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  1. the opinion that people in general have about someone or something, or how much respect or admiration someone or something receives, based on past behaviour or character: The company has a worldwide reputation for quality. She has the reputation of being a good doctor. His reputation was destroyed when he was caught stealing some money
  2. Both are fine, but if there had been an article with reputation instead of the possessive, I would prefer: She has the reputation of being difficult. She has a reputation for being difficult
  3. Define reputation. reputation synonyms, reputation pronunciation, reputation translation, English dictionary definition of reputation. n. 1. The general opinion or judgment of the public about a person or thing: a senator with a tarnished reputation; a restaurant with a good reputation
  4. Reputation definition, the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally; repute: a man of good reputation. See more

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9 synonyms of reputation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 10 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for reputation. Reputation: overall quality as seen or judged by people in general Reputation is the subjective qualitative belief a person has regarding a brand, person, company, product, or service. Reputation is a belief that is socially transferred from one person or system to another What is reputation? Reputation is a culmination of how society, including customers, stakeholders, employees, and the general public, views a business or individual. Because it's fairly abstract, we tend to measure company reputation on a qualitative scale that ranges from good to bad rather than with a numeric score

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A great reputation will open doors to fantastic opportunities and (if you're a business) unhindered access to your ideal client base. Your reputation is the single-most important aspect of your business. It affects everything from the number of followers on social media to your overall business revenue Corporate reputation is the collective beliefs or opinions that communities, customers, employees, partners and regulators hold about an organization. Reputation is used to describe ideas as opposed to visual symbols and emotional impressions that are also part of a firm's corporate identity.There are several important factors that go into a firm's reputation

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  1. Millions of the internet's most popular sites use IP reputation to detect bots, block email SPAM, prevent fake registrations, and verify users or payments.IP Reputation is so important, that it can cause your company's email to automatically go to the spam folder, prevent purchases online, or even block your to Netflix or Hulu
  2. Rewards: 2x 750 reputation Court of Night for completing both quests (1500 total) A couple sample dailies include Wake The Sleepers and Catch A Star. Each quests yields 750 reputation, but there will be 2 available per cycle of your Anima stream for a total of 1500 reputation possible per day
  3. Cambridge English Dictionary defines reputation as: the general opinion that people have about someone or something. Whether you have a good reputation or a bad one is up to you. It's important to focus on your company's reputation because it could make or break your business. The Impact A Reputation Has On Your Busines
  4. Since the reputation of a company is a function of others' reputations in its industry and the relative reputation of the industry overall, having the complete context is essential for assessing..
  5. While the communications profession touts the importance of reputation and wants to lead these efforts within organizations, there is little universal agreement within the profession on the definition of reputation, how one goes about building a reputation, and the role of communications with regard to reputation management
  6. The Consortium is a friendly cartel of Ethereals that operate in several zones such as Netherstorm and Nagrand. In this guide, we will cover how to gain reputation with them and rewards for the Consortium. Led by Nexus-Prince Haramad, the Consortium are ethereal smugglers, traders and thieves that have come to Outland to benefit from their riches
  7. Reputation (AKA City Reputation) is a progression system tied to each nation. Reputation can be obtained from completing bounties, requests, world exploration, and quests. Rewards include Recipes, Forging Blueprints, Crafting Blueprints, Namecards, and Wind Gliders. Unlike the Frostbearing Tree, Reputation tasks can still be done even when Reputation has been maxed. Unlocking the Reputation.

Reputation Scores grow 40 times faster for business locations that actively participate in Reputation Management 2/ s More than two-thirds of consumers lose trust in a business when its listings are inaccurate and there isn't an effective strategy for brand reputation management Reputation is a major contributor to sales and, therefore, profit. For me, the stand-out finding was that reputation, the core mission of my business, is consistently ranked by corporate leaders. Brand Reputation is the perception of the brand and how the particular brand of the company is viewed by the customers, stakeholders, and the market as a whole. It is the culmination of ideas and emotions that a customer associated with the brand with the customer service experienced during the purchase of goods and services, whilst using them, and after-sales services provided by the company

