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  1. Low Iron, due to the reduced iron content, offers up to 8% (glass thickness dependent) more light transmission vs regular soda-lime glass. Low Iron glass is typically used in almost any application in which low coloration and/or high optical transmission is desired
  2. The greenish tint that glass cabinets usually carry is not visible with low iron toughened glass. Low iron glass maintains an incredibly high level of transmittance, estimated to be at over 91.5%. Low Iron glass is also known for being much less likely to self-temper
  3. Low-iron glass is a type of high-clarity glass that is made from silica with very low amounts of iron. This low level of iron removes the greenish-blue tint that can be seen especially on larger and thicker sizes of glass. Low-iron glass is used for aquariums, display cases, some windows, and other applications where clarity is desired
  4. Low-Iron Glass Float glass manufacturers create low-iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass or optically clear glass, by reducing the amount of iron in the molten glass formula. This type is more transparent than regular glass, and doesn't have that greenish tint
  5. ated as standard float glass it is suitable for use on large glass areas and structural glass assemblies. Here glass sheets are generally thicker and can be layered and la
  6. Low Iron Glass & Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass. Sydney Glass, distributors of high quality Australian made glass and a large variety of specialty glass types from around the world including, Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass in nine thicknesses. Large toughened glass sheets now manufactured in australi

Overview. The use of glass in architecture and design is becoming more and more prevalent, and Pilkington Optiwhite™ is at the very forefront of making it possible.. The reason for this is the sheer variety of benefits which Pilkington Optiwhite™ can offer, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is a low-iron extra clear float glass with. The reason that tank builders and enthusiasts generally use 10mm annealed low iron glass for aquarium is that if that if a rock falls against the glass hard enough or you accidentally bang the tank, float low iron glass will generally crack. This crack will leak water buy should buy you enough time to save your beloved water creatures Low iron glass is made using carefully selected raw materials with a naturally low iron content. The melting process is tightly controlled to ensure that the product properties remain consistent, making Pilkington Optiwhite™ the leading low iron glass on the market. Optiwhite ™ Glass Calculato

'K' OPTI-WHITE (LOW IRON) TOUGHENED 6000 X 3210: 4 & 6mm: LOW E 1.0 TOUGHENED: 6000 X 3210: 4 & 6mm : P.F.N 1.2 TOUGHENED: 6000 X 3210: 4mm: PLANIBEL A TOUGHENED: 3210 X 2550: 4mm: CLIMAGUARD A TUFF: 6000 X 3210: 4mm: GUARDIAN CLARITY (ANTI REFLECTIVE GLASS) Super Toughened Glass Ltd (STG) was established in 1999 with the ultimate aim. Pilkington Optiwhite Toughened & Laminate Low Iron Glass Cut To Size. BuyGlass.Co is a leading supplier in Toughened, Laminated & Low Iron Toughened Laminate Glass Cut to size. The use of glass in architecture and design is becoming more and more prevalent, and Pilkington Optiwhite™ is at the very forefront of making it possible Anti-reflective glass is made from low iron glass and is available in toughened safety glass units of up to 3.77m x 1.77m. This anti-reflective finish is able to be applied to toughened glass units of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm thick Low-iron glass is suitable for the removal of the colour of glass to accentuate application or decorative treatment. Used often for sets, interior doors and clothing, railings, walls, steps, surfaces, bathrooms and table tops. Unlike Low Iron glass the colour, in standard glass, can be distorted by the application of any light Export product 8.76mm ultra clear toughened laminated glass 442 low iron tempered laminated glass 8.76mm Ultra Clear Tempered Laminated Glass is made up of two panels 4mm low iron glass permanently bonded together with 0.76mm PVB interlayervia a controlled, highly pressurized and industrial heating process

