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Otherwise, although a baby is considered full-term after 37 weeks, most doctors' offices won't schedule a C-section until you have reached 39 weeks gestation. Babies develop at different rates, and some aren't ready to be born at the 37-week mark. Over the past decade, doctors have studied late preterm births in depth FTM and I have to have a c-section and my doctor prefers it to be at 39 weeks up to a couple of days prior to 40. I scheduled it for 5 days prior to due date. If you wait until 40 and if you go into labor early it may cause a little more stress on you. Babies are totally fine delivering at 39 weeks Elective C section at 39 or 40 weeks? (31 Posts) Add message | Report. iwantitnow Sun 15-Feb-09 19:23:31. Consultants are suggesting that if I have an elective it will be at 39 weeks - are there any advantages/disadvantage for the baby in letting it cook for another week. If I go into spontaneous labour they will probably section me anyway

FRIDAY, Feb. 10 (HealthDay News) -- A new childbirth study says 39 weeks' gestation is the best time for elective Cesarean delivery for women who have previously delivered via C-section. The research was slated for presentation Friday at a meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Dallas If your provider talks to you about scheduling a c-section, ask if you can wait until at least 39 weeks to have your baby. This gives your baby's lungs and brain all the time they need to fully grow and develop before he's born If your practitioner agrees to perform an elective C-section, it should not be performed until you are past 39 weeks of pregnancy to reduce the risk of preterm delivery of your baby. However, some studies have indicated that 37 or 38 weeks poses little to no harm for the mother or baby You end to have your c-section before you go into labor if possible. 39 weeks is fairly standard for repeat c-sections in the US, though sometimes they schedule them at 38 weeks. I had my repeat c-section at 39 weeks. I am high risk due to a clotting disorder. So sorry about your loses. Did they every test you to figure out the reason

Why the concern after two weeks? When a pregnancy lasts longer than 42 weeks, amniotic fluid might begin to decrease and there's an increased risk of having a baby significantly larger than average (fetal macrosomia). There's also an increased risk of C-section, fetal inhalation of fecal waste (meconium aspiration) and stillbirth A Week-By-Week Guide to C-Section Recovery Week 1. The first week after your C-section, you can expect to feel some numbness and soreness at the incision site. It's normal for your scar to be slightly raised, puffy, and even darker than your normal skin tone, so don't be alarmed Pre-term is in the tabular list as before 37 completed weeks of gestation, and we may infer post-term because it has a parenthetical clause of 40-42 weeks in the index

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  1. Sometimes a woman with a healthy pregnancy will ask for labor to be induced at 39 or 40 weeks. Previous studies suggested that inducing labor may increase the risk of needing a cesarean delivery or C-section, which is major surgery. It takes longer to recover from surgery than a vaginal birth
  2. Scheduled c-section okay at 40 weeks? (7 Posts) Add message | Report. TrixieLox Thu 06-Jun-13 18:29:49. My baby's transverse but there's no spots available for a planned c-section until the day before my due date. There may be a cancellation and the dr will call if so (possibly on the day, eek... he even asked me not to eat breakfast until 9.
  3. At 40 weeks of gestation, your baby is about the size of a melon, measures at approximately 19 to 22 inches long, and likely weighs between 7 and 9 pounds
  4. If a c-section is planned, it will usually be scheduled for no earlier than 39 weeks. To make sure your baby hasn't changed position in the meantime, you'll have an ultrasound at the hospital to confirm his position just before the surgery. 40 weeks. 41 weeks. Get the BabyCenter app
  5. The rate of respiratory problems is 10% for elective C-section at 37 weeks, but it is 2.8% for intended vaginal deliveries. That is why we say you should never do elective cesarean section at 37.

More women over 35 are choosing elective C-section, citing a desire to control the timing of their maternity leave. But 2019 research suggests the risks associated with C-section are double in this age group compared to vaginal delivery. Learn more in this week's Your Pregnancy Matters MedBlog I do see patients who ask to be induced or to have a C-section right at 40 weeks or on a certain day. Reasons I've heard include work schedule conflicts, a grandparent wanting to fly in for the birth, wanting to make sure a certain doctor is available, and not wanting a certain birthdate such as 9/11 Scheduling a C-section. The TBT suggests performing a C-section at 39 weeks if your baby is in the breech position, says Dr. Cahill. (In general, C-sections that are unplanned or performed after.

