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Giving thanks to God for the arrival of my angelic son. You are the light of my life. 4. This time, it's not a pinky room but all shades of blue A son is a blessing of God and parents should often make their child feel overwhelmed by the love they possess for him. Thank you for being you,my son! I know I raised you to be kind, wise and lovely all around. You taught me of joy, patience,and everlasting love! I love you more than words can say, my boy

You reign on high and I adore You. I pour out my heart Heavenly Father for a special outpouring of Your blessings upon the lives of my children. You promised me Abba, that if I bring up my children in the right way they will honor You. At this time, I feel that they have turned completely from You and Your Word Thank you, God, for making me lucky to have such a great companion in my life. I can never finish listing all the reasons why I should be grateful to you. Keep blessing my family, dear Lord. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such an amazing partner who brings me closer. Thank you for making a dream come true. We are grateful for everything Thank you God for blessing me with such a wonderful Daughter. Saved by Sarah Stinnett. 49. Mother Daughter Quotes I Love My Daughter My Beautiful Daughter Mothers Day Quotes Love My Kids I Love Girls Mothers Love Light Of My Life Love Of My Life 14. Every day of my life, I will always thank God for you because your coming into my life changed me totally and made me a better me. 15. Each time I thank God for my blessings, I count you over and over again because you are a source of blessing to me all-round. Thanks to God for giving me you! 16

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Thank you God for all your blessings to me and my family, for the strength you give me each day and for all the people around me who make life more meaningful. 25. Father, thank You that You are always smiling, arms wide open welcoming this sinner back into Your embrace. Thank You for the joy it brings to share about You Dear Lord, I lift up prayer for my son. I pray that you would bless my son this day as he focuses on his job. Give him peace and patience today as he handles the demands of his job

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Sheri Easter, Jeff Easter, Charlotte Ritchie, Vestal Goodman - Official Video for 'Thank You Lord for Your Blessings [Live]', available now!Buy the full leng.. Then Saul said to David, Blessed are you, my son David; you will both accomplish much and surely prevail. So David went on his way, and Saul returned to his place. Genesis 12: 9: With a grateful heart, I want to thank you, Lord for your blessings upon my life. From the miry clay, you lifted and set my feet on the solid rock to honor and do me well. Thank you, again and again. 10: Dear Father, I want to thank you for blessing my parents with the finances for my tuition. Thank you for opening doors of breakthrough for. One to recount God's goodness for the blessing of a son like you. You shall continue to experience God's favour in all you do and so shall you prosper. You shall not receive any battle disguised as blessings. The eyes of the evil one shall not see you, you shall dwell in God's house all the days of your life

People generally say Thank God for giving me, such wonderful parents.I want to break this rule on your birthday and say,Thank God for giving me such a wonderful son. My sweet son, blessings to you on your special day and every day.Today is the perfect day to celebrate you, my amazing little guy!Happy birthday Gordon Mote Sings Hymns and Songs of Inspiration Available on https://amzn.to/2VoYwSKJason Crabb's latest album Unexpected Available on https://amzn.to/2.. Thank you, son and God bless you for your constant support. May your pocket never run dry. Thank you dear son for putting in effort in your academics and life generally. Thank you for not allowing our labour over you to be in vain

Popular singer, Paul Okoye and his wife, Anita are celebrating their first child's birthday. Their boy turned 8 today, and Nigerians have been celebratin 97. You have said that you are will bless me and the works of my hands. Thank you for fulfilling your promises over me. Your blessings are evident in my life. 98. Your grace has picked me up and set me apart to be blessed and favoured. I am grateful Jesus for taking me out of the bottom to be placed at the top. Thank you, Jesus. 99 Fight for Me Prayer. O Lord my God, my eternal Father, thank you that you are my ever-present help in times of trouble. Help me to trust in what is unseen. Remind me of the truth of your power, that you surround me and you are fighting for me. Give me favor and breakthrough in my life. You are the King of ages, immortal, invisible, the only God You are my strength. Thank you for being by my side every time I needed you. I always thank God for blessing me with such a loving and caring husband. I clearly do not deserve you and i thank you for giving me the honor of being your wife. I feel most comfortable when you are near me. You are my hidden strength. I love you more than my life Father God, please be with me today in everything I will face. Help me to learn well at school. I pray that I would be a good friend to those around me today. Amen; Father God, I thank you for everything you have done for me. I thank you for my family and my friends. I thank you that you love me so much that you sent your son Jesus for me

