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Serebii.net Pokédex - EV Listings - Special Defense Below are the Pokémon that give Effort Points in Special Defense. If they have an Asterisk by their points, they give other Effort Points. Go to their Pokédex to find out whic Pokémon Defense EVs Below is a list of all the Pokémon that yield Effort Points (EVs) in Defense. Many Pokémon provide EVs in multiple stats - these are noted where applicable A Pokémon like Masquerain gives 1 Special Attack EV and 1 Special Defense EV. Again, think of these like Experience Points, except you gain them for each of the six stats

Serebii.net Pokédex - EV Listings - Special Defens

  1. EV is short for Effort Value. You get effort values every time you gain experience from a Pokémon
  2. Special Defense - Gossifleur (+1 EV), Route 3 near Motostoke Speed - Arrokuda (+1 EV) or Barraskewda (+2 EVs), Route 2 in water to the right of Professor Magnolia's house / Zigzagoon (+1 EV), Route 3 near Motostok
  3. Special Defense At the Canyon Entrance on Seven Island, you can use the Vs. Seeker to fight Aroma Lady Miah, who uses two Bellossom at level 50 (3 Special Defense EVs each), for a total of 6 Special Defense EVs per battle. Tentacool (most routes/cities while Surfing) gives 1 Special Defense EV
  4. Tentacool and Tentacruel both give Special Defense EVs and can be found in most areas by surfing. Tentacool gives 1 Special Defense EV and while Tentacruel gives 2 Special Defense EVs

Grepa Berry - Lowers a Pokémon's Special Defense by 10 EVs. Tamato Berry - Lowers a Pokémon's Speed by 10 EVs. These berries also increase happiness level by 10, 5, or 2 depending on the current happiness level. Each one of these berries lowers the EVs by 100 as long as the stat is above 100 EV points Duskull (+1 Special Defense) can be found in the Watchtower Ruins part of the Wild Area under most weather conditions. Where to EV Train Speed Rookidee (+1 Speed) on Route 1 or Route 2 as overworld encounters are pretty common and give Speed. Galarian Zigzagoon (+1 Speed) on Route 3's western part near Motostoke is also pretty common Special Defense - Special Defense is used to soften the blow to their HP when attacked by a special damaging move. Speed - Speed is used to determine how quickly the pixelmon attacks, and gives priority to the moves. Step 1 - Pick/catch any type of Pokémon for your Pixelmon EV training These Effort Values are used to make any Pokemon stronger in a specific stat. EV values are different from Individual Values because those are the inherited values that affect Pokemon's natural..

Special Defense Frillish gives 1 Special Defense EV and is available 100% of the time by surfing in Route 4 (levels 5-15) or Driftveil City (levels 10-25). (It is available elsewhere, but not in ideal locations.) Claydol (Relic Castle, Volcarona's Room — 100%) gives 2 Special Defense EVs A Macho Brace doubles the EV gain of a Pokémon when held. Power items each give an additional 8 EVs in a specific stat along with the normal EV yield from a Pokémon when held. They also halve the holder's Speed while being held. Vitamins raise a specified EV by 10 points, but will not raise the EV above 100 Four EVs is equal to one stat point. Most Pokémon want two stats at max EVs (252) and one stat with the remaining EVs, with some competitive builds splitting it up in different ways. For example,..

In Pokemon Emerald, Ditto can be found in the Desert Underpass. Ditto can be used as a handy EV training tool and here is how. First you put the Pokemon you want EV trained in the first slot and a Pokemon who yields 3 EVs in the stat in which you're EV training in your party The lack of Trainers mainly giving out Special Defense EVs persists into such a late stage of this game, so players are once again required to return for the Flower Garden on Route 10 if they are going for Special Defense EVs. Simply defeat anything, but Petilil, and players can gradually rack up on Sp. Def EVs for their Pokémon Five-star Friendship Cafés have the ability to reduce HP, Attack, and Defense EVs to 0, while five-star Friendship Parlors have the ability to reduce Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed EVs to 0. In addition to the effort in acquiring such a building and achieving the appropriate requirements, there are other restrictions Below are the Pokémon that give Effort Points in Defense. If they have an Asterisk by their points, they give other Effort Points. Go to their Pokédex to find out whic