Scheduled C-section at 38 weeks!!: Hi ladies, I am 36 weeks and 4 days today and my Dr told me that I will have to have a c section because I had a myoctomy( 29 fibroids removal through my abdomen) back in Ottawa (I moved in Calgary at end of 2012). Didn't know it was a big deal, apparently my uterus cannot carry a baby until 40 weeks.!! In the absence of medical need, planned, elective C-section before 39 weeks gestation is not recommended by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), unless testing shows that the..

The due date is 40 weeks 0 days. The 39 week rule is designed to protect babies from complications of early term delivery. Babies born after induction or cesarean section before 39 weeks have more complications, admissions to intensive care units, and even mortality, when compared to those born after 39 weeks This study was conducted to compare neonatal complications in scheduled cesarean sections (CS) between 38 and 39 gestational weeks with CS performed after 39 gestational weeks in Iranian low -risk pregnant women. In this cohort study, 2086 patients were enrolled based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The neonates were evaluated in terms of the following items: transient tachypnea of. Study Shows 36% of Planned C-Sections Are Performed Before 39 Weeks of Gestation. By Salynn Boyles WebMD Health News. Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD Jan. 7, 2009 -- More than a third of babies born by planned, repeat C-section in the U.S. are delivered before 39 weeks gestation, and these babies are at increased risk for birth-related health problems as a result, a study shows According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a nonprofit advocate for women's health care, a normal pregnancy can last from 37 to 42 weeks, but the average length is 40 weeks

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A baby's brain at 35 weeks of pregnancy weighs only two-thirds of what it will weigh at 39 to 40 weeks. He's less likely to have health problems after birth, like breathing, vision and hearing problems. Babies born by c-section may have more breathing and other medical problems than babies born by vaginal birth. Needing a c-section in. I'm a little over 36 weeks pregnant and at my appointment today the Doc said the baby is measuring about 40 weeks. She scheduled me for an ultrasound next week and is talking about inducing me early, or if the baby is over 10 lbs according to Ultrasound, then scheduling a C-Section As the pregnancy nears the 40 th week, health care providers can attempt to turn the baby with a manual procedure called external cephalic version (ECV) that involves pushing on the mom's abdomen, but it doesn't always work My recovery was brutal, due to the pushing and the c-section. The actual c section was chaotic and scary, I ended up happy to have a healthy baby, but the process was profoundly unpleasant. My second (who is right now 5 weeks old) was a planned c section, and was totally awesome. I knew what would happen, the whole thing was far more laid back

In the case of caesarean sections, rates of respiratory death were 14 times higher in pre-labor at 37 compared with 40 weeks gestation, and 8.2 times higher for pre-labor caesarean at 38 weeks. In this review, no studies found decreased neonatal morbidity due to non-medically indicated (elective) delivery before 39 weeks I'm not yet pregnant, but I'm 37 and trying for my 4th baby. I've had 3 babies by c section so if we're successful this will be my fourth c section. My youngest is 4 years old and since having her I also had a tummy tuck! I've been told it's all possible although that doesn't make it any less scary! Good luck with everything x My mother often reminded me growing up, that I was a breech baby and the reason she has a c-section bikini scar. This lingered in the back of my mind during my own pregnancy, while I planned my birth center birth. During a brief ultrasound at 36 weeks, my midwife confirmed that the baby was breech and I sensed a bit of history repeating itself

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Still, if you're at the end of your rope (and who isn't by 40 weeks and beyond?), you might want to try some natural ways to induce labor. What happens next. Very occasionally, labor induction doesn't work, especially if the cervix isn't effaced and dilated The pink tint comes from the red blood vessels that are visible through your baby's still-thin skin. Because your baby's blood circulation is still maturing, his hands and feet may be bluish for a few days. Over the next six months, your baby's skin will develop its permanent color. Your baby at 40 weeks Tap the plus for more detail Hi, im a first time mummy and had my beautiful little boy in the early hours of Friday, 10 weeks early by emergency c section because of fetal distress. Ive now left hospital and am an emotional wreck not coming home with my baby. All signs are good so far, hes been moved from nicu to high dependency

Reasons for a C-Section: Medical, Personal, or Other. Medically reviewed by Katie Mena, M.D. — Written by the Healthline Editorial Team on July 7, 2016. Share on Pinterest Because the due date (also called the expected delivery date, or EDD) may be wrong. Your due date is 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) In most cases, it is not a good idea to undergo a C-section when you are 37 weeks pregnant. If you and your baby are healthy, it is always better to opt for vaginal delivery. Even in case of certain complications, it is better to wait until at least 39 weeks of pregnancy. There are many reasons why you should wait until 39 th week O75.82 Onset (spontaneous) of labor after 37 completed weeks of gestation but before 39 completed weeks gestation, with delivery by (planned) cesarean section O75.89 Other specified complications of labor and delivery . O75.9.

