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  1. r/HotelHorrorStories: A subreddit where you can post horror stories from hotels you've stayed at
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  3. Hotel workers of Reddit, what are your horror stories? Close. 42. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Hotel workers of Reddit, what are your horror stories? 34 comments. share. save. hide. report. 79% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1
  4. Not inexplicable, but scary at the time! Worked as a waiter in an old hotel in Scotland that was reputedly haunted. I'd also been told the stories about the hotel 'ghost' - apparently an old woman in grey who'd hanged herself when it was a coaching inn. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. about careers press.
  5. He was the housekeeper on weekends so I would work with him most of the time. He was the weirdest thing at the hotel, but I'm sure it was a cultural thing for him. What I could understand from him and from stories from co-workers is that he very much believed in spirits. He claimed to have banished an evil spirit from the kitchen
  6. 48.7k members in the CreepyAskReddit community. This sub is for **CROSSPOSTING AskReddit threads** that are creepy, scary, unexplained, paranormal &
  7. Long time lurker, love reading the stories here but have been out of the hotel industry for about 7 years. Figured I'd post one of my favorite stories. So a bit of background, from college to my late 20s, I worked at 4 different properties in my hometown. All as the full time regular night auditor, so I've dealt with it all

r/AskReddit - To all Reddit travelers, what is your creepiest hotel story?Thanks for watching !Please Like and Subscribe for more content!Also feel free to l.. People share horrifying hotel stories Creepy hotel events that make your skin crawl SCARY STORIES that will keep you up at night (r/AskReddit) updoot reddit stories - Duration: 20:49

Creepy Encounters: People Share Their Creepiest Hotel Stories-Ask Reddit (Reddit Creepy Encounters)These real life encounters are from the r/creepyencounters.. Hotel stays can sometimes take a turn for the worse. Whether it's a messy room, unruly guests, or general grossness, these peoples' horrible hotel horror stories might make you want to be extra careful when booking your next hotel visit Make Sure to like and subscribe. Comment down your story. Reddit story - To all Reddit travelers, what is your creepiest hotel story? Source - https://www.re.. Just about everyone has a creepy, scary, or horrifying hotel story, but if you ask the average hotel worker (night audit clerks, housekeeping staff, managers, etc.) you'll likely hear stories beyond your wildest imagination. As proof, consider these 20 tales from hotel workers around the world. You won't be the same afterward

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Three chilling and true scary hotel stories to give you nightmares at night. These three true scary hotel stories were found off of reddit and give for a tru.. There's several ghost stories from the Battery Carriage House. One of the most chilling accounts is found on the hotel's website, which states that the owner got a call from a guest in 1997 about.. Creepy Disgusting Going Out Health & Wellness Hotels Humor insane Reddit Stories Travel This book offers the hope and reassurance you're looking for. These words are for the one looking for hope; for the one questioning whether they'll ever truly be okay 5 TRUE Creepy & Disturbing Hotel Horror Stories | (Scary Stories) Mortis Media. 39 TRUE Scary HORROR Stories from REDDIT // Lets Not Meet (Theme Stories) - Duration: 3:56:16

The 40 Most Terrifying Creepypasta and NoSleep Stories on the Internet Don't Read These 13 Terrifying AskReddit Threads Before Bed The Slender Man Movie: How Internet Legend Became a. Scary Stories. 40 Disturbing (True!) Stories That Will Give You The Creeps By January Nelson Updated October 10, 2020. _saraheiseman_. These true stories from Ask Reddit aren't a good idea to read after midnight. By January Nelson Updated October 10, 2020. _saraheiseman_. 1. 50 World Travelers Tell Their Creepiest Hotel Stories.

Hotel workers of Reddit, what are your horror stories

True Horror Stories from Reddit Didn't go to hotel swimming pools for a long time after this. H bear. So, this happened quite a few years ago. I was probably twelve or thirteen at the time, and was staying at a hotel with my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousin, who's a year older than I am (and thus thirteen or fourteen at the time). One night. So in order to start your weekend off right, I've combed the latest AskReddit threads about real life creepy stories and assembled a greatest hits of sorts. Because let's face it: You weren. The nights are particularly scary considering there's very little see. So, in order to make your nights a little scarier, here are some of the finest horror specimens from Reddit. Read them at.