EV training HP versus Defense or Special Defense. User Info: HoonDing. HoonDing 7 years ago #1. I'm not exactly sure what the math behind the mechanics is, so I'll try to ask a question that will let y'all explain it for me: why would I spend EV points in Def or SpDef before maxing out my HP EVs? The way I understand it, and I figure I'm wrong. EV-enhancing items are items which enhance the EVs gained when a Pokémon is defeated. All of them halve the Speed of the Pokémon holding them in battle while they are being held. These items' effects are doubled by the effect of Pokérus

Battling a Squirtle, for example, normally yields 1 Defense EV. Holding the Power Belt, this is increased to 5. If holding the Power Band, you receive 1 Defense EV and 4 Special Defense EVs. Exp. Share. Since any Pokémon gaining experience points gains EVs, the Exp. Share item allows Pokémon to gain EVs without battling. It will gain the same. Location: Route 205 South (Surfing) Pokemon giving EVs in Special Defense: Tentacool (1), Tentacruel (2) Pokemon giving EVs in HP: Shellos (1), Gastrodon (2) Levels: 20-40 Comment: Earliest one, and it's pretty okay since they're the only ones you'll see. As a side-note, Hoppip appear through the Pokeradar in the grass, which give 1 EV in. 【Special Defense EV Training】 Special Defense EVs Horde Location ORAS If you want to easily get Special Defense EVs in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphrie,..

The Macho Brace is available to purchase for 10BP as well, and this item doubles the EV points gained while halving the holder's speed in battle. Because each Pokemon defeated only grants 1 to 2. EV stands for Effort Value. They determine what stats your Pokémon gets upon leveling up and are gained from battling any Pokémon you come across that award Experience points. EV is only rewarded to the Pokémon that deals the killing blow. For example; - Beating a Paras would give the Pokémon +1 Effort Value to Attack. - Beating a Tentacool would give the Pokémon +1 Effort Value to. Clever Wing (+1 Special Defense EV) Swift Wing (+1 Speed EV) Power Items are a group of hold items in Sword and Shield that make it easier to earn EV points in specific stats Below are the Pokémon that give Effort Points in Special Defense. If they have an Asterisk by their points, they give other Effort Points. Go to their Pokédex to find out which. No. Pic: Name: Type 1 Type 2: Points #002 Ivysaur: 1 Point * #003 Venusaur: 1 Point * #008 Wartortle: 1 Point * #009 Blastoise: 3 Points #01 Where to train Special Defense EVs in Black 2 & White 21. Fly to Virbank City (bottom left of the map)2. Go right from the Pokémon Center until you hit the w..

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The Defense EVs could, for example, be acquired by using 11 Iron and 6 Resist Wings: (11 * 10 EVs) + (6 * 1 EV) = 116 EVs. The Special Defense EVs could be obtained by using 15 Zinc and 6 Clever Wings: (15 * 10 EVs) + (6 * 1 EV) = 156 EVs. Back to table of contents Special Defense - Dottler are a common sight on Route 5, and each give 2 Special Defense EVs. Speed - Liepard can easily be farmed for 2 Speed EVs each on Route 7. List of Pokemon by EV Yield Base Game. The following Pokemon are available in the standard versions of Pokemon Sword and Shield EV TYPE ABBREVIATION KEY - HP = Hit Points = Your Pokémon's vitality - ATT = Attack = Strength of non-special attacks* - DEF = Defense = Defense against non-special attacks* - SAT = Special Attack = Strength of special attacks* - SDF = Special Defense = Defense against special attacks* - SPD = Speed = Determines who attacks first in a round of. Iron - 10 Defense EVs; Calcium - 10 Special Attack EVs; Zinc - 10 Special Defense EVs; Carbos - 10 Speed EVs; EV Reducing Berries. The EV reducing berries are a set of berries introduced in Pokémon Emerald that reduce your Pokémon's EVs by 10 with every use and raise its happiness The EVs in Defense cause Venusaur's Substitutes to never be broken by standard Registeel's Iron Head, while the Special Defense EVs prevent Life Orb Timid Milotic from 2HKOing Venusaur with Ice Beam. Body Slam is an option over Sleep Powder to spread paralysis, which is incredibly useful on this Venusaur due to his overall low Speed