I had my daughter at 29 weeks via c-section due to placental abruption and pre eclampsia. She was 3lbs 3ozs. I had my son at 30 weeks via c-section due to blood clots and placenta previa. He was 3lbs 1oz. And, I am having my next daughter via c-section in 4 days Ugh. Mobile is being wonky. What I was going up add is that per new ACOG guidelines as others have mentioned, 39 weeks is now considered full term and that's when inductions and c/s are now recommended BUT 37 weeks is still considered early term so I would think with placenta previa and its bleeding risks, 38 weeks is a good compromise

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I'm 40 weeks as of today and even though the baby is already in position I'm only a fingertip dilated. Most doctors that talk about inducing women in their 37 or 38 weeks do so because said women have problems, like preeclampsia, diabetes, etc. A woman doesn't need to be induced that early if no problem is present The Size of the Fetus at 40 Weeks Pregnant. At 40 weeks, the average fetus is about the size of a pumpkin. On average, babies weigh between six and nine pounds at birth, and measure between 18 and 20 inches from crown to rump. This is just an average — pretty soon you'll know your baby's exact birth weight and length Although research shows that about 85 percent of breech babies are delivered by C-section, some doctors may attempt a vaginal delivery, especially if some of the following factors are in place: Your baby is full-term, not too big, in the frank breech position and shows no signs of distres

Hey guys! I'm back and have a few videos for you. I filmed this one on August 31st (two weeks prior to this posting), and Henry Vaughn was two weeks old. He'.. The two true reasons for a c-section-a head that is too large to fit through the birth canal and placental failure-become more common late in pregnancy. Other complications, like gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and low levels of amniotic fluid, also become more common past 40 weeks This was also confirmed by an ultrasound (at my last visit a week ago, baby was in the heads-down position and had been so for several weeks). I have been given three more days to see if the baby will turn before my doctor wants to schedule at C-section (at 40+3)

Doctors recommend you wait at least six weeks after a C-section before having sex and generally encourage using birth control until six to 18 months postpartum. The longer you have to recover and heal, the lower your risk of complications. That said, if you do get pregnant before the recommended timeline, you can still have a healthy pregnancy Here's another thing to think about: At 35 weeks of gestation, the brain weighs only about two thirds of what it will at 40 weeks. Preliminary data show that full-term babies do better in school. gestation beyond 40 weeks Rates of VBAC are consistently lower in women who attempt TOLAC after 40 weeks' gestation. However, most studies have not shown that the risk of uterine rupture is. Z3A.40 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes. The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM Z3A.40 became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of Z3A.40 - other international versions of ICD-10 Z3A.40 may differ

I had so many complications with my third baby they did a section at 36 weeks. My three kids were all early: 37, 37+5 and 36 weeks. Marie: I had an elective C-section at 38 weeks exactly due to being high risk with cholestasis and gestational diabetes. I had a four-degree tear with my first so going natural wasn't an option Between 24-29 weeks most babies turn vertical and some will be breech. By 30-32 weeks most babies flip head down and bottom up. By 34 weeks pregnant, the provider expects baby to be head down. Between 36-37 weeks, a provider may suggest a external cephalic version. About 3-4% of full term babies are breech; term is from 37-42 weeks gestation Intrauterine fetal demise: Copper reported that the rate of stillbirth is consistent from 23 to 40 weeks EGA with about 5% of all stillbirths occurring at each week of gestation. Yudkin reported a rate of 0.6 stillbirths per 1000 live births from 33 to 39 weeks EGA. After 39 weeks EGA, a significant increase in the stillbirth rate was reported. The risk of respiratory morbidity, including transient tachypnea of the newborn, respiratory distress syndrome, and persistent pulmonary hypertension, is higher for elective cesarean delivery compared with vaginal delivery when delivery is earlier than 39-40 weeks of gestation 8 9

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Fetal growth and development is a continuum, with the optimal time of birth at 39 to 40 weeks' gestation. Fetal brain development accelerates rapidly in the later stages of pregnancy from 32 weeks' gestation, making it vulnerable to disruption from shortened gestation. 1, 2 There is growing evidence that, in addition to preterm birth (≤37 weeks' gestation), infants born early term (37. After delivering your baby by C-section, your doctor will tell you how to care for your incision. This care should include: Do: Keeping the area dry and clean. Use warm, soapy water to wash your incision daily (usually when you shower). Pat the area dry after cleaning. If your doctor used tape strips on your incision, let them fall off on their. Full-term has traditionally been defined as any time between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, with your estimated due date at 40 weeks near the middle of this window. However, more and more research shows that babies born during the 37th and 38th weeks of pregnancy, whether labor started on its own or was induced, face a higher risk of several.