I was drunk btw, but I managed to find a hotel concierge who was kind enough to find the address of the place I was staying and I taxied it back. Returned at 4 am. Story by Reddit User Kanji_sasahara. 9. Tale of the Disappearing Hostel. Recently a friend and I stayed in the Amazon jungle near Iquitos (Peru) on a camping trip The 15 creepiest stories from r/nosleep, Reddit's freakshow campfire We asked r/nosleep's moderators to select their favorite stories. Here's what they sent

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This story comes from Reddit user funny-chubby-awesome: My high school best friend, let's call her Hillary, approached me about masturbation. I was the expert on sex, as I had a bf and had gone. Here's the shit-your-pants scary part of the story. I really don't even like writing it, because the whole thing still freaks us out to this day. We are again all inside on a cold winter night 11. A creepy classic from Roald Dahl. Yes, from the same guy who penned James and the Giant Peach. Read 'The Landlady' here. 12. Be cautious of car crashes there was a story about how a guy was driving through the mountains (ex army) and came across a crash. The car wasn't damaged at all and almost deliberately placed in the middle. In a new thread on the US-based website Reddit, hotel workers (not pictured) have shared horror stories about guests who complain about noisy rain or get too drunk and make a mess I continued the relationship with my S---head for about a week (while still seeing the other guy on the side) before I finally worked up the courage to break up with him. I've been with Guy A ever since, and haven't looked back once. — Reddit user tsbae. Sign up here to get INSIDER's favorite stories straight to your inbox

Between August of 2017 and February of 2018, writer, illustrator, and cartoonist Adam Ellis captivated the internet with what became known as the Dear David story — a ghost story Ellis. 20 Creepy True Stories To Read In The Dark Tonight By Chrissy Stockton Updated March 29, 2021. Lucas Pezeta. By Chrissy Stockton Updated March 29, 2021. Lucas Pezeta. The man in the bunny costume. When I was younger I used to live by the woods and could see a cemetery from my back porch. One Easter I remember waking up and seeing the Easter. T he world is full of mysteries, murders, and deeply disturbing true stories. Most of us have at least one good horror story to share at a party or on a dark night around the campfire. The good people of the internet are no different. Thousands of people around the world have been sharing their most terrifying real-life horror stories on Reddit. 6. Phantom alarms. Reddit user 666_numberofthebeast shared this story about strange occurrences in their dad's home:. When I was in high school, I had a lot of these experiences. At the house my.

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A Reddit user called joelikesmusic posted a seemingly innocuous question on a Houston subreddit. He and some colleagues had stayed at the Hotel ZaZa, he explained, and after seeing his colleague's room was different from his, he wanted to know: What's up with room 322? Room 322 was beyond strange Behold: Top 5 Thailand Horror Stories 1) Full Moon Party Tourists from around the world hit the beach and there are drugs everywhere to be sold. A large portion of the sellers on the beach asking you if you want everything and anything are actually police or work for the police

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Beware: These scary ghost stories are certainly not in the faint of heart. Even those who love creepy Halloween movies and dive right in to frightening books with witches or vampires will get chills from these tales. You might actually live near one of the haunted spots that inspired the tales, because the stories come from places all over the country We collected a group of spine-tingling short horror stories available online for your immediate enjoyment. For free. See how nice we are? (Don't thank us yet, because this little modern horror collection has some truly gruesome, creepy, and unsettling moments). Grab a mug of something warm and settle in with these short horror stories The best creepy campfire stories are always the ones that end with the words,And it's all true. Reddit. Add to Favorites. By NJ and several times in Florida and California and, well, let's just say that in or under the bed in a hotel room seems to be a fairly popular destination for the recently deceased

11 bedbug horror stories that will keep you up at night. Yvette Manes. 2018-10-24T14:52:58Z Many people mistakenly believe that you only have to worry about bedbugs in big city hotel rooms. Here are some bed bug horror stories by Reddit users who have battled blood-sucking pests. Of course, these are just for fun as INSIDER can't. A video was captured of two men in black who allegedly entered a hotel in Canada and started asking questions about one of the hotel employees. The stories say that the employee in question had recently seen a UFO and had told others about his experience. Not long after, these two men showed up at his place of employment. Luckily for him, he. Cecil Hotel is a budget hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, located at 640 S. Main Street, opened on December 20, 1924. The hotel was renamed Stay On Main as an effort to distance the establishment from its dark past. The 19-floor hotel has 700 guest rooms. The hotel has a checkered history, with many suicides and deaths occurring there Ahead, we've rounded up some of the craziest, funniest, saddest, and most insane wedding horror stories we found on Reddit. Read 'em and weep (or laugh). Advertisemen