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Qualot Berry - Lowers a Pokémon's Defense by 10 EVs. Hondew Berry - Lowers a Pokémon's Special Attack by 10 EVs. Grepa Berry - Lowers a Pokémon's Special Defense by 10 EVs. Tamato Berry - Lowers a Pokémon's Speed by 10 EVs. Once you've purchased some Berries, you give them to your Pokémon with the give command Special Attack. Pokemon Tower - Gastly (1), Haunter (2) Hellfire Cavern - Slugma (1) Lavender Tower - Gastly Hellfire - Slugma Old Chateau - Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar Lost Meadows - Butterfree (Gives 2 Special Attack and 1 Special Defense) Solaceon Ruins - Unown (Gives Attack and Special Attack) Special Defense

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Defense + Special Defense EVs; Sailor Huey: 4+ Olivine Lighthouse: Politoed / Poliwrath: 48-52: 3 Special Defense / 3 Defense: Call him on Wednesdays between 00:00-03:59 and 20:00-23:59. This trainer is only useful from the 4th battle onward Defense, Special Defense, and HP in EV training. Discussion. I know this has been talked about before but I've gone through every thread and I still don't know why HP is so important. In sword and shield I have an Umbreon that makes an awesome wall but I've EV trained it in special defense and defense. It can take super effective hits and. The Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, and Tomato Berries reset HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed EVs by 10 points each respectively. The best way to grab these is. Hi folks.This video is about ev training Special Defense of your Pokemon.If you liked this video, please like share subscribe and don't forget to hit the not.. Effort values, or EVs, are a way to increase the stats of a Pokémon based on what wild Pokémon it defeats. Bonus stats acquired due to Effort Values are gained in addition to those gained by increasing level. Effort values ensure that trained Pokémon are stronger than wild Pokémon. There's a maximum of 252 EVs per stat and 510 EVs total. 1 Checking a Pokémon's Effort Values 2 Earning.

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Training Hotspots are locations or NPC trainers that provide a consistent source of Training Points (TPs), money, or experience. These sources allow Loomian Legacy players to quickly and efficiently train their Loomians or earn money. 1 Hotspot Overview 2 Experience/Money 3 Training Points 3.1 Health 3.2 Energy 3.3 Melee Attack 3.4 Melee Defense 3.5 Ranged Attack 3.6 Ranged Defense 3.7 Speed. The remaining EVs are placed in Special Defense to round off its bulk. About Tapu Koko's Ability. Electric Surge is Tapu Koko's best ability, instantly setting up Electric Terrain as soon as it switches in. It also boosts the power of Tapu Koko's electric moves and prevents all grounded Pokemon from falling asleep Reason: Effect of Knock Off, Fling, and item-moving effects (such as Thief, Bestow, Symbiosis) on the EV-boosting effect You can discuss this on the talk page. If a Pokémon holding a Power item gains experience from a battle, the Power item awards it additional EVs in a specific stat (in addition to the EVs it would normally earn) Heya guys, Aessence here-- Soooo, I came up with this idea just now, as Im stuck at Adrienns gym (boy, xes tough.) and Im EV training a Regenerator Amoonguss (252 HP/ 108 Def/ 148 SpD, btw). So, I bought the power items and I started training for HP and Defense. Lastly, I tried to find some easy. There are also EV training areas and many places to encounter pokemon. Where Can I Find the Right Pokémon for Each Status? Top view. Elegant Valley has 6 specific areas - one for each status: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense; and most Pokémon in each area cope its status

Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice Power Band - Lowers Speed, adds four Special Defense EVs on top of the usual EV gain when experience is gained. Power Belt - Lowers Speed, adds four Defense EVs on top of the usual EV gain when. These Pokémon give your Pokémon Special Defense EVs when defeated

Special Attack: Spindas outside Fallarbor town, are extremely common and will give you 1 special attack EV each. Glooms in the tall grass outside Mt. Pyre will help you muchly. Additionally, Oddish are very common on Route 117 (Daycare Centre route), and give a decent amount of Exp along with 1 EV each EV training is gaining Effort Values by giving experience to a Pokemon and leveling it up. Every four of the EVs you obtain in a stat raises the stat permanently by one at level 100(Every 8 EVs at level 50). In other words, just faint the Pokemon in a status area with the Pokemon you are EV training. EVs can also be affected by the Pokemon's Nature and has a limit of 252 EVs per status and. Special Defense - Route 2 (Drowzee) Speed - Verdant Cavern (Zubat or Noibat) ITEMS. Trainers can speed up the EV Training if they let the desired Pokémon hold the Macho Brace. The Macho Brace will double the amount of EV points earned in battle. So defeating the 1 EV point Wingull will give two instead ORAS Horde Encounters. Last Updated May 02 2016. ORAS are the most convenient games for EV training yet, primarily because the distribution of EV's in horde encounters is much more sensible than it was in XY.For each stat there's at least one route where 100% of encounters give only EV's for that stat, making it easy to pile up a ton of one kind of EV very quickly

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When it comes to Defense, go for Wooloo (1 EV, Route 1). For Special Attack, try Gastly (1 EV, Watchtower Ruins, Wild Area), while Nickit is a convenient choice for Special Defense (1 EV, Route 1). Finally, is you're EV training Speed, you can go for Rookidee (1 EV, Route 1) or Ninjask (2 EV, Stony Fields, normal and rain weather, Wild Area) Simply select the vitamin that corresponds with the stat you want to raise, like Defense, Special Attack, or HP, and give that vitamin to the Pokemon until that stat has max EVs. The max for a. Where to Ev train in Diamond/PearlFollow this step by step pokemon diamond and pearl video to fully ev train you pokemon, you can only have a maximum amout o..

The first thing you need to understand about EVs is the basic math behind them. Any time a Pokemon fights in a wild or trainer battle, they get effort points, which are further divided by the six in-game stats of HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed For example, Kirlia are good for Special attack. The best EV training spots are typical near where you get the power item. HP: Viridian waters. Attack: South of Pallet grass. Defense: grass above the cut tree near the route with the bird catchers and bikers. Special attack: Golduck in Cerulean waters. Special Defense: water north of Cinnaba If you're looking to farm Special Defense Effort Values, Surf on Route 4 and defeat one Tentacool (100% Encounter Rate) after another. For each one you defeat, your Pokemon will earn +1 Special Defense Effort Value. That will be +2 Special Defense Effort Values if your Pokemon has PokeRus A Pokémon holding this item now gains 8 Special Defense EVs instead of 4 whenever it gains experience during battle. Outside of battle From Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver onward, if this item is held by a parent when breeding at Pokémon Day Care or a Pokémon Nursery , the Special Defense IV of a parent holding a Power Band will always be. Special Defense: Tentacool. Anywhere you can surf. Speed: Zubat, Zigzagoon, Wingull, or Tailow. I recommend Zubat if you haven't used Mystery Gift, because Zubat is all you find in the Altering Cave if you haven't used Mystery Gift. Also, remember, the Macho Brace doubles your EVs you gain, cutting the time in half

