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Step 1: Enter Your Zip Code. Step 2: Find Up To Four Local Pros Use the 6 ft. x 8 ft. Pressure-Treated Spruce Shadowbox Fence Panel to help provide privacy in your yard. This panel is made of solid unpainted spruce, and is treated to provide resistance to termites and fungal decay. It can also be stained or painted as you see fit. Pressure-treated for long lif Shadow Box Horizontal Fence The shadow box fence is considered the good neighbor fence, whether you have horizontal fence or vertical. That's because the posts and boards look good from ether side of the fence. With the shadow box, there are boards on either side, which creates a gap for air flow Shadow Box Boards are 3/4 x 3 1/2 (1x4) or 3/4 x 5 1/2 (1x6). Built with 2x3 Horizontal Backers. All custom wood manufactured with stainless steel nails May 29, 2019 - Explore Bronwen Everett's board Horizontal Fence on Pinterest. See more ideas about horizontal fence, fence, shadow box fence

A shadowbox fence provides the same look on both sides of the fence. This video takes you through the process of building a shadowbox fence, step by step. #T.. A shadowbox fence is a specific style of privacy fencing. Contractors use tall pickets to create a fence that resembles a standard picket or dog-ear fence when you look at it head on. However, rather than attach the pickets all on one side of the rail, they alternate the boards One such similarity is the use of two vertical rows of boards fixed to a horizontal beam. As for what makes them different, the board-on-board fencing style doesn't have gaps where one can peep through, it is totally opaque. The shadow box fence on the other hand has spaces where you could look through if you come up close A horizontal privacy fence around your pool or other backyard creates a more secure perimeter to block wandering eyes and keep your kids and furry friends safe and secure inside your property. We suggest tongue and groove fence pickets for optimal privacy

Today, we're going to show you how to build a horizontal slat fence with a super-modern look. Horizontal fence design has quickly become one of the fastest growing fence trends in outdoor architecture.. And building a slat fence can be a great DIY fence project or a unique fence design contractors can offer to property owners.. So let's get to it With a horizontal fence you need to really plan out your post spacing, which will, in large part, be based on the length of your horizontally oriented fence boards. In our case, we took 16-foot-long fence boards and divided our fence perimeter into even sections, leaving about seven-and-a-half feet from centre to centre of each post Horizontal Shadow Box fence can be built to any height and is offered in lattice top. it can be assembled with the post showing (toe nailed) or covering the post on one side. The most common facing materials are 1/2x4, 5/8x4,and 5/8x 5.5 slat/picket fence boards

Find Shadowbox fencing & gates at Lowe's today. Shop fencing & gates and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com For the shadow box style, I chose to toe-nail the stringers. By placing the 2-by-2 stringer vertically flush with the outside faces of the posts, the outside wall of the fence would be in a single plane, which makes alternating the pickets easier. At the base of the two posts, you can add extra strength by installing a horizontal post flush. The 6 ft. x 8 ft. Pressure-Treated Pine Shadowbox Fence Panel allows you to stylishly add privacy to any outdoor space. This durable panel is made from pine and can be stained or painted to match your personal style or landscaping design. The panel is pre-built for your convenience and features 6 in. wide dog ear pickets for a handsome look Shadowbox Fence - Total Average Cost per square foot: $14.25: $16.52: $19.05: Cost can add up quickly, especially if you're a novice and have never attempted a Shadowbox Fence installation before. I would strongly recommend you hire a licensed and Insured fence contractor to perform the installation for you A cedar shadowbox fence is the perfect neighbor friendly option, since it looks the same from both sides of the fence. This shadowbox was constructed using 1×4 pickets and 2×4 framing face nailed to 5×5 posts with a chamfered top

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  1. It is prohibited by law to build shadow box fences of residential areas, taller than 6 feet, in some US states. A shadow box is a composite wooden fence made up of a staggered arrangement of pickets or vertical wooden boards placed on two or three wooden rails
  2. Horizontal shadow Box Fence is well-known as good neighbor. It means the fence has spaces between the pickets to allow air when passing through, but the fence still block from the neighbor view. If you are planning to build the horizontal shadow box fence, certainly, you have to prepare the tools, the materials and the following instruction below