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6mm Toughened Low Iron Glass Ideal for use where quality of vision is requiredNo green tint t.. From £23.10 Ex Tax: £19.25. 8mm Low Iron Glass. 8mm Low Iron Glass· Ideal for use where quali.. From £11.35 Ex Tax: £9.46. 8mm Toughened Low Iron Glass. 8mm Toughened Low Iron Glass· Ideal for use where q... Low iron Glass is sold under many brand names. The product is generally the same with the same main key ingredients. One of these main key ingredients used to manufacture float glass is Silica sand that has naturally occurring iron oxides which gives glass a greenish tint. The thicker glass is, the more noticeable the green tint

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Alibaba.com offers 2,970 low iron toughened glass products. A wide variety of low iron toughened glass options are available to you, such as project solution capability, function, and warranty Clear and low iron toughened safety glass offers a high break point therefore withstanding high temperatures. If the break point is reached the glass will consequently shatter into small safer pieces. The float glass when toughened fulfils all architectural needs; be it for glass roofing, glass windows, greenhouses, balconies or canopies About Glass Warehouse. Toughened Glass Manufacturer, Glass Splashbacks, Mirror Glass, Glass Balustrade Suppliers in Essex, Serving Kent, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands and the UK Our toughened glass can be made using float, low iron, tinted or satin finished glass, and is available (product dependent) in thicknesses of 4 mm-19 mm. What is toughened glass: Toughened glass has been modified by thermal treatment to give: strength and flexibility in accordance with BS EN 12150; safety - up to BS EN 12600 Class

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The most common form of Toughened Safety Glass, tempered and toughened to withstand environments that would commonly create too much pressure for Float Glass. Typically used for residential safety glazing, our low iron safety glass is extra clear for an attractive appearance and optical qualities Low-iron tempered laminated low-emissivity insulating glass is the best combination of glass curtain wall, which combines the advantages of all glass. Low-iron glass has the lowest self-explosion, high light transmittance, good transparency, and is very safeand durable. The broken tempered glass particles are small and harmless Low-iron toughened glass is also called ultra clear toughened glass and super clear(white)toughened glass. It is processed by decreasing the iron content so that to reduce the green tinted color. In the mean time, increasing light transmission, brightness and clarity. Actually, there is only 10% iron content of low-iron glass, compared with. Our 8mm Low Iron Toughened Safety Glass maintains the extra strength provided by the process of tempering and toughening the glass. It has an extra clear appearance that results in an attractive, high quality finish that is ideal for infill panels, glass balustrades and overhead glazing The 6mm Low Iron Toughened Safety Glass is tempered and toughened to withstand environments that would create too much pressure for Float Glass. This is the usual starting thickness that is typically used for public areas. Our Low Iron Toughened Safety Glass is extra clear for an attractive appearance and optical qualities

Table 3 -Glass thickness for free-standing protective barriers Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass Design Level Horizontal UDL Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass (Line Load) (kN/m) Thickness (mm) 0.36 12 0.74 15 1.5 19 3.0 25 Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass 3mm Hard Fibre or Nylon Bush M16 Bolt (8.8) @ 500mm CTRS Trim 12mm Steel Angle wit Select 6mm Toughened Inward Glass Inward Toughened Glass Type (price per sq.metre) * --- Clear £34.41 Grey Antisun £71.54 Bronze Antisun £71.54 Green Antisun £71.54 Low Iron £72.16 Satin/Opal £80.88 6.4mm Clear Laminate (Not Toughened) £62.54 6.8mm Clear Laminate (Not Toughened) £78.9