The perinatal mortality rate (i.e., stillbirths plus neonatal deaths) of two to three deaths per 1,000 deliveries at 40 weeks' gestation approximately doubles by 42 weeks and is four to six times. The researchers found that, compared to babies delivered by C-section at 39 weeks of gestation, those born at 37 or 38 weeks had a higher rate of breathing problems, blood sugar problems and. At 41 weeks, the adjusted odds were not significantly higher than those at 40 weeks' gestation. Among low-risk multiparas who had a cesarean section before the onset of labor, the adjusted odds of admission to neonatal intensive care at 37 weeks' gestation were 15.40 (99% CI 12.87-18.43); at 38 weeks, 12.13 (99% CI 10.37-14.19); and at 39 weeks. I have been given the ok for a planned c-section and because I have been experiencing less fetal movements they are delivering my baby boy tomorrow!!!Welcome.. A woman with a prior classical C-section delivery should deliver at 36-37 weeks gestation via C-section (7). Multiple previous C-sections. Women who have had more than one previous cesarean delivery should have a C-section delivery, and that delivery should usually occur early (7). Prior myectomy. A myectomy is a surgery to remove pelvic tumors

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At this time, your baby's brain is about two-thirds of what it will weigh at 39 or 40 weeks, when your baby is considered full term. At 35 weeks, the circulatory system and musculoskeletal system are both fully developed, and she's probably shifting into a head-down position in preparation for birth If your baby arrives before 39 weeks, he's less likely to have trouble breathing after he's born, compared with a baby born at the same time by planned c-section (NCCWCH 2011, RCOG 2015).However, if you do have a repeat caesarean before 39 weeks, your doctor will offer you steroids beforehand to help prepare your baby's lungs and reduce his risk of breathing problems (RCOG 2015) At 43 weeks with my second, after 30 hours of ineffective, induced labor and a continued troubling heart rate, we agreed with my Dr that a C-section was the best route. When I get pregnant again, I'll be faced with scheduling a 2nd cesarean or trying for a VBAC When you reach between 41 and 42 weeks, the health risks to you and your baby become even greater. Your provider will likely want to induce labor. In older women, especially older than 40, it may be recommended to induce labor as early as 39 weeks Induced labor at 39 weeks may reduce likelihood of C-section, new study suggests Healthy first-time mothers who were randomly assigned to labor induction in the 39 th week of pregnancy were less likely to undergo a cesarean section than those who were assigned to wait for labor to begin naturally, finds a new study funded by the National.

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A baby born by caesarean section has a 1.5% risk of neonatal respiratory morbidity if it is born at 40 weeks, but the risk rises to 2.1% at 39 weeks, 5.1% at 38 weeks and 10% at 37 weeks An important fact to remember is that reaching 40 weeks of pregnancy in itself is not a sign of danger. Once you're post dates, your midwife or doctor will be monitoring you much more regularly. Signs and symptoms from your body or abnormal test results will provide evidence if an induction or c-section would be safer for your baby Posts about c-section written by Beyond 40 Weeks. Seriously, it was love at first sight41 long weeks of waiting to meet this little guy and he was finally here

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After delivering your baby by C-section, your doctor will tell you how to care for your incision. This care should include: Do: Keeping the area dry and clean. Use warm, soapy water to wash your incision daily (usually when you shower). Pat the area dry after cleaning. If your doctor used tape strips on your incision, let them fall off on their. If your doctor has decided in advance that you'll need to deliver via c-section, his office will probably schedule the procedure for you as early as a few months in advance. The surgery should take place as close to your due date as possible — typically about two to three weeks prior for twins — since you still want to prevent health. Chances are delivery will be around 36-37 weeks and for Baby to have a low birth weight. Pain in Second Pregnancy After C-Section. There is some pain in a second pregnancy after C-section that women should expect, it mostly comes from the cesarean section scars