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Here are six things to consider if you're mulling a new fence: 1. Ipe Is Durable (and Pricey). About 85 percent of the fencing we build is horizontal plank, generally with a six-foot-tall fence, which is the legal max, said Al Terry of New York Decks. Far and away, ipe is the most durable Trim Around Horizontal Fence with Double Gate. Horizontal Pool Equipment Enclosure . Horizontal Shadow Box on Kic

Home » 72 Inch High Specrail Shadowbox Fence . 72 Inch High Specrail Shadowbox Fence . Details: Height: 72 Inches. Width: 96 inches. Number of Horizontal Rails: 3 Rail. Horizontal Rail Size: 1 x 2 x 1 x .125 wall thickness. Vertical Picket Size: 5 x 1.25 x 1/16 wall thickness. Rackability: 8 Inches Over 8 Foot Span. Warranty: Lifetime. A shadow box fence is like a traditional picket fence, except that posts are placed on both sides of the rails. Basically, every other vertical slate is attached to opposite sides of the horizontal structure. By building a fence in this manner, you allow enough air to pass through between posts while attaining a good deal of privacy Description Boards are 3/4 x 3 3/4 (1x4) & or 3/4 x 5 3/4 (1X6) Lumber Available for Shadow Box fence is Western Red Cedar or Pressure Treated. All custom wood manufactured with stainless steel nails. Sections are approximately 8' long

A shadow box fence is a type of privacy fence constructed by placing pickets on opposite sides of the fence, with each picket spaced out. A board is placed in-between the pickets which gives it a shadow effect. A shadow box fence is usually built to a height of about 8 feet tall. The spaces in-between the pickets mean it's a semi-private fence Horizontal Wood Fence with Metal Accents We love the wooden fence with metal accent look. It's pretty versatile style and you can choose from several different metal sheets. Another bonus is you can reduce the overall cost of the fence by using the metal Horizontal fence installation is slightly more advanced than installing a vertical fence, but the extra bit of time and attention pays off—a DIY horizontal fence is a great way to get a little privacy while upping the curb appeal of your home. Once your fence posts have been secured in the ground, you can start building your horizontal fence What Is A Horizontal Fence? In horizontal fencing the board run lengthwise, not up and down. There is less bracing involved than traditional wood fencing, and with two people it goes up so quickly. Horizontal fencing is made up of 4×4 fence posts cemented into the ground, fence boards, and trim boards Visually a horizontal fence will make your yard look more spacious. You may also like these (Better than Neighbours) Outdoor Light Decoration Ideas. Another reason is tall plants and trees will define more and stand out against the horizontal fence

EDIT: Current fence design is 2m high with posts roughly every 15 feet, similar to the image below: I'm wondering if a board-on-board fence design (aka shadow board or shadow box fence) will help much. It seems that there's more wood involved in this design, and so it will cost more Let's look closer at this simple and elegant solution - building a wood fence with horizontal boards with your own hands. It is easy to build, rather cheap, easy to use, requires minimal costs for regular repairing and updates, also it looks very attractive Fencing Building A Horizontal Fence Attaching redwood boards horizontally to fence posts set in concrete. Using a spacer to keep a consistant gap between the boards to allow some light and air to pass Instead of looking flat, shadowbox fences pop in 3-D. Imagine your typical wooden fence construction. You usually have either two horizontal rails -one at the top and one at the bottom - or three rails, with the third in the middle of the fence, like the equator. The pickets, or vertical boards, are attached to the horizontal rails Shadow box fence is a popular type of fence due to it's attractive appearance, and is most often chosen in wood (other types of wood fence are covered in our wood fence cost guide). It carried style as well as being purposeful in it's design and function

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  1. Home / Shadow Box Fence This Western Red Cedar style has pickets on each side of the fence and spaces between them in an alternating pattern which allows for good air flow. This wood fence style also gives each neighbor a clean finished look
  2. One of the more unique horizontal wood fence styles is a cedar horizontal shadowbox fence. The shadow boxes bring additional depth to your fence and allow light to shine through to keep your backyard bright. Custom cedar horizontal shadowbox. Custom cedar horizontal shadowbox
  3. Vinyl semi-privacy fencing provides enough privacy to create a sense of seclusion without completely obstructing views. This style of fencing also allows air to flow through the fence, which helps keep your yard cool and comfortable. Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence Styles Rehoboth and Lewes styles shown in slider