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  1. ated glass will give you a regular view. No need to order extra clear (aka low iron) glass unless you want an above ordinary clear view. I suggest you stop in at your local glass shop where you intend to purchase the glass and ask to see a sample of each. The PVB should not have any real effect on overall clarity
  2. The most common form of Safety Glass, tempered and toughened to withstand environments which create too much pressure for Float Glass. Typically used for residential safety glazing, our 4mm Toughened Safety Glass is available in a range of patterns as well as clear
  3. Merlin Lazer Low E Coating Detector (NEW) The Merlin Low-E Coating Detector is a duel purpose tester designed to detect Pilkington K-Glass and all other Low-Emissivity coatings on single and double glazed units and indicate on which surface it is present. More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £62.9
  4. ated Glass Rib. Low Iron Diffused Glass With 2 Side AR Coating For Horticultural Project. Toughened Mirror Kitchen Backsplash. Hot News. Conventional Standards For Greenhouse... News. Low Iron Acid Etched Glass. Mar 29, 2021
  5. ated glass, pattered glass, silver mirror, solar glass,digital printing glass, fire resistant glass

Using Low Iron Glass For Glass Balustrades. A glass balustrade will be made from at least two layers of toughened glass laminated together. When compared to other structural glass elements the. Cut to size 6mm toughened low iron glass rectangle or square. Before making your selections below please decide on your specification. For more information please visit our guide to glass. Please make your selections below in order from top to bottom. To change any selections please refresh the page Low Iron Toughened Tempered Extra Ultra Clear Glass , Find Complete Details about Low Iron Toughened Tempered Extra Ultra Clear Glass,Toughened Glass,Tempered Glass,Low Iron Glass from Building Glass Supplier or Manufacturer-Hebei Kaichi Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd Low Iron Glass provides maximum transparency and clarity. Unlike Clear Float Glass that has a green tint to the surface and edges, Low Iron Glass remains clear to the surface and edges and colour transmission is more accurately achieved. 12mm Low Iron toughened glass. Flat polished all round. 2mm radius corners, (all four corners) Custom size.

LONDON GLASS CENTRE LIMITED Premier Business Centre 47-49 Park Royal Road London NW10 7LQ United Kingdom. CONTACT US 020 7384 3267 info@londonglasscentre.net Reg No: 9066007 I Vat No: 194 391 479. 4.9. Google Customer Reviews Toughened Laminated Glass at The Glass Warehouse (TGW) TGW is a leading one-stop-shop for all your glass requirements. Stocking both clear and low iron toughened glass and toughened laminated glass. Our team demonstrate a wealth of knowledge with respect to both products BTG 13.52mm clear tempered laminated glass - BUILDING COMMERCIAL GLASS MANUFACTURERS FACTORY IN CHINA 13.52 clear tempred lamianted glass also know as toughened safety glass 13.52mm, is a kind of laminated glass. Laminated glass is made of two or more pie ces of 6mm tempered glass whi ch one layer or multi-layers of EVA/PVB/SGP with strong cohesion sandwiched under high temperature and. Pilkington Reeded textured glass provides level 2 privacy (low obscuration) and is a well-established, popular, vertical, ribbed design used in cabinet and entrance doors. It is suitable for use in doors and windows and is available in 4mm Annealed and 4mm Toughened. Orientation may affect the appearance of the glass when in situ

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LINIT U-Glass can also be made in low iron glass and can be toughened and heat soaked. Originally, channel glass was a low-cost solution for simple commercial and industrial buildings. However, it has become a fashionable building element that is now specified by leading architects for museums, hospitals, shopping centres and sport stadiums etc Ideal for partitions, shelving, shower doors, and display cases. Lead time 7-10 working days ex delivery. Polished edges as standard. This glass is clear float glass which has a naturally occurring green tint due the iron content , that is generally only perceived when the edge of the glass is viewed. There is a low iron option called Opti-white available should you require clearer glass. Low Iron Glass differs from standard float glass in that it has a lower Iron content. The iron gives the glass a green hue. Low Iron is used when clarity is of the upmost importance such as in display cases or make mirrors - some hairdressing saloons may use them as well China 10mm ultra clear toughened glass factory 10mm low iron tempered heat soak glass 10mm super white hardened glass price. $7.50-$10.50 / Square Meter. 50.0 Square Meters (Min. Order) CN Dongguan City Kunxing Glass Co., Ltd. 13 YRS. 5.0 (13) Contact Supplier From dazzling reds, mysterious greys and summer yellows, painted and processed on leading low-iron toughened glass, our splashbacks are designed to impress. view in gallery. Mirrored Splashbacks. A striking alternative to regular painted splashbacks. Mirrored splashbacks are just as versatile are regular painted splashbacks with that added.

