation as a Society Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter (SMS QSF). The aims of the SMS are to safeguard the quality of work, services, training and qualifications of all those who work in the saddlery trade


Fitters All N2 Saddlery fitters have gone through an extensive training program. They are trained by fitters who have been fitting saddles for a minimum of 9+ years and who are members of the society and hold the Qualified Saddle Fitters Certificate from the Society of Master Saddlers in the United Kingdom Qualified Master Saddler, Rachael Argo. Rachael is also a SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter and has many years of experience in saddle fitting in various countries. We are happy to travel throughout the Atlantic provinces to lecture and do saddle fitting clinics. (We will also do lectures and clinics throughout Canada, please enquire to Rachael) Saddle fitters can be qualified or unqualified, a little bit like Riding Instructors, horses are expensive to keep and it's a false economy to use unqualified people to carry out these important tasks. A correctly fitted saddle can make a huge difference to how a horse goes when being ridden, a poorly fitted one can lead to all sorts of.

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  1. A saddle is only as good as it fits! Having a qualified saddle fitter to fit your saddle is just as important as the saddle you choose. More..
  2. As independent Registered Qualified Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitters, we stand behind the quality and integrity of our services, and are dedicated to finding you and your horse the perfect fit, regardless of brand
  3. Use the services of a Society of Master Saddlers' registered qualified saddle fitter to undertake fitting checks regularly. Always have a new saddle fitted and recognise that it is at least equally importance to have a second-hand saddle fitted. SMS saddle fitters have a comprehensive knowledge of saddle brands and designs
  4. G&T Saddles (Formerly Terri Webb Saddles) offer an experienced, highly knowledgeable and qualified saddle fitting service located in Herefordshire & East Yorkshire yet travelling throughout the Country
  5. Lynda & Siobhan Run by Lynda and Siobhan Records both UK qualified saddle fitters and of equal importance both qualified in re-flocking of saddles to cope with the ever changing shape of your horse. Lynda Records has been in the saddlery business for over 20 years her first shop being Rider

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Heather is a Qualified Saddle Fitter for the Society of Master Saddlers in the UK. This recognized qualification shows her dedication to the industry, and allows her to give better quality and service to her clients. As a Society member, she follows a strict code of conduct to protect clients and other society saddle fitters The highest qualified Independent Master Saddle Fitting Consultant in Ireland. Lauren works alongside the best saddle fitters in the world, her professional standing and reputation is maintained at the very highest levels and is unquestionably the most highly regarded saddle specialist in Ireland

Holly Allan Qualified Saddle Fitter The Society of Master Saddlers (30) Operating as usual. 13/02/2021 Official Partner of British Eventing . Delighted to announce that Bates saddles are now official partners of British Eventing I have completed my three year (full time) Saddle Fitting apprenticeship under Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters, Josephine Dancy and Christine Peart, so will be traveling back to England again to sit my final exams In 2012, Harry Dabbs Saddlemakers was approached by the TRC (Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre) to develop a saddle that would enable their horses to fulfill their potential. To complete the research between the TRC and Dabbs, the ACPAT Horse Physiotherapists and Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters were brought in. The research was led b The Best Saddle for Your Horse is the One That Fits! I specialize in altering your existing saddle to fit you and your horse better. I am Lesley McGill, a bench saddler and SMS qualified saddle fitter, with over a decade of experience in the field and a master at solving complex saddle fitting issues

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This entails passing an introduction to saddle fitting course, 3 years of training working in the saddlery industry or as a mentee of a qualified member, a final training course, exam and assessment in saddle re flocking and adjustments, then a rigerous final course and practical examination in saddle fitting SMS Flocking and Flocking Adjustment - Sept 2013City and Guilds Qualified Saddle Fitters Exam - October 2014. The final two qualifications allowed me to apply for an upgrade to Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter in Oct 2014 and Master Saddler in March 2015

Learn the trade of Saddle Fitting, Saddle Making and Bridlework from Qualified Master Saddlers, Bridle Makers and Qualified Registered Saddle Fitters. English Traditional Training in Saddlery Skills, Modern Training for Saddlery in the US Saddle Fitting . As a fully qualified saddle fitter, Ruth has mastered the art and science of saddle fitting. Have a look below to see how modern English saddles are designed to accommodate horses and riders. And if you are wondering what happens in a saddle assessment session, scan to the bottom of the page.. Rachel is one of our saddle fitting team and joined us in May 2019 after training in Devon. Rachel is a qualified Saddler, Saddle Fitter, and Harness Maker working with a wide range of bespoke pieces and repairs in the David Dyer Saddles workshop with Master Saddler Guy Barrett

S.M.S. Qualified Master Saddle Fitter & Approved Retailer, qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, and a qualified UKCC Level 3 coach/ BHS Accredited Professional Coach, plus a member of B.E.T.A. One of only a small number of saddle fitters in the world with these qualifications This is where an initial discussion with me, Andy Wheals, a Society Qualified Saddle Fitter, can help. Benefit from my specialist saddle fitting knowledge and on-site saddle fitting service , call on 07950 256173 or email andy@thesaddleman.co.uk for advice or an appointment Spring is a busy time for saddle fittings! Please request a saddle fitting by submitting the questions at the bottom and we will contact you. Thank you! Josh has worked on a large variety of English saddle brands over 15+ years and is trained under the Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Fitter guidelines Our team of qualified SMS saddle fitters offer a friendly, helpful and professional service across Cheshire, Shropshire & Staffordshire