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In Hoenn, Zinc costs 4900 during the Energy Guru sale.. Effect Generation III to VII. When used from the Bag on a Pokémon, adds 10 Special Defense EVs to the target Pokémon per use, until it has 100 Special Defense EVs. It also increases the Pokémon's friendship a little.. Zinc is consumed upon use and cannot be used in battle This Berry increases a Pokémon's friendship by and lowers its Special Defense EVs by ten points (but not below 0). It can only be used outside of battle, and only has this effect in Pokémon Emerald and later games. In Generation IV only, this Berry reduces the EV to 100 if it was above 100 when used. Artwor Location: Route 21 Pokemon giving EVs in Defense: Tangela (1) Pokemon giving EVs in Special Defense: Mr. Mime (2) Levels: 20-30 Comment: Why is this mentioned even though it's not that good? Because these are the only two Pokemon you'll find in the grass! As always, though, Tentacool and Tentacruel are available in the Surfing part should you. Qualot - Defense, found or Route 123 and Battle Resort; Hondew - Special Attack, found on Routes 119 and 123; Grepa - Special Defense, found in Sootopolis City and Route 123; Tamato - Speed, found on Route 123; Super Training. EV points used to be a secret part of the Pokemon formula, hidden from view The player may also purchase an option to have Mr. Mime wander around the base, which grants a higher Special Defense EV yield. Misdreavus - Yield 1 (100%)-Expected average yield per battle: 1 EV- Mr. Mime - Yield 2 (100%) Expected average yield per battle: 2 EVs

Hello everyone! This is an Episode 16-friendly guide for places to EV train your pokemon by stat, meant to expand upon and supplement Simons Pokemon Reborn EV Training Guide V2 (Updated for Episode 15). If youre looking for a guide because youre thinking, I want to EV train in Attack and Speed, i.. Each Pokemon that is defeated will give one to three EV points to a particular stat. Very few Pokemon give EV points in two stats (e.g. Attack and Defense) at once Otherwise fine. Also note worthy is Unknown, found in the cave right of Solaceon Town. I didnt list them with the above because they also give Special Attack EVs. They give 1 attack and 1 special attack Special Defense-10 EVs: Tamato: Speed-10 EVs: Although they literally grow on trees, these berries are rare! And it would take 26 of them to reduce a fully invested stat! Chances are you'll need about 10 of each to reduce just one of your storyline Pokémon to zero! Galar wasn't built in a day! It's better to do things right with a level.

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  1. Defense: Ruins Maniac's Cave Recommended Method! Geodude 1 Def. EV Hippopotas 1 Def. EV Special Defense: Route 205, Route 213, Route 218, Route 219, Route 220, Route 221, Route 222 Route 223.
  2. Special Defense: Blipbug, Duskull, Gossifleur Speed: Rookiedee, Galarian Zigzagoon You'll get EVs regardless of whether you're fighting a wild or trained Pokémon, so if you're trying to EV train, make sure you're not sending the EV trainee out into battles you don't want it in
  3. For example, sweepers should have attack/special attack and speed EVs maxed, while more defensive Pokémon should have defense/special defense EVs maxed. It is best to max an EV of the Pokémon's best stats. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. See more answers. Ask a Question
  4. Type Iso_Defense for Defense (All are Golem's) Type Iso_SPAttack for Special Attack (All are Vileplume's) Type Iso_SPDefense for Special Defense (All are Ludicolo's) Type Iso_Speed for Speed (All are Jumpluff's) Remember they are all LVL 2 They Give 18 EVS Per Battle PS If you want to double ev train Use EXP share its op A
  5. EV Guide EVs are hidden values that can increase your Pokémon's stats. You can obtain EVs for every stat (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed), with a maximum of 255 EVs for one single stat and 510 EVs total for all of the stats combined
  6. ent on ocean unlike Kanto's pure jellyfish. Common Pokemon that give Special Defense consistently: Tentacruel = 2 EVs (5%) Tentacool = 1 EV (100%
  7. EVs are gained upon defeating a Pokemon, increasing the stats of the Pokemon depending on the amount of EVs harbored and the level of the Pokemon. There are a total of six EV values and every Pokemon has its own EV yield. Depending on the Ev yield of the Pokemon, the user's Pokemon will gain a certain amount of EVs in a certain stat