Horizontal Fence Styles Horizontal fence styles utilize cedar deck boards being installed horizontally instead of vertically creating a more modern look. Horizontal fences can be spaced to your own specification or have different sized boards depending on what look you are trying to achieve. Lattice Wood Fence Style How A Horizontal Wood Fence Can Impact The Landscape And Décor Around It. Having a house with a white picket fence used to be the dream a while ago but times change and so does the design of the fence. The horizontal fence designs we're about to have a look at have become the picket fence of the modern era First, multiply your fence length by the number of posts. A 100-foot fence with 12 posts would equal 1,200. Then, add the width of picket to your desired gap between pickets. Many pickets are 5.5 inches wide and a common gap is 1/2 an inch Shadowbox fences feature boards alternating on both sides of the rails. They are an attractive option that give you more privacy in your backyard or other outdoor space. This type of wood fence provides a variety of other benefits including keeping children and pets contained, keeping unwanted. The horizontal wood fence has been become more popular in the past years. The look give a different feel to the property. Standard Picket. This is your standard wood fence. This type of fence doesn't provide much privacy, but will cost less than your typical privacy fence. Shadow Box Fence. KC Fence company also provides different wood.

To add to the stability of a horizontal fence, metal posts set in concrete can be used in addition to the wood panel rails. This adds major cost to the project, but ensures the durability and integrity of the fence. Another approach to preventing warping and cupping is to stagger the boards so that the joints do not fall one on top of the other Horizontal rails that support either pickets, fence boards, or lattice panels. They are spaced between 6 and 8 feet apart, depending on fence height and design. What Type Of Wood Fence Lasts The Longest? Redwood, cedar or pressure-treated pine last the longest. A fence can last about 20 years, if made of a turnout resistant wood Looks like I'm in need of a new 6' privacy fence, one one side of my house. About 140' or so. I kind of like the look of horizontal fences, but I don't know if they'll hold up or if it's more expensive

Horizontal Cedar Fence. Benefits of a Horizontal Cedar Fence: R. Full privacy from neighbors. R. More modern look. R. Fully customizable. Shadow Box Cedar Fence. Benefits of a Box Shadow Cedar Fence: R. Both sides of the fence look equally beautiful. R. Space in between lets air and light through. R Fence Styles Horizontal Shadow Box Fence: The Austin Fence Company installs our Horizontal Shadow Box Fences on 4 x4 posts set 24 inches Monday, 04 July 2011 7

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  1. Owasso 918-272-5555 Toll-Free 1-866-989-4555 Fax 918-274-3787 Why call us... 6817 N 115TH E AVE OWASSO, OK 7405
  2. als in the same way as a privacy fence. Because the slats are close together it is not possible to slip between them making it.
  3. Our quality wood fences can add security, value, beauty, and privacy to any property. All wood fencing is offered in various heights and sizes. Our most popular wood fencing styles are the standard wood privacy fence, shadow box fence, horizontal fence, and the picket fence
  4. Our own horizontal shadowbox (board-on-board) fence panel Love our quality but want a different style?. Product samples are for the asking, expect massive. The single Cedar horizontal shadowbo panel in the background is
  5. The shadow box style privacy fence is constructed similarly to the standard privacy fence with regard to the post and 2x4 cross members and overall height of fence. The difference with the shadow box style is that the pickets are spaced approximately 2 apart and the opposite side of the fence has the pickets positioned to conceal the 2 gap
  6. Browse 29 Shadowbox Fence on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning shadowbox fence or are building designer shadowbox fence from scratch, Houzz has 29 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Integrous and Muscogee Fence. Look through shadowbox fence pictures in different colors and styles and when you find some shadowbox fence that.
  7. Apple Fence Austin - Iron Railing Ornamental Iron Fences Custom Horizontal Fences Shadow Box Fence Gallery Fence Austin can provide Ornamental Wrought Iron Railing for steps, porches, decks, and patios