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Thank You God for My Birthday. So you say, thank you lord for allowing me to see another birthday.I bless your name. 1. For the eyes you have given me to see, the legs to walk and hands to work through all these years, I have come to thank you, dear Lord, for my birthday and many more to come God Bless You. My son is now 12 with very little change. I am hopeful and still praying. Reply. L says. December 21, 2018 at 4:26 pm I have a heavy heart right now thinking of what it could be but I know that whatever it is God is with me on this journey. Thank you for your words. Reply. Catherine Boyle says _ I adore you, my little girl. My thankfulness to God will not be enough for gifting me the best blessing from above and that is you my little daughter. _ You will always be in my soul my dear daughter. Though you have matured, I still understand your feelings. I am your mother and it is impossible to keep secret anything from me Thanks God blessing my son. Menu. Home. Latest activity Show All Requests Countries Search. Forums. All Forums Prayer Requests Requests By Country Blog, Devotions, & Groups Post New Request New posts. Media. All Media Videos Music / Audio Photos eBook Resources Commentaries Online. Members thanks so much Tonto for your trust so much in God just as you guide your son with prayer and word of God may God almighty blesses him so much just as you pray for me in Jesus name ( amen) wish.

Mar 13, 2013 - I love my baby boy! Thank you God for blessing me with my Joshua Oct 7, 2018 - Thank you god for blessing me with such an amazing lil boy So in loveeeee with him Mommy Quotes Mother Quotes Life Quotes My Son Quotes Mom Sayings Child Quotes Daughter Quotes Quotes Quotes Qoutes

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My Super caring, Smart, Superstar!! Andre is 8 today!! All I can say is thank you Lord! Thank you God for giving me this amazing child! Andre is already a budding gentleman, filled with wit and kindness and a special love for God. I pray that you will continue to be sweet, loving and caring, filled with God's love and divine favour now and. Scriptural prayers for your son 1. Create in my son a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within him (Psalm 51:10). 2 To You, O God of my fathers, I give thanks and praise, When you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you. the Gifts of God Thanks For Christ God Giving His Son Thank You Thankfulness To Others Being Grateful Thanksgiving, Offered ∼ A son is a miracle, a wonder, and a revelation that only a father/mother can understand, and I thank God every day for His graciousness in sending you to me. ∼ Son, there is a strength in your eyes that lifts me and fills me with the desire to be my best for you

Thank you God for blessing me with such a wonderful

You Shall find favor with God,Man,Angels And Animals. Your hands Are blessed Of the lord,You Shall touch clay And It Shall be Gold. Where others go And meet a closed door You Shall Go And doors.. Thank you God for prayers answered! Please keep blessing us, restore my body and complete health. Please protect our family. Bible Verse for Thanksgiving to God. I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. Psalm 86:12. Thank You Prayer for my Child. Thank you Lord for giving me my beautiful child God I pray for a mighty blessing in my life, for you are my husband of the widows and father of the fatherless.may u see u thru with my children. Life has been difficult, may the Road Accident Fund pay us. May u bless me with a job so that I can raise my children on my own Bless my baby's feet and help my child to always walk with You, God. Lord, thank You for blessing each one of us with special gifts and talents. I pray that whatever my child does with his or her hands, he or she will do it well and use it for the ministry

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Dear Father, Thank you for my husband...his patience, loving me in my illness as he loves me in my health. He blesses me everyday with his loving care & devotion... Thank you Jesus....for blessing us. Amen. May God give you and Gary...For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And a blessing in each trial Grant me a good night's sleep tonight, God, so that I can awake refreshed and ready to begin another day loving you. Thank you again for blessings so undeserved and too numerous to count. I love being your child, and I long for the word faithful to describe my service to you, each day of every year On December 8, 1998, God blessed me with a healthy 16 year-old heart through Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception's intercession. Yes, on December 8th our Lady's day. I am very blessed! I got to be there for my son's high school graduation, his college graduation, and this past weekend his marriage. Thank You, Jesus, and thank you. It was read to me the other day and written by my son, Peter. I would like to say thank you to everyone for all of the support you have given me over the years. Thank you all, and God bless you Thank you for this wonderful prayer and may God bless you. I have just started my business which has been on my heart for some time now. I pray and believe the Lord will open multiple doors for me and I will be a blessing to the less privileged. I pray I will always follow his words and ways and laws as there lies my success. Repl