Great Special Defense. Umbreon's high 130 Special Defense stat, allowing it to take special hits successfully, even without a Sp. Def EV investment. However, be careful against opponents who are fully specced into Sp. Atk. Articles You Might Be Interested I Feed him 11 Pomeg (lowering HP), Kelpsy (lowering Attack EV), Qualot (lowering Defense), Hondew (lowering Special Attack), Grepa (lowering Special Defense), and Tamato Berries (lowering Speed).. If a Pokémon has over 100 EVs in a stat, the EV-lowering berry will reduce it to 100 no matter how high it is, and after that, each berry will decrease the stat by 10 EVs after that

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Secret Meals reduce the EVs of one of a Pokémon's stats to 0, in exchange for a hefty 200 FC. Five-star Friendship Cafés have the ability to reduce HP, Attack, and Defense EVs to 0, while five-star Friendship Parlors have the ability to reduce Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed EVs to 0 For special defense: Venonat- 1 ev. Tentacool- 1 ev. Tentacruel- 2 evs. Drowzee- 1 ev. Ledyba- 1 ev. Cleffa- 1 ev. Hoppip- 1 ev. Lotad- 1 ev. Lombre- 2 evs. Spoink- 1 ev. Baltoy- 1 ev. Mime Jr- 1 ev. Burmy- 1 ev. This is a little more hard to find but i recommend you to go into open sea as there are a lot of tentacools and tentacruels

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The best location to Special Defense EV Train is on Route 34 (Surf). There is a 100% chance that either Tentacool or Tentacruel appear. These Pokemon will be between Levels 10 and 29. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Special Defense EV Point for every Tentacool it defeats; 2 Special Defense EV Points for every Tentacruel Special Defense. Ledyba, Route 1 - These give 1 Special Defense EV each and are common. You can only find them when it is daytime in your game. Drowzee, Route 2 - These also give 1 Special Defense EV and can be found any time in the day. Speed. Spearow or Cutiefly, Route 3 - These give 1 Speed EV each and are very common Yellow - Defense. Blue - Special Attack. Green - Special Defense. Effort Values (EVs) were a way for trainers to battle and earn points toward building certain Pokémon's stats 2 SpA EVs 2spookytower Lv. 20-25. Oddish 1 SpA EV. Abra 1 SpA EV. Magnemite 1 SpA EV. Magneton 2 SpA EVs. Horsea 1 SpA EV. Psyduck 1 SpA EV. Special Defense (SP. Def) Good news, everyone! Venonats came way earlier than I expected and now we get to grind on those! They give 1 EV and they're pretty common to boot (30%) For those that don't know much about EVs, see the Effort Values page. This page will teach you all how to quickly EV Train your Pokemon to make them exceptionally strong in specific stats

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The best location to Special Defense EV Train is on Route 213 (Surf). There is a 65% chance that either Tentacool or Tentacruel appear. The Tentracool and Tentacruel will be between Levels 20 and 40. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Special Defense EV Point for every Tentacool it defeats; 2 Special Defense EV Points for every Tentacruel Special Defence EV Training Taking Special hits is just as important as the Physical ones, so training in Special Defence wouldn't be a bad idea! Tentacool [+1 SDef] and Tentacruel [+2 SDef] are your best bets, found by Surfing pretty much any Ocean or Sea area Taking a look at Ferrothorn the most common EV spread is 252 HP / 48 Def / 208 SpD for a defensive wall. While there also is a more offensive moveset (while still being a good wall) which utilizes an 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD EV spread Four EV points equals a stat increase by one. Example: If you wantPopplio's Special Attack to raise by three stat points, Popplio will need 12 EV points, so it must defeat 12 Gastly in single battles