PVC Plastic Shadow Box Fence: Most are NOT APPROVED, because the center horizontal cross member extends through both sides of the fence and is less than 45 inches above the bottom horizontal cross member. The fence is climbable regardless of the spacing of the vertical pieces The style of a custom built fence varies by individual taste. It can be as simple a basic picket fence or as decorative as a shadowbox style with elaborate finials and a scalloped top. Most of our installations are custom built. We set your posts in solid concrete footers, install the horizontal rails, place each vertical picket and build your.

Austin Brothers Fence Company has built its reputation on quality materials, gorgeous design, and attention to detail. We're incredibly proud of the fences we build, and we believe pictures accomplish a lot more than words when it comes to promising quality on every job; that's why we're excited to offer the largest online gallery of fences for you to browse ( left ) Horizontal Shadow Box Fence with Red Wood Stain ( Monday, 25 July 2011 Tuesday, 26 July 2011. 56. The Austin Fence Company Custom Fence 512-699-2825 (Uncategorised Content) whether inside or outside your home. For samples, look through the examples Tuesday, 10 May 2011 3. Austin Fence Company Monday, 25 July 2011 26 Building A Shadowbox Fence How to properly dig the post holes and set the posts in concrete. Attaching the pickets to create a neighbor friendly shadowbox fence or create a privacy fence using the board-on-board technique

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Vinyl Shadowbox Fence Panels. This version of vinyl picket fencing features a closed system wherein pickets do not extend past the top horizontal rail. You can choose between several picket dimensions, including 7/8 x 3, 7/8 x 1.5, 1.5 x 1.5 and more. We can also create a pattern of alternating picket dimensions, should desire to do so Fence. As a premier source on fencing in the industry, Poly Vinyl Creations, Inc. offers a wide variety of fence products which includes Vinyl, Molded Fence, Steel & Aluminum fences and newest to our collection, Welded Wire fences! Focused on custom design, Poly Vinyl Creations offers fencing from 12 high to 12' high depending on the application

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The board on board style of a shadow box fence is a little more modern than our standard privacy fence styles. Another advantage of the board on board fence is that some of the wind can pass through the vertical spaces that are left between the fence pickets making it a good choice for gardeners and folks who live in high wind areas The Slipfence HORIZONTAL Fence system was specifically designed to provide the strength and endurance of Aluminum with the warmth and beauty of wood.By combining 3 Square Aluminum Fence posts and two custom designed left and right Aluminum U Channels with regular size 5/4 Deck boards (Actually 1 thick) that slip easily down the channels attached to the Aluminum Fence Posts, the.

Shadow Box A shadowbox fence is like a privacy fence, except instead of the pickets being side by side, one picket goes on one side, then the next picket goes on the other side. A shadowbox fence is not completely private because you can see a glimpse of the neighbor's yard through the fence. There is only a small gap, so you can't see. Wood fence installation. Best fence installation service in Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port, and surrounding area

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  1. The horizontal wood board is placed inside the black steel frame, creating a nice combination of two different materials in one fence design. Vertical Wood and Steel Fence This one looks quite similar to the previous redwood fence designs ideas but the planks are placed vertically and finished with a brighter shade
  2. Horizontal Cedar. We can create a custom horizontal cedar fence with a wide range of variations to make it truly your own. We're able to create a horizontal wood fence with small gaps, or on the other side of the spectrum, we can set each plank tightly against the other, allowing no light to shine through
  3. Bring over the first panel of shadowbox fencing and lean it against the first two posts. The three horizontal rail boards that the pickets are nailed to should overlap each post at either end by 2 inches. Lay down the 6-by-6-inch block of wood with a board set at a right angle to create a simple lever and fulcrum
  4. The Cedar Straight Shadowbox style of wood fence is popular for it's good looks on both sides of the fence. This style is also known as a board on board wood fence. There is no worries about which side faces in or out on this style
  5. Shadow box fence - Billboards table in table are a type of wooden fence built to allow airflow while protecting visual privacy of your home and yard. The fence is constructed using similar techniques to other wooden privacy fences. The horizontal tracks are added to the installed fence posts. Stuffing tables, or pickets, are screwed
  6. g more and more popular in Leesburg, VA, adding a different personality to your property. Constructed a little different than the vertical shadowbox fence, it is still a sturdy fence that will last for years
  7. The unique design of the Horizons Horizontal Fence System utilizes the low-maintenance interlocking fence pickets and posts of the Trex Fencing line. Combine this with the exclusive patent pending FDS Horizontal Fence System and you have a horizontal fence that is both beautiful and functional