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My c-section was not what I would consider an emergency, as neither my daughter nor I were in distress; she just wasn't able to come out. Would the outcome have been different if we waited another week, at 41 weeks, to see if she came on her own? No idea. Latest research shows that induction might actually reduce the need for a c-section. And if late means after 40 weeks, first babies are more likely to be late: about 15%, compared to 10% of other babies. The following figure shows the distribution of pregnancy length for live births (excluding multiple births and deliveries by C-section) My 1st was an emergency on a Saturday morning. My 2nd was a planned C-section on a Friday before a holiday weekend. After the fact, the nurses told me to never schedule for late in the week because most hospitals will not do any scheduled over the weekend and will do a lot of their inducements on Thursdays so that when those don't work out, they turn into C-sections on Fridays I've Had 5 kids. 1st one natural, no intervention. 2nd one was induced (38.5 weeks). 3rd was induced (38.5 weeks). 4th was scheduled to be induced but came out on her own at 39 weeks. 5th was scheduled to be an elective c-section, but I went into labor 2 days before that and ended up with an emergency c-section

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This is why many women who plan for a vaginal birth might have to undergo a c-section depending on the condition of the mother and baby in the labour room. expect during the entire 40 weeks. All C-Sections and inductions of labor, whether prior to, at, or after 39 weeks gestation, require the use of a condition code (81, 82 or 83). For all spontaneous labor under 39 weeks gestation resulting in a C-Section delivery, please report condition code 81. • Condition code 81 - C-sections or inductions performed at less than 39 weeks

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I had a C section at 37 weeks with a breech baby because of pre-eclampsia. But my doctor's had scheduled my surgery for 3 days before my due date before my Pre-E pushed it earlier. I was bummed because even though DD was considered full term, I had just peer-reviewed a draft of the March of Dimes brochure encouraging moms to wait to 40 weeks. It takes at least four weeks to recover from a C-section, which involves cutting through the skin, tissue and muscle. STORY HIGHLIGHTS One third of U.S. babies are born via C-section -- a 50. VBAC after 40 weeks? : I'm hoping someone with experience with VBACs could shine some light on this issue. I'm attempting a VBAC with only 14 months in between my c-section, so I'm already outside of the normal 18 month time frame they recommend for a VBAC, which is making me nervous. At my 40 week appointment my midwife couldn't even do a sweep because my cervix. At the weight of 3000-3499gat 39 weeks the mortality rate is 1.9 ,at 40 weeks it's 1.97 ,at 41 weeks it's 1.91 ,at 42 weeks it's 2.09(it goes down to 1.79 in the next highest weight group) ,at 43 weeks its 1.99(it again goes down to 1.81 at the next highest weight group) ,at 44 weeks its 1.78 Up until 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's position isn't necessarily a problem or cause for concern. However, after that, if your baby is breech or transverse, you will want to start encouraging them to turn into a head-down position. An immediate C-section would be carried out if this happens

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I had my first baby at 35 and my second was was born this year at age 37. Both pregnancies were normal. Both children are very healthy and had no health issues. my first was born c-section. My second I tried for a VBAC , but ended up with emergency c-section. We do want to have more children, hopefully before I turn 40☺ This means that, in the United States, 9,462 cases of moderate to severe encephalopathy can be prevented yearly by having elective C-section delivery. Intrauterine Fetal Demise (Stillbirth) Researchers reported that about 5% of all stillbirths occur at each week of gestation between 23 and 40 weeks of gestation

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Across the U.S., people are waiting longer than ever to have their first child.In fact, more and more women are having kids over 40 these days. According to a 2014 Centers for Disease Control and. A caesarean section, or C-section, is an operation to deliver your baby through a cut made in your tummy and womb. The whole operation normally takes about 40 to 50 minutes. may need to avoid some activities, such as driving, until you have had your postnatal check-up with the doctor at 6 weeks. The wound in your tummy will eventually.

My first baby and I will be 40 weeks pregnant this tuesday and have no contractions just alot of pain, lower back and pelvic preassure. My doctor said that she does not recomend induction before 41 weeks. My baby was about 9.7 lbs on March 26 and the doctor suggested I have a c-section to avoid complications. I opted to have the baby vaginally but she does not want to induce me since it is too. Scheduling when you will begin labor, however, can lead to complications including increased risk of a cesarean section (C-section), harm to your baby, and increased health care costs. Overall, it is better to go into labor on your own. A pregnancy is considered full-term at 40 weeks, also called your due date There comes a time in every pregnancy when you want this baby out, NOW! If you've hit the 39-week mark, most practitioners will give you the go-ahead to try most of these natural, low-intervention, at-home labor-starters--from walking to drinking special tea. Check out these age-old, mom-held secrets - and good luck Pregnancy normally lasts about 40 weeks, and babies born after 37 weeks are considered full term. Earlier arrivals often have trouble breathing and digesting food as well as longer-term challenges.

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