Saddle fit, with a high-withered cotton saddle cloth (control) compared with three half pads (viscoelastic gel, wool, and medical-grade, closed-cell foam), was evaluated by five qualified saddle fitters. A Pliance (Novel) pressure mat determined saddle pressures Our fully qualified saddle fitter is also available to check that existing saddles are still fitting as they should and can make adjustments as necessary, either on site, or back at our workshop as appropriate. We also stock a range a range of used saddles.. SADDLE FITTERS: Follow Green Path. Level 1 Intro to Making Saddlery Course. Introduction to Saddle Fitting Course. Level 2 (UK Exam) Level 3 Bridle (UK Exam) City & Guilds Bench Flocking Exam & Qualified Saddle Fitters Exam (UK Exam) Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddler. Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Bridle Maker. Society of.

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Freedom Saddlery offers a fully qualified, independent professional saddle fitting consultation service. S.M.S. Qualified Master Saddle Fitter & Approved Retailer, qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, and a qualified UKCC Level 3 coach/ BHS Accredited Professional Coach, plus a member of B.E.T.A Saddle Fitters: Bespoke Saddles. We are small family partnership specialising in bespoke saddles, saddle fitting, remedial work and bridle work. Katie is a fully qualified saddler and saddle fitter. Registered with the Society of Master Saddlers. We are proud to announce that on 13th September 2007 Katie was... > View Profil The Northern Saddle Company Ltd offers bespoke saddles produced by some of the best in saddle manufacturing that the UK and abroad has to offer; Black Country, Stubben, Fylde & The Saddle Company, fitted by qualified and approved saddle fitter, Nancy Walker Arbitrage Tack focuses on Saddle Fitting for Horse and Rider. Trained by the Society of Master Saddlers, U.K., Deb Fabiani is one of only 25 Qualified Saddle Fitters in the United States. Saddle Fitting based upon years of Education and Training, objectivity of Manufacturers Saddle Fitter. Sue Paine - Qualified City And Guilds Saddler 1981 - Cordwainers College. Interested in Biomechanics, and how Saddles affect interaction between horse and rider. Equestrian Equipment Supplier. Sue Paine - Horse Bit Fit recommended supplier for Bits and Bridles to LANTRA qualified Consultants (Starter Kits available)

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Beverly Harrison is recognized as a Qualified Saddle Fitter by The Society of Master Saddlers (United Kingdom), Ltd. For over two decades, her specialty has been professionally fitting saddles. Learn more about The Society of Master Saddlers (UK) by visiting The Society of Master Saddlers (UK) website. The Effects of a Properly Fitted Saddle As a Qualified Saddle Fitter with the Society of Master SaddIers, UK I couldn't be more pleased to team up with a company that has been an equine industry go-to resource for 43 years in the eastern part of the U.S. It's a tack shop for any discriminating horse lover, and I'm delighted to bring my saddle fitting skills to their. Saddle Fitting Once you have booked an appointment, one of the saddle fitters will then bring a selection of saddles out to fit these criteria. We keep over 150 saddles, new and second hand, in stock at any given time, so we are likely to have something suitable!We have a qualified saddler and saddle fitter plus 2 further qualified registered. Welcome to SC Saddlery Services. I became a Qualified Saddle Fitter in 2008 through the Socitey of Master Saddlers and I sell both new and second hand saddles. If your saddle needs checking and re-balancing this can often be done on site but if the saddle needs a complete reflock or any structural alterations, these are done in the workshop Aitken's Saddle Fitting BOOK NOW make the right choice There are hundreds if not thousands of different saddles, each slightly different in design and performance. Which is why it is so important to get the right advice when choosing a saddle. It's always recommended that you seek the advice of a Society of Master Sad

Experts recommend having your saddle fit checked by a qualified saddle fitter every 6 months. Why? As your horse progresses in his training, gains or loses weight, or ages, his body changes. A saddle that once fit perfectly may not anymore. To keep him performing at the best of his abilities, the saddle fit ma I want to refer to a recent paper appearing in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, which was written by a group of non-scientists who were involved in a study to look at the repeatability of SMS (Society of Master Saddlers) qualified saddle fitters' observations during static saddle fit.What this means basically, is how much agreement was there between allegedly similarly trained and.