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  1. Thank you for believing in me when I was doubtful of myself! I love you so much, darling. Sweetheart, thank you for making me fall in love with you each and every day. I was, am and will always be head over heels for you! Thank you for holding me tight on my most vulnerable days. You are an angel, God blessed me with! Thank you so much, sweetheart
  2. This post means SO much to me. I have tears in my eyes. Speaking these words over him every day and truly BELIEVING them is so powerful, so humbling, so necessary. My son does have a Father, and He loves us both so well. Thank you for these precious words. God bless you
  3. 47. It's just a whole different thing, and it's just that my life has been a blessing, and I thank god every day for the gifts that he has given me and for my daughter and to be able to watch her grow and be a part of her joys and her excitement and what she wants to do in life. - Teena Marie. 48
  4. Lucado, Max. Thank You, God, for blessing me. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2011. This book came shortly after Christmas, so it made for a good opportunity to read it together with my 6-month old son, focusing on the theme of thanksgiving and gratitude

I have worked hard at my dads business,but it is very slow,please bless my business,so I can help the poor and the needy.i get discouraged and depressed, I lost my stepson Omar on 04/16/12 to overdose drugs, he was only 29 yrs old, we miss him so much,his death overwhelms me.i love u Jesus christ son of god,I want to be the lords son I am. He has brought you this far to celebrate another new year in your life. Happy birthday my son! May God's purpose for you in life come to pass as you start a new year in your life. Happy birthday son. I thank the Lord for giving me a son like you; you have been a joy to my life. I wish you a happy birthday son, may you blow a 1001 candles My son spent many hours of travailing prayer for God's will. She secured her divorce and now she and my son are happily married and waiting for God to give them the son he showed my son would be named Sherjashub. God is good. Thank you for praying for my son and his wife

I pray to God on your birthday to bless you with a blissful life. I am so proud to call you my son. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, dear. Christian Birthday Wishes for Daughter. Happy birthday, dear daughter! May God bless you with good health and happiness, always and forever. May the love of Jesus bring hope and joy into your life. Amen 7. The happiest of birthdays, my son! I thank God for making me your mom - you are my favorite boy in the world! 8. Happy birthday, buddy! You make me proud, and you make my role as your mom the easiest thing to do! Praise the Lord for he has bestowed this wonderful blessing upon me. Happy birthday son, and I hope that this will be the. What wonderful blessings God sends our way In good gifts that come from above! And the gift that He gave my son and me Is a woman easy to love. First, she proves she's a special creation; She wears God's design on her life. His beauty glows bright in her countenance; She's the portrait of a good wife. Then, because she's a genuine woman

Lord please help me find my life partner.You know that i've had a bad marriage in the past and i have not have a partner for 20 years to help raise my kids.Please find me a God fearing man who is responsible,loving ,caring ,understanding,who will love my kids and who will respect me for always.I have been praying for this for a long time now. This item: By Max Lucado - Thank You, God, For Blessing Me (Brdbk) by Max Lucado Hardcover $6.29 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by turningnewleaf Please God forgive my sins and hear my cries. Please have pity and mercy on me and grant my heart desires according to Your Holy Will. All my Hope and Trust is in You my Sovereign God. Thank You for continually healing my SIBO disease, the hernias, fibroids, itching, belching, gassiness and discomforts and please do not let them return Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life. Thank you for all the people who remembered me today by sending cards, and letters, gifts and good wishes Thank God. Thank God lift up your voice say thank God for the gift of life for his mercy for the gift of life for his mercy. your father wants to bless the others. but he has asked him to go and prepare something for him to eat before he can bless you but listen to me my son, I want you to receive that blessing and so go into the garden and.

I thank God for answering my prayer and also the WAU group for praying for me my our good Lord bless you. I pray that God will help me to forgive my parents in-law and forgot as we start a new chapter in life and that God may bless us with a wedding to solemnise our marriage. Amen God has been really good to me, therefore may God bless you all and thank you. Giving honor to God for his grace and mercy, he woke me up this morning and started me on my way. May God bless me to see my 60th birthday. Thank you, God. I feel so blessed to be able to have spent this birthday with so many loved ones. This past year has been very. Connie - For my physical, spiritual and mental healing thank you and God bless K ennethia - F or health and stronger relationship with the Father D onna - B ecause my son and myself have been diagnosed with different forms of MS and the kids father has just committed suicide Thank you for helping me through my lowest times, and thank you for blessing me so I can reach my highest. Thank you for giving your only son so that I can live my life according to your will, and thank you for giving me abundant happiness in my life Fifteen years ago, God blessed me with an uncommon gift. He gave me a SON, Prince God'sTime Osagie Okosun, my best friend, a pillar of support, and the one who would be my father when am old. Since then my life changed, knowing I have a responsibility to be a good mother at all times