Corporate reputation is a collective mental representation. It expresses a company's relative status in the mind of employees and other stakeholders. Corporate reputation refers to the collective judgment of the public regarding an organisation. The judgement is based on financial, environmental, and social impacts Reputation is obtained from the Heart of Gielinor to unlock various rewards. It can be gained in various ways: Ingression fragments, dropped by faction members, award 5 reputation for a small summoning or 15 reputation for a large summoning Handing in enemy boss seals, obtained from killing a general, awards 5 reputation per sea an undeserved reputation She has an undeserved reputation for being difficult, but really it's just her manner. THESAURUS reputation noun [countable] the opinion that people have about a person, organization etc because of what has happened in the past She was a good lawyer with a reputation for honesty and diligence. The school had an. Keepers of Time is a Neutral faction in The Burning Crusade with recipes, armor, and weapons as rewards. This guide details the reputation rewards from Keepers of Time, and ways to earn reputation quickly. Keepers of Time Reputation Rewards The Keepers of Time Quartermaster, Alurmi, can be found near the end of the Timeless Tunnel in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris To have a reputation for something means to be known or remembered for it. She has a reputation for being a very depressing writer. 2. countable noun Something's or someone's reputation is the opinion that people have about how good they are. If they have a good reputation, people think they are.

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A reputation is an animal designed by committee: You give birth to it, but the way it develops depends on the actions of others. Your reputation lives a very real existence apart from you. Corporate reputation refers to people's collective opinion regarding a corporation or enterprise. It's based on such features such as search engine results, news coverage, and the publicized. The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2020 are based on the world's largest invitation-only opinion survey of senior, published academics. It asks scholars to name no more than 15 universities that they believe are the best for research and teaching in their field. The 2020 ranking has been expanded to include 200 universities, up from 100 in previous years Find 45 ways to say REPUTATION, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

rep‧u‧ta‧tion /ˌrepjəˈteɪʃən/ noun [ countable] the opinion people have of something or someone, based on what has happened in the past The firm has a very good reputation. A lengthy legal battle woulddamage the reputation of both sides. reputation for/as The hotel has a good reputation for service The reputation of a social entity (a person, a social group, an organization, or a place) is an opinion about that entity typically as a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria, such as behaviour or performance. Reputation is known to be a ubiquitous, spontaneous, and highly efficient mechanism of social control in natural societies A good reputation is an important asset for healthcare providers. Along with credible market positioning, it is vital for attracting self-reliant, quality-conscious, and cost-aware patient groups. Qualified and committed employees are key to a positive patient experience and hence to a provider's reputation A reputation is built over time as others evaluate our life choices and determine who we are based on how we behave. While we don't like the idea of being judged, the fact is that we are always judging each other as a way of determining who is trustworthy and who is not. Reputations are built on the judgment of others Reputation is the echo you leave in the room; it's what people say about you when you're not there. Align your words and your actions, she says. You can have a reputation of being.

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The Reputation Institute's RepTrakR model is the gold standard for reputation measurement, providing a one-of-a-kind measurement of how the public views the world's best-known companies. The study examines perceptions of companies by the US general public based on over 50,000 interviews Reputation Institute ranked drug companies from worst to best based on perception from the US. Overall, public trust and rating of drug companies decreased

Domain Reputation Check. Check if a domain name is classified as potentially malicious or phishing by multiple well-known domain blacklists like ThreatLog, PhishTank, OpenPhish, etc. Useful to quickly know if a domain has a potentially bad online reputation Reputation represents the general perception of the party as a force for either good or evil. It affects interaction and outcomes with the people you meet and how your party members treat you, as well as shop prices. There are many ways to manipulate reputation in game Our reputation is a tool, then—not, hopefully, for creating or maintaining our self-esteem but for practical navigation through daily life. A good reputation smoothes out the journey somewhat, and.. 'The German publishing house Taschen has earned a reputation as a purveyor of upmarket coffee table erotica.' 'Tony Kaye earned a reputation for eccentric behaviour during his time as a commercials director in Britain.' 'The pursuit of ideas has earned him a reputation for running with them in the studio, for grabbing the moment.

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The most prominent philosophical topic in The Crucible is the importance of an individual's name and reputation in a society. This was mainly shown in John Proctor, arguably the main character of the play, as he rips up his confessional statement admitting to being a witch Brand reputation problems immediately place companies in danger of losing market share to competition, said Charles Lindsey, an associate professor in the University at Buffalo's School of. Reputation management is not just a communications issue. Getting the word out is important, of course, but it can't be an end unto itself. Effective communication reflects something fundamental about the organization. In the end, every expression of a company's commitment to its principles is a late step in reputation management