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Low iron Glass Splashbacks quantity. Add to cart. Clear toughened Glass Splashbacks. Add to cart. Mirrorkote Glass Splashbacks. Add to cart. Create A Bathroom That Will Increase The Value Of Your Property. Hit the button below for a free no-obligation quote or phone us today on 0437 878 061 The heat-soaking process is a method that reduces the incidence of spontaneous breakage in tempered glass caused by nickel sulphide. strengthened glass is highly unlikely do to the very low stresses in annealed glass, and the controlled stresses in heat strengthened glass. 14179-1 for monolithic flat thermally toughened safety glass for. Low Iron Toughened SGP Laminated Glass Rib. Low Iron Diffused Glass With 2 Side AR Coating For Horticultural Project. Toughened Mirror Kitchen Backsplas About Ultra Clear Tempered Glass. Ultra Clear Tempered glass, also Low Iron Toughened Glass, is fabricated by heating ultra clear low iron glass to over 600°C and cooling it rapidly, which locks the outer surfaces of the glass in a state of high compression, and the core or center of the glass in compensating tension. It is a safety glass which is used when strength, thermal resistance and.

Low Iron Glass. Due to the iron content of clear glass it naturally gives a green tinge. During manufacturing the iron content is removed producing a much clearer glass ideal for coloured splashbacks, decorative and furniture applications. We have three options available Low Iron, Ultra Clear and Starphire 5mm tempered low iron glass, it is made of 6mm extra clear float glass after heating to700 degree reach glass soft point and then cooling down rapid by cool air. 6mm extra clear toughened glass is a high quality and a new high grade glass.Mor Low Iron Toughened Glass. LOW IRON GLASS is an... View Details. £0.00. About Glass Warehouse. Toughened Glass Manufacturer, Glass Splashbacks, Mirror Glass, Glass Balustrade Suppliers in Essex, Serving Kent, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands and the UK. Follow Us on Facebook Glass Door, Door Glass, tempered Glass Door manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 8mm 10mm 12mm Extra Ultra Clear Low Iron Tempered Toughened Glass Door, 6.38mm to 40.28 mm PVB Clear Flat or Curved Toughened Tempered Laminated Glass, 6.38/8.38mm Laminated Glass, Clear Laminated Glass, CE, SGCC&AS/NZS certified and so on

12mm Low Iron Toughened Glass. 12mm thick low-iron toughened glass - Available to buy online in standard widths or contact us. More Information. from £26.60 Ex Tax: £22.17. Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages) Balustrades (78) Walk On Floor Glass (7). Toughened glass is often used for fireplace doors (not wood stoves) or kitchen splashbacks behind the hob. If Toughened glass is exposed to higher temperatures, it gradually weakens the structure of the glass thus making it more susceptible to breakage. Low Iron Glass P.A.R.. £0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00. Add to Cart. Frosted Glass P.A.R.. £0.00. The best toughened glass price is provided by Shenzhen Dragon Glass. As a professional glass manufacturer since 1994, we can solve all kinds of toughened glass solutions such as glass railing, glass facade, glass partitions, glass shower doors, etc :11.52 Planibel Low-e low- Iron Toughened Laminated, with SGP Interlayer. Glass Louvres Collins Square Melbourne Aug 2016 :48.04 Triple laminate Ultra Clear Glass Floors/ Glass stair treads Non slip surface New St Brighton Oct 201 Low iron glass can be manufactured with cut outs and holes and be CNC or water jet shaped to drawings or rigid templates and UV Bonded (subject to manufacturing tolerances). Gx Glass produces glass to British and European standards strength and flexibility in accordance with BS EN 12150 and safety up to BS EN 12600 Class 1