Heavenly Father, I come to You with thanksgiving in my heart and praise and bless You for the birth of my baby son and the great joy that he is to us. Thank You for the heritage and gift of children, and like Hannah in the Bible, I want to dedicate my precious son to You Lord They bought a home and my son started his own law practice - they were blessed. Nothing could slow my son's drive for secular success. Letter to God. . . Thank you for blessing Randy with Debra and the gentle way you are bringing them to you. Thank you for Debra and the way she adds to Randy's life! Continue to bless that union between. I thank God every day for blessing me with such an amazing son and daughter-in-law. May you both always find happiness and joy Dear Lord, thank you for the new birthday you have given to my son, I pray that you will protect him, guide him, give him good health and many blessings Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, on the one hand I myself with my mind am serving the law of God, but on the other, with my flesh the law of sin. 1 Corinthians 15:5

On your Big Day, my dearest son, may God empower you with courage to defeat every Goliath in your life. I love you, but God loves you even more. Son, on your birthday, may you be gifted with divine wisdom to soar on the wings of success in all your endeavors. Have a beautiful day For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous. I, therefore, declare that I am blessed through Jesus Christ. Thank You for surrounding me with Your favour as with a shield. I thank You, Lord, that I can abound in your favour and blessing today Dear God, Never leave me alone in this cruel world because your guidance is everything to me. Please shield us and show your affection to me and my family. Dear God, I am grateful for everything you have blessed me in this life. Thank you for this lovely breeze, chirping birds, and soothing morning

My son said if we got $500.00, it would be a miracle. When the appraiser came out, he said he would give us exactly $2,000 for the piece. I was shocked. Thank you, Lord! Later, I was telling this story to a nonbelieving friend who said, Hey Bob, people are starving around the world, why should God help you get $2K Right now, I think my 16 year old son is still angry at God for diabetes, but some day, somehow, we will be able to use it to bring glory to God. I also realize that there are many things that we could have that are worse than diabetes

Dear Son, you begin a year of challenges, you will overcome with the strength that the Lord gives you, with his holy Spirit, as Zechariah 4:6 says, the Lord is All-Powerful. So don't depend on your own power or strength, but on his Spirit. God bless you. Happy birthday, Son **** Thank you, Lord, for always being here for me and listening to me as I speak. Lord, I ask that I continue to have your ear and that my heart is always open to your voice. Thank you, Lord for all of my blessings, and may I continue to live a life that makes you smile and gives you nothing but joy On my bad days I seek you, on my good days I thank you, on my great days I praise you, but every day I need you, Thank you God for always being here for me. Rashida Rowe If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough The birthright was a gift and blessing to the eldest son from a family. The eldest son didn't have to work for this blessing cause it was something simply inherited by being the firstborn. However, in this situation, God said the older son would serve the younger son. Since God said this it means it has to happen that way Today I turn 26. I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I just wanna thank God for letting me see another year on this earth, and for blessing me with the greatest gift I could've ever received, My son. I pray for world peace and to continue to keep my son and I happy and in good health..

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Thank-you for putting this out to the world. I read every word and I'm printing it so I can put it in my bible, so it's always with me. Marriage takes real work and prayer power is what all of us need more of. If you could say a prayer for me and mine I would very much appreciate it God Bless you God as healed me having Pneumonia not once but Twice-I was on Oxogen 24/7 never thought I would ever come off from it with God and his Love to me it's been over two weeks I have had no Oxogen-I 'm sure there is a reason why I'm doing so well I have tried all my life to be a good person and I try to treat everybody the same-because God would want me to be the best I could be-If I win the. Thank you so much for spending time with me and helping me on my spiritual journey. I'm so thankful God put you in my life. I have been so blessed to have had you as a spiritual mentor. You have truly helped me on my journey and I thank God for you every day. Thank you so much for your love, support, and mentorship Dear God i pray for the job of my desire. I have been unemployed for 5 months i really need a serious because i am a single mother of 1 daughter and i dont have a place to stay. Please bless me with the soldering job in the category of engeenering. God thank you for give me a life and bless me and my daughter ame

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Thank you for letting me share a thought out of my heart to help somebody in need. I believe God can fix all problems heal any sickness if you come to Him, rely on Him and no other. May God bless you all. Reply. Lynn says: February 2, 2016 at 8:33 am. Well said!! Reply. My son and I have a great relationship. He was best man in the aug 30. GOD has helped me throughout my life giving wisdom, knowledge and helping me every second of my life. Many a times I don't get the mood to study and when I pray HE gives me the blessing to study. Thank you so much GOD