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In our quest for the bizarre and the twisted, we stumbled upon a scary short stories subreddit on Reddit and we knew that we had to share it with our readers. If you're looking forward to a night. The hotel spent the last month scaring the bejesus out of the NBA stars with creepy baby noises coming from unoccupied rooms. 7. Suicide Forest, Aokigahara, Japa In this edition of Paranormal Adventures with The Crew, we check in to the historic 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs. Touted as one of America's Most Haunted Hotels, The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886. For the first 15 years, it served the carriage set and was an exclusive year-round hotel resort. Due to annual off-season hotel

Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona is the setting for a slew of terrifying real-life ghost stories, many of which involve creepy kids like our good ol' buddy Dear David Like I said, it's perhaps the worst customer service horror story ever written. Poor guy! Conclusion. It's tough out there in the world of customer service. Some customers are less than friendly, but businesses have a responsibility to deal with complaints with integrity and a touch of class Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in GMA Pop News. — -- As if a visit to a hotel that plays The Shining around the clock isn't creepy enough, now one visitor believes he inadvertently.

Radio host Edmond Poon Siu-chung had little time for ghost stories when he took over the Horror Hotline show from a colleague at Metro Radio almost 20 years ago. He already worked the overnight. The Amityville Horror is the haunted house story. If you were only ever going to watch one haunted house movie, it should be this one, because this is the archetypal story: a family moves into a. Creepy Top 10 Killers that Started Down a Dark Path at an Early Age. Gwenn Smith May 2, 2021. Creepy Top 10 Creepy Stories Of Demonic Possession. Alison Gestalt March 26, 2021. Creepy Top 10 Places Creepier Than Stephen King's Maine. Estelle March 17, 202

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On Thursday morning, July 22, Dr. Desmond Kidd, Yosemite National Park's medical director, had just finished a busy 24-hour shift at the park's clinic—it was, after all, the height of the summer. Netizens share real-life horror stories. Oct 30, 2019 6:27 PM PHT. Gaby Baizas. MANILA, Philippines - Scary stories aren't just works of fiction anymore Scary Stories Horror Movies Conspiracies True Crime Missing People Haunted Places Creatures Witches Ghosts Paranormal This Gruesome, Disturbing Story Will Convince You To Stop Accepting Airdropped Photos Scary Stories. Holly Riordan Typhoid Mary: 20 Creepy Facts About The Irish Cook Who Infected Dozens And Killed At Least Three.

CTFDN ― Creepypastas, True Scary Stories, Audio Drama Horror Narrations and Readings, Horror Fiction Podcasts, Indie Short Horror Films, and More! You've discovered the official YouTube channel for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and the Simply Scary Podcasts Network! Turn Off the Lights, and Turn on the Dark A recent Reddit thread asked, What's your 'staying at a cheap hotel' horror story? The answers might make you increase your accommodation budget for your next trip. 1. Well, maybe you shouldn't have stolen the TV remote Cheap hotel horror stories (askreddit) (Reddit stories) Has anything insane happened to you? Remember to share your stories in the comments below! Hit th.. Hotel room out of a horror film Several Reddit users shares stories about creepy workers and rooms that were out of a horror film. One user, fattypattyy, had such an experience when she checked.. But whether or not you are a believer, these 11 scary ghost stories will undoubtedly unnerve you. From the real-life Stanley Hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining , to the apparitions of slaves wandering the Myrtles Plantation in the Deep South, these ghost stories may even have you reconsidering what you think you know

Haunted Marree Hotel, South Australia. Marree, South Australia, Australia. The Marree Hotel was the first building erected in the small, remote town of Marree. Being built back in 1883, the Marree Hotel became an institution within the town over the years. Once even being called the Great Northern Hotel 23 Sister Horror Stories That'll Make You Say Glad It Wasn't Me My family was staying at a hotel on a road trip and my sister and I went to the pool — which is typically the highlight of. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it's tough not to get freaked out when you're alone and you hear something bump in the night or even hear a voice. The stories below will freak you out so it's best to read these with someone. Preferably a friend and not a stranger you've decided to creep up behind on the street