Horizontal Fence. The Slipfence HORIZONTAL Fence system was specifically designed to provide the strength and endurance of Aluminum with the warmth and beauty of wood.By combining 3 Square Aluminum Fence posts and two custom designed left and right Aluminum U Channels with regular size 5/4 Deck boards (Actually 1 thick) that slip easily down the channels attached to the Aluminum. Horizontal (1) Lattice (7) Pointed (4) Post Type. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Corner (5) End (5 Click to add item 6 x 8 Pressure Treated Shadow Box Wood Fence Panel to the compare list I have a fairly new shadowbox privacy fence with vertical 1x6's. I had it built so it looks the same from either side,and the horizontal 2x4's are now sagging, because they are installed horizontal instead of vertical. What would be the best way to straighten them There are three horizontal 2x4's per 6 foot section

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Points of Interest acrylic wall pocket vertical garden bromeliads stamped cement floor horizontal wood plank security fence screen-top pergola in darker stain calling back copper planter. 3. Twin Planters. Shadowbox. Points of Interest. Illusions Fence is the best PVC vinyl fencing in the industry. With over 60 standard styles of vinyl fencing that can be mix and matched in 35 colors and 5 authentic wood grains, no other company can even come close to the available choices of colors, styles, and wood grains Illusions is able to provide for you A shadowbox fence is only slightly more expensive than a solid dog ear fence style. It uses only a few more boards but is slightly trickier to build. It's unique in that it has boards/pickets on both sides of the horizontal rails/ runners GET INTOUCH WITH US CONTACT US. We will be glad to answer your questions, feel free to ask a piece of information or a quotation. We are looking forward to work with you

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SHADOWBOX. Shadowbox fencing is built by alternating fence boards on either side of the fence. The 2×4 rails are at the top and lower portion of the fence similar to dog ear fencing. The fence looks the same on both sides. When looking directly at the fence, the boards are overlapping on opposing sides of the 2x4s which offers privacy Shadowbox fence allows for the perfect amount of privacy and will allow your yard to breathe. This wooden fencing has sections that are made by alternating pickets on both sides of the backing rail. When looking straight on at a section, the fence appears solid. However, when looking at the section at an angle, the other side is visible Locate your property's boundary lines. Precisely marking the fence layout is the critical first step in a quality installation. Stake the locations of each Corner Post and Gate Post. Line Posts should be spaced the length of your rail + 2″, on center. The exact spacing may be modified depending on rails used, fence height and ground slope

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Labor tasks - Layout post locations. Dig post holes up to 3' deep. Set wood posts in concrete at 8' spacing. Install 2 horizontal rails between posts and nail 6' tall by 6wide fence boards to rails. Shadowbox Fence cost estimates may require an onsite inspection. Usually these estimates will be free For fences 6 feet high or taller, use three fence stringers. Place the first stringer approximately 10 inches off the ground, the second stringer approximately 10 inches from the top, and the final stringer evenly spaced between the two. Use a measuring string and a level to help you mark the same place on each fence post Without this intermediate support over time the horizontal boards might bow and the fence lose its neat appearance. Edit: Six-ft fences with vertical slats have three rails and taller fences may have four rails. This suggests that the fences with horizontal boards should have the 2x4s between the posts to support and stiffen the board slats