Google's reputation threatens to derail all the tremendous work it's doing. Google is not evil, but for more and more people, Google seems evil Your reputation. Your actions + what others say about you = your reputation. This small formula is the most powerful leverage you have in business -- and in life, for that matter For personal reputation, see Disposition. For companion reputation, see Companion relationship. Reputation is the opinion of the public toward a person or a group of people. In Pillars of Eternity, you have a reputation with various factions and individual communities you encounter, which can be positive, negative or mixed reputation

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Fix your Online Reputation in Days rather than Months. We clean up the first page of Google of negative results for any keywords in Days using the latest Digital PR techniques. Make An Enquiry When people search for you or your business online, you want their first impression to be amazing. It may be that [ Earning Reputation Inside Ahn'Qiraj You can earn some Brood of Nozdormu reputation by clearing Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, but mostly all of your reputation farming for Brood of Nozdormu will occur within AQ40. Most monsters within AQ40 award 100 reputation per kill until you reach Neutral 2999/3000

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The Inflated Reputation of Hans Urs von Balthasar In this article Regis Scanlon investigates the widely revered theological ideas of Hans Urs von Balthasar, the late Swiss Catholic theologian. The reputation loss significantly increase the higher the reputation level of your victim is: while killing a neutral only costs 100 reputation, killing a glorious player already costs 1000. Note that the reputation loss for knocking somebody out (in yellow zones) is much smaller than for killing somebody (in red zones) Reputation stems from a person's judgment then blossoms into a cloud of darkness as it poisons the collective judgment levied on an individual or business. This new identity (reputation) becomes overlaid on like a blanket, becoming all someone sees. Today, this identity, others perceive, exists both in real life and online Reputational risk is a hidden threat or danger to the good name or standing of a business or entity and can occur through a variety of ways. The biggest problem with reputational risk is that it.

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IP and Domain Reputation Center. Talos' IP and Domain Data Center is the world's most comprehensive real-time threat detection network. The data is made up of daily security intelligence across millions of deployed web, email, firewall and IPS appliances Reputation is the sum of all our actions that is reflected by the people around us in the way they t r eat us or interact with us. It is an indirect result of anything and everything that we do While IP reputation is still important, most people are sending mail over an IP shared with other senders. That has always watered down the IP's relevance to an individual sender — but with the prevalence and disposability of IPv6, we're seeing an even greater shift in how email reputation is calculated Reputation. The Open University is known for flexible, innovative teaching and world-leading research in the United Kingdom and the 157 countries we have students in. We're renowned for a number of reasons: The quality of our research:.

Reputation management goes by many names including rep management, reviews management, and brand perception. Regardless of what you may call it, the main goal is to shape the public perception of a business or person. For online reputation management, you're mainly building a digital public image and this generally involves online reviews Absolutely. Domain reputation is used by all major mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, and many more to identify SPAM and abusive senders. If you are unsure if your email domain reputation is contributing to poor email deliverability, please use our free email SPAM check to identify possible issues. We also. Praise for Reputation Reputation follows the goings-on in a university community after a hack lands everyone's private business squarely in the public eye.Like all of Shepard's work, it is an inarguable page-turner filled with murder, intrigue, and female characters who are somehow simultaneously easy to adore and loathe

Recovery - If your reputation has taken a hit through bad reviews or any other reasons, this is the form of reputation management you should be employing. It largely consists of good marketing and self-promotion with the aim of helping you recover T aylor Swift's sixth studio album Reputation finally dropped, after months of hype. With 15 tracks, produced with pop hitmakers Max Martin, Shellback and Jack Antonoff, Swift's latest.

You can gain or lose favor, otherwise known as reputation, with many of the several different factions in Azeroth by completing certain quests or killing certain creatures (mostly bosses and mobs). Doing so will usually unlock special rewards or new quests to accomplish Reputation building exists online and offline, and can be facilitated in just about everything you do. Monitoring Your Business Reputation While reputation building focuses on what you want people to think and say about your business, reputation monitoring focuses on what they actually are thinking and saying about it Reputation is a core mechanic in Caves of Qud. Each creature in Qud, including the player character, are favored or disliked by each individual faction.Depending on the reputation with a faction, the members of that faction will be out of three different feelings: . Hostile - Actively trying to attack the player. Cannot be spoken to for water rituals or conversations Behavior, Choices, Daniel, Reputation. AS KIDS ARRIVE (7 minutes) What's My Reputation (Activity) Click here Print out enough copies of What's My Reputation activity sheets to give to each child. After the class completes the activity, explain to them how easy it is to get a reputation, and how some reputations are good and some bad

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Reputation is a measure of The Center's fame and image, influenced by its success and failures, in contracts, in record breaking, and in its general operations.Reputation can be seen as a currency like funds and science, and is mainly spent on instating Strategies in the Administration Facility.. Passively, a high reputation does three things: difficult contracts (which typically have better. Global perceptions of China have turned increasingly negative in recent months, according to a new survey released by Pew Research on Tuesday, with the majority of countries polled saying that.