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North Yorkshire Saddles are proud to offer SMS and MSFC Qualified Saddle Fitters. We offer a full saddle fitting service, where a consultation with the horse and owner/rider will be undertaken. During your consultation, consideration will be given regarding the horse's type, conformation, condition, current workload and chosen disciplines.The. For a full list of Qualified Saddle Fitters in your area visit the Master Saddlers website by clicking the link above. If you are considering purchasing a saddle from us based on the advice given by your saddler ALWAYS double check that the specification of the saddle is exactly as per the one you are looking for Saddle fitting is a little like driving, you learn the skills when you are qualifying then hone your skill set with experience over the years. Georgie is the founder and director of 'Master Saddle Fitters International' an organisation that travels the world, educating others on saddle fitting practice

Please see the following pages for details of the saddles available and contact Alison with your requirements. Alison has many second hand saddles available. Again, please contact her to discuss your requirements. Alison is a Qualified Saddle Fitter with The Society of Master Saddler Judy McArthur. Highly qualified, starting out in the early 90's Judy has been saddle fitting for over 25 years and during this time has advanced her skills and knowledge culminating in becoming a qualified Overseas UK Saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers in 2010.. This is regarded as the pinnacle of saddle fitting expertise. Being an associate overseas member of the UK Society.

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Express Equine stock a large selection of quality saddles, offering a full saddle fitting service by our qualified saddle fitters, plus any repairs or adjustments. In addition, we offer a wide range of equestrian accessories including bridlework, numnahs, boots and clothing at the most competitive prices Although you are advised to have your saddle fitted by a qualified saddle fitter, it's helpful if you have an understanding of the basics of how to fit a saddle. The Nine Fundamental Points of Saddle Fitting. The nine fundamental points of saddle fitting are used by the Master Saddlers Association when training saddlers In 2012, Harry Dabbs Saddlemakers was approached by the TRC (Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre) to develop a saddle that would enable their horses to fulfill their potential. To complete the research between the TRC and Dabbs, the ACPAT Horse Physiotherapists and Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters were brought in. The research was led b The second rumor is that there is only one Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter here in the US. While I may not put a huge store on a fitter's certification or lack thereof, I am an incorrigible nit-picker and MUST set facts straight by saying that this rumor is also completely false. There are well over a dozen SMS QSFs here in. Georgie Welge is first and foremost a horse lover. On top of that, she is one of the most qualified saddle fitters in the world. She was the first to have achieved three certifications from three different countries. She has been a saddle fitter for 15 years and is a lecturer at 2 major equine universities and colleges in the UK

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Edwards Saddleworld Toowoomba offer mobile saddle fitting and demo rides from a huge range! Our professionally trained saddle fitters have both the qualifications and experience to help you find the perfect saddle. We service Toowoomba, Warwick, Dalby, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Surrounds. Call Now She is pursuing her Qualified Saddle Fitters Certification with the Society of Master Saddlers of the UK, which will be completed next year. In the meantime, she will be travelling to the US and the UK for training to supplement her apprenticeship and skill enhancement. She currently serves Eastern/central Ontario. gemsaddlery.co

Saddle Fitter. Qualified Saddle Fitter registered with the Society of Master Saddlers Since 2010. Bit Fitting. Bit to Fit course, Holland, June, 2016. Flair Conversion. Wow and Flair Conversion Course Participant, Canterbury, May 201 Hannah Apprentice Saddler and Saddle Fitter . Hannah is Level 2 Qualified in Saddle and Bridle Making and Level 3 in Saddle Making. She is originally from Devon and has moved up to the local area to train with Cirencester Saddlers after training for two years, learning basic saddlery at a local Saddlers in Devon and completing regular short course at Salisbury Training Centre The Equestrian Index. Enquiries: + 44 (0) 1432 367977 Add Your Business; Home; Property; Competition; Equestrian News; Advertise with U - European Qualified Saddle Fitters based all over New Zealand - Advice on pads, girths, accessories and adjustment - Several payment options - After sales service. Ask us about our 'try before you buy' program, where our Saddle Fitter will come to you and bring a range of saddles for you to fit your horse To be a Qualified Saddle Fitter in the SMS means that you have been tested rigorously and are bound by a code of ethics that put horse and rider first, not some brand that you represent. In fact, to be a Qualified Saddle Fitter with the SMS means that you can't just represent some brand. Rather, you are required to retail at least 3-5.

Master saddle fitters in Halesworth Juddpurs Saddlery are a family run business based in Halesworth. We provide qualified saddle fitting, saddle repair and tack maintenance services in Norwich, Thetford, Ipswich and the whole of East Anglia A saddle fitting appointment with a qualified saddle fitter will incorporate a brief overview of the horse and rider, including any previous injuries or issues, the horse's current condition and conformation, riding style or discipline, and the suitability of both horse and rider for a particular saddle Helen is a Society of Master Saddlers Registered Master Saddle Fitter and Registered Qualified Bridle Fitter with over 15 years experience. Since 2014 has been an assessor for the SMS Qualified Saddle Fitting Assessment and during 2018 was part of the working party who wrote the SMS Qualified Bridle Fitting Qualification Passionate about rider education - Paula Jeffery, is a Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers, an internationally trained FEI level dressage rider, trainer and EA General Level 1 Coach Master Saddler & Qualified Saddle Fitter Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Powys and Beyond — Michael Burleigh is a leading saddle fitter, working across Herefordshire and surrounding counties. Michael qualified as a Society of Master Saddler's Registered Saddle Fitter since 2000

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