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National Defense provides authoritative, non-partisan coverage of business and technology trends in defense and homeland security.A highly regarded news source for defense professionals in government and industry, National Defense offers insight and analysis on defense programs, policy, business, science and technology. Special reports by expert journalists focus on defense budgets, military. Zinc enhances the Special Defense by 10 EVs. How to Earn Vitamin Now that we know all about the effects of Vitamins, let's get to how to earn them. There are a number of ways using which you. Effort Values, or EVs, are like Individual Values (IVs) in the sense that they actively make a Pokémon stronger in combat by improving the six basic stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack. Effort Values, colloquially abbreviated as EVs, are statistical determinants that are calculated into the eventual upgrowth of your Pokémon's stats.They are the teal-colored stats shown in your Pokémon's stats on their hover-over card in-game. Alongside Natures and IVs, they are one of the few Pokémon-specifically dynamic stats that are aggregated into the Pokémon's cumulative stats From the guide I posted a link to: HP: Surf at the Cliff's Edge Gate; 90% chance of finding Wooper (1 HP EV), 10% chance of finding Quagsire (2 HP EVs) Attack: Surf at Mt. Mortar; 90% of finding Goldeen (1 Attack EV), 10% of finding Seaking (2 Attack EVs) Defense: Tall grass at Route 2; 90% of finding Tangela* (1 Defense EV) Special Attack: Surf at Route 35; 90% of finding Psyduck (1 Special.

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Gastly 1 Sp. Att. EV Haunter 2 Sp. Att EV Gengar 3 Sp. Att. EV. Special Defense: Route 205, Route 213, Route 218, Route 219, Route 220, Route 221, Route 222 Route 223, Valley Windworks, Fuego. This was written by Vinnysome dude: Hello Reborn Community, and welcome to the EV Training Guide!If you want your pokémon to reach it's maximum potential, then this guide is for you! Here you will find the encounter rate of pokémons in all areas of the game, along with levels and most importantly, the EV yield values for each pokémon

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Zamazenta's Ability causes him to gain defense, so he can act as a good supporter for a 4-Pokemon Max Raid Battle. Getting barriers up while also being able to do heavy damage with Behemoth Bash is quite useful in these situations EV train HP and Defense for best results. There are very detailed strategies for every Pokemon on Smogon , so that's a good place to start to see how people generally EV train specific Pokemon. You don't have to go exactly the way these are set up, but they're tried and true builds and are definitely a good starting point for getting into.

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A Special Attack move is something that is fired from range. For example, flamethrower is a SP.Attack move because the Pokemon shoots fire at the enemy. Now Attack is a physical move. Power Band - This will give your pokemon 4 EV Points in SP.Defense everytime you kill ANY Pokemon! Power Anklet - This will give your pokemon 4 EV Points in. For Defense the first floor of the Rock Tunnel is great: Middrill Chompest and Plebbles give 2EV in Defense with 46% spawn rate and Lanshil gives 1EV in Defense with 30% spawn rate, so 76% of the spawns are going to give Defense EV. For Special Attack I use the crashed UFO: Ayylamo and Deemdow give 1EV in special attack and they are the most. Power Band - +4 Special Defense EVs Power Anklet - +4 Speed EVs Macho Brace functions a bit differently. Instead of granting 4 additional EVs at the end of battle, it doubles the total amount of. However, when the pokemon has 510 total EVs, vitamins will have no effect. Types of vitamins HP Up. HP UP is a vitamin that raises a pokemon's HP EV's. Protein. Protein is a vitamin that raises a pokemon's Special Attack EV's. Iron. Iron is a vitamin that raises a pokemon's Speed EV's. Calcium. Calcium is a vitamin that raises a pokemon's. I'll also include what EVs these hordes yield as well as their level range. Hope this helps you in your EV training, shiny hunting or any other endeavors! Green = Gives HP EV(s) Red = Gives Attack EV(s) Orange = Gives Defense EV(s) Pink = Gives Special Attack EV(s Defense: EV Training Area > Listed Area Special Defense: Coming soon I believe the chosen areas will provide quicker results, but use whichever ones you have access to at the moment. I hope this thread is helpful to everyone, have fun! Link to post Share on other sites.

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