Ten Terrifying-But-True Horror Stories Reported in the News From fatal exorcisms to unexplained deaths and devil worship—these are some real life nightmares. By Matt Miller and Lauren Kran 16 Tinder Dating Stories That Are So Awkward You'll Shed A Single Tear For These People He told me I looked different than what he expected, and offered me gas money to leave. by Nicole Martine 17 Embarrassing In-Law Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe My father-in-law discovered a large dildo in the toilet tank. by Farrah Penn. BuzzFeed Junior Writer New Line Cinema. A seemingly nice hotel might also tell you that they have a swimming pool, while conveniently forgetting to tell you that it's full of hardened concrete. Or their interior design choices can leave you with a migraine, and OCD and PTSD upon leaving. 37 People In This Online Group Share Tattoo Horror Stories And The Cringe Is Permanent After all, it's supposed to be a scary place for scary stories and articles. With a weird name like that, CreepyPasta just might tie you with its unending pasta strands and pull you into the bosom of darkness. 2. White Enamel Hotel 626 is actually a horror game. Long ago, it can only be played from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., but now, it doesn't even.

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These aren't just creepypasta tales from the depths of Reddit, either. Some of the finest horror authors around have their terrifying stories available free online for your reading pleasure (if. This creepy photo of an abandoned motel is freaking out the internet . A tourist who captured a photo of an abandoned motel in the Route 66 ghost town of Amboy got a shock when they took a closer. Also I'm between two cons, one in cheep but I will need a hotel and the people are nice. and the other is more expensive but no hotel and it's bigger. how do I choose? I have three horror stories from Anime Expo 2015. These three horror stories happened over the 2 days I was cosplaying Tewi Inaba from Touhou. Keep reading. Reblog • • 31 The hotel claimed to be 'a short walk to the beach,' but through gang-infested areas, where we received dirty looks and drug offers. Some friends and I drove to New Orleans last year for.

A heartbroken man has revealed how he discovered his wife's 18-month affair in the most unlikely way: through their bedroom fan.. The husband, who goes by the username Seamus5150 on Reddit. The most awkward wedding horror stories - ever! Share Share. For others, it was an unmitigated disaster they'd rather forget. Social media site Reddit and British newspaper The Guardian asked readers about their worst wedding stories and the results will make you want to gasp - or perhaps, even giggle a little, too 1 Beware: True Ghost Stories, Creepy Tales, and Paranormal Horror Lurk Within. 1.1 True Scary Stories That Will Give You Nightmares; 1.2 Real-Life Ghost Stories That Will Make You Sleep with the Lights On; 1.3 Intensely Creepy Stories That Will Make Your Skin Crawl; 1.4 True Horror Stories That Will Make You Piss Yourself; 1.5 Seriously Spooky. Discover Old Diplomat Hotel in Baguio, Philippines: This eerie abandoned building with a dark history is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel unpacks the tragic case of Elisa Lam, a young traveler who was found in the water tank of the Cecil Hotel in 2013.Her cause of death was officially.

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7 of the Worst Travel Nightmares Ever. Everyone is familiar with the travel horror story; you might even have some of your own.Maybe that time where your flight was delayed by seven hours without even so much as an apology from the airline comes to mind. Or perhaps you're thinking of the time you were in a foreign country and fell prey to one of the many possible travel scams doing the rounds This is a story about seduction and deception. It's about family and forgiveness. And the border land between love and death, narrates L.A. Times's Christopher Goffard in this extremely scary. Fair warning: Reading this collection of scary haunted house stories in the dark or by yourself is likely to keep you up all night. Or, at the very least, send a chill down your spine—even if. American Horror Story: The Cecil Hotel It started out as a routine missing persons case. But by the time the internet was done with her, Elisa Lam had become a macabre celebrity, a conspiracy. Shown above are six of the rooms featured in Misty Keasler's book Love Hotels including a somewhat creepy school classroom and Hello Kitty room. Not pictured are rooms covered in more lewd decorations and other themed interiors including a doctor's office and alien space ship. The Hotel des Arts is no stranger to artistic hotel rooms.

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