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HORIZONTAL FENCING A horizontal privacy fence is a modern fence design that incorporates different grades of redwood, with the planks laying horizontally, instead of vertically. A perimeter built with horizontal fence panels adds a beautiful range of outdoor aesthetic and personality to backyards, front yards, or any commercial property What makes a shadow box fence unique is that every other vertical slat is attached to opposite sides of the horizontal structure. This makes the fence more durable as the wind can flow through the fence. My main reason for wanting this type of fence was so my dog could see out. Angle view of a shadow box fence. Building a wooden privacy fence Shadow Box Fences. A shadow box fence is a type of picket fence that finds a compromise between traditional picket fences and privacy fences. In this design, two rows of pickets, one on each side. Fence Works offers a 1 year workmanship warranty on each fence. If you'd like to add an extended warranty on your fence, please contact us for pricing. Fence Works is licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina. We are also BBB accredited. We provide free estimates and will work to beat any price quote obtained by another company

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This shadow box fence surrounded the courtyard of the house. It made for a super area to just relax and enjoy that part of the yard. This fence allowed for some privacy between neighbors but allowed for the needed air flow. Pressure treated fence for a less expensive option. Sometimes a treated pine fence is a less expensive option Cedar is the top of the line in wood fencing. Its reddish brown color gives it a warm, rugged appearance. The physical characteristics of cedar make it an ideal choice for a privacy fence. Cedar has very little tendency to warp, weathers extremely well, and has natural resistance to insects and decay. Although initially higher in [

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This fence panel features (3) 2x3 stud grade backer rails for added stability. This is a sturdy fence panel, perfect for creating a privacy fence for your yard. View More. Severe Weather 6-ft H x 8-ft W Cedar Dog Ear Fence Panel. This incense cedar fence panel stands 6-ft tall, and is 8-ft long. It is a privacy fence, so you can create a. The shadow box fence is a stylistic alternative to a traditional horizontal or vertical wooden fence. Unlike a board on board or horizontal fence, the shadow box fence has gaps between the pickets. This is both a pro and a con, as it allows wind to pass through with little resistance, at the cost of less privacy Shadow Box Wood Fence Horizontal. Understanding shadow box wood fence decoration, The exception of the fence that can learn it comes to your subscription until the first post apx feet. Over a bit making it a shadowbox privacy fence basically i needed them every few common wood can also describes and video reduced from get shadow box fence gate. SUPERIOR FENCE & RAIL OFFERS A COMPLETE RANGE of fence products, with the highest quality material available. From pool fencing and screen enclosures, to ornamental and decorative styles of fencing for dog fence, field fencing, security fence, and all different types of privacy fencing

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PDF DIY shadow box fence plans Plans Download. wooden bridge designs 2×4 shelf plans garage dog kennel coffee table plans woodworking plans kids toys pergola ideas plans. dog kennel coffee table plans birdhouse plans edmonton woodcraft veneer. Vide The horizontal fence is a relatively recent addition to the repertoire of Details Landscape Art, one of Sonoma County's elite design-build contractors. As recent posts have indicated, we have been building fences as part of the landscape services we have offered since 1991. The horizontal fence has become increasingly more popular as a unique.

Our new 1x6 board on board shadowbox fence in 3 weeksPrivacy FenceCustom Wood Fence Austin TX | Horizontal Cedar & Picket

Horizontal Shadowbox (3) Horizontal Shadowbox with Taper. Spaced Picket with Dog-Eared Boards and Archtop Gate. OTHER Available fence materials. Aluminum Fence. PVC / Vinyl Fence. Chain Link Fence. Contact Us. Call941-351-8989. Hours Of Operation. MON-FRI 8:00AM - 5:00PM . SAT-SUNClosed combo - 6' dog ear picket and deer fence transition. custom - 4+2 with lattice. custom - 5+1 with deck rail. custom - 8' board on board - runner side. custom - horizontal shadowbox. custom - horizontal. custom - horizontal 2. custom- stepped horizontal fencing. 3' 8 Horizontal with Alternating Pickets Our most affordable Fence style is a 2 rail dog ear or flat top Western Red Cedar fence using Master Halco Postmaster Galvanized Steel Posts for a fence that will withstand the true elements of the Pacific NW. Shadow Box Fence (Good Neighbor) Wood Horizontal. A great modern fence style to enhance curb appeal for any home. The posts in.

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