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The domain reputation of links has become quite a concern for those looking to market their business. Between Google changing its ranking system repeatedly and emails being filtered based on domain trustworthiness, it's impacting how businesses communicate with their target audience and their ability to do this Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels Explained: Expanded Edition - Kindle edition by Rodale, Maya. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels Explained: Expanded Edition

What is a bad reputation score? Much like their good counterparts, bad reputation scores can vary greatly depending on the service you're using. While 1 and 2 numbered scores may point to a poor reputation on sites like MyLife, scores in the 0-100 or 0-30 ranges can indicate lackluster performance on others General Reputation is a series of six numbers representing a wide range of results you may achieve in the course of the story. Some ( Loyalty , Peacemaker , Word of Honor ) can fluctuate, like Faction Rep, into negative or positive levels; others ( Combat and Body count ) are more like 'tallies' that can only grow, never shrink

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Antonyms for reputation include disapproval, disbelief, disfavour, disfavor, dislike, disregard, disreputableness, disrespect, notoriety and unimportance. Find more. reputation for doing something I'm aware of Mark's reputation for being late. reputation of being something He has the reputation of being a hard worker. to damage/tarnish/ruin somebody's reputation; The weather in England is living up to its reputation (= is exactly as expected). by reputation She is, by reputation, very difficult to please Find 45 ways to say REPUTATION, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. (Page 2 of 6 Today, as a result of this harsh reputation, our 21st century American society depicts the Vikings as barbaric brutes. If one were to be asked to draw a Viking, one would probably draw a powerfully built, thickly bearded alpha-male yielding a bloody axe. Recently, however, some historians have begun to question this notion of the Vikings A user whose reputation score has fallen due to many reports of bad behavior over the course of many gaming sessions. Needs Work A user whose reputation score has continued to fall due to many reports of bad behavior. If this downward trend continues, the user will begin to be matched with only other low-reputation players. Avoid M

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Reputation matters has become a mantra in the business world. And corporate legal scholars have been increasingly referring to reputational concerns as important forces that shape our behavior across a wide range of phenomena. Yet so far the legal literature has stayed remarkably silent on exactly how reputation works, or how reputation. Reputation is a keyword in Legends of Runeterra. When a player has struck for 5+ damage at least 4 times, they have Reputation for the rest of the game.Reputation has no effect while in Deck. Unit: Reputation effects happen when the unit with it is played, if the player has Reputation . Spell: Reputation effects happen when the spell casts, if the player had Reputation when they were played. 1.

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Reputation is a system found within Ro-Ghoul that allows players to increase their rankings within the two factions of Ro-Ghoul: The CCG and Ghouls.Reputation is earned by speaking with the respective faction leader of each faction and accepting a Task. Tasks require users to kill a specific amount of Aogiri NPCs found around the map while avoiding killing humans (this includes the Athlete NPC) SAP Community is a dynamic, diverse community. Being part of this vibrant, passionate community is like being part of a family. As you become active on SAP Community, you grow your knowledge, build an expert reputation and make friends Reputation is a system that measures your notoriety by allocating a title to your character based on your level of Fame and Karma. The minimum fame you can have is 0. The maximum fame you can have is 15,000 Fame gains are received upon the killing of any mob, assuming your fame level is lower than the mob Fame is lost after death - when you resurrect, you will lose 10% of your current fame. 1 'her reputation has been seriously damaged by the scandal' SYNONYMS name , good name, character, repute, standing, stature, status, position, rank, statio This article reports on an evidence based method for determining the impact of corporate reputations on equity market values. Combining financial and operating performance data for 410 leading US and UK companies with perceived reputation rankings obtained from public sources, Reputation Dividend have analysed a system of determining the average contribution of reputation to market value Reputation risk is any threat to your company's good name. This can happen when your company's character or ethics are called into question. A 2017 Global Risk Management Survey conducted by AON Risk Solutions polled 1,843 respondents from public and private companies of all sizes, across a wide range of industries, in more than 60 countries. The companies surveyed revealed that damage to.

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