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Low E & Soft Coat Glass Express Toughening is the premier toughened glass manufacturer in the South East of England. Established in January 2001 we are a rapidly growing enterprise based within touching distance of the M25 Coloured Toughened Glass. Glass warehouse supplies Toughened glass and are able to have all our glass painted to a RAL colour. What is RAL? Ral is a standardised colouring system widely use in Europe and the UK and most commercial projects and more commonly residential products are booming with RAL Tempered Glass, Toughened Glass, Glass Tempered manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Extra Ultra Clear Tempered Glass Manufacturer Low Iron Toughened Glass Factory Price 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm, 6.38mm to 40.28 mm PVB Clear Flat or Curved Toughened Tempered Laminated Glass, 6.38/8.38mm Laminated Glass, Clear Laminated Glass, CE, SGCC&AS/NZS certified and so on 4mm 5mm 6mm Low Iron Toughened Obscure Glass Broad reeded patterned glass for Bathroom. US $6.90-$9.90 / Square Meter. 50 Square Meters (Min. Order) CN Shandong Top Leader Industry Co., Ltd. 2 YRS. 84.2%. 4.7 (10) Contact Supplier. 1/6. competitive price fire rated 8mm 10mm 12mm clear color float flat and curved tempered safety glass toughened.

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  1. ates any hue to the glass. Being colourless gives the glass considerably higher light transmission when transparent, so that it looks clear, rather.
  2. Product Description Low Iron and Toughened Glass Panels (Free Delivery!) A high grade and very clear glass panel designed to really light up when incorporated with the Spartan Spigot. Low Iron glass is manufactured through the same manner as clear float glass however a large percentage of the iron content is removed
  3. ated Glass with SGCC. US $10.00-$50.00 / Square Meter. 5 Square Meters (Min. Order) CN Beijing North Glass Technologies Co., Ltd. 9 YRS. 95.5%. 5.0 (19) Contact Supplier. 1/6. china 19mm thick custom size super white low iron ultra clear toughened tempered esg glass facade fins wall price cost per m2
  4. ated glass,clear la
  5. Low Iron Pattern Toughened Glass, also called low iron glass, is the perfect choice for most active solar applications where obscurity of the absorber plate is a key consideration. It is a low-iron rolled glass that features a stippled pattern on one surface—providing the desired obscurity level, while retaining high transmission values
  6. ated glass panels; * Decorative glass composite products such as la
  7. PRODUCT DETAILS LOW IRON is an extra clear glass which is valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities. The low iron content produces a higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent in other glasses thus making it perfect for when painting for use as a glass splashback. LOW IRON is an interior Continue reading Low Iron Toughened/Tempered Glass

Low iron glass is extra-clear (so called due to its low iron oxide content) and provides a higher degree of transparency and light transmission when compared to normal float glass

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Low-iron toughened glass is also called ultra clear toughened glass and super clear(white)toughened glass. Inquire Now. Clear Toughened Glass. Clear toughened glass (clear tempered glass) is a kind of safety glass, which is to improve the strength by controlling the thermal or chemical treatments during process SGP sentryglas with Low iron toughened laminated glass has become a leading glass of choice among Australian architects. We are registered suppliers of this product and can manufacture almost any requirement. Call us to discuss your next project and see how we can save you on this product Low Iron glass is the ideal choice of glass type for splashbacks as its ultra clear qualities ensure colour accuracy, especially when using whites or other light colours. FGS offers both Starphire ® and the cost effective option of Crystal Clear glass which avoids the greening inherent in standard clear glass Low Iron Glass has less than 1/10th of the iron content of standard glass and are considered ultra clear. Low Iron Glass is ideal for use in display cases, painted glass applications like splash backs or in areas where high clarity is required. Deli Bend or Curved Glass (Annealed Optiwhite Low Iron This type of glass is a purer version of clear toughened, it has a lower iron content, giving it a less 'green' tinge when looking through the thickness of the glass. It is used for numerous applications, one notable being if you want to back paint your glass in a light colour, use Optiwhite