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Thank you Lord for giving me a new age today. Please continue to bless every single day of my life with Your amazing and endless love. Thank you God for blessing me with a new age. Today being a special day for me, dear God, please keep taking me from victory to victory regardless of what my enemies plan against me Dear God, I do not see my work as a job, as simply a means to an end. I believe that you have called me into this vocation. So I work for you. Lord of all, I seek to build your Kingdom in all that I do. Guide me each day to give of my best, may I inspire excellence and change 7,821 Likes, 89 Comments - Passion & Pursuit of Izzy (@izzytrazona_aragon) on Instagram: Thank you Lord ️ Dance with my son is a blessing . . . thanks na appreciate nyo ️ glory to God Thank you for sending messamgers when I am desperate. Lord I thank you for blessings and graces you are pouring each day on me and my family. Lord I thank you for giving your mother to me, she is always there to help me guide my way. Jesus I thank you in advance for the blessings which are already in your plan for me Thank you for these prayers , as I have become weary. My hope is renewed God Bless. Reply. JLH on June 17, 2018 at 9:30 am I have an almost identical request for my son, still a single man also in his early thirties. Today, Father's Day, I am broken-hearted for J who has severed relationship from his own father, a man who has sought God.

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Thank you for remembering my birthday and for expressing the love and care you have for me on my birthday. Heaven bless you all who put in much effort to turn my normal day into an extraordinarily great and special one. Well wishes are said to the ones you care about So, God's blessing to you on that. I can't thank you enough for being on this podcast today. Anyone who would like to hear or see your sermon in its entirety can go to inspirationalsermons.com. They'll find the link to your profile box on the Best Preachers page. Reverend David Kibler, thank you so much for being here today. May God.

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You are a treasure to me daughter and I thank God for you everyday. I wish you the best birthday today. I love you. Happy Birthday to my sweet girl! God bless you richly today and for all the years to come. Christian Birthday Wishes For Son. When God made you it was a huge blessing to me. I thank Him for you and know He has a wonderful future. Blessings to you and your family!!! My son was also born 7.8 lbs, but he was 19.5″ long. I gave birth naturally and yes, painful, but totally worth it and is possible. Thankful to God that everything worked out with you to the best! May god Bless you FOURSOME!!! By the way, one beautiful precious girl you got there!!! <3. Repl I want to remember that all blessings come from God; have it lift my hands in praise at church and look back at me from my living room walls when I start to see the oozy and forget about the beauty. That's why we made this print on The Red Oak Collective. To be a reminder to throw our arms open and thank and praise God for all of His blessings

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Bittersweet moment but First off I would like to Thank God for this blessing me and my son received today. We got our on place finally after looking for 5 months we finally got it stayed down ️ My inner circle and loved ones was praying with me for this and I thank them as wel Father God, thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank You that Your Word says Before you call, I will answer, and so You have answered me even before I finish this prayer. Thank You for knowing everything that concerns me, and for providing all my needs richly. I know I can depend on You, Father. Father, I lift up my job situation to You Haven't you reserved a blessing for me?' Isaac answered Esau, 'Behold, I have made him your lord, and all his brothers I have given to him for servants. I have sustained him with grain and new wine. What then will I do for you, my son?' Esau said to his father, 'Have you but one blessing, my father? Bless me, even me also, my. Thank you for this God is BEYOND good! My son is 11 and has lost his God-focused heart and I'm watching him slipping away. He still says all the right things, but it's just not the same. I am praying that he stay connected to the One who put in all in motion. Thank you Lysa and Brooke for letting God use your lives for His glory! Repl

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I am prone to think my blessings count me worthy, but God says - and always says - I am prone to think my blessings count me worthy, but God says - and always says - my son has already marked you approved. Thank you so much! Reply. purposefulfaith says: July 21, 2015 at 2:12 pm. Thank you Kelly. I am so sorry to hear about. Meet Little Hermie—the cutest baby caterpillar in the garden!Little Hermie's thankful heart shows toddlers how to be thankful for God's blessings. Little Hermie is thankful for everything God has given him. He goes through his day thanking God for his many blessings in this adorable board book with flocking on the cover Thank you for teaching me the word of God over the yrs. you have taught me and my children. Sis. Bridgette Jarrett Message to Pastor Rush: Pastor Rush, Happy 50th Preaching Anniversary! Your constant Example of God's Love and Teaching inspires me, even when I am off key, needing to reset! Thank you and God Bless you always! ️. Donna Bryan 33: This is my opportunity to thank you for taking a sick leave just to be with me when I was going through a period of grief. It means a lot to me, and I know I can't pay you back. God will do so, definitely. 34: Thank you for your heart of generosity to me whenever I am out of food supplies. May you never be in lack of good things all the.

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