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Made 2 Measure is a specialist supplier of cut to size toughened glass for a range of uses including glass splashbacks and balustrades. We also supply a variety of cut to size mirror glass products. Glass is available in all thickness's, tints and finishes and in all shapes and sizes China supplier good quality low iron clear tinted 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass price Complete Guidance of Custom Architectural Glass (2020) China factory superb 5-19mm heat soaked glass supplier Low Iron Glass Painted Glass Tinted Glass Sandblast Glass . View all. Window and Door. Shower Screen. Splash Back. Shop Front. Pool Fencing. Partition. About us. Aubest Safety Glass is dedicated to the processing of safety glass and wholesale distribution of glass & mirror products. We supply toughened and laminated glass with the Australian.

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Typical applications for toughened curves are balustrade infill panels, shower screens, canopies, reception fronts and curved double glazed units. All Specialist Glass bends are available in Low E, Low iron, tinted, pre-acid or satin, painted and sandblasted. Heat soak testing and heat strengthened glasses are also available Low Iron. $7.00 - $10.00 / Square Meter. 100 Square Meters (Min. Order) clear 8 mm 10mm tempered safety glass for dining table top price in China. Toughened Glass. Float Glass. $15.00 - $20.00 / Square Meter. 100 Square Meters (Min. Order) 1 The above mentioned thicknesses are available in two types of glass quality. These are known as 'Clear Toughened' and 'Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened'. The clear toughened glass has a higher iron content and so appears more 'green', whereas the optiwhite low iron, has less iron in the glass and so has a clearer appearance Extra Clear low iron glasses contain approximately one quarter of the iron content of standard clear float glass, providing an extra clear glass that is crystal clear in appearance. Extra Clear glass is ideal in decorative and furniture applications, showcases, showers, shop fronts and toughened glass entries Check out our online web shop for low iron glass, clear toughened glass, frosted panels, laminated glass, tinted panels and walk on floor glazing. Example use of Dio-Met Toughened Glass Panels . Get in touch with us to discuss your toughened glass requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email sales@diometonline.co.uk

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Clear Glass Solutions offer toughened laminated glass in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and sizes. We cut, shape, drill and bend laminated glass to your custom requirements. Our processing is performed on CNC machines ensuring that the finished product is exactly what you have ordered 15mm low iron toughened glass, also name 15mm ultra clear tempered glass, 15mm super clear low iron ESG glass, 5/8'' super white safety toughened glass, it is a type of safety glass, processed from 15mm low iron float glass, by controlled thermal to increase its strength compared with annealed float glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into.

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We are experienced in providing excellence glass solutions to our customers with insulated Glass Units, laminated glass line, toughened glass, Glass cut to size, float glass, euro gray glass, low iron glass, spotswood Glass and Laminated Glass Cutting for residential and commercial buildings. Reach out us at +61 418990283 and Contact us High quality toughened laminated low iron float glass that can be cut to size, polished, drilled and have cut outs and shapework. All items processed in house. Please allow 7-12 working days for delivery according to post code; delivery to mainland UK from £45 Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Ceramic Fritted Glass manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Low-E Float / Low Iron Bend and Curved Tempered Glass for Building Glass Factory, Wholesale Clear Float Tempered Insulating/Laminated Glass for Building Glass /Construction Glass, Screen Printing Tempered Insulating Glass for Window Glass and Door Factory and so on

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JIMY GLASS, reliable ultra clear tempered glass supplier in China, produce and export top quality 12mm low iron toughened glass in many different countries, glass applied in partition walls, facades, balustrades, shower rooms, doors and windows, all our ultra clear tempered glass production according to ISO9001 system and CE standard, guarantee the best quality low iron tempered glass deliver. Glass Stock Range. We stock, cut and process a large range of industry standard float, low iron, tinted, textured and safety glasses. Standard float glass, as we refer to it, is the traditional glass used day to day for glazing, shelving, and shower screens, and can be identified by looking at the edge of the glass - standard float has a slight green tint to it. Low iron glass is ultra clear.

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Glass Weight Calculator. This calculator will help you to estimate the approximate weight of the various glass shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle and semi-circle) based on the glass type, thickness and the other known values. Calculate for toughened, laminated and annealed glassed with different thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 25mm 4mm Toughened Ultra Clear (Low Iron) Float Glass For Glass Greenhouse. Migo Greenhouse Glass refers to 4mm tempered or toughened glass, including clear float glass, low iron float glass, clear patterned glass, and low iron patterned glass. Migo Greenhouse glass has been certificated by TUV, SGS, getting customers free from quality problem China Low Iron Panel Glass supplier, Ar Greenhouse Glass, Toughened Building Glass Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Shandong Glass Tech Industrial Co., Ltd Our pricing is based on 6mm low-iron toughened glass being used. The use of glass splashbacks is only limited by your imagination. No porous tile grout lines means no opportunity for germs to start breeding - one wipe and its clean! Glass Splashback Features: 3 standard sizes - 600x750mm, 900x750mm or 1100x750mm; 6mm low-iron toughened glass 1, Multiple tinted glass colors available, such as low iron, green, blue, grey, bronze, etc; 2, Variety of glass types: 12mm clear toughened glass, 12mm curved toughened glass, 12mm digital printed glass, 12mm ceramic frit printed glass, 12mm frosted toughened glass, etc; 3, Shape: flat or curved, according to customer's requirement

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10mm Low Iron Toughened Safety Glass - Listing for glass only - no steelwork / wood included. Contact us with enquiries / questions. Various Applications - Sample pictured in a juliet balcony / balustrades. Low iron glass - ultra clear, no green edges. All edges are fully polished Glass Products & Processes. Clear Float/ toughened 4mm - 15mm Laminated Including Acoustic, Decorative and Coloured Interlayers Low Iron / toughened 4mm - 15mm Colour tinted / toughened 4mm - 15mm Clear Mirror 4mm and 6mm Bronze, Grey or Antique Mirror 4mm and 6mm Painted Glass / toughened glass. Full range of colours 4mm - 15mm Satin and Sand-blasted with optional artwork and design. Toughened and Laminated Clear Glass Thickness Toughened and Laminated Low Iron Thickness Select 11.52mm 13.52mm 15.52mm 17.52mm 21.52mm 25.52mm 31.52mm Size Warning Please see the minimum sizes belo Digitally Printed, 6mm Low Iron Toughened Glass, Custom Sizes. Get An Instant Quote! Aurora Borealis Printed Glass. Digitally Printed, 6mm Low Iron Toughened Glass, Custom Sizes. Get An Instant Quote! Splashbacks.co.uk offer a full range of splash backs for every location and use. Talk to us today about how we can provide you with the optimum. Clearance Low Iron Glass - 1040 x 460mm. This item is a low iron piece of toughened glass measuring 1040 x 460mm in 10mm thick toughened glas.. £120.86 Ex Tax: £100.72. Add to Cart. Clearance Sneeze Counter W: 2125mm x D: 150mm x H: 300mm - Clear Glass . This unit measures 2125mm wide, 300mm high, 150mm deep and is produced in 10mm clear. low iron toughened/tempered textured solar glass & transmittivity of min 90% and above(500pcs)(for mfg of solar module: china: kolkata sea: sqm: 961: 314,245: 327: nov 09 2016: 70071900: low iron toughened/tempered textured solar glass & transmittivity of min 90% and above(800pcs)(for mfg of solar module: china: kolkata sea: sqm: 682: